The ring of the gods

I have often seen pictures of Hindu gods carrying what looks like a rotating disk (“chakra”) and always used to wonder what it was and how it was used as a weapon — I have heard stories about Krishna using the Sudarshan Chakra to smite the head off enemies’ shoulders. 

Lord Krishna with Sudarshan Chakra

Finally, I did some research and found a lot of material on Chakra — the “ring of gods”. Its first-ever mention occured in Mahabharat and apparently it was a very common weapon in ancient times used by Gods and kings alike. It was a very popular weapon with the Sikh infantry too while fighting Muslim armies — there are pictures of Sikh Gurus wearing chakras around their turbans. The Chakrams could be thrown as far as 100 meters into the enemy ranks!

Wikipedia says:

The most iconic method of throwing a chakram is tajani, wherein the weapon is twirled on the index finger of an upraised hand and thrown with a timed flick of the wrist. The spin is meant to add power and range to the throw, while also avoiding the risk of cutting oneself on the sharp outer edge. Trained exponents can twirl the chakram while using another weapon with their free hand. The use of tajani in battle was perfected by the Nihang who employed a particular formation to protect the chakram-wielder from harm. Although variants of the chakram would make their way to neighbouring parts of the region, the tajani technique remained unique to Indian martial arts.

 Amazingly, Wikipedia tells us that the Chakri Dynasty, the current ruling house of Thailand, is named after the weapon! 

See this excellent video by Discovery channel on “Chakram” as a weapon. 



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7 responses to “The ring of the gods

  1. The spinning chakra reminds me of the spinning Milky Way. Krisna’s finger is in the Centre, where astronomists claim there is a fast-spinning Black Hole, all stars rotate around this centre.

    • Manoj

      I agree with you. I just was watching black hole and it reminded me of chakra of krishna. You never know the ancients probably knew about black hole or is it just coincidental?

  2. JGN

    Why our ancestors did not use a few chakras when the Islamic invaders and European Christian colonizers attacked and subjugated our country? Or did the Chakra also got drowned in the sea alongwith Dwaraka?

  3. kaushal

    yes. please look more into the weapons of Hindu gods and goddesses. sooner or later i am sure u will also find a neutron star, a supernova or antimatter also in their hands.

  4. kaushal

    just because today astronomers are talking something about black holes these faggots are identifying them with sudarshan chakra. tomorrow the astronomers may discover a cosmic penis. i am sure these people will claim it to be shiva linga.

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