Is Church behind Swami Nithyananda videos?

Rajiv Malhotra’s take on Swami Nithyananda episode:

From: Rajiv Malhotra
Date: Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 9:16 PM

Subject: Swami Nithyananda becomes latest victim of anti-guru demonology

Someone posted the following comment at a website, which resonates with what those inside his movement feel:

Swami Nithyananda was critical of Dravidian politics and Christian conversions, so he is paying the price.

He is from a lower caste community and very effective in stopping christian conversions in rural tamilnadu.

So the Dravidian supremo Karunanidhi and the Church targeted him.

This was an orchestrated attack at multiple locations simultaneously, some attacks starting even before the tv video was played.

Clearly it was coordinated.

This plight faces every Hindu guru.

It’s nothing new for the Church which has a 2000 history of such mafia tactics to destroy pagan opponents.

It is due to this fear that most Gurus today dilute Hinduism and make it look like pseudo Christianity.

Message is that Gurus with authenticity combined with audacity are going to get attacked this way.

I am seeing a lot of attacks, stings and media operations against Hindu saints and temples all over India, not to mention assasinations, like that of the Hindu saint in Orissa. Remember Christian NDTV’s campaign against Sabrimala temple some time ago? Something stinks. The church is involved.

Hindus should remember that the Church operates in India through two parties: Congress and DMK. Shun these two parties like plague.

Another good post on this issue is here:



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79 responses to “Is Church behind Swami Nithyananda videos?

  1. VoP

    NDTV – JAMES Prannoy Roy and SUZANNE Arundhati Roy. What can you expect from Christians of this Evangelical variety? Harvesting souls by hook and crook!

  2. Are indian guys hot?

    type in these and u will find forums composing of international, student and young bloggers.

    many a times i have seen the picture of nithyananda- and bloggers with the alais of a white chick digging him. seen the same type of comment on youtube as well.

    as well on youtube if theres a video about ancient indian history – lets say a video about temples or vedas or yoga- you can see these white chick aliases, posting a comment thats on the lines of ‘i went to an ashram in india and met these wise gurus- they later turned out to be perverts who demanded sex from me’. if you click on the profile you will see a lot of pro-christian videos.

    I wonder how at all these guys get international fame and a huge overseas white followers and donation.
    May be a couple of these fraud cases are themselves christian creations aimed at one day undermining hinduism by these sort of events. – there has jus been too many sexual freaks of Gurus, for them to be springing up without the backing of a bigger organisation such as the church.

  3. JGN

    Jayan, majority of these white-skinned men and woman we see in the Ashrams in India are in fact spies of other countries. I do not think anyof them are here to sing the praise of “Krishna”. There was an organization called “CARE” (Co-operative for American Relief Everywhere) which was found to be indulging in anti-India activities. They were asked to wind up their operations in India by none other than the late Mrs. Indira Gandhi. It is high time our Intelligence Agencies made concerted efforts to check their backgrounds.

  4. Incognito

    Rajiv Malhotra is not correct in this matter.

    This expose is timely and good for all.

    There is more to it than just a one-night stand. Apparently, this has been going on for quite a long time. And not just with one woman.
    And its not merely about sex.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Maybe. But any idea about who set up the sting operation, and on whose orders? Was the woman a plant?

      • JGN

        Sanjay, we should stop inventing “conspiracy theories” like the muslims. He is being investigated by the Police of Karnataka State, ruled by the BJP.

        • sanjaychoudhry

          Just because there are conspiracy theories in the world doesn’t mean that consiparicies do not exist. In case of Hindu saints being smeared by the types of DMK, we have to be extra careful before condemning.

      • Incognito

        Apparently that woman is just one among many.

        The sting operation was only the latest in a string of events that originated some time back.

        This string of events, many of which- such as this sting, not directly related to the original initiative, was begun not by christists or dravidians or media, but by people who were dharmic and worked to uphold dharma.

        • Jayeshwara

          Oh really incognito ! So where did the ‘upholder’ of Dharma get the money to buy a sophisticated camera worth lacs? Who are the ‘dharma rakshaks’ here. Let em all come out in the open. CID is yet to interrogate this angle !

          • Ram

            In reply to your doubt, who might have given money to Lenin Karuppan. Jayeswara, can you for the time being assume the role of CID and with your kundalini shakti awakened, find out the prime suspects who might have helped Lenin in getting the sophisticated camera. If you were the ashramite working at Bidadi who you suspect. Can you please think it over. WHy allow CID to investigate. Can you name the person you doubt. Or Are u afraid to name or are you afraid to investigate itself.

