It’s time to plant the saffron flag over Vatican

Give money to organisations which are directly engaged in reconverting new Xian converts back to Hinduism. There are many such Hindu outfits who exist solely to reconvert the Christian converts back to Santan Dharma, the eternal faith that is the life-blood of India. This is very important for long term survival of India.

795 people return to Hindu fold

A total of 795 people belonging to 160 Vanvasi families returned home at a function organised in Jhabua on June 16. VHP general secretary Dr Pravin Togadia welcomed all the persons by showering flower petals on them.

Addressing the gathering he said the Christian missionaries have been converting Hindus for the last 300 years but they could hardly convert a few crore people so far. But on the other hand there are crores of Christians in America and Europe who admire Hinduism and Indian culture.

He said the day is not far when even the Vetican would be coloured in Hindu culture. Mahamandaleshwar Shri Radhe Baba, Swami Lakshmandas Maharaj, Swami Amritaram Maharaj also addressed the gathering. Message from noted saint of Mohan Kheda Teertha Pujya Rishabhchand Maharaj was read out at the function. Vanvasi saint Swami Khub Singh Maharaj played an instrumental role in the success of the function.

He also addressed the gathering. Sant Nagar Maharaj, Swami Ramswarup Maharaj of Banswara, central secretary of VHP Shri Jugal Kishor, Malwa Prant president Shri Jadavchand, Prant secretary Shri Narayan Vyas were also present on the occasion. The function was presided over by Advocate Shri Virdichand. It concluded with community meals.



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2 responses to “It’s time to plant the saffron flag over Vatican

  1. VoP

    And as usual attack on Hindu institutions continues, another one yesterday:

    IT Raid in Melmaruvattur Adigalar Swami Ashram

    Achirupaakkam Hillock: Crime and Cunningness of Catholic Church – B.R. Haran

  2. Omer Ep

    I think most of Hindus converted to Cristanism not to islam community becouse Cristians have lot of fund from europe for spread christanity in all over the World … Please don’t go always with muslims care about cristians also…..

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