Why Swami Nithyananda must resign now

About Rs 200 crores were sent to India by some shady Christian agencies in America to bring down Swami Nithyananda. Two churches in Tamil Nadu are involved in this. The operation was being planned for over a year. Swami’s Ashram got many warnings from well-wishers about the soon-to-be-launched operation. The Ashram people got many extortion calls before the operation to pay up or else… The guy Lenin who publicised the CDs has a prior criminal record. This is the information Rajiv Malhotra got from his investigations into the affair.

The same American and Tamil Nadu churches are involved in this sting operation who got a murder case registered against Shankracharya some years ago. Read the complete article to understand why the Church and anti-Hindu Dravidians were feeling threatened by Swami Nityananda. This operation was nothing but the church mafia in action.

Why Swami Nithyananda Must Resign Now
By Rajiv Malhotra

When the sex scandal of Swami Nithyananda suddenly erupted on March 2, 2010, I was already in Delhi as part of a group to go to Kumbh Mela. I was also finalizing my new book which deals specifically with Tamil Nadu religious politics, and in particular with the role of various nexuses based overseas.

So I decided to jump into the eye of the storm of this scandal in order to investigate whether similar nexuses were at work in this case. Naturally, at one level I have seen this scandal through the framework of a civilization encounter in which Vedic culture is pitted against the Dravidian divisiveness that is being backed by Christian evangelism.

At another level, I found that the sensationalized media reports were too one-sided, and none of them had a single statement to report from the swami himself. Furthermore, there was chaos and mismanagement of the crisis from Swami Nithyananda’s inner circle. In hindsight, things might have turned out differently had they managed more sensibly and faster – which I will elaborate later in this article.

Given this, another interest of mine has been to extrapolate important lessons from this episode for other Hindu organizations, which I predict will face similar scandals as and when their weaknesses become understood by those opposed to them. This article highlights my findings at these multiple levels and issues.

——snip —————-

While the funds come mostly from upper strata participants in India and USA, a large portion of the expenses have been allocated to develop grass-roots social and spiritual programs focusing primarily in Tamil Nadu, his native state. This is where he is seen as a threat by Dravidian as well as Christian forces. For instance, in December 2009, about 600 villages across Tamil Nadu sent their local “Nithyananda leaders” for a celebration and planning session in his main ashram near Bangalore.

I happened to be present for the event. These common folks, mostly from the lower strata of Tamil society, had walked 300 kilometers for this journey, which they saw as a spiritual pilgrimage. The reason for the anger of Christian and Dravidian forces is that his activities have put a dampener to conversions in many districts, and several Christians have returned to Hinduism by getting initiated formally into his organization. The swami himself has spoken against conversions, and has also stated that the Dravidian movement had made Tamil people unspiritual in their lives, and that this had caused social decay. His Tamil language publications and courses have become his most popular ones, far exceeding the numbers in English.

Also he is a very big threat because he is not a Brahmin. Because he cannot be targeted using the classic attack strategies used on Brahmins, and because the masses in Tamil Nadu were rising to swell his ranks, the threat he posed to the existing political power structure had to be stopped one way or another.

———-snip ———————

What became evident to me was that there was “cooperation” in informal and unofficial ways among the media, police and lower level judiciary. In fact, many third parties were aware of the attack in advance and had warned his people before it happened with specific details of the plan. For instance, one of his top devotees got a phone call from someone based in New York describing the media and police attack that was to come. His predictions turned out to be accurate but at that time the ashramites did not take the threat literally. He said that for the right sum of money he could be helpful in preventing such an attack. He claimed that the planning for this attack had started a year ago. He mentioned that a budget of Rs 200 crores was allocated by some overseas groups to demolish Hindu gurus especially in south India, and named two south Indian churches as the nodal agencies to coordinate this strategic plan. (I am presently pursuing these leads as part of my book investigation.)

There was another concrete extortion effort about eleven or twelve days prior to the scandal breaking out. A lawyer contacted them and claimed that his client had compromising videos, and that the client was seeking money or else they would get released. The same intermediary later sent a letter containing a variety of unsubstantiated criminal allegations against Swami Nithyananda, and this letter’s distribution list included India’s Prime Minister, President, Sonya Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, various Chief Ministers and police heads, various national criminal investigation and security organizations. I have a copy of this letter, and it makes the Nithyananda organization seem like a terrorist outfit that needs to be attacked for the sake of public safety. This letter along with a DVD of the sex video was delivered to the Chief Minister of Karnataka state two hours before the videotape was first aired.  Clearly, the attack was well planned and executed across many locations, and was persistently carried out over several days. This is not the work of some isolated individuals.

