Maoists are creations of the church to take control of tribal areas. Here’s proof.

Indian and Nepali Maoists are Christian converts created and funded by the church in cooperation with intelligence agencies of the US and UK. No wonder, they bump off Hindu saints in tribal areas but not a single missionary ever gets harmed.

The Niyogi Committee report way back in 1950s had warned very clearly about missionaries and their seditious activities in the tribal areas and said that unless they are expelled, they will start an armed tribal uprising against the state. That idiot Nehru threw the report in the bin, trying to look good to the whites. The chickens are now coming home to roost for India for the sins of omission and commission of that white man’s slave.

An unbelievable Rs 12,000 crores every year is being pumped by Western churches into tribal areas of central India and an estimated 4,000 White missionaries are operating there (most of them intelligence agents). Why do you think there is never a peep out of Sonia Gandhi against the Maoists and why Chidambaram is not being given full mandate by Manmohan Singh — a puppet of White Christian Sonia — to wipe them off. As long as this lady remains in India, you can forget about fighting the Christian Maoists.

Jharkhand Bishop backs Maoist cause 

27/05/2010 15:00:08   VR Jayaraj | Kochi – Daily Pioneer

Even as Home Minister P Chidambaram keeps on asking the intellectuals and rights activists in the country to declare their position on the war against Maoists, a Christian Bishop in Jharkhand, one of the states hit worst by the Maoist menace, is openly justifying their cause.

Claiming that the Church and the Maoists are waging war against the same social evils, Bishop Charles Soreng, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, says in an interview, “In this (the tribals’) fight for equal opportunities and rights, the Maoists are coming to the aid of the tribals, especially in glaring cases of denial of justice and rights. That is the reason for the wider appeal that the Maoists enjoy.”

In the interview published in the May 6 edition of Sathyadeepam, a Catholic weekly published from Kochi, the Bishop admits that the Maoists are sympathetic to the Church and are supporting the priests in carrying out their missionary activities. “…There are some honest people who are really working for justice. They are working against greed for money and power…,” he says. He also says that Maoists do not attack the priests because “Christians are serving the poor and are working for getting justice to the poor.”

Bishop Soreng indirectly says that all the violence reported from the Red Corridor need not be perpetrated by the Maoists. “The real Maoists will not attack the people. There are others who loot the people in the name of Maoists,” he says but stops short of revealing the identity of these “other people”. He warns the Government that it cannot check the Maoists unless and until it paid attention to the rights and justice for the rural poor and “also take care of the problem of corruption.”

“We do not advocate violence, but the Maoists are making a point by targeting our corrupt system, which marginalizes and renders the tribals outcasts in society,” Bishop Soreng tells Sathyadeepam. He believes that the root cause of the Maoist menace is the rampant corruption in the society, especially in Jharkhand.

“Corruption has put employment out of the reach of the poor, because only those who can give hefty sums (as bribe) get a government job. The consequent high rate of unemployment among poor youth makes Maoism an attractive option for them,” the Bishop says. “Corruption and government apathy are the two main factors that have helped the Maoists to become so formidable a force,” he adds.

Agreeing with the interviewer’s suggestion that under globalization, which is allegedly thriving on some sort of greed, it is difficult for the marginalized and the poor to get justice, Bishop Soreng says that proper checks and balances should be put in place for controlling the market economy. “Unless it is controlled and made human, keeping the welfare of the citizens as topmost priority, it will jeopardize social peace,” he suggests.

Fr Stephen Alathara, spokesperson and deputy secretary general of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC), said that Bishop Soreng’s opinion need not be those of the Church. “The KCBC does not hold such an opinion. These could be his personal thoughts,” he said, adding that he was yet to read the interview.



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22 responses to “Maoists are creations of the church to take control of tribal areas. Here’s proof.

  1. Bharat

    Sad thing is that this has been a known fact for many years. Even Indian commies had known this for long.
    See Shri. Prakash Karat’s article (dt. 1985)
    [Please see his article ( see p.22 ” Imperialist Infiltration”)

  2. Bharat

    See this blog –

    From this – ““It appears that to demand one’s legal rights and to be a terrorist is the same thing in Gujarat,” Father Xavier Manjooran, a member of the Adivasi Mahasabha (federation of tribal organizations) of Gujarat, told UCA News April 5.”

