The Congressman who started the Salwa Judum — and did India a favour

‘We politicians have given the Naxals a walkover

The man accused of championing and spearheading the Salwa Judum, the local tribal armed militia which fought the Naxalites in Chhattisgarh earlier this decade, mourns the demise of his movement.

“If I have indulged in violence, why is it that the Naxals or their people have not filed a single FIR (First Information Report with the police) against me? asks Mahendra Karma, the tribal Congress leader whose movement has been widely described as a State-supported vigilante group.

“Salwa Judum,” he says, “had arisen at the local level against the political terrorism of the Naxals. The disintegration of this movement is very sad.”

The Salwa Judum has been blamed for causing the widescale displacement of tribals and for many alleged atrocities, but Karma says he is being vilified by the Naxals and their supporters to discredit him.

A former leader of the Opposition in the Chhattisgarh assembly, Karma lost his seat as an MLA in the last election and has maintained a low profile after the Judum declined in influence in tribal Chhattisgarh.

To discover more about the mindset that created the Salwa Judum and his views on the Naxal problem,’s Archana Masih spoke to Karma in Raipur recently.

Look at the language Rediff has used against this great man. (The red words give you an idea about how to recognise the agenda of dishonest writers. Also, note the tone of the questions this Masih lady asks — it is as if some missionaries are interrogating a pagan.) This is when the Maoist leadership publicly called Salwa Judum as the “most serious setback against the movement since the seventies.” The pattern is familiar — the Whites use a combination of NGOs and news agencies that they have set up in India to run a campaign against anything they want to discredit or destroy within Indian borders.

This Rediff website has church and gora links and has become a partner in their anti-India moves by providing them a platform for propaganda. Such mercenary Hindu traders (Rediff is owned by a Hindu businessnam) have no place in India and should be pushed out by Indians. Notice that Mahendra karma has been interviewed by Rediff through a Christian reporter — and the Christians are the ones who are supporting the Maoists!!


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