How the pope will look after his arrest


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23 responses to “How the pope will look after his arrest

  1. praveen

    I am not a Christian. But still cannot accept such dumb action from whoever made this. Disgusting people

    • VoP

      You may not be a Christian but you sure are ignorant of papal crimes against humanity. Check it out and erase your ignorance!

      • Praveen

        Christians are not giving him honour based on the crimes you mentioned. They are honouring him based on their faith in their belief. You are an ignorant to hurt someone’s belief thinking your beliefs is perfect and true. This is valid for portraying Muhammad or portraying Hindu goddesses as nude. Show some manners. To kill Ravana .. Ram don’t have to become Ravana.

        • VoP

          > They are honouring him based on their faith in their belief.

          What faith? What belief? Don’t use your SICKular tongue, get to the core and debate about it.

          The world is a dangerous place not because of people who do evil, but because of good people who look on and do nothing about it — Albert Einstein.

          You should read these, don’t come back with your SICKular tongue saying these greats didn’t have manners either!

          • praveen

            You brain is full of dirt. Secularism is not an untouchable idea. non-secularism doesn’t worth for the common people, unless u r in a powerful position in ur religion. Its becoming a fashion to call anyone who talks for common sense as secularists in India. You don’t have to follow any religion to make this world peaceful. You will know the feeling when you get humiliated like this.

            • VoP

              praveen john,

              humiliated by whom? by scumbag stealth christists like you who is willing to call the kinds of voltaire, Einstein, Lincoln, Twain etc., as brains full of dirt?

              • praveen

                For your info, I am not a Christian and my last name is not John. I am referring to your dirt, not to those great lives. You are dragging them to illogical places. You don’t have any manners to accept the rudeness of this picture. If I won’t comment against this, Einstein will be right about me. respect cannot get by humiliating others beliefs.

                • VoP

                  >You are dragging them to illogical places

                  explain it

                  > the rudeness of this picture

                  explain it

                  > humiliating others beliefs.

                  explain it.

                  Before you explain some education for you christist, by the way christists never agree they are one!


                  • Praveen

                    The answers to ur question should come from common sense. The same reason why I hate MF hussain and the same reason why Muslims hate Rushdie, Taslima etc.. Everyone gets hurt when their beliefs are compromised. What we can do is to show some manners of not humiliating others. I guess you don’t have that quality.

                    • VoP

                      Praveen John,

                      Tell me why you hate MFH? Then tell me why do you think muslims hate Rushdie, Taslima? Then we can analyse your understanding/misunderstanding of “hate”.

                      Meanwhile can you shed some (crocodile?) tears for kids that are getting raped by frock wearing fathers all over the world?

        • S

          Manners ? For the head of a cult that has killed in millions across continents and is still killing Animists in Africa? For a political movement that is trying to gain control of countries ?

    • sanjaychoudhry

      The man running a global child-sex ring deserves no better. He is the protector of pedophiles.

  2. Nishanth

    Nothing exaggarated. He looks real!!!!

  3. S

    I agree with Nishanth – this man is a nazi and he heads a cult that is responsible for genocides across Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa. Praveen, read up.

  4. mindsense

    look at him. he is still smiling!!!

  5. madhusudan

    I am astonished at the insensitivity of Praveen. Can he not see what the Pope is doing to just keep his nexus of conversion going around the world. He’s giving shelter to the paedophiles around the world.

    and moreover I’m also shocked at how he sayss “You don’t have to follow any religion to make this world peaceful” can he support his claim.

    • sukhvinder

      madhusudan, what you wrote is absolutely correct if one takes ‘praveen’ at face value i.e. a person using a Hindu alias. What if this guy is Praveen D’Silva who is hell bent on obfuscating the real issue and it is done deliberately to hide the shame of this christian ‘moral’ inspired child abuse scandal. The joker has not even written a line against padres abusing kids but is quick to pass judgements if popa-nazi is shown beaten black and blue, this should give us some idea how his perverted mind works. Shameless and hypocrites all!

      • VoP

        praveen is praveen john or praveen d’souza or some such christist crap at the end. The Indian churches have been telling the converts not to change their hindu names as part of stealth strategy. In fact it has one one step further and will find an equivalent Hindu name from a Christian name. Read all about it.

        It is no surprise that Swami Mukti Prakash is a Christian leader.

  6. VoP

    Another frocked father getting defrocked!

    Indian priest accused of paedophilia under house arrest in Italy

  7. VoP

    The virus continues to spread. Christianity is a shambles. Full of peadophiles, the worst type of humans on earth. Destroying young children and stealing their innocence forever. Only the death penalty is good for them.

    Church pedophilia scandal grows in Latin America

  8. VoP
    Pope can no longer donate organs: Vatican

    Another example of the more ridiculous aspects of the Catholic Church. The fact that in the year 2011, parts of a HUMAN BODY can be anticipated to become “relics” after the death of a pope, shows just how out of touch these people are with reality. 1,500 years ago people didn’t know any better, but thankfully the majority of perceived miracles have gradually been replaced with logic. Raising from the dead became waking from a coma. The heavens echoing with the fury of God turns out to be a thunderstorm. Of course God is real and Faith endures, but the evolution of thought and discovery is a God-given miracle and should be embraced. The Church keeps the masses ignorant to keep the masses under it’s control. No wonder priests are excused so regularly when they choose to rape young boys at will in the church vestry and school house. The priest’s johnson isn’t a johnson…it’s a “rligious relic”, to be worshipped and adored. A bunch of sick frauds in dresses…

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