The Kandhamal conspiracy

Truly eye-opening stuff by Brannon Parker in his book “Orissa in the Crossfire.” You can download the book for free from this link. Parker has laid bare the entire conspiracy against Hindus — the lies, the deception, the likely role of foreign intelligence agencies, the million churches in Orissa, how the CIA engineered a coup in Iran using similar tactics, the plagiarised reports of the so-called fact-finding missions, the rampant Christian fundamentalism and violence of the converted Panas, the sold-out Indian editors of English media … A must read for everyone that shows the degeneration of  the character of anglicised, left-liberal Indians. (Thanks to reader Muthu for the tip.)

“Orissa in the Crossfire’ provides many vital details related to the Hindu-Christian violence that has swept Orissa’s Kandhamal district. The book also highlights the history of Orissa and its tribes. While many have familiarized themselves with the propaganda that has fictionalized the events surrounding the Kandhamal crisis, few have had access to the facts.

The true history of Kandhamal and the struggles of its people deserve a fair hearing in the court of public opinion. Is the Kandha religion sinister or sacred? Are they bloodthirsty savages or a people of a noble and ancient heritage? Can the tribes people of Kandhamal rise up out of their undeserved shame and be seen for who they really are? Long labeled as ‘a cruel human sacrificing tribe of ruthless savages’ it is time the truth be revealed. It is time for the world to learn about the Kandha ‘God of Light’ and their Culture of Life.



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11 responses to “The Kandhamal conspiracy

  1. VoP

    There was one swamiji from Hindu monastery, Hawaii visiting these forums once. Of course, our straight talk against missionaries and mullahs did not appeal to this saatvik soul. What do we do? Damned if we do, damned if we don’t – our dire situation is compounded further by our helplessness to make others comprehend the gravity of the same! Hope he is still reading… books like this are our hope to bridge what they fail to understand.

  2. A

    The state has long been under the watchful gaze of the Missionaries. Remember the “nun rape case”. The media claimed that the nun was raped by 40 people. One Father was a “witness”. Finally, the nun changed her statement to “rape by 1 person, while 40 were watching”. And the Father left for Kerala.

    In another news,
    Cows today, Hindus tomorrow?

    “An appalling incident took place yesterday, on the day of Ashadhi Ekadashi, wherein cows were killed and parts of their bodies were thrown on the road in Malegaon. ”

  3. Unable to download book from site

  4. This and EVMs using the Bush Method,were the paths to, power for the Congress party,in Lok Sabha elections,2009,at the cost of BJP.

    Antonia Maino is suspected to be planted in the Nehru Family,by:
    >> the Opus Dei,which has connections with the Vatican Jesuits.
    >>and the erstwhile USSR.
    Jesuits are distributed in almost all States in India and have their websites,there.

  6. sdigal

    how many of you live/lived in kandhamal to know which religious group is doing what? if not, please go and see for yourself and make your own
    conclusions. Its still a beautiful place to visit, worth your money and your
    concern for the people of kandhamal.

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