            • JGN

              Ram, forget Jayeshwara, even his great guru, Parama”hamsa” Nityananda is not able to find out the real culprits with all his supernatural powers!!!!! I am just wondering why this poor fellow could not escaped from the jail by “parakaya pravesha” like the Vetal used to do in Vikramaditya stories!!!

              • Jayeshwara


                How did you conclude that Paramahamsa Nithyananda doesn’t know about the culprits? Didn’t Krishna know that his leg would be pierced by an arrow, which was the cause of his death? He was GOD incarnate!
                Similarly, he could have avoided ‘Kurukshetra war’ itself, but then the world would have probably missed the great ‘Bhagwad Gita’ !
                When you take a human body, whether it be MK or JK, you are subject to the laws of nature!
                We cannot reason out everything with logic. Let us wait and watch and not get embroiled in speculation.

                • Jayshasura,
                  Sri Krishna was hit by the arrow because as Sri Rama he had shot Bali from cover. Parama-crook Rajasekara is in the jail because he cheated people, masquerading as brahmachari even though he was not one!
                  Of course ethical intelligence is necessary to know truth.

                  Like you the parama-crook is also waiting and watching, for loopholes in the law through which he plans to wriggle out.

                  Be sure to receive him when he does that, he may give you one of his golden thrones as return for all the services rendered. Then again, he may not, considering his crooked nature, which is much like your own, unable to distinguish the righteous from unrighteous.


                  • Jayeshwara


                    you were bad mouthing and talking non-sense right from the beginning.
                    You know nothing, but blabber incoherently. What righteousness are you talking about? Can you define it? Rama hid behind a tree and killed Vali? Is that righteousness? You believe whatever crap that society has taught you about right or wrong and see the world with ‘dust laden’ glasses. It requires clarity and maturity to see beyond. Guess what, in the present day world all that you see and hear and is not necessarily true. If you think otherwise, you have a long way to go…. Hold on till the investigation is over. And, btw Swami has given me something which is more precious than any number of golden thrones. I am already a ‘King’ in my inner world. It is like explaining how a ‘jalebi’ tastes to someone who hasn’t tasted one in his lifetime. That’s the way I feel about you. You haven’t experienced it, so no point talking about it !

                    • Rajesh

                      etad vai paramaṁ tapo yad vyᾱhitas tapyate; paramaṁ haiva lokaṁ jayati, ya evaṁ veda; etad vai paramaṁ tapo yaṁ pretam araṇyaṁ haranti; paramaṁ haiva lokaṁ jayati, ya evaṁ veda etad vai paramaṁ tapo yam pretam agnᾱv abhyᾱdadhati. paramaṁ haiva lokaṁ jayati, ya evaṁ veda.
                      The meaning..

                      If one is sick, one need not grieve, says the Upaniṣhad. The Upaniṣhads do not want grief of any kind. They are accustomed to a life of exuberance, joy and positivity. What you call sorrow or grief is a condition into which the mind enters when it cannot adjust itself with that condition. After all, pain or sorrow of any kind is nothing but a conscious experience of an irreconcilable position. If it can be reconciled, it is not sorrowful. But our physical and mental states are such, unfortunately for us, that they cannot reconcile themselves with anything and everything in this world. So, when certain things impinge on us, physically or psychologically, when we are forced to undergo experiences of conditions which cannot be reconciled with our physical or mental states, then it is called pain. Now, merely because something is painful or sorrow-giving, it need not mean that it is an undesirable object. It only means that we cannot reconcile ourselves with it. I cannot adjust myself to the conditions demanded by the presence of that thing which is immediate to me. Therefore it causes pain to me. It does not mean that it will cause pain to everybody. To me it causes pain. The particular environment in which I am living, the particular atmosphere in which I have to continue my life in this world, the particular object or person in front of me is irreconcilable for reasons of my own, and therefore it causes pain. But the Upaniṣhad tells us, this is not the correct attitude to things. Even if you have high fever, you are supposed to understand why the fever has come. You are not supposed to cry and shed tears. So, that itself is a meditation – the understanding of the nature of sorrow and an attempt on the part of the meditating mind to reconcile itself with it through understanding.