There were warnings given to individuals in the ashram that their phones were being tapped and that they better leave to save their own lives, because something horrible was about to happen. One friendly man based in Pune who runs a magazine and is a devotee of Swami Nithyananda, told the ashram a week in advance of the attack that some such catastrophe would happen. He named his source as a man in the Bangalore Press Club. Another publisher in Hyderabad who distributes Swami Nithyananda’s books in Telugu, called three times to warn that a graphic video would be released and gave a precise time for this to happen. It was also reported that an American devotee who had fallen out of the ashram was working in association with one Jody Razdik who specializes in guru bashing at a prominent web site. He was being helped by an Indian based in San Diego, who was once very deeply involved inside the Nithyananda organization but had turned malicious. The only man who has openly come out as the main accuser was an ashramite who had a falling out when he got demoted due to his conduct. It was recently reported that he had a prior criminal record against him but nobody in the ashram had checked out his background before admitting him.

There were constant threats received to harass the ashramites and scare them away, with claims that “narcotics will be planted to cause arrest warrants.” The actions by the police were being leaked to the media ahead of time and even to the opposing side, leading to numerous “tips” received by “friends” asking the ashram dwellers to run away before “the attack comes.”

But even after a couple of weeks since the scandal has erupted, the lawyers for Swami Nithyananda’s ashram have failed to get copies of any concrete charges filed with the police, except a few trivial ones. Each time they approach for specific details they are told that there is no formal charge, except relatively minor ones. So the intimidation has been carried out mainly through media reports, without any legal due process starting where facts and arguments could get cross-examined. This lack of formal charges has enabled an atmosphere of intimidation using rumors and threats that cannot be pinned down officially.

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24 responses to “Why Swami Nithyananda must resign now

  1. Incognito

    Rushing to the defence of swamis is noble. However, it should be genuine swamis. Integrity should be the criteria. Fighting for indic traditions against external forces is noble. Strengthening it from within, removing rot within is also necessary, else only the outer shell will be left with hollow inside. Engaging foes is necessary. But becoming like them inadvertantly is not.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      I think you are too eager to pull the lungi off any swami and not give him the benefit of doubt.

      I read this on your blog:

      “So it is unavoidable that dharma be given the deserving consideration in all matters over the so-called ‘pragmatic’ or ‘modern’ approaches, which are essentially poor excuses for ‘adharma’. dharma is concerned with morality more than siddhi, with integrity, more than material property, and with the rot within as much as with the attack from outside.”

      This is rank opposite to the message of the Gita — committing adharma is sometimes necessary for protection of dharma.

      Swami has been too valuable for spreading dharma again in Tamil Nadu and pushing back missionaries there, for him to be banished for sex between two consenting adults.

      What is his sin actually? That he turned amorous with a willing woman? So he should be banished or jailed and all the ashram’s properties confiscated, so that there is no one left to contest the missionareis in Tamil Nadu? Will it help or harm dharma if Tamil Nadu turns wholly Christian 20 yearrs from now? Why are you unable to put things in the larger perspective?

      Who said morality is superior to pragmatism? This is stupid logic and all the races which believed in this horse manure got destroyed. Haven’t you learnt anything from the “moral blunders” of Gandhi and Nehru and how much the next generation has to suffer because of self-righteousness of its sermonising leaders?

      • Incognito

        ‘committing adharma is sometimes necessary for protection of dharma

        only for protection of dharma.
        In this case Rajasekara was not protecting dharma in his bedroom, quite the opposite in fact.

        An act done to protect dharma is a dharmic act, even if at other instances the same may be considered adharmic. That is the message of gita.

        As regards his alleged value in pushing back missionaries- wasn’t it because people considered him to be a brahmachari with integrity who walks his talk that they came to him ? would he have been anywhere as successful if it was known that he is not what he claimed to be ?

        secondly, isn’t his recent activities going to give more power to missionaries in maligning bharatiya samskriti and adding to their numbers, regardless of how ‘hindus’ justify his acts ?
        Aren’t people like him ultimately going to bring destruction upon themselves as well as the culture they claim to represent ?

        What is his sin actually? That he turned amorous with a willing woman?

        being dishonest about it.

        ‘So he should be banished or jailed and all the ashram’s properties confiscated, so that there is no one left to contest the missionareis in Tamil Nadu?

        You make it sound as if bharatiya samskriti will sink in TN if he goes down, and that by justifying him it will survive.

        Further, if you justify this guy and cover him up, you will have 10 times such guys next year peddling tantric brahmacharya and many other things. India has thousands of corrupt politicians and their numbers are increasing because their vices are all covered up and excused if they can bring money to party and opportunities to his caste/community/religion.

        Moral corruption has destroyed indian political sphere and by extension, society. The same happening in spiritual sphere will spell the demise of bharatiya samskriti.

        “moral blunders” of Gandhi and Nehru and how much the next generation has to suffer because of self-righteousness of its sermonising leaders

        Gandhi and Nehru epitomised pragmatism. It was Subhash Bose, Savarkar and Bhagat Singhs who had moral values and courage.

