Seven blunders that will always haunt India

7 blunders that will always haunt India

It is a tale of stupidity of politicians and bureaucrats who are mentally blind with a tendency to snatch defeat from jaws of victory. Strangely, the military is never consulted in taking strategic decisions. India is the only country in the world where this happens.

Historically, the biggest qualification needed for someone to become a king is an understanding of military matters. Nehru, IK Gujaral, Manmohan Singh, VP Singh, Morarji Desai … these clueless asses have done the most damage to India. These type of leaders become even more dangerous when pitted against military men of hostile nations such as Mao, who make mince-meat of them in battlefield and on negotiating table. No wonder, India keeps losing territory in war, and men in peacetime within its own borders.


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