Christianisation of Chennai Doordarshan

Christianisation of Chennai Doordarshan’s Podhigai Channel – 1  
By Thamizhchelvan 

Myriad evangelical programs are shown on Podhigai in different names. Evangelisation is going on blatantly in the name of ‘Happy Living’, ‘Success in Life’, ‘Progress in Life’ and ‘Personality Development’. Going by the names, readers could mistake them for Human Resources Development or Educational programs or personality enhancement programs. The conductors of these programs are not Professors or Intellectuals, but Pastors, Padires and Evangelists indulging in tele-harvesting.

 Christian Missionary Organisations have captured most of the time slots of sponsorship programs. Our sources indicate that some of the Doordarshan staff help them take ‘prime time’ slots. It is understood that they convince the Director of the Kendra that the revenue will increase if the slots are offered to evangelical organizations. At a time when private channels charge huge amounts for sponsorship program slots, these evangelical organizations easily get slots in Doordarshan for paltry sums from Rs.2500/- to Rs.5000/-, which helps them to harvest and reap more benefits at lesser investment.

 Podhigai’s Christian preaching

 Let us have a look at the number of evangelical programs going on in Podhigai:

5.30 am – Victory Today (Daily)

8.30 am – Santhoshamaai Vaazha (To Live Happily) – (Daily)

9.30 am – Vaarungal Munneralaam (Come Let us Progress) – (Mon, Wed and Fri)

9.00 pm – Needuzhi Vaazhga (Long Live) – (Daily)

10.30 pm – Vetriyum Vaazhvum (Victory and Life) – (Daily)

10.30 am on Sundays – Araadhanai Umakkey (Praise The Lord)

8.15 am on Saturday and Sunday – Varalaatril Vaazhvor (Heroes from History) – a program by famous Evangelist Joyce Meyers (also dubbed in Punjabi and Telugu and telecast in the respective kendras)

Also at 10.10 pm – Punithathai Nokkiye (Towards Holiness) – a recording of Sunday Mass.

 The telecast timing in Podhigai is from 5.30 am to 11 pm and the programs shown between 11 pm and 5.30 am next day are re-telecasts.  

The church is slowly but firmly tightening its coils around Tamil Nadu and Andhra. It is operating through the Congress and DMK parties. Hindus should shun these two parties like plague if they love their life.

This Christianisation of our movies, TV serials and news channels is happening due to something called “product placement.” This is an indirect advertising in which the advertiser pays the producer money to slyly put his products on the set where they are visible to the viewers watching the show. 

In the UK, such product placements and sponsorships of TV programmes and movies are banned, but in India, the church has become a big customer of the practice. It is currently spending millions in India to put Christian symbols (mainly crosses) in movies and TV serials. It is also paying producers to give some characters in the production Christian names or make them wear crosses, or shoot a sequence where a church or cross is visible. Where ever possible, such as in Chennai Doordarshan, it outright sponsors evangelical TV programmes.

Notice them carefully and you will soon begin to spot these product placements of the church in Indian movies and TV serials. This is nothing but subtle brainwashing of Hindus to make Christianity familiar and acceptable to them. It is amazing the way Vatican crooks work. Work of God indeed!!

Isn’t it time religious product placements were banned in Indian media and movies? If they are banned in the UK, why not in India?



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3 responses to “Christianisation of Chennai Doordarshan

  1. VoP

    Part 2

    Money, mission and missionaries
    Canadian Evangelist Dr. Ron Watts and his American wife Dorothy Watts, missionaries of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, came to India on tourist visa in the 1970s and established an evangelical empire in Hosur on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border and indulged in heavy conversion activities throughout South India. As their illegal activities got exposed over a period of time, the State Government ordered the Dharmapuri District Collector to deport them.

    A deportation order against Dr. Ron Watts dated 05/09/2003 Letter No: 3608/A1/2003-1 was given by Smt R. Vasantha, B.A., Under Secretary to Government, Public (Foreigners) Department, Secretariat, Chennai-600 009, addressed to the Collector of Dharmapuri and received by the collector on 12 Sept, 2003. But by then, they made a heavy harvest in South India, especially later by utilizing the “Joshua Project 2000” conceived and sanctioned by the US government under George Bush.

    Along with Maranatha Volunteers International, American organizations like Bible for the World, Common Global Ministries Board and United Church Board of World Ministries worked in coordination with Ron Watts. Organizations such as Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Konrad Adenauer Foundation and World Vision helped in grabbing lands and getting political support.

    India based evangelists like Paul Dinakaran and Sadhu Chellappa and many others also get millions of dollars from countries like US, UK and Germany. The funds received per annum have gone up from Rs.1865 crores to Rs. 12990 crores within a period of 12 years, from 1993-94 to 2006-07. Foreign contributions have increased by more than 100% since UPA came to power.

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