        The generations has to suffer not because of self-righteousness of sermonising leaders, but precisely because of lack of righteousness on the part of pragmatic opportunists who occupy seats of power through deception.

        ‘Who said morality is superior to pragmatism

        Indeed. Who ?

        What is said was that dharma is supreme. morality or pragmatism become superior to the other only in relation to how they help uphold dharma.


        • sanjaychoudhry

          “In this case Rajasekara was not protecting dharma in his bedroom, quite the opposite in fact.”

          Can’t you think beyond his bedroom and consider why he became the target of a sting operation orchestrated from American churches?

          Whether he is a brahmchari or not is irrelevant. Who cares? He was doing formidable work in Tamil Nadu to bring back Christians to Hinduism and prevent Hindus from falling into the clutches of misisonaries. Your remedy is break one’s nose to swat a fly. Is it our business to create a furore if two consenting adults have sex?

          If you demand that Vatican should be closed down because preists have been found humping boys, they will call you deranged.

          Not being able to undersand which side their bread is buttered has always been the bane of Hindus.

          • truthwins

            “Not being able to undersand which side their bread is buttered has always been the bane of Hindus.”

            Well said, Sanjay and couple this with another saying “ghar ki baat ghar ki chaar diwari mein rehni chahiye”. Reg Incognito’s comment, i’ll never admit agreeing to it especially in public (emails or private conversation is a different matter).

          • ‘Not being able to undersand which side their bread is buttered has always been the bane of Hindus.’

            That may be what distinguishes bharatiya from westerner. The media people know which side their bread is buttered and that is why we have the media that we have. So do our politicians and a majority of indian people who elect such politicians to power.
            In the past however, such was not the case.

            If Sri Rama was concerned where his bread was buttered, he would’ve refused to go to forest, especially when his father himself entreated him not to go.
            If Sita devi knew which side her bread was buttered, she wouldn’t have accompanied Sri Rama. Neither would have Laksmana. In AshokaVanam, Sita devi would have acceeded to the entreaties of Ravana to become his queen, if she knew which side her bread was buttered. Or she would have asked Hanuman to carry her out of Lanka. And lastly, if she knew which side her bread was buttered, she would have refused to go to jungle a second time.
            In short there wouldn’t have been Ramayana if bharateeya of past knew which side their bread was buttered.

            Likewise, if Pandavas knew which side their bread was buttered, they wouldn’t have gone into Vanavas and Agyatavas, they would have fought the Kauravas for cheating in dice game.

            If Nachiketass knew which side his bread was buttered, he would’ve taken all the wealth and women Yama offered him instead of persisting with the question of brahma jnana.

            Last but not least, if the people of bharata knew which side their bread was buttered, the brahmanas would have chosen occupations of vyshyas and kshatriyas instead of living on alms given by others. Adi Shankaracharya would not have left his home to travel all over the country on foot and to die at young age. Buddha, Mahavira would not have left their kingships.

            Which all means, ther wouldn’t have been veda, purana, vedanta, Buddha, Jaina. and no bharatiya samskriti.
            You would have had a heritage exactly like westerners.

            It is interesting to note that indians of today, many of who call themselves ‘hindu’ and know which side their bread is buttered, is making sure that their future generations will have exactly the same heritage as of the westerners.

            • VoP

              Incognito, it’s very rare I disagree with you, if you talk of puranas then we have numerous examples of dharma being preserved by “adharmic” means.

              My point is where do we draw the line? Should we not follow chanakya for mere survival with dignity? Should we sacrifice ourselves at the altars of dharma ( your definition ) when it’s crystal clear that the opposing forces adharmic to the core and are the same ones that have wiped out entire civilizations from the face of this earth?

              • “where do we draw the line?

                Did Sri Rama ask that question ?
                Sri Krishna ?
                Harischandra ?
                Shibi ?

                “the opposing forces adharmic to the core

                The opposing force that Rajasekara face is that of dharma, did he live dharmically during the past years of his life.

                • VoP

                  I am neither Sri Rama nor Shibi nor any of those noble types. When I say “we” I was talking about ordinary Hindus like myself who are reasonably dharmic compared to forces stacked against us.

                  After indulging in fraudulent conversions ( all over India ) and continuing on terrorizing conversions in NE India the evangelicals are taking it to highest notch – taking down Hindu gurus by hook or crook. After Kanchi acharya it’s now SN. In the former it was a lie, in the second there was no crime involved, at least our gurus are not raping kids. Instead they are creating awareness in Hindus about conversions and helping larger Hindu revival.

                  Put another way: Why can’t we accept a minimum threshold of dharma to begin with for the sake of practicality and if circumstances improve around us, improve upon this threshold itself ( of acceptance ). Why seek a platinum standard and thus make the Hindu revival movement more difficult than what it is? I simply don’t understand why you refuse to recognize this when the trends are visible all around. Here is the latest…


                  • ‘I am neither Sri Rama nor Shibi nor any of those noble types ‘

                    That may be an excuse not to follow the dharmic path.
                    Assign dharma to some other people, categorize them as ‘noble’ or something, rest as ordinary, then claim to be ‘ordinary’, and compromise on dharma.

                    The question is, whom do you draw inspiration from ?

                    All these people of bharata faced much much more serious challenges and upheld dharma.

                    The question before Shibi was to cut off his limbs one by one, to uphold dharma. That before Harischandra was to give up his kingdom, his wealth, his family, his freedom and even the opportunity to give a decent burial to his only child.
                    That before Sri Rama was to give up his kingdom, his comforts and go into wild jungle for 14 years. And later to fight against the then world conquerer Ravana with help of monkeys. And yet later, to be separated from his wife and children.
                    Arjuna was faced with the challenge of killing his Pitamaha, guru and cousins.
                    Parashurama, with killing his mother.
                    Prahalada, Nachiketass and so on faced life threatening challenges and faced the challenges with equanimity, upholding dharma.

                    Whom do you draw inspiration from VoP ?

                    Who inspires you to consider yourself ‘ordinary’ and compromise on dharma ?
                    To give the excuse of opposing forces being adharmic to indulge in adharma yourself and to call it reasonably dharmic ?

                    Who inspired you to consider yourself ordinary ?
                    Your anscestors consider every being as integral in brahma. Why do you choose to consider yourself otherwise ? Is it the prevalent mleccha influence ?

                    There are no standards of dharma. No minimum standard, no platinum, no extreme standard.
                    There is only dharma.

                    Fighting subversive forces is dharmic. But to defend a person who has done adharma is not.

                    See beyond appearances and words, discern the essence – http://estheppan.wordpress.com/2010/03/25/beyond-physical/


                    • VoP

                      Agreed, with a caveat. Let’s take shibi as an example.

                      The Gods, wanting to test the compassionate nature of King Shibi, took the form of a hawk and a pigeon. The pigeon chased by the hawk fell on King Shibi’s lap seeking his protection. The hawk argued that the pigeon is its food. Shibi offered to compensate with his own flesh. Finally he offered himself to be eaten and the Gods showed him their true form and blessed him.

                      The Gods showed him their true form and blessed him.

                      I don’t know how exactly put it, but let me try – In all the puranas whenever there is amazing display of dharma then the Gods arrive and restore what is lost – In this kaliyug if Gods can hint us of some guarantee that this will happen then we may consider that path – until then it’s foolish to be suicidal.

                      > But to defend a person who has done adharma is not

                      That’s a question that is still out there!

        • Ahimso paramo dharmaH – first line of a stanza — Non-violence is a supreme principle.

          Dharma Himsaa Thathhaivacha – second line — So too is righteous violence.

          — Swami Chinmayaananda

          Hindu mahatmas (e.g., Buddha and Gandhi) had practiced and adopted the first line blindly. So was the imminent decline of dharma in the subcontinent. Predominantly Buddhist Afghanistan of Eighth century offered very scant defense against the Islamist marauders. Gandhism of the current era has the same for the destruction of India and its dharma. The new Hindu renaissance team has to move pragmatically with the full knowledge of history. That is the yuga dharma, India needs.

  2. Krishnadas


    Nityodita Gives Up Sannyasa————– a case study
    from ISCKON

  3. A

    Sanjay, see this article by Sandhya Jain on Nithyananda.


    Here she blames Rajiv Malhotra, Dayananda Saraswati and Nithyananda for some reasons that she has not stated!

    Your comments, since you have posted quite a few of RM’s articles?

  4. alex

    I find nityananda is an idiot and scammer. Rajeev malhotra is a pro caste agenda guy who should be hanged.

  5. Anon

    But what about Sandhya Jain?
    She has lasted Nithy and callled him and Malhotra as liars?

  6. VoP

    3 people involved in creating a fake sex tape to defame Sri Raghaveshwara Bharati Swamiji


  7. Nithyanada swami is to move man life death an after i to undrestand the nithyanada pravacha.

  8. IndianOcean

    Dharmic & Adharmic can be correlated by Bhramic & Abhramic religions.

    The life of dharma will be swallowed by adharma and at the end dharma will win.

    This is the proverb of Hindu Sastra..It is time of adharma and keeps wallowing dharma slowly. It is just a matter of time (no one knows the length of the time), when dharma reaches near death stage, it will invigorate itself and subsequently adharma will start collapsing itself.

    Money & Force are the two major tools heavily used by adharma to swallow dharma.

    Don’t worry dharma will be reduced to death, but it won’t die at the end. It is beyond human imagination or comprehension that how the things will turn upside down to make the dharma to win.

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