Understanding Muhammad

A book written by Ali Sinha, the Iranian free-thinker who runs the website Faith Freedom.

An e-book version is available. Buy it if you can. Many Muslims have abandoned Islam after reading it.

Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet

Why are some Muslims intolerant, violent and supremacist? Why do they bully? What spurs them to riot and murder over the silliest things?

To understand Muslims, one must understand their prophet. This psychobiography seeks to unveil the mystery of the prophet of Islam. Historians tell us Muhammad used to withdraw to a cave, spending days wrapped in his thoughts. He heard bells ringing and had ghostly visions. He thought he was demon possessed, until his wife reassured him he had become a prophet. Convinced of his status, he was intolerant of those who rejected him, assassinated those who criticized him, raided, looted, and massacred entire populations.

He reduced thousands to slavery, raped, and allowed his men to rape female captives. All of this, he did with a clear conscience and a sense of entitlement. He was magnanimous toward those who admired him, but vengeful toward those who did not. He believed he was the most perfect human creation and the universe’s raison d’être. Muhammad was no ordinary man.

This book ventures beyond the stories. Focusing on the “why” rather than the “what,” it unravels the mystique of one of the most enigmatic and influential men in history. Islam is Muhammadanism. Muslims worship and emulate Muhammad. Only by understanding him can one know what makes them tick.

Understanding Muhammad begins with a brief history of his life. Muhammad had a loveless childhood. He then passed to the care of relatives who took pity on him and spoiled him. As the result he developed narcissistic personality disorder, a trait that made him a megalomaniac bereft of conscience. Muhammad believed in his own cause. Even when he lied, he felt entitled and justified to do so.

Thanks to another mental illness, namely temporal lobe epilepsy, the prophet of Islam had vivid hallucinations he interpreted as mystical and divine intimations. He also suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder, causing his fixations on numbers, rituals and stringent rules. In the addition, he suffered from acromegaly, a disease caused by excessive production of a growth hormone resulting in large bones and odd facial features.

The combination of his psychological disorders and his unusual physiognomy made him a phenomenon that set him apart from ordinary people. His uneducated followers interpreted his differences as signs of his prophethood. Like devotees of all cults, they rose to champion his cause with dedication. By defying death and butchering others they made Islam the world’s second largest religion, now the biggest threat to world peace.

The author argues that Islam is incompatible with democracy and human rights, and the only way to avert the clash between barbarity and civilization, and a world disaster, is to expose its fallacy and demystify it. “Muslims must be weaned from Islam for humanity to live in peace,” says Ali Sina.



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7 responses to “Understanding Muhammad

  1. S

    “The author argues that Islam is incompatible with democracy and human rights, and the only way to avert the clash between barbarity and civilization, and a world disaster, is to expose its fallacy and demystify it. “Muslims must be weaned from Islam for humanity to live in peace,” says Ali Sina.”

    Ali Sina is right when he says that Islam is a threat to world peace, but he ignores the biggest threat to world peace — the cults of christianity. Christians are killing big time in Africa and control two states of India, Nagaland and Mizoram, both of them populated by the newly converted Baptists and Presbytarian tribals. Christians have penetrated the Republican Party in the United States and their objective is political power, as usual. The original cult of christianity, the Vatican, is messing about with political leaders worldwide. Islam is a lesser threat; the cults of christianity will send us back into the dark ages if not stopped decisively.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Islam and Xianity are two sides of the same coin. Islam was designed by Mohammad as a competitor to Xianity. Both share the same philosophy of “our god is true, your god is false” and the same dream of world conquest along with annihilation of anyone who refuses to join their gang.

      These are not religions at all by any stretch of the word. These are political ideologies — their aim is to grab political power and rule over everyone with an iron fist. Their clergy — the bishops and Imams — are the ones driving these because of the immense power they gain.

      People who mistake these to be spiritual ideologies and allow them to expand in their countries — their goose gets cooked soon enough. They have to beware of leaders who become useful idiots and promote the interests of these two murderous ideologies — we have had our share of Gandhi and Nehru.

  2. VoP

    Islam at it’s weirdest!

    Saudi Women vow to breastfeed their drivers

  3. Anonymous

    Very true about islam the world should unite against this ideology….

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