    The name ‘Xavier Manjooran’ indicates that he is a kerala christist.
    Remember C.K.Janu ( in this context too. It was widely reported in the media that She was expelled from CPM for her foreign visits ( esp. trip to europe and vatican)

  3. S

    Take a look at the website below. It is run by a christian propagandist. He has written a lot of hogwash about India and Hindus that he calls “research”. Do not bother to post as he simply will not publish facts. This should give people some idea of christian propaganda and the lies that these people are spreading about India and Hindus in the West.


    Please copypaste the above URL into your browser and remove the gap between escapefromindia. and

    • JGN

      S, I had seen the article at the link given by you. Despite your advice, I have posted the following reply:

      “All said and done, you cannot rub off your Indian-ness; you are still a “brown-nigger” so far as the White-skined Europeans and Americans are concerend. Btw majority of those who migrated to other countries are those who benefited from the system in India (highly specialized education at highly subsidized rates)!! Once you guys get a decent employment (even cleaning the toilets of Europeans/Americans) you detest every thing Indian!!! What you have done is akin telling the whole world that your mother is a “bad w0man”!!” …….. at least the owner of the blog will read the same before he delets my reply!

      Maoists/Naxals have lost all their ideologies. They are more or less extortion mafias now. Some time back I had visited Gadchiroli and Dantewade, two of the most Naxal infested areas in India. The BRO Complex at Gadchiroli is a veritable grave yard of burnt and damaged vehicles. An earlier Commandant of BRO was abducted and killed by the Naxals/Maoists for failure to pay the ransom demanded by them. Private contractors are not allowed to build even Roads in these areas and the onerous task of building roads in these areas was entrusted to BRO (Border Roads Organization). They also want to keep the poor tribals illiterate and undeveloped. Otherwise why should they object to even building Roads? Rather than believing that “Maoists are creations of the church to take control of tribal areas” it is more logical to believe that they are doing the bidding of the Churches also for a “price”.

      • sanjaychoudhry

        The church is the fourth strike arm of the west after navy, army and airforce, and, as someone said, every missionary is a soldier in disguise. The church-CIA nexus propped up such lefitst guerrilas in Latin American countries to screw the anti-US governments there. Same thing is happening in India. Remember–the armed struggle of Nepal Maoists started immediately the month after Purulia arms drop.

        • JGN

          Sanjay, I really fail to understand what these missionaries are going to achieve by converting the pagans to their religion. This news report is from The Times of India of 29th May 2010:

          Coimbatore/Chennai: A Chennai-based gang of child traffickers led by a church priest,which had been abducting babies in western Tamil Nadu and selling them,was busted on Thursday.While Father Alphonse was picked up from his church at Padappai,two self-proclaimed social workers,Girija and Rani,were arrested from Perambur in Chennai.
          The police zeroed in on the child trafficking racket following the arrest of a woman,Dhanalakshmi,who had disappeared with a three-month-old baby from the Government General Hospital in Krishnagiri on May 18.
          A person has to study Christian Theology for a minimum of seven years before he is given the title “Father”. If such persons are prone to commit these kinds of henious crimes (and we all know about the sex scandals involving Christian Priests in US and other parts of the world) , what good is the Religion?

          The print and audio-visual media making a song and dance about the alleged escapade of one Swami (Nityananda) is silent on the above episode! I do not think what Nityananda is supposed to have done is more henious a crime than child trafficking.



  4. S

    JGN – the mother cult of christianity i.e. catholicism wants money and control. Money that a believer is supposed to pay throughout his/her life for salvation, and power so that it can spread itself. Vatican controls banks that invest this harvest for more gains and Vatican also controls media houses that print and publicize horsecrap (for eg. NDTV and CNN-IBN). Publication houses are also a part of the Vatican and this is why we read books on the “barbarian Mayans”, “Cannibal Africans”, “Savage Chinese”, “Sacrificing Pagans” and “Decadent Romans”. Child kidnapping is par for the course for a cult that has killed and is still killing across continents all the while claiming to be “prosecuted”.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      You are right. It is all about money and control. I read somewhere that every year from the poorest districts of Orissa, crores of rupees are sent to the Vatican as Sunday collections from the converted. It is just a way of transfer of wealth to the Whites from the non-Whites, just like in colonial days.

