Weird Schweppes advert

Recieved over email: 

I just wanted to draw your attention to a very weird Schweppes advert that was aired in France. It stars Nicole Kidman, Arjun Rampal and Rubina Ali (from Slumdog Millionaire), and it was produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Shekhar Kapur.

Here is a link:

Read the comments. The first interesting thing to note is that many people say that the advert makes no sense to them. Now check out the posts by topgronk1. He understands the hidden symbolism. I instantly recognised what he described.

Basically Rubina Ali symbolises an Indian woman. Kidman is a white woman and Ali is enchanted by her, she touches her face as if her white skin is divine (perhaps this plays on Indian people’s notorious ‘fair & lovely’ obsession and mental deferrence to whites). This is important because people admire and emulate and those who are dominant in the social hierarchy. For example people copy the fashion of celebrities. And Indians ape the west. Then Kidman rejects Rampal, and then Kidman and Ali laugh and grin.

This advert degrades Indian men and hints that they are undesirable and some Indian women will subliminally pick up on this and they won’t respect Indian men and therefore seek partners from other races. I think that is the subliminal message.

I first read about this advert on Hindustan forums. A user there called “eagle” was posting about it in several unrelated threads – he was obviously desperately trying to warn people about something he believed to be very serious. He linked to the above mentioned youtube link. topgronk1’s writing style, analysis, and time of posting match eagle’s so I am certain they are the same person. You can’t find eagle’s old posts now since the domain name has changed from .org to .net and the new website has many posts missing but some original .org domain pages are still in the google cache. Here is an example where among other things he makes good comments about the naivety of Indians:

As an aside I wonder if it more than a coincedence that Kidman also starred in Eyes Wide Shut (a very strange movie – watch it and research it online) because it seems eerily similar on a few levels. For example Kidman’s character has a similar giggly demeanour to the one she played in the movie and the movie has a scene that was cut out where she is filmed from the back walking naked in a large mansion which has eastern-style architecture while Indian-style music is playing. Also Rubina Ali was in Slumdog Millionaire which strongly degraded Indians like this ad does.



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2 responses to “Weird Schweppes advert

  1. VoP

    First thing – France is going to the dogs, if they want to align with ‘ali’s then hell Algerian/Moroccon muslims are taking over! Second – Arjun desiring a white skin is the fundamental problem, how will our women feel?! Third – “what did you expect?” she asks, I say “Just as I expected, the bottle works for you, you can seek Ali’s help and laugh together”!

    Most importantly, this advert isn’t worth publicizing!

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