When Hindu women turn traitor

Officer blames Advani, BJP unfazed

PNS | Rae Bareli/New Delhi

Rizvi may find it hard to justify U-turn

Gave clean chit to BJP leader first before CBI, later before Liberhan panel

The Babri mosque demolition case made headlines again on Friday with a senior IPS officer Anju Gupta Rizvi deposing before a Special Court that BJP leader LK Advani gave a provocative speech in Ayodhya moments before the mosque was demolished by the Sangh Parivar activists. But Rizvi may find difficult to stand her ground during the cross-examination since twice in the past she had given clean chit to Advani.

“She gave clean chit to Advani in her deposition before the CBI and later before the Liberhan Commission. In two previous depositions, she found no fault with Advani and one fine day she discovers Advani made a provocative speech. Rizvi is certainly going to find it difficult to justify the U-turn,” senior BJP leaders told The Pioneer.

BJP spokesman Rajiv Pratap Rudy said, “We would like to state that the court deposition does not entail a political rejoinder.” Rudy, who refused to comment on court or judicial matters, also said Indian judicial process was independent.

Those who have closely scrutinised Rizvi’s statement say while she repeated that Advani continuously appealed to karsevaks to climb down of the dome of the mosque, in her U-turn she claimed the senior BJP leader made this appeal because he did not want the karsevaks to get hurt by falling from the dome.

Rizvi, the PSO to Advani on that fateful day, deposed as a prosecution witness in the case in which Advani and other Sangh Parivar leaders have been accused of inciting violence. She is now posted at the Research & Analysis Wing and is married to Safi A Rizvi, the OSD to Home Minister P Chidambaram.

Advani was discharged in the case in 2002 after conspiracy charge was dropped. But, three years later, the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court reinstated the charges of intentionally provoking people into rioting, arson and indulging in rioting with intent to create disorder as well as creating discord among communities.

In her deposition before the special court, Rizvi recalled that Advani and other leaders reached Ayodhya on December 5 night and went to Ram Katha Kunj, a single-storey building, the next morning. The roof of the Kunj was being used as a dais by the leaders to address ‘karsevaks’.

Rizvi said when Advani and Joshi reached the place, Katiyar was already making a speech in which he sarcastically said, “Even a bird cannot flap its wings here”. Joshi, Rizvi added, told the gathering that the temple would be constructed at the same site where the mosque existed.

When she went to bring Advani’s fleet of vehicles parked near the control room, for the first time she saw people scaling the walls of the disputed structure between 11:50 am and 12 noon.

Another example of how Hindu women married to non-Hindus turn traitor against the Hindu race. Angana Chatterjee is married to a white Christian professor, Teesta Setlavad is married to a Muslim … need we say more? Offering her womb to a non-Hindu affects a Hindu woman’s brain and she gets pulled into Semitic hatred against the Hindus. They essentially turn traitor.

Notice how cleverly the gutter English media of India is hiding this Anju lady’s surname after marriage, so that the readers don’t get to know she has married a Muslim. Look at the TOI report on this for example. It has also failed to mention that this lady has twice given a clean chit to Advani.

This thing has been orchestrated by Congress — the anti-Hindu party which actively prevents any kind of Hindu revival in its greed for power.



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12 responses to “When Hindu women turn traitor

  1. Bharat

    An Interesting development.


    Officer who testified against Advani to be shifted to US

    Anuj Gupta might be appointed attache’ in Indian Embassy

    By Iftikhar Gilani

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Congress party is doing its dirty tricks against Hindu nationalists. The Congress courtiers are all are Hindu traitors who are trying to wipe out Hindu nationalism on behalf of the church and the mosque in return for political support.

      Like in previous days, a bunch of Hindu traitors have again begun to rule India with the help of foreign forces which are hostile to Hinduism and Indian nationhood. We all know what should be done to such Jaichands, don’t we?

      • truthwins

        sanjay, congress courtiers are about a handful(coterie), rest are a mix of court jesters, ticket hopefuls and bootlickers. If one sees the latter from close up, he will cringe at the lack of self respect these people have who will spit shine shoes to get what they want. Pathetic bunch!

  2. Tim

    If you weren’t so bogged down in drawing divisions between sections of your society maybe your country would have an easier time of developing in any other way that isn’t economically. Culturally it’s all there, economically it’s going fine, but socially – if you’re going to rely on archaic ideals of the ‘Hindu race’ how will conflicts ever be resolved. India is too beautiful a country, with too rare a philosophical and religious heritage to be poisoned by arbitrary nit picking between people’s faiths and family names. Look at pakistan as an example of what happens when cultural and racial divisions take precedent. Half their country live in generally run of the mill conditions, the other half live in the hills herding goats and shouting hatreds at anyone who isn’t a ‘full blooded muslim’. Hatred can be fought with hatred, but the fight never ends.