      But in this case, the brown or black converts give to the Whites willingly what they would have resisted with all their might had they not converted. This is classic brainwashing — every time a non-White converts, the Whites gain in power and money. It is nothing but world domination by other means.

      Not for nothing is Christianity called White Man’s Nationalism. The converted for the rest of their lives are trying to become a counterfiet copy of the Whites and going to their land on pilgrimmage while sptting on their own land and the culture that arose from it. VS Naipaul found the converted to be suffering from a psychological disorder on a mass scale where they spend their life denying what they are. The tragedy is, regardless of all their efforts, the converts still remain “brown niggers” or “black niggers” for the whites. Won’t it be much better for browns to convert the Whites to Hinduism instead?

  5. You must read this book “Thy will be done” to understand why insurg. in tribal areas.
    Latin America saw the same phenomena – mass conversions in mineral rich zones for eventual control of those areas.

  6. VoP

    And now this – Christian Congress glorifying Christian saints!!!

  7. I am congestive towards certain comments on church’s role on Maoism. Most of the tribal areas underdeveloped because Govt. has not done enough. church is present and educating people even in the places where Govt. fails to go as a move towards social justice. One should n’t get confused with both. Of course, church always supports what brings dignity to life. It never supports violence in any case. It condemns violence even if it is for a noble cause. The end doesn’t justify the means. It is a hard conundrum.
    Justice is the only way to combat Maosim. Otherwise, there is no future forward for our state.

    • VoP

      >church is present and educating people even in the places where Govt. fails to go as a move towards social justice.

      But the Govt. is Christian now, so there is conflict of interest, why improve when you can leave it impoverished and harvest souls. In fact Congress was Christian/Muslim appeasing in all of it’s 50+ year rule!

      > church always supports what brings dignity to life. It never supports violence in any case

      Are you sure? Like this?

  8. VoP

    >church is present and educating people even in the places where Govt. fails to go as a move towards social justice.

    But the Govt. is Christian now, so there is conflict of interest, why improve when you can leave it impoverished and harvest souls. In fact Congress was Christian/Muslim appeasing in all of it’s 50+ year rule!

    > church always supports what brings dignity to life. It never supports violence in any case

    Are you sure? Like this?

  9. karan

    Christian missionaries preach many things and quote the Bible in particular to say, “We do not hurt other denominations.” And behind the facade of this Biblical adherence lies the ugly face of their activities to take resort to illegal and fraud for conversion of the innocent and simple minded people by force, inducement and questionable means
    Christian missionaries as a part of their proselytisation drive after abortive attempts at conversion have again targeted the Hindu Rongmei Naga inhabited village of Ujan Tarapur, near Banskandi. Under the guidance of their pastor they attacked the temple of Goddess Kali and set the idol on fire, besides causing extensive damage to the temple.
    According to the complaints of Hindu Nagas, the Christian missionaries from Tamenlong in Manipur in collusion with their Barak Valley activists have been converting the Hindus of Ujan Tarapur through allurements and even by threats. Zeliangrong Haraku Association (ZHA), an organisation of Naga Tribes—Zeme, Rongmei and Liyangmei—has taken serious exception to the decision of the Myanmar Mission of the Council of Nagaland Baptist Churches (CNBC) to evangelise the Nagas.
    The CNBC has reiterated to “uphold this mission project in every possible way as a joint ministry in the world evangelisation mission.”

    This process started in 1996 when copies of Bible were distributed among the 50 odd families of the village. Following year their visit was with questionnaires to all of them and particularly on the essence of the Bible and what they have learnt about Jesus Christ and Christianity.
    Terrorism in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura and Meghalaya “consists of many groups that are small in number compared to other terrorist organisations in India, and their reach does not extend out of the region”.
    Some of the groups maintain bases in Bangladesh.

