Kerala: Islamic court ordered chopping of professor’s hand

I never knew these Kangaroo courts were functioning in India!

Kerala: Islamic court ordered chopping of professor’s hand

It was a Taliban-model court Darul Khada (God’s abode or God’s court) which ordered the chopping off the palm of Professor T D Joseph, the Malayalam professor of Newman’s College, Thodupuzha, recently.

The shocking revelation had come during the interrogation of Popular Front activist Ashraf, who is the first accused in the case. Joseph was accused of preparing an internal question paper for second year B Com students of the college, which outraged the Muslim community, who found it defamatory to Prophet Mohammed.

A group of eight persons, allegedly members of the Popular Front of India [ Images ], had waylaid Joseph and chopped off his right palm, while he was returning from his Sunday mass at the local Nirmala church in Muvattupuzha, along with his mother and sister.

Sources in the state police told that Ashraf had spilled the beans that the Islamic court, which was functioning in Kerala [ Images ] under the auspicious of the Popular Front, had given the sentence to chop off the right hand of Prof Joseph, for ‘blasphemy to Prophet Mohammed.’

Police sources also informed that Eaasa Moulavi was the Kerala coordinator of the Darul Khada, and this particular case was decided by its branch in Eearattupettah, in Kottayam district, which is very near to Muvattupuzha, the site of the incident.

Those arrested have also confirmed to the police that the Popular Front is interfering in several family disputes involving Muslim families in the state, and trying to persuade them to come to Darul Khuda, and not to other courts, to settle their disputes.

The state police have appraised the central intelligence agencies about these developments.



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11 responses to “Kerala: Islamic court ordered chopping of professor’s hand

  1. Omer Ep

    Now Prof. Can’t satisfy his wife without his fingers….Clitoris is the key of orgasm,,,, haha

    • aaaa

      The alleged question is about a passage for punctuations. It is an imaginary conversation with god and a disciple. That passage is not the creation of Prof. T J Joseph. The excerpts in the question paper was taken from Page number -58 of the book Thirakathayude Neethesastram ( Screen Play Book) by PT Kunju Muhammad. ( a Muslim writer- who is an Ex MLA – member of the Communist Party of India- Marxist). The text book is an approved text by the Mahatma Gandhi University.

      • sanjaychoudhry

        The intention of the professor was mischevious. He was driven by Christian bigotry.

        • JGN

          sanjaychoudhry, I do not think the Prof. had any miscevious intention. All that he had done was to use the shortened name of the author of the book i.e. from “Kunju Muhammad” to only “Muhammad”. In the original book it was a conversation between a mad man and the god. The question paper is available on the web of HK and I have read the same.

          This is a case similar to Muhammad Teddy in Sudan.

          Some people think that their god/gods needs the protection of those punny guys!!

          • VoP

            JGN, There are a million items of fiction to choose from, why choose this crap? That was the intent. Let the crusaders and Jihadis get busy with each other, at least then Hindus can have some peace and love.

            • JGN

              VoP, Thirakathayude Neethesastram is a book prescribed by MG University for degree classes. I do not think we can live peacefully in a State like Kerala if two prominent minority groups are at each other’s throat. What is actually required to get rid of the religious dogmas. The god/g0ds do not require the protection of these punny guys.

              • VoP

                I agree; but the point I am making is when these two are at each others throats Hindus actually get a break. I am not talking about peace as a luxury but sheer survival here.

  2. JGN

    Here is more of the same stuff from the
    “Land of Pure”!!

    Two brothers killed for alleged blasphemy

  3. I was surprised to fine this piece of writing on Islam by no less an esteemed philosopher than the Scotsman, David Hume:

    “The admirers and followers of the Al Koran insist on the excellent moral precepts interspersed throughout that wild and absurd performance…Would we know, whether the pretended prophet had really attained a just sentiment of morality, let us attend to his narration, and we shall soon find, that he bestows praise upon such instances of treachery, inhumanity, cruelty, revenge, bigotry, as are utterly incompatible with civilised society. No steady rule of right conduct seems there to be attended to: and every action is blamed or praised, so far only as it is beneficial or harmful to the true believers.”
    ― David Hume, British empiricist philosopher, 1711 – 1776

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