Snake-oil salesman Deepak Chopra

This Chopra chap is one of those despicable Hindus who are willing to stab their own religion and culture in the back if someone pays adequate price for the act. This charlatan has made a career out of repackaging Hindu philosophy for the Westerners and pulling in bags of money. However, don’t ever expect him to acknowledge where he is lifting his ideas from or even admit he is a Hindu.

Now, he is claiming that anyone who says Yoga is a part of Hinduism is a Hindu fundamentalist and Yoga did not originate from Hinduism but “pure consciousness.” Chopra has made a fortune by gyrating his backside in front of Westerners and serving them plagiarised Hindu philosophy to feed their spiritual emptiness, making a fast buck in the process.

Sorry, your patent on yoga has run out

In his recent article for On Faith, Aseem Shukla laments the disconnect between yoga and its origins in Hinduism. He’s certainly right that the practice of Yoga has become a “spiritual discipline” that is open to anyone of any faith. But it’s strange to find him disapproving of this fact, for several reasons.

First, yoga is a spiritual discipline in India, and always has been. The aim of the practice is liberation. When liberation occurs, the yogi is freed from the religious trappings that enclose Yoga. Those trappings have always been incidental to the deeper aim of enlightenment.

Secondly, yoga did not originate in Hinduism as Prof. Shukla claims. Perhaps he has a fundamentalist agenda in mind, but he must know very well that the rise of Hinduism as a religion came centuries after the foundation of yoga in consciousness and consciousness alone. Religious rites and the worship of gods has always been seen as being in service to a higher cause, knowing the self.

Beneath Shukla’s complaints one detects the resentment of an inventor who discovered Coca-Cola or Teflon but neglected to patent it. Isn’t that a rather petty basis for drawing such a negative picture? Most Indians, when they contemplate the immense popularity of yoga in the U.S. may smile at the pop aspects of the phenomenon but feel on the whole that something good is happening. Shukla regards the same scene with a withering frown.

If you strip away his sour mood and questionable assumptions, I think Shukla’s real lament is like that of Jews who see the young fleeing from the old ways and Christians sitting in half-empty churches. To him it could be said what is often said to these other religionists. Maybe it’s you who haven’t found a way to keep the temples, synagogues, and churches full. That’s a very different matter from the millions who are finding a spiritual path on their own, outside organized religion. If yoga serves them, we should be celebrating any step of progress being made, through whatever means.



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2 responses to “Snake-oil salesman Deepak Chopra

  1. Incognito

    DeeQuack Joker who sells indian heritage is actually not half as bad as MMS who is selling the whole country away, or the Presstitutes of India who con the people of India daily.

    That this Joker pales in comparison to snake-oil salesmen we have in India says a lot about where we are today.

  2. JGN

    Incognito, did you mean “peacock oil”? The peacock oil salesmen also display a carcass of a peacock to assure their customers about the authencity of the oil they sell; frauds like Deepak Chopra falls into that category. He is using a Punjabi Hindu name to fool the white-skinned guys in Amrika and has made tons of money.
    I am just wondering why people flock to such dubious gurus!

    MMS is a stooge of WB and Amrika. He threatened with “resignation” only when he doubted whether he can get the dubious Nuclear passed by the Parliament which he accomplished by purchasing SP MPs at Rs. 25 Crores at piece (as per Statement given by Mr.A.B.Bardhan in front of TV Cameras) and no self righteous Congi had the courage to file a defamation case against Bhardhan.

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