                      Etad vai paramaṁ tapo yad vyᾱhitas tapyate: ‘When you are suffering due to fever or illness, contemplate on the condition of illness.’ What is the meaning of illness? Something which I do not like. A physical condition mostly which is tormenting my mind – that is illness. Why is the mind tormented when my body is ill? Because the mind requires of the body certain given conditions only. It does not require other conditions. There is an agreement or a pact signed, as it were, between the mind and the body. We have to adjust ourselves in this manner – I give this, you give that. That is called a pact or an agreement. That pact has to be followed by the body as well as the mind. Then there is psychophysical health. But if the mind revolts against the body, there would be insanity, and if the body revolts against the mind, there is what is called Vyādi, or illness. You do not want any kind of revolt. Now, the Upaniṣhad does not talk of mental revolution, because then the question of meditation does not arise. It is taken for granted that the mind is sane and it can understand things, but the body is not reconciling itself with the condition of the mind. It is in a state which we call ill-health. Ill-health is itself an object of meditation. When you have temperature, you contemplate on temperature itself. Naturally it is difficult, because it is painful. You are undergoing a Tapas, says the Upaniṣhad. A Tapas is a heat that is generated by intensity of thought, and fever is a great heat produced in the body. Now, this heat itself becomes an object of meditation. How is it an object of meditation? You will be laughing at the Upaniṣhad. How is it possible? It is not a deity; it is not a god; it is not going to help you in any manner, you think. It is going to help us in the manner of an understanding because, as I hinted earlier, the incompatibility of physical illness with the present mental state is the cause of pain, and the mind is supposed to understand the nature or the reason behind this incompatibility. Why is there this incompatibility between the condition of the body and the mind? Because the mind cannot adjust itself with the condition of the body. When you are dipped into the cold waters of the Ganga in winter, you know what you feel. You shiver to death. You may actually die if you are placed inside the water for one hour. But why do not the fish feel the cold? They are inside the water and they are so happy. How are they so happy? Because the condition of the body of the fish is compatible with the condition of the water of the Ganga. That is all. There is no incompatibility. But our body is irreconcilable with that condition. So, it is a kind of maladjustment of personality with the outer atmosphere and the outer conditions prevailing, that is called ill-health and any kind of sorrow or pain, for the matter of that. So let the mind contemplate on the possibility of a reconcilability or a compatibility with everything. That is one kind of Tapas

                • Advaith

                  I sent you email, why you did not reply AJ. You told me we discuss via email, do u remember.

                  • Jayeshwara


                    I didn’t get the mail. Which was the id you used? Please send a test mail again. If you are using someother name please mention that is you.


                • Rajesh

                  I came across on many occassion about a person called Ram Ramanathan, understand that he is your close friend and a MahaAcharya at the site



                  ‘Paramahamsa’ Nithyananda, we are also very interested to see what Mr. Ram Ramanathan of Singapore does. Do you remember how he ‘fitted’ all of your stories into a time line? And, Sri Nithyananda, we have actually seen that email that he sent that requested trusted translators to re-write other Master’s works, mix them up, add a few jokes, and then sprinkle in your trade brainwashing lines. Wow, instant 500 books, in your name. Now, ‘Swami’ Nithyananda, you just claim 200 books in your name. We think, ‘Paramahamsa’ Nithyananda, that it is 200 books in vain. Plagiarism is no sign of a Paramahamsa. And, we want Mr. Ram Ramanathan to come clean and expose you, ‘Swami’ Nithyananda. We feel that he must name all the sources that you so conveniently borrowed just to get rich and build your empire. Otherwise, he is just as guilty as you and deservers a bit of time in prison to think about what he did. So, Sri Nithyananda, we look forward to Mr. Ram Ramanathan’s criminal complaint against you.

                  Jayeshwara, I read this in the blog called Truth about the cult……
                  Please explain more whats going on.

                  • Jayeshwara


                    As far as I know there was no such mail sent by Advaith for people to indulge in plagiarism. It is a figment of imagination by some disgruntled elements who want to malign Swami. In Sanathana Dharma nobody owns anything. Neither can they claim that it is their original creation. This cult blog which is aginst Swami has twisted the whole thing up. If he is so sure, why doesn’t he point out from which books plagiarism happened?

                • Rajesh


                  This is what i came across

                  Anonymous said…
                  This Ram Ramanathan guy was very rude to me in 2006 at Duarte, ashram in California by telling me that if I do chanting, in his words, ” I’m going to wrought in earth forever taking birth after birth and I better do meditations and meditations alone are the only way to my enlightenment”. Later Nithyananda said chant him name profusely and feverishly to his moola mantra to my salvation and he will at the end take care. I see this guy can’t take care of himself and this Ram Ramanathan hopefully get to talk to higher authority as he is stuck in his own ways.

                  What kind of people are we dealing with!

