Religion of peace cuts off professor’s hand

People of religion of peace meet people of religion of love. Obviously, someone was going to lose something.

Controversial question paper: Prof’s hand cut off

Muvattupuzha, (Kerala): A college professor, currently on bail for preparing a inflammatory question paper, had his right palm chopped off by a group of eight unidentified people on Sunday morning, police said.

T J Joseph was returning home with his family after attending morning prayers when a group of people in a van pulled him out of his car. Joseph’s right palm was chopped off and thrown some 200 meters away, police said.

He also suffered deep cuts on the body and was rushed to a specialty hospital at Kochi for a surgery to reattach the severed palm.

Joseph is on bail after being arrested by the police in April for preparing a question paper with alleged inflammatory references to Prophet Mohammed for an exam in a private college.

Joseph, a Malayalam teacher, was suspended by Thodupuzha New Man College after angry protest marches by various Muslim organisations.

“The registration number of the vehicle in which the assailants came is fake. The immediate provocation of this crime appears to be the question paper issue,” said P P Shams, Muvattupuzha Circle Inspector of Police.

A horrified Mary Stella, Joseph’s sister, said: “They (accused) smashed the glass of our car and pulled my brother out and hacked him. Our aged mother was also in the car and witnessed the crime.”

Condemning the gruesome crime, Education Minister M A Baby lamented that some people had communalised the question paper issue.

“Without doubt, this crime is a blot on the secular credentials of the state” Baby said.

Supreme head of the Indian Union Muslim League, Panakad Hyderali Shiyab Thangal said that one wrong cannot be corrected by another wrong. “Whoever are the culprits, tough action should be taken against them,” Thangal said.



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9 responses to “Religion of peace cuts off professor’s hand

  1. VoP

    In God’s own country, the secular gods have no place, it’s a contest between 2 angry arab gods. It’s a good thing in a way, now Christian media will start highlighting the Jihadi crowds and rest of us know that in this episode the Christian was the instigator and was no innocent either.

  2. JGN

    They fight with each other in other countries also. Pl read this news: “Indonesian Islamists eye proselytising Christians”

  3. raman

    the professor shuld thank his lucky stars that they went for his hand and not his …. !!!

  4. Incognito

    Suppose this person was from the so-called ‘majority community’ ?

    He would have been safe.

    Safe in jail. Bail denied, for hurting sentiments of ‘peaceful religious minority’, he would never have gotten chance to go to a church or temple.

    Only, he would have remained in jail for another 10 years, after which time a verdict of 3 years imprisonment would have been given by the ‘Honorable’ Court and let him off.

    The peaceful minority would have found enough preys to occupy themselves with by that time, to remember this guy and the ‘hurt’ he caused.

    ToI wouldn’t have bothered with the case except to scream first “Hindu Professor booked for hurting sentiments of religious minority” and after 10 years, “Hindu Professor convicted for 3 years for hurting sentiments of religious minority, let off”

    The so-called ‘majority’ is actually the minority. Because, there never was an organised monotheistic cult like christianity and islam in India. People who define something called ‘hinduism’ and equate it with these monotheistic cults and then consider it the oppressive ‘majority’ based on numbers they ascribe to it only fool themselves and others, and create shit in this country.

    • M Raghavan

      From my studies, I would like to say that there is no such organized religion as Hinduism. We have time-honored traditions and deep spiritual understandings of life – which undoubtedly varied slightly based on environment, language, and other conditions – and have jumbled all together to create this “-ism”. It feels confusing to the majority, so many of our uneducated give it up for what are organized religions – Christianity and Islam.

  5. VoP

    ToI wants to spin it as “alleging”? Based on more details I have no sympathy for the crusader Christian either, his intent about blasphemy is quite evident. Here is the question paper and the translation of the question.

    A translation for the benefit of non Malayali readers. Add correct punctuation marks to the portion given below…
    (It is in the form of a conversation between God and Muhammad. Whether this Muhammad has anything to do with the prophet of Muslims is not clear here. Only the name Muhammad is used as a the one who is asking two questions to God.)

    Muhammad : Oh God… Oh God…
    God: What is the matter, you son of a dog
    Muhammad : One fish when cut how many pieces it will be
    God: Three pieces…how many times I have I told you…dog

    Though I am of the opinion that Jehadi violence need to be crushed mercilessly, I don’t understand why somebody has to select a prose like the above for a BCom question paper, while there are plenty of elegant literature available in Malayalam. Is the crooked mindset of evangelism prompted the professor to do this ?

    • Bharat

      From the HK link –

      “The Controversial question included in this question paper is a part of a prose written by a Muslim writer named Kunhumuhammed.”

      • VoP

        I am not going to defend the crusader, this is classic war between religion of love and peace! Read another comment that goes like this..

        Proffesor claims that he copied this text from a book written by EX CPI (M) MLA P. T. Kunjumuhammed whcih is true but In Kunjumuhammed’s text, it was a lunatic talking to God and God calls the lunatic “naayinte mone” in response, whereas in Prof. Joseph’s version the lunatic is presented as the prophet himself.

        I would support if Prof. Joseph was an atheist who doesn’t believe in Christ, Muhammed or whatever, but here is a practicing Christian intentionally denigrating a religious icon revered by all Muslims in the world

        He didnt get any other names except mohammed, why didnt he give the name of jesus to that mad man

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