“We have filled their minds with hatred and they will tear Hindus apart”

The Rediff message board is usually a free-for-all and loosely moderated, yet I occasionally come across some genuine insights. For example, look at this exchange between two posters on a story about Maoists of India.

First poster writes:




Second poster responds to the above:

Social issues exist everywhere. Missionaries project social issues as religious issues and sweeten the deal by luring poor people with other icings to convert them and spread hatred. India can be saved only if this gang is tackled, else it is down-slope all the way!

Third poster responds:

I think there is a point in what you say. I was aboard a UK flight,and my next-seat passenger was a missionary travelling back from India to his “home country”. In our long conversation, he said “We have instilled a sense of hatred in their heads (converts) against Hindus and they will tear them apart.” I think the Maoists can be as dangerous as LeT, they will favour not the Muslims but the THE OTHER foreign culture (Christians).

And the same missionary in the same breath will say they are spreading “religion of love”! This conversation shows the real intent of White missionaries and why they are coming to India again and again with loads of money — they are in India to spread death and destruction among the pagans of India. It will be Inquisition by proxy, where brown converts will kill fellow browns, while the Whites will laugh from a distance. The brown converts are merely useful idiots for them.

Has a more hate-filled, genocidal ideology been invented by man than Christianity and its peddler, the church? May be Islam, but I would say it is a close race between the two.


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18 responses to ““We have filled their minds with hatred and they will tear Hindus apart”

  1. Suhas

    Jacob De Roovers take in


    The contemporary stereotypes about Brahmins and the story about Brahminism also originate in Christian theology. They reproduce Protestant images of the priests of false religion. When European missionaries and merchants began to travel to India in great numbers, they held two certainties that came from Christian theology: false religion would exist in India; and false religion revolved around evil priests who had fabricated all kinds of laws, doctrines and rites in order to bully the innocent believers into submission. In this way, the priests of the devil abused religion for worldly goals. The European story about Brahminism and the caste system simply reproduced this Protestant image of false religion. The colonials identified the Brahmins as the priests and Brahminism as the foundation of false religion in India. This is how the dominant image of “the Hindu religion” came into being.

  2. sanjaychoudhry

    Whey are you starting the Inquisition agains the pagans and devil-worshippers?

    Tell me again, O man of love, will non-Christians go to heaven or hell?

    • Santosh

      @Sanjay Choudhry

      Inquisition is a thing of the past, Portugese tried it in Goa against the GSB brahmins who converted to rather portugeseism than christianity, but the great mojority Indians ( dalits &tribals under no influence of portugese.

      Who will go to heaven will be decided by the owner of heaven but what i can say is the saving grace of Jesus Christ is for all including those who reject him, even to those who are against him. So don’t worry you will also receive the grace of Lord Jesus, even if you don’t want it.

      • sanjaychoudhry

        Brother, I invite you to accept Booga Booga as your savior. He is the father of God who has the golden keys to heaven. He was born a million years ago, but there is no record of him eve existed (like your JC). His corpse also took off like a rocket into the sky, circled the earth ten times and then slammed into the ground to rest in the centre of the earth. Come to Booga Booga for salvation, and while you are at it, send me a cheque of 10 percent of your income every monthto spread the Booga Booga Gospel to Christians who are all going to hell.

        • Santosh

          JC or Booga Booga, it is an individual’s right to belive in any non-sense god, the basic question who are we to deny that freedom to her/him?

  3. S

    The Pagans of Europe were bad, they indulged in orgies and killed their own children on altars. The Mayans were bad, they indulged in sacrifices to gods and they also killed humans as offerings to their gods. The Incas were also such people – bad. And everybody knows that Africans were cannibals and therefore must be annihilated. The natives of Americas were barbarians, and fit for torture and killing. The people of China are sliteyed savages but we can’t make a church there, so let us start on India and spread propaganda about the evils of Brahmanism (which is a lie, but we’ll push it anyway) and convert as many as we can so the money can continue to fill the coffers of the church. And we’ll kill as many of these heathens as we can just so we can have money for the coming years. Heck, we are blockading an entire state of Manipur and the puppet government at the center can not even shoot Muivah. We are christians. We shall inherit the earth. Right Santosh ?

