How EVMs have revived Congress

Elections, Votes, Machinations… or, Just Another Conspiracy Theory
By Amberish K Diwanji

Great peace of writing. It is clear as daylight how elections are being fudged to benefit the Congress.

It is very very suspicious that Congress — an almost dead party six years ago — miraculously revived the moment EVMs got introduced and since then it is downhill for BJP and everyone else who was getting too uppity with Congress, such as Laloo, Paswan and even the Bengali communists (whose electoral fortunes collapsed the moment they opposed the India-US nuke deal). Even the way Chandrababu Naidu lost so badly in AP was very suspicious, and so was the defeat of Vasundhra Raje.

It is very curious that the chips used in EVMs are fabricated in the US and nobody can have access to the software burnt into them — not even the EC. Were CA technicians present in the US factory when the chips were being fabricated?

The only gainer from all this is Sonia Gandhi and her coterie. It is easy to put two and two together, especially when Hillary Clinton is going around the world praising Indian EVMs and advising every developing country in Asia to adopt them too.

This coupled with EC’s mulish refusal to allow anyone to even open the machines and see what is inside, should make alarm bells ring loudly that Indian democracy has been quietly hijacked by Congress courtiers in connivance with Western powers –the old colonialists–which want to see a White Christian continue to rule over India.


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One response to “How EVMs have revived Congress

  1. Psudo

    But why is BJP sleeping? Was BJP not in power when EVM was introduced?

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