    Naxal terrorism, which covers a broad region of Eastern, Central, and Southern India, is growing in sophistication and lethality and will be a significant long-term challenge’ .
    ‘Naxals are expanding the area of (rural) territory they effectively control .
    Maoists are ‘not dependent on support from outside India’ and are moving towards a more unified command system.
    Naxals purchase some weapons from Nepalese Maoists, but ‘the relationship is commercial, not ideological”

  10. som

    Assault on Indian democracy and the unity of India:
    In Odisha:
    In February 2012, the Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda confessed that it was the Maoists(Evngelaicalist Christians )who indeed killed Odisha MLA Jagbandhu Majhi in September 2011 and Swami Laxmananda Saraswati in 2007. The killing of the latter was motivated by the religious discourse in Maoist terror that has pervaded Kandhamal district.
    As per a member of parliament of the Congress party from Odisha,India about 70 MLAs and 10 MPs are under constant Maoist threats. This constitutes half the elected members from the state, the total number of MPs being 21 and MLAs 149.
    In Chhattisgarh:
    Maoist rebels extort up to Rs 300 crore every year in Chhattisgarh from traders of forest products, transporters and iron ore mining firms, Maoists extort at least Rs.250-300 crore annually and their extortion business runs from the state’s southern tip of Bastar to the northern Surguja district.They mainly extort money from traders of ‘tendu’ leaves, iron ore mining firms, small and big contractors and transporters,
    Tendu leaves, which are used to make bidis (leaf-rolled cigarettes), are one of the most important forest products of the Bastar region that has been considered the centre of Maoist terrorism in India since the late 1980s.
    The restive region spread across 40,000 sq km has deposits of about 20 percent of the country’s total iron ore stocks and owners of the mines regularly face extortion demands from Maoists. The traders, businessmen, contractors and others who pay extortion money hardly have the courage to report it to the police because of the fear of Maoists and their own business interests in the region..
    Of the 1,500 casualties in Maoist violence since the state came into existence in November 2000 after splitting from Madhya Pradesh, 90 percent have been from Bastar.
    In Tripura:
    For decades Tripuras indigenous tribal population has been dragged out of their homes and forced to convert to Christianity under threat of violence. Whenever any of the tribals organize Hindu festivals or rituals, the terrorist groups attack to desecrate and kill the participants. There have been incidents of issuing a ban on the Hindu festivals of Durga Pooja and Saraswati Pooja. The NLFT manifesto says that they want to expand what they describe as the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura. The hill tribe Jamatiya worship in the month of March their traditional god Gadiya, who is supposed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The terrorists have issued an order that the Gadiya be prayed on the Christmas day instead.
    Another church official, Jatna Koloi, who was also arrested, admitted that he received training in guerrilla warfare at an NLFT base . It is now apparent that the pattern of forced conversions at gunpoint are irrefutably linked to the Baptist Church in Tripura. The NLFT is accused of forcing Tripura?s indigenous tribes to become Christians and give up Hindu forms of worship in areas under their control.
    In Tripura, there were no Christians at independence; there are 120.000 today, a 90% increase since 1991.
    In Arunachal Pradesh:
    The figures are even more striking in Arunachal Pradesh, where there were only 1710 Christians in 1961, but 1,2 million today, as well as 780 churches!
    In Nagaland:
    Christian Naga terrorists have been killing non-Christians for decades on end, and this has never been an issue with the world media,
    In Andhra Pradesh :
    In Andhra Pradesh, churches are coming-up every day in far flung villages and there was even an attempt to set-up one near Tirupati.
    In Maharashtra:
    Many Christian action group cadres have also been inducted into prominent naxalite groups under the garb of liberation theology activists. For instance Vernon Gonsalves @ Vikram, a state committee member of Maharashtra unit of CPI (Maoist) who was arrested by the ATS, Maharashtra, in August,2007 and another top Maoist leader Arun Ferreira, r/o Bandra, who was arrested by Nagpur police have both confessed to the police that they are activists of liberation theology movement. A number of human rights activists including Dr.Binayak Sen,Vice President of PUCL, have also been arrested in the recent past for their close links with the Maoist movement in the country confirming the close links between the Maoist movement and NGO and human rights net-work. Since the Christian action groups in the country are all controlled by various church agencies, many church leaders in India are also now directly linked with the naxalite movement.

