Congress party is on the side of Maoists in church’s takeover of India

Though Tehelka is a sewer-pit of anti-Hinduism funded by the church — there is a suspiciously large number of Christians on its rolls — occasionally some good pro-India article slips through its censors.

The following is a good one talking about the plight of the CRFP men fighting in Chattisgarh, and how they are being treated as cannon fodder by Congress party which has pro-Maoist leanings.

Hard Battles, Harder Lives

Digvijay Singh, rumoured to be a secret Christian, confirms that his pro-Maoist position is actually the official stance of the Congress party. Congress is a party of anti-Hindu race traitors — Hindus should never forget this.

Digvijay says his article on Maoist problem reflected Cong views

Maoists are nothing but a CIA-Church operation. Remember the Purulia arms drop? Sonia Gandhi is preventing any effective action against them.


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One response to “Congress party is on the side of Maoists in church’s takeover of India

  1. som

    Naxals are not targeting senior officers — no IG, DIG or DM — although they have the firepower and reach. If they start killing IPS officers and see what happens. The ordinary man reading newspapers or watching television must surely think a bunch of bumbling idiots have been sent to fight highly motivated and efficient Naxals.

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