Ratzy is the Perfect Pope

Ratzinger is the Perfect Pope

By Richard Dawkins

“Should Pope Benedict XVI be held responsible for the escalating scandals over clerical sexual abuse in Europe?” Yes he should, and it’s going to escalate a lot further, as more and more victims break through the guilt of their childhood indoctrination and come forward.

“Should he be investigated for how cases of abuse were handled under his watch as archbishop of Munich or as the Vatican’s chief doctrinal enforcer?” Yes, of course he should. This former head of the Inquisition should be arrested the moment he dares to set foot outside his tinpot fiefdom of the Vatican, and he should be tried in an appropriate civil – not ecclesiastical – court. That’s what should happen. Sadly, we all know our faith-befuddled governments will be too craven to do it.

“Should the pope resign?” No. As the College of Cardinals must have recognized when they elected him, he is perfectly – ideally – qualified to lead the Roman Catholic Church. A leering old villain in a frock, who spent decades conspiring behind closed doors for the position he now holds; a man who believes he is infallible and acts the part; a man whose preaching of scientific falsehood is responsible for the deaths of countless AIDS victims in Africa; a man whose first instinct when his priests are caught with their pants down is to cover up the scandal and damn the young victims to silence: in short, exactly the right man for the job. He should not resign, moreover, because he is perfectly positioned to accelerate the downfall of the evil, corrupt organization whose character he fits like a glove, and of which he is the absolute and historically appropriate monarch.

No, Pope Ratzinger should not resign. He should remain in charge of the whole rotten edifice – the whole profiteering, woman-fearing, guilt-gorging, truth-hating, child-raping institution – while it tumbles, amid a stench of incense and a rain of tourist-kitsch sacred hearts and preposterously crowned virgins, about his ears.



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13 responses to “Ratzy is the Perfect Pope

  1. VoP

    Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal goes global

    As the Vatican announced Friday that Pope Benedict XVI has signed a pastoral letter about Ireland’s abusive priests, it became increasingly clear that the church abuse crisis has entered a new international phase, with allegations spreading across a half dozen countries — including the pope’s native Germany.

    Why India is not being mentioned, what about 1000s of Kerala nuns including Jesme!

    Pope says ‘sorry’ for Irish church abuse

    Say Sorry but spread the religion of LOVE in macabre ways?

  2. VoP

    Child abuse scandal shatters Irish faith in Catholic Church

    Music to human ears! The sooner this cult is cleansed from this planet the better for mankind!

  3. VoP

    With the growing evidence that Pope Benedict XVI knew more than the Vatican had been admitting to about the rampant abuse of children by priests in the last few decades, some victims are calling for punishment to extend to the highest levels of the Catholic Church.

    Criminal prosecution of a world-wide organization such as the Vatican would likely require the participation of international courts of law. Christian and right-wing media outlets are already worried that the International Criminal Court might expand its definition of its jurisdiction of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity to prosecute the Pope. Would this be an overreach, or just the type case for which the court was designed?


  4. VoP

    Latest shocker from the house of Criminals. Pope Paul IV knew of child abuse decades ago.


  5. VoP

    Know and recognize the symptoms of a priest “grooming” or molesting children:


    Report suspicious behavior by priests to the FBI, the US Attorney or the National Child Abuse Hotline:



    DO NOT report the problem the the diocese, Catholic DAs or police departments with Catholic lieutenants, captains and/or chiefs.

    It’s time we put this church on notice that their pervert molesters and their criminal accomplices will now be reported to and investigated and prosecuted by US Justice. It’s time to take a stand and say enough.

  6. VoP


    Ramdas Lamb – Hindu monk in India from 1969-1978. Professor, University of Hawai’i, world religions and contemporary American religion

  7. VoP

    “Soon-to-be-Saint” Pope John Paul II’s Vatican warned Irish bishops not to report sexual abuse of children by pedophile Catholic priests

    John Paul II was Pope in 1997 and he is being fast tracked for sainthood.


    Vatican warned Irish bishops not to report abuse

  8. VoP

    Avenging Altar Boy

    “Father Edward Avery undressed with the boy, told him that God loved him,” and then had him perform sex. “Next was the turn of Bernard Shero, a teacher in the school. Shero offered Billy a ride home but instead stopped at a park, told Billy they were ‘going to have some fun,’ took off the boy’s clothes, orally and anally raped him and then made him walk the rest of the way home.”

  9. VoP


    Hahaha…all this frenzied predatory conversion in a country (UK) where barely 15% of the population bothers to go to Church. The rest, thankfully, don’t give a damn about the Church.

    (Source: http://www.tearfund.org/webdocs/Website/News/Final%20churchgoing%20report.pdf )

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