Is a Church priest molesting your child?

Know and recognize the symptoms of a priest “grooming” or molesting children:

Report suspicious behavior by priests to the FBI, the US Attorney or the National Child Abuse Hotline:


DO NOT report the problem to the diocese, Catholic DAs or police departments with Catholic lieutenants, captains and/or chiefs.

Obama said “It’s time we put this church on notice that their pervert molesters and their criminal accomplices will now be reported to and investigated and prosecuted by US Justice. It’s time to take a stand and say enough”



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5 responses to “Is a Church priest molesting your child?

  1. VoP

    I wish Hindus use their debating skills on forums like this one

    We can draw some attention to Christian atrocities in India that way. There are large number of decent Christians innocently paying “tithe” on Sundays to save the pagans while doing good, they just don’t know how their church is DOING it. Once they know significant number will withdraw.

  2. Bharat

    In Brazil

    Predator priest, 83, caught on tape
    Sao Paulo: The detention of an 83-year-old priest in Brazil for allegedly abusing boys as young as 12 in a case involving lurid videotape and a congressional investigation is the latest scandal to hit the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America

  3. Anil

    Sanjay, can you/we start a list tracking the good schools which are in line with the philosophy of Hinduism? This thread can then evolve as people can send in their suggestions.

    It could be City>Location>>School Name.
    The person should also give the reason for the same. That is did he hear it or is this a first hand experience?

    Like Delhi> XX Area> YY School is good

    I think a continuously updating post is needed.

  4. VoP

    US Supreme Court allows trial of Vatican and Pope

    In an important verdict, with far reaching implications, on 29th June, 2010, US Supreme Court decided to allow a lower court to go ahead in a case against the Vatican and its head, Pope. The case is relating to sexual abuse of children and minor.

    Attorneys of Vatican tried to convince the US Supreme Court, that the Christian priests in US are not their employees and there is no employee employer relationship between these sexy Priests and Vatican. But US Supreme Court rejected their contension and allowed the lower to go ahead against accused priests and Vatican.

    For more details on this US Supreme Court verdict, please click the link given to This website give various activities of more than 300 departments of Government of United States of America.

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