  4. sukhvinder

    xtians chudas are cunning, slimy creatures and have no idea of righteousness. If one of their heads, pope is a nazi what hope is their for the people who follow poisonous and hate laden book Babble (bible). In India, their atrocities (and cunning ways) have to taught to the people and justice demanded. Shameless bigots like john dayal are traitors and most xtians are like that who oppress when in majority but become victims when less in numbers. See their behaviour in Kerala and Nagaland for the former and in Orissa, Karnataka for the latter. A lesson has to be taught to this alien cult either to shape up or get out.

  5. Smith JM

    Just discovered your site. I have read several web sites, Indian to be precise about relgion, but you all seem to be Indiacentric. This I feel because world history is not well known to Indians. Indians must read world history well and then only they will be able to work out the balance sheet of right & wrong.

    Here I post some reads which all should read and then judge.

    Prof David Kertzers article

    Concluding para in the above article.

    Given the historical role of Christianity in promulgating such hatred, it is not unreasonable to hope that church leaders will face their own past with clear eyes. They should be among the first to call attention to these lies, and they should be among the loudest in their condemnation of them.

    Then read

    David I. Kertzer begins his fascinating investigation of the dramatic kidnapping, and shows how this now obscure saga would eventually contribute to the collapse of the Church’s temporal power in Italy. As Edgardo’s parents desperately search for a way to get their son back, they learn why he–out of all their eight children–was taken. Years earlier, the family’s Catholic serving girl, fearful that the infant might die of an illness, had secretly baptized him (or so she claimed). Edgardo recovered, but when the story reached the Bologna Inquisitor, the result was his order for Edgardo to be seized and sent to a special monastery where Jews were converted into good Catholics. The Inquisitor’s justification for taking the child was based in Church teachings: No Christian child could be raised by Jewish parents. The case of Edgardo Mortara became an international cause célèbre.”
    Click on books in web site below , you will get all to read

    Just because the Jews did not accept the Son of God concept , the act of Pilate , the Roman Emperor was transferred to punish the Jews. This continued till 1945. Just count in the number of years for this grand act.

    Can you imagine a greater misappropriation than this?

    Then read

    Then read about
    There is big revival of studies in this great kings equal vision towards all faiths.
    He loved Paganism. He was the first secular emperor. He was related Emperor Constantine (who was probably his uncle), Emp Constantine made religion into conquering activity , which suited colonialism and destroying indigenous faiths. You could call Constantine as the first pioneering religio-colonialist with grand imperial design.

    It is really sad state of affairs that even in this dane age of free independent countries , this practice is being adopted.

    I post this as you must be aware of all this. Read well and judge wisely.

  6. JGN

    Smith, there is no need to know World history or even Indian history; we have a hybrid called “Anglo-Indians” as a living proof of the exploitation of native girls by the European Christian colonizers!!


    The missionaries are out to grab our India by hook or crook. Maoists, LTTE, LeT or any of the Churches of the world will not hesitate to divide our country at any cost. They are out to loot and continue the loot which they had briefly stopped. They have engaged their representatives, our politicians, to contiue the loot of India. Now that our politicians have overtaken them, they are taking steps to take the job back from the politicians. Our selfish politicians won’t mind so long as they get their share, even if it means selling their wives or mothers. Missionaries are trying to hand over the unfinished task to the Home Ministry, to continue their job on their behalf!


  8. Bharat

    “we have a hybrid called “Anglo-Indians” as a living proof of the exploitation of native girls by the European Christian colonizers!!”

    Try to avoid such sweeping generalizations.
    Misssionaries always had support of western countries.

  9. S

    A frank discussion on dealing with christians –


  10. VoP

    Yes, they are tearing Hindus apart!

    Christian Maoist Terrorists murder 71

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