                  March 22, 2010 7:00 PM
                  Anonymous said…
                  Where is the nithya hamsa hiding? Is it trying to fly to Tibet/Nepal or die elsewhere.

                  March 22, 2010 7:32 PM
                  Anonymous said…
                  Yes Advaith/Ram is a rude jerk from my personal experience too. He probably has left the cult. to escape going to prison. This way he can say – “I did not know this was fraud, I got defrauded too”. While that thug actually knows what went on and he wrote the cooked up biography. I trust him as much as a sex-starved boa!

              • JGN

                Jayeshwara, are you equating a fraud called Rajsekhar (Nityananda) with Sri Krishna? He had escaped from the Jail immediately after his birth. Why Nityananda is not able to escape from the Jail using his tantric powers or even could not have frightened away the investigators showing his “Virat Roop” when they were arresting him?

                • Jayeshwara


                  It is evident that JK hasn’t helped you much or perhaps you didn’t take his help. Otherwise you wouldn’t quote him so much and then talk ill of other masters. You think ‘Virat roop’ can be seen by any ‘TOM, DICK AND HARRY’ ? You need to be an Arjuna and there is no Arjuna amongst cops. Swami’s mission is not to scare away people. Vallalar, Ramana Maharishi and many other saints were harassed by the law. Swami is going to expose all these guys. Don’t you see the difference in treatment of Halappa case and Swami’s case. In Swami’s case there is no victim at all, but still they have illegally detained him! My advice to you is not to bad mouth masters, and wait patiently for the events to unfold. Hasn’t JK told you to be a witness and not get involved with incidents ?

                  • JGN

                    Gautama the Buddha had told that don’t take anything for granted even if I tell you. Verify yourslef and then believe. So I do not believe in any “masters”! JK also taught me that is no master and servant. I am no way inferior to any other humanbeing.

                    • Jayeshwara


                      Paramahamsa Nithyananda has also said what Buddha and JK have said, but how many people actually understand and follow it. Unless it becomes an experiential understanding it doesn’t help. Upanishads say ‘Ishavasyam idam sarvam’ – all that exists is energy (GOD). So, how can there be inferior/superior. Unless we go beyond the clutches of the mind, we can’t experience these truths.

                  • Rajesh

                    You must understand important that no body can help any one. Vivekananda says ” that it is blashbemy to advise others that you can help someone” meaning in the knowledge of Truth- Absolute Brahman – there is no outsider. This is what JGN is driving at, No JK or MK or SK can help. All they are telling is the Truth is where there is no duality. You alone have to take the journey, If any Guru like SN comes and tell you – come on all devotees do LBP, Do NSP, do LBE, Do this do that, and pay 6000 dollar for knowing the truth…this is non-sense. and do not believe. If you drop the intelligent you will keep silent. Here we are not criticiing SN, we are sorry for the devotees, who cannot understand due. Why because they always wants a living moving dancing form to guide, what happens when the form goes, you are still alive and kicking. So its hard to make someone like you to understand. Because you are looking at things with some pre-set mind or pre-set concept. All knowledge about concept will die including the knowledge.

            • Jayeshwara


              It is for you and other intelligent people to ponder. Lenin was from a poor family, a brahmachari with hardly any access to money. This camera he claimed on TV was imported. He can’t even operate such a camera. Who procured it and financed this whole operation? Perhaps some foreign hand is involved! Rajiv Malhotra has also given some leads. If you look at the aftermath, 4 Swamis were targetted. First Kalki Bhagwan, the Paramahamsa Nithyananda and 2 other swamis. It was telecast in a sequence. I don’t consider this a coincidence! SUN TV, TV9 and Lenin were probably used by foreign agents to defame Hinduism! Hindus need to wake up to the threat faced by conversion missionaries. They have evil intentions and a lot of money to splurge.

              • If these ‘evil intentioned’ people and ‘foreign hands’ keep on exposing crooks in this manner, they would definitely get moksha before you do.

                • Jayeshwara


                  Mind your words. Don’t jump to conclusions and call names. Wait for the investigation to get over. Btw, are you a christian? Why don’t you have the guts to post with your real name?

              • Ram

                I think you are totally moving away from my question. You know as all other ashramite do like you, that there were people who are suspect. Take for example, Gopika was close to SN and then later Ranjitha came to ashram, (do not deny that Ranjitha was not in ashram as everyone knows) You also know as other ashramite that Gopika felt insecured because now Ranjitha is given importance, You also know that camera is being imported, so if you short list the candidate, you know who might have supplied the camera. This was my question put to you, instead you are talking about SUN TV, JK, MK and other irrevalent subject. Please explain.

