Pope? Nope!

‘Say nope to Pope’

First official Papal visit to UK is set to begin amid wave of controversy, protests, anger

Pope Benedict arrives in Britain today for the first papal visit to the nation in 28 years, but organisers are having difficulty selling tickets to appearances and many high profile Britons have signed a letter protesting the visit.

It will be the first-ever state visit to Britain by a pope, an occasion that Prime Minister David Cameron has said is “incredibly important and historic.”

But many ordinary Britons don’t seem to agree that the Pope is deserving of the honour of a visit.


Preparations for the trip, the first by a Pope since 1982, have sparked a hostile debate about the cost in a time of national austerity.

This combined with a deep undermining in public confidence on the way the Catholic Church has dealt with paedophile priests has made several people furious.

A report yesterday revealed more than half of the Catholic clergy jailed for child abuse in England and Wales following the 2001 Nolan Report were still in the priesthood.

It was found that one of the report’s key recommendations — the defrocking of priests sentenced to a year or more in jail had not been followed. At least 14 of the 22 priests who served a year or more appear in the latest church yearbook.

Recent opinion polls suggest a growing suspicion and disappointment among Catholics about their church’s response to many other critical social issues.


Another reason why citizens are upset about the Pope’s visit is the cost. Women were particularly unhappy about the cost of the visit, estimated at between £15 million (Rs 110 crore), excluding policing and security costs.

57 per cent said they did not feel strongly about the visit but objected to the taxpayer paying for it.

British newspapers have reported that ticket sales were down and thousands of seats for Masses and other major public functions were unsold. Even the major event, the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman, has not met expectations.

Cost has also emerged as an issue for many. Entry to the beatification Mass on Sunday, the final day of the Pope’s visit, costs £25 (Rs 1,800).

Also, the security for the Pope will also cause traffic related issues. Scottish police have already revealed they will deploy 1,600 officers, backed by armed units to protect the pope. The pontiff’s own personal guard will not carry weapons.

More than 60 bridges will be temporarily closed when his 15-vehicle convoy travels from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

Third world jibe

Pope Benedict XVI also had to face fresh turmoil yesterday, as it was reported that a close papal adviser described Britain as a “Third World country” afflicted by an “aggressive atheism.”

The remarks, made by German Cardinal Walter Kasper to a German news magazine earlier this week, were seen as adding to the tension that surrounds the historic visit, which starts today.

Kasper (77), had been dropped from the trip because of his remarks, but a Vatican spokesman said health reasons were behind his absence.  Vatican sources were quoted as saying the German prelate was suffering from gout.

A Vatican spokesman said the Cardinal had ‘not intended any kind of slight’ and his remarks were merely referring to Britain’s multi- cultural society.’ “Britain today is a secularised, pluralistic country,” the cardinal was quoted as saying. “When you land at Heathrow airport, you think at times you have landed in a Third World country.”

The embarrassing revelations are likely to intensify anti-papal sentiment in Britain, where secular organisations, human rights groups and critics of Roman Catholic teaching on major social issues have announced protests. 

However, Cameron said the Pope’s visit will be special “not just for our six million Catholics, but for many people of faith right across Britain and millions more watching around the world.”

immaculately conceived icecream!

An icecream company banned from using an advertisement showing a pregnant nun has vowed to defy regulators by placing similar posters along the route of the Pope’s London visit.

The Advertising Standards Authority announced that it had banned the ad for the Antonio Federici brand for “making a mockery” of the beliefs of Catholics. The ad, which appeared in The Lady and Grazia magazines earlier this year, showed the heavily pregnant nun standing in a church holding a tub of icecream and a spoon, with text stating “Immaculately conceived” and “Ice-cream is our religion.”
Antonio Federici said it intended to publish another ad with “a continuation of the theme” and was securing billboards along the route of the Pope’s cavalcade around Westminster Cathedral.



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7 responses to “Pope? Nope!

  1. Perhaps they’ll try to ban me for publishing comprehensive proof that the New Testament is a Roman deception.

  2. VoP

    When will seize the NAZI GOLD?!

    Italian police seize $30M from Vatican in probe

  3. JGN

    Seven Star, there is no need of any proof even. Otherwise how can an Asian (Israeli) Jew get the features of a white-skinned European? There has not been a single Asian or African Pople ever since the inception of Roman Catholic Church!!

  4. VoP

    “I was doing drugs, stealing, lying and having several affairs during my marriages,” Lewis wrote in a statement that was read at a prison religious service in August. “I went to church every Sunday, Friday and revivals but guess what? I didn’t open my Bible at home, only when I was at church.”


  5. VoP

    Indeed, religion of LOVE!

    Long used Bible Scripture to “reinforce the God-like connection between himself and the young [men].”


  6. Many Christian action group cadres have also been inducted into prominent naxalite groups under the garb of liberation theology activists. For instance Vernon Gonsalves @ Vikram, a state committee member of Maharashtra unit of CPI (Maoist) who was arrested by the ATS, Maharashtra, in August,2007 and another top Maoist leader Arun Ferreira, r/o Bandra, who was arrested by Nagpur police have both confessed to the police that they are activists of liberation theology movement. A number of human rights activists including Dr.Binayak Sen,Vice President of PUCL, have also been arrested in the recent past for their close links with the Maoist movement in the country confirming the close links between the Maoist movement and NGO and human rights net-work. Since the Christian action groups in the country are all controlled by various church agencies, many church leaders in India are also now directly linked with the naxalite movement.

    So, when Sabyasachi Panda, a top Maoist leader of Orissa claims responsibility for the killing of VHP leader Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and four others at his ashram in Kandhamal district on August 23,2008, it does not help to absolve the church activists from the charge of involvement in the crime. The naxalite movement in the country had enjoyed maximum mass support during the period from 1969 to 1974. However despite the dynamic leadership provided by leaders like Charu Majumdar and Sitaramaiyyah the support base of the naxalite movement was mostly confined to the three states of West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

    By 1975, the naxal movement had started disintegrating and it is only because of its association with the action group movement since mid seventies that it was able to sustain itself.

    Today, with the full support and all possible assistance from the networking NGOs and also with the systematic induction of a large number of NGO activists into major naxalite groups, the naxal movement in the country has now become very powerful and it continues to make inroads into more and more new areas, especially in the remote and tribal regions.

    About 170 districts in 15 states in the country are now reportedly considered as naxal-infested. This unprecedented growth of naxalite movement in the country can be attributed to the support and encouragement it receives from the action group movement of networking NGOs which has got a strong and wide network all over the country. The irony of the situation is that the naxalite movement which proclaims to be the greatest crusader against the imperialist lobby is presently controlled by the action group movement which in turn is promoted, financed and controlled by the same imperialist lobby.

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