Shady rag targets Kalam

The august stables of the ToIlet paper target APJ Kalam, perhaps because he was made the president by the BJP.

Frequent flyer A P J Kalam a drain on exchequer?

Former President A P J Abdul Kalam’s frequent-flyer ways has led the government to consider putting in place norms that regulate the number of foreign trips former dignitaries can undertake with security-related expenses borne by the exchequer.

Since he left Rashtrapati Bhawan in 2007, Kalam has been on the move, lecturing abroad and often speaking on his books. In the past two years, he has gone on 20-25 foreign visits, averaging one trip a month. The government, which incurs a cost of about $1,000 on security for each day the former president spends abroad, is now looking to see if it can put a cap on such frequent visits.

The Prime Minister’s Office, in consultation with the home ministry, is in the process of framing guidelines on the number of foreign trips former presidents and vice-presidents can make. An official said these may now be restricted to six visits a year.

Anyone making a foreign visit beyond the recommended limit will be asked to bear the cost of security, according to the new proposals.

What is the reality? Here it is:

Government doesn’t pay for Kalam’s foreign trips

The government Saturday clarified that it was not paying for former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s foreign trips, saying his travel expenses were borne by his hosts.

A report in a national daily March 12 had suggested that ever since demitting office in 2007, Kalam has been a “frequent flyer” and the government was “looking to see if it can put a cap on such visits”.

“It is clarified that the cost of the foreign travels of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former president of India, has been borne usually by his hosts and not the government of India,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said.

“There is no proposal before the government to put any kind of restriction on the foreign travels of former presidents,” the statement added.

This shady rag called Times of India, does it have any kind of ethics or intergrity left in it or not? Its spit and run tactics are getting tiresome.



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2 responses to “Shady rag targets Kalam

  1. Bharat

    who is this Pradeep Thakur??
    He should be made responsible for this kind of reporting.

  2. Bharat


    See their “code of conduct”
    The Economic Times and ET NOW Code of Conduct
    “As a brand, The Economic Times / ET Now (hereinafter referred to as ET) draws its power and influence from two things:

    1. Our ability to deliver the complete story: making sure our facts are correct, citing our sources, and providing analysis and context
    2. The confidence of our readers that we are unbiased in our reporting and have no agenda to further save that of accurate reporting.

    This Code of Conduct must be observed in spirit, not just to the letter. The purpose is to avoid any conflict of interests, any compromise of the Company’s reputation and any bias, whether real or perceived, on the part of the Company staff, be it journalists, sub-editors, editors, cameramen, photographers or senior managers etc. Adherence to these principles is an essential part of their responsibilities in ET and shall form part of their contractual obligations with the Company and hence they should at all times conduct themselves as per this code.

    This code is necessarily not comprehensive – it may not cover each and every ethical dilemma that an ET colleague might face. But we hope that it will indicate the spirit in which you should react to such dilemmas – and as always, when in doubt, please consult with your supervisor or a senior ET editor. ”

    Some kind of mass petition is really needed here.

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