Welfare fraud by church-going MP of Kerala

A secret Christian quietly helping himself to benefits given to Hindus by projecting a false identity. In America, the man would have been jailed for welfare fraud, and all other converts who have been doing the same. There are millions of them indulging in this welfare fraud against the Hindus. But if Hindus themselves organise to protect their own interests in their own country and stop voting Xians and Muslims to power to rule over them, what hope there is for them? 

A reader of this blog writes: “A five-time MP’s true religion has been found. Some malayalam tv channels showed documents (which his opponets got through RTI), which all show that his religion is Christianity and all his near and dear ones, including his wife and children, are church going. Yet he claims himself to be a Hindu SC on the basis of membership of a community-based organisation.”

Kodikunnil Suresh to challenge Kerala HC order

Five-time MP Kodikunnil Suresh today said he will appeal against the Kerala high court order setting aside his election on the ground that he was not entitled to contest from a reserved constituency as he does not belong to scheduled castes.

He also alleged that he was a victim of a “conspiracy” and a section within the Congress “jealous” of his rise was part of it.

“I will appeal in the Supreme Court against the High Court order after consulting the party High Command, Kerala leadership and my lawyers,” he told reporters here.

Justice G Sashidharan Nambiar of the High Court allowed the election petition of the defeated CPI candidate R S Anil and two others who had challenged Suresh’s election from the reserved constituency of Mavelikkara.

The court found that there were conflicting statements made by Suresh about his caste status. As per school records, he is a converted Christian and was not entitled to the benefits enjoyed by members of scheduled castes.

Suresh said that his school-leaving certificate had mentioned that his caste was SC and religion Christianity, which may have been a mistake committed by his parents.

He claimed he had rectified it by making a gazette notification about his status as a person belonging to scheduled caste in the Hindu community.

He alleged that the case was a “political conspiracy” by some rivals in his party and opposition parties. “I fought elections and won five times.

“I had fought Parliament elections and on all occasions CPI candidates were his my rivals. They did not bother to raise the issue of caste and challenge it in the previous elections. This time the case was conducted without bothering about its expenses. This was also a proof that there was a deep-rooted conspiracy,” he said.

“A section in the party centred round Kollam district has been working against me for quite some time. They were jealous of my rise in the party,” Suresh, also an AICC secretary, claimed.


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