    Today, with the full support and all possible assistance from the networking NGOs and also with the systematic induction of a large number of NGO activists into major naxalite groups, the naxal movement in the country has now become very powerful and it continues to make inroads into more and more new areas, especially in the remote and tribal regions.

    About 170 districts in 15 states in the country are now reportedly considered as naxal-infested. This unprecedented growth of naxalite movement in the country can be attributed to the support and encouragement it receives from the action group movement of networking NGOs which has got a strong and wide network all over the country.

    The irony of the situation is that the naxalite movement which proclaims to be the greatest crusader against the imperialist lobby is presently controlled by the action group movement which in turn is promoted, financed and controlled by the same imperialist lobby.
    NATO,CIA and Evngelaicalist Christians (Maoist) are same.
    They are doing everythings against democracy and human liberty.
    To control over the resources by destabilize the region is their geopolitical goal.
    For them Jesus is nothing but an ‘artifice of aggression’.
    Villages are being terrorised to ‘donate’ at least one child from each family to the cause of Maoist terror.
    One of the Italians, Paolo Bosusco, had visited the area several times before and enjoyed the hospitality of the Maoists. His being taken hostage was a staged drama to humble the Indian state. Paolo is a member of an Italy based Ultra-Leftist organisation, Party of Committees to Support Resistance for Communism (CARC). In December 2011, the Maoist Communist Party of Manipur in a press release had acknowledged its association and support of some foreign based ultra-leftist outfits. They are: Communist Party of Philippines, Association for Proletarian Solidarity, Italy (ASP), Maoist Communist Party of France, Revolutionary Communist Party Canada (PCR – RCP), and Party of the Committees to Support Resistance for Communism (CARC), Italy. Some of the western countries had played a very dubious role in fanning Left Wing Extremism (LWE) in Nepal to facilitate religious conversion. Kandhamal district of Odisha suffers from the same paradigm. Nepal’s example should not be lost out on India.
    As far as military prowess of the Maoists goes, there is evidence of AK-47s being supplied by the United Wa Army in Myanmar. The AK-47 manufacturing facility has been provided by China to the said insurgent outfit. The Maoist-ISI-LeT-militant groups nexus in Kashmir and the North-East is fairly well established. The Chinese, according to a national television channel, have also begun to supply sophisticated signal equipment with encryption capabilities to the Maoists.
    The top two non-governmental donors to India were U.S.-based missionary organizations, World Vision International at ~$155 million and Gospel for Asia ~$99.5 million — together that’s $255 million into India in just one year. Overall, an astonishing 18,996 organizations in India, a disproportionate number linked to Christian missionaries, received donations totaling $2.4 billion in 2007 alone. And the inflow has been growing rapidly. 2007 showed contributions more than double of 2002. With these numbers, how can we say the concerns are unfounded?
    The war is on. In this war the adversary has a deadly cocktail of ideology, foreign support, religious agenda, armed cadres, criminal financing and terror. It would be anti-national to treat it as a law and order problem. The assault is now on Indian democracy and the unity of India. Let us unite and fight because now in question is the very air-of-freedom that we are breathing.

  11. subramanian

    not only in india…but all over the WORLD all the blood bath is the handiwork of this filthy pigs..sponsered by vatican.THE CRUSADES,colonial attacks,ww1,2.the jewish holocaust,russian revolution,chineese wars ,vietnam war,..myanmer,sri lanka..LTTE.Assam,NAGALAND,mizoram,commu-naxal and assasinations of world leaders etc..still they are selling the religion of cannibalism with out any hindrence.

  12. The Crusades were a defence against the aggressive colonialism of Islam. Hitler’s National Socialism was an attack against both Christianity and the papacy. Read chapter four of the Nuremburg trials called ‘Nazi Persecution of Christian Churches’. The other cases you mentioned are the evil of the socialist ideology which opposes Christianity. The millions of dead Christians from that ideology are testament to that fact.

    btw, all of you people saying things like ‘brown niggers’ on this site is a phrase that I never hear. You all seem to be stirring up evil and should be ashamed of yourselves.

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