Angry RSS workers ransack Aaj Tak office — about time!!

RSS workers attack TV channel’s office in Delhi

This was long overdue. It is time the Hindus picked up the stick and hit back.

There has been a demonization campaign running in English news channels against the RSS for its alleged terror links. I believe this is being orchestrated by the church through Sonia Gandhi to get the RSS declared a terrorist organisation and have it banned. The missionaries are facing major problems in converting people in tribal areas wherever RSS has established presence through its schools and hospitals. With the RSS removed from the scene, it will be a free run for the Vatican all over India.

Ultimately, the aim of the church, the Muslims, the Congress party and rustic leaders such as Paswan and Laloo converge — they are determined not to allow Hindus to organise themselves by forming associations and organisations, and, if any of these gets formed, then try to get them banned or disbanded. They fear Hindu unity because Hindus united will be a formidable force who can thwart attempts for the takeover of India from within its own borders. The real enemies of Hindus are the communists, the church and the mosque — Laloo, Paswan and the Dravidians are just useful idiots for them.

My advice to the Hindus — try to form as many religion-based associations as possible and enroll fellow Hindus as members, then gradually expand the membership until it is running into thousands. This will be the nightmare of all Hindu-hating charlatans. There is phenomenal strength in a community which acquires the capability to get its members to mobilise at a short notice for any cause. Hindus can do this only by forming associations at every level, right from a small residential colony to the nation as a whole. Don’t be bothered if the association you form has only 20 members — it is the first step toward unity.



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8 responses to “Angry RSS workers ransack Aaj Tak office — about time!!

  1. yash

    aajtak office mein jo hua badhiya hua in logon ko apni mariyada mein rahna chahiye shame full for aajtak

    aajtak ne angrejon ki neeti apnayi foot dalo raaj karo sting opreation ko galat tareeke se logon ko dikha kar rss ka vishwas khatam karne ki koshish ki agar public ko self dekhna hai to log hamare camp mein akar dekh sakte hai hum kisi se entry fee nahi lete haan agar dophar ya raat ko aayen to bhojan ki vyavastha hai khana kha ke jaana khane ke paise bhi nahi mangenge
    hindu jab chup rahte hain to sahan karte hai per jab bas ke bahar ho jaye to hum bhi chup nahi rah sakte

    doodh mangoge to kheer denge desh ko bigadoge to cheer denge

  2. yash

    Agar aajtak waale pyar se samhaj jaate hain to theek hai warna samjhane ke aur bhi tareeke hai

    pahle pyar

    pyar se naa maane to dekh liya anjam ab kya batau

  3. Arp

    Hi friend,
    Add these following sites also . Let Christians/Muslims know about their cult.

  4. The Sonia Congress UPA II Government in New Delhi under a eunuch surrogate Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh is an evangelical Christian, terrorist Islamic and patently anti-Hindu dispensation working for the destruction and decimation of Sanatana Dharma and Hindu society.

    The Hindus of India have come to realise that the Sonia Congress Party is a Christian-Islamic party committed to the conversion of all Hindus (kaffirs) into Christians as first priority and Muslims as second priority.

    Like the terrorist Muslims or the terrorist Christians (in the North-East), the Hindus too need to unite to form a Voluntary Citizens Corps which can be mobilized at very short notice, any time and any where, in the sacred cause of Hindu self-defence against the marauding semetic religionists and their maoist/naxalite cohorts, all enjoying the full political and official patronage of Sonia Congress UPA II Government.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Voluntary Citizens Corps? That is a very good idea. It should have chapters in each metro and town. Let us all do something to form this in our areas.

      Because Hinduism is a faith build around individual freedom, Hindus are currently like loose sticks, to be kicked around by any Tom, Marx and Mohammad. They can only survive by binding themselves into organisations and associations which can rally their members at a short notice for any cause. There is huge strength in large groups. A large body of people is feared by everyone. Imagine if an association like “Hindus for Truth in Media” had surrounded Aaj Tak or CNN-IBN office and shouted slogans for a couple of hours, with some stone throwing for good measure! All these two-bit editors would have soiled their pants. Why do you think they are scared of Muslims?

  5. karan

    Proving Hinduism in general a violent cult,is the one point agenda of western ideologist.Media ,top politician are playing in the hand of that force,as a stooge paid agent.

  6. niraj

    Crappy Newspapers like TH, HT, ToI, Tehelka, IE, TT are owned by, as I understand, by Sultans and Sheiks. Islamisation of SE Asia, including India, is their mission and these crappy newspapers and MSM like NDTV, IBN CNN, ABP, HT are their tools.

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