    As for the role of women, if a woman can solve a maths problem as fast as you can, she is equal to you in maths skill. This is only a rudimentary example of the ways in which women can be equal. Equality is what gave the western countries there power. It can either be embraced or feared.

  3. Attari

    “ways in which women can be equal. Equality is what gave the western countries there power”
    How many women presidents did USA, so called democracy, have till date? All ears to hear about this farcical equality!

  4. Tim

    Instututionalised equality between men and women is a relatively new concept in terms of human development. The USA is not the only western country. Australia has a female prime minister. I bet there is an opinion on that country as well. Is there any nation on earth spared the scorn?

    A democracy is a fight with no rules but I would damned well prefer it to a fight with no hands – communism.

  5. Tim

    So are you a proponent of gender equality or are you opposed to it. Should women be allowed, like men, to choose their destiny, or shall they be forever chained to your opinion of what a woman should be? I am a white man married to an Indian woman but I have taken it upon myself to learn hindi and have lived in India for 17 years. I am a practicing Hindu so I am not so easily pushed away from religious causes, but In my youth I also studied political science and comparitive religion, so I know what i’m talking about.

    If you want to learn about the fight for gender equality read a feminist manifesto. They have some interesting points to make even if I dont agree with all of them.

    Burgeouning gender equality is what allowed the women of the western nations to go to work in the manufacturing of arms and the administration of medical aid, and not be simply relegated to household chores during war times. This was a massive boost to the economy, and so it continued after the war as the society changed to accept high production and high consumption as a generally good thing. Adaptation to change proves advantageous once again in history. Without the feminist movement and its strides towards gender equality, the modern world would not exist, but some primitive network patriarchial tribes fighting amongst each other for honor and glory. Hence the Arabs and why they’re still living live apes.

  6. Attari

    Tim, you have the history wrong. It was the shortage of manpower which drove women into the workforce during the WWs, as you put it, NOT burgeouning gender equality . Secondly, Australia, lackeys to the US, might have a woman PM but USA, leader of the western world, not having a woman president, blows a hole in your western worlds gender equality theory.

    Coming to gender equality, there can never be so called equality because each person has individual traits, men have more physical energy than women and women have more internal energy than men. Should the men folk start a rubbish movement on gaining more internal energy than women and demand quotas in jobs? The quest should be, for women to get their rightful place in society. Women should be treated as women, and men as men, simple. Feminist movement in India has more political hoohaa in it than substance and they suck.

    To get to the heart of radical feminism, one has to see how arguments are constructed. I live in Hindustan, so will talk from a local perspective, if one surveys the different strands of affirmative action in India, they all proceed on the presumed inferiority of one group vs another. We, men, too have less internal and emotional energy than women, remember. Why don’t i support any affirmative action based on this inferiority or a lack of trait for menfolk? Because i am supremely confident in my abilities to overcome this weakness. There in lies the answer, does one have the cojones to ride out the storm without any external help? I am sure, there are plenty of women in India who have balls of steel.
    Jai Hind! Jai Mata Di!

  7. Suresh

    Some points. Lets not get into a ‘us versus them’ view point. If feminism is giving equal opportunity to women, we already have this. But certain functions are best done by men and women respectively. Lets not try to reinvent nature under the guise of any ‘ism’ leave alone feminism.
    Should a working woman come home and still cook? If the husband does not help or if she does not seek help believing she is superhuman is this liberation or double bondage – office and house? A simple solution is to see which force is dominant – Shiva or Shakti in each person and orient one’s lifestyle towards that.
    Which brings us to the point that the “beautiful” part of India is its strong Vedic roots. And the present administration does not allow these roots to survive – forget flourish. In this sense only the skin colour of the rulers have changed (and sometimes not even that!).
    We have been looted and trampled upon for a thousand years and it continues today. This battle will not end with our generation. But at least we can lay the foundation such that future generations can restore Sanatana Dharma in its land of birth and sustenance.
    As for whether America or Australia is spiritual is the least of my concerns. If Arabs exterminate themselves or survive is irrelevant. All I would seek as blessings is this motherland, this Bharat, remain a spiritual land based on Vedic principles and pray we dedicate our soul to this task even if it takes many births.
    Only then can we seek moksha.

  8. this is a disgusting blog, and the author is not fit to walk the streets in India. should be put down like a rabid dog.

    Offering their wombs messes with their heads it seems. Coming out of one has messed with yours.

    From an Indian, who does not care to be a Hindu.

    • Indian Realist

      Well, if you don’t care to be a Hindu, do you mind not poking your nose in Hindu affairs? Shove your intellectual sophistication where the sun doesn’t shine. Liberalism for you jokers just means making your women warm the beds of Muslims.

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