For Rwandans, the pope’s apology must be unbearable

Church is a genocidal animal — pagans of Europe, Red Indians of America, Blacks of Africa, Hindus of Goa … the list is endless. Here is something about this cult’s killings in Rwanda:

For Rwandans, the pope’s apology must be unbearable

In the last century, Catholic bishops have been deeply mired in Rwandan politics with the full knowledge of the Vatican. Take Archbishop Vincent Nsengiyumva. Until 1990, he had served as the chairman of the ruling party’s central committee for almost 15 years, championing the authoritarian government of Juvenal Habyarimana, which orchestrated the murder of almost a million people. Or Archbishop André Perraudin, the most senior representative of Rome in 1950s Rwanda. It was with his collusion and mentorship that the hateful, racist ideology known as Hutu Power was launched – often by priests and seminarians in good standing with the church. One such was Rwanda’s first president, Grégoire Kayibanda, a private secretary and protege of Perraudin, whose political power was unrivalled.

The support for Hutu Power was therefore not unknowing or naive. It was a strategy to maintain the church’s powerful political position in a decolonising Rwanda. The violence of the 1960s led inexorably to the 1994 attempt to exterminate Tutsis. These were violent expressions of a political sphere dominated by contentions that Hutu and Tutsi were separate and opposed racial categories. This, too, is one of the legacies of the Catholic missionary, whose schools and pulpits for decades kept up a drumbeat of false race theories.

Sounds familiar? Aryan-Dravidian theory anyone? Be careful — they are trying to trigger the same genocide in India. It is not an accident that missionaries are the most vociferous proponents of Aryan-Dravidian garbage even today.

They have already achieved their objective of throwing all Brahmins out of Tamil Nadu through the hate engineered by this theory. Now the field is wide open for them for conversion of Tamils.

The same missionaries were supporting LTTE too with plans to trigger a similar terrorist movement in Tamil Nadu after conversion of Tamils.

Meanwhile, Hindus of Kerala are enjoying the fruits of voting communists to power. Here is one example:

Loan Waiver Scheme for Christian converts

Why do Hindus wilfully choose as their leaders people who are openly hostile to their interests? Does their derangement have no cure?



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8 responses to “For Rwandans, the pope’s apology must be unbearable

  1. Apparently many states have corporations such as these, established decades ago, newer ones being established whenever the politicians see opportunity for vote-bank.
    _____ State Backward Class Development Corporation Ltd.( BCDC )
    _____ State Development Corporation for Christian Converts and other Recommended Communities Ltd. ( CCRC)

    _____ State Development Corporation for Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes Ltd.
    _____ State Co-operative Federation for Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes Ltd.

    With so many ‘corporates’ working to ‘uplift’ the ‘poor’ for decades, all the ‘poor’ of India should have got relief by now. That such is not the case means that these ‘corporates’ are mere front for gobbling money, nurturing vested interests and to cultivate sychophants.

    As for Kerala, ‘enlightened’ atheists such as Shri JGN, who, enamoured by western ideologies, eschew their dharmik heritage and repeatedly votes these criminal, atheistic, west influenced communists and ‘con’gressees to power, may like to explain themselves- to their grandchildren.


  2. VoP

    > Why do Hindus wilfully choose as their leaders people who are openly hostile to their interests? Does their derangement have no cure?

    YES, KEEP ASKING THIS IN IN EVERY POST, this needs to be drilled into every Indian’s head.

  3. VoP

    Native Canadians to recall boarding school abuse

    Religion of love, of course!

  4. Bharat

    Excellent find.

    There was another post here about Canadian Residential School System.


    • VoP


      From you can jump to any section, including Canada. Here is one for example:


    • VoP


      Thousands of girls and boys were raped and tortured, and many were murdered, in Canada’s aboriginal boarding schools, most of which shut down in the 1970’s. The unchecked criminal violence suffered by these girls and boys has become a major cause of rampant child prostitution and other serious social ills among several generations of Canada’s First Nations (Native/indigenous) peoples. This violence is called genocide. Over 90,000 survivors of the Canadian church and government run aboriginal boarding schools exist. Their stories are finally being heard by the public, despite efforts by those in power to silence any discussion of the issues.

  5. VoP

    Another look at the Wonderful World of Religion of LOVE!!!!

    The Catholic Church in Italy was embroiled in a fresh scandal on Friday when photographs apparently showing homosexual priests attending gay nightclubs and engaging in casual sex were published in a magazine.

  6. shankar

    • An Indian tragedy: Aryan invasion theory:
    Scientists had long ago dismissed the idea of the Aryan race .
    All this makes abundantly clear that theories based on the Aryan myth are modern European creations that have little to do with ancient India. The word Arya appears for the first time in the Rig Veda, India’s oldest text. Hitler did not invent it. The idea of Aryans as a superior race was already in the air— in Europe, not India.
    • An African tragedy: Tutsi invasion theory:
    When we look at the map of middle Africa, we see two little countries named Rwanda and Burundi, bordering on Zaire (or the Democratic Republic of Congo). As reported in the Western media, these countries are inhabited by two supposedly different ethnic groups, the so-called Hutus and Tutsis. The ethnic composition of these two countries is as follows.
    Rwanda: Hutu 84%, Tutsi 15%, Twa (Pygmies) 1%
    Burundi: Hutu 85%, Tutsi 14%, Twa 1%
    In other words, their compositions hardly differ at all. But according to Western anthropologists, mainly colonial bureaucrats and missionaries, the Tutsi are supposed to be a Hamitic people, a race that was often intermixed with the whiter races of the North, notably from Ethiopia and Egypt, which in their turn were intermixed with some West Asiatic people, mainly the Hittites, by repeated invasions from the North. These people, the Tutsis, are supposed to have arrived from the North and not native to Rwanda.
    This in essence is the Tutsi invasion theory, the African version of the Aryan invasion theory. The similarities are startling, even to the extent of the Dravidians in India being preceded by earlier inhabitants, the aborigines (the so-called adi-vasis), who have their African counterpart in the Pygmies. So we have the African Pygmy-Hutu-Tutsi sequence corresponding to the Indian aborigines-Dravidian-Aryan scheme.
    As with the Aryan theories and their various offshoots, this Tutsi-Hutu division has no factual basis. They speak the same language, have a long history of intermarriage and have many cultural characteristics in common. Differences are regional rather than racial, which they were not aware of until the Europeans made it part of their politics and propaganda.
    The explosion came following independence form colonial rule. Repeated violence after independence fueled this hatred driven by this supposed ethnic difference and the concocted history of the Tutsi invasion and oppression. Some 2.5 million people were massacred in this fratricidal horror of wars and genocides.
    Why did India not go the way of Rwanda-Burundi? Not for lack of trying but because the cultural foundation of Hinduism proved too strong. It defeated the designs of politicians and propagandists masquerading as scholars. It is no coincidence that Rwanda and Burundi had been converted to Christianity, preparing the ground for sectarian conflict. Several church figures, including priests and nuns have been found guilty of complicity in the Tutsi massacres. As in India, Christianity was a colonial tool and missionaries little more than imperial agents.

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