                • Ram

                  Now the point is not who supplied the camera, whether the camera is imported, or whether the camera is SONY or Cannon, that is not the point. The foremost point is whether the tape is morphed or not and not the intricacies of the camera and the manufacturer of camera. Shri Krishna is not important, what he wears, how he walked, what food he ate, the teaching is to be practiced. To the upanishad, knowledge is action.

                • Jayeshwara


                  First of all ‘Gopika’ being jealous of Ranjitha is some media creation. I read about this already somewhere. As far as I know, Gopika Ma is not the kind of person who would feel jealous. She is an evolved being. Unfortunately, it is difficult for a lady to come out and defend her name openly in Indian society especially after all that the media did. Lenin says that he put the camera. There is another story that is going around that an a/c or room freshner was imported and the camera was planted abroad itself. Lenin probably retrieved it later. Lenin should be put through narco-analysis, instead he is getting VIP treatment !

              • Ram

                The congress used Tehelka to catch the bribe. Now you are caught in Tehelka instead of prooving whether the bribe was true or not, whether the tape is morphed or not…Is this some kind of escape route.

  5. JGN

    VoP, there are such perverts among the peddlers of faith, irrespective of religion. Even the Christian Priests in USA were involved in a large number of sexual crimes and the Churches had paid millions upon millions of dollars for settlement of the claims. The founder of New Life Church had to resign due to immoral activities and their faith healer David Hogan is a fraud.

    These peddlers of faith are living life king size without doing any productive work worth even a dollar. They are making money by fooling the gullible masses. Otherwise, what is their source of income?

  6. sanjaychoudhry

    I’ve been framed up by ashram inmate: Godman

    Swami Nithyananda Paramahamsar, whose alleged sexual acts were shown in a private Tamil TV channel, claimed that he was innocent and blamed an ashram inmate for the episode.

    In his affidavit filed in a civil court in the city, the swamy said that one Perumananda alias Lenin Karupannan joined the ashram for “peace” but later started creating all kinds of nuisances on the ashram premises and caused hardship to the inmates.

    He wanted to destroy religious sentiments and made false propaganda and defamatory statements against the swamy and the ashram.

    Karupannan was very conversant with morphing of the images with the help of information technology, swamy claimed. He had also demonstrated his skills in morphing images and bodies, to the other inmates, he added.

    Subsequently, Karupannan was “degraded”. And an enraged Karupannan started blackmailing the swamy by stating that he was in possession of morphed videos of other inmates and would expose them. The video clipping presently on air was also part of the morphed productions of Karupannan, the swamy alleged.

    Later in the day, Swami Nithyananda’s associate and his lawyer claimed that “prior enmity” was the motive behind the airing of the clippings by a Tamil TV channel, allegedly showing the godman in a compromising position with an actress.

    At a crowded press conference here, Atma Paramananda, public relations officer, Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, and advocate M Shreedhar said the godman had rejected Sun TV’s invitation to conduct a discourse on the channel as well as write for Kungumam, a magazine published by the group.

    Besides, he had also refused to deliver special discourses during Deepavali.

    “Keeping this in mind, the channel is trying to malign the image of Swami Nithyananda among his followers and spread false propaganda about him,” they said.

    Claiming that the room shown in the video did not exist inside the ashram, they said the images of the swami had been morphed using high technology by a “group”. “The man shown in the video is not Swami Nithyananda,” the PRO stated categorically.

    He said the channel had blurred out actress Ranjita’s face on March 2 and revealed it the next day only after a Tamil magazine published the pictures. The actress was threatened by Sun TV, he added. Shreedhar alleged that the TV channel had not bothered to crosscheck the authenticity of the video CD with the ashram and aired the clippings in haste.

    They claimed that the entire exercise was a “big conspiracy” to defame the swami and aimed at increasing the TRP ratings of the TV channel.

    A former engineer, Paramananda claimed there were 300 inmates in the ashram. “So far, not a single woman has filed any complaint against the swami,” he said.

    He parried queries about Swami Nityananda’s whereabouts, saying the godman would present himself before them in the future and answer all questions. The duo said the ashram was working on a legal course of action on the issue.

  7. Anto

    Don’t blame the church and try to escape. How did all the money of the swami come from? He is a millionare. There is something fishy about all this!

  8. VoP

    > He is a millionare


    BTW latest about GAYtican scandals!
    Church abuse scandal reaches pope’s brother!!

  9. Balaji


    Guys, Can anyone of you give me a list of Hindu Swami’s attacked