Racist article in Time against Indians

My Own Private India
Joel Stein

The man is belly-aching about Indians taking over ‘his’ small town. Great. It will be easy now for him to imagine how Red Indians must have felt when his brutal and venal race was taking over their entire continent. At least, Indians are not exterminating Whites and raping their women while doing so.



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4 responses to “Racist article in Time against Indians

  1. VoP

    > we started to understand why India is so damn poor

    At the end of 5th paragraph comes that shocking statement completely ignoring who made India poor by stealing it’s riches for 3 long centuries, their own forefathers from the looting and pillaging British, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portugeese – white race from Christian faith!

    Loot – in search of East India Co

  2. VoP

    Please visit victim’s blog and sign the petition.


  3. Kuldeep

    Time apology


    The prestigious ‘Time’ magazine has apologised to Indian-Americans following the publication of a column by journalist Joel Stein which offended and outraged the large community, especially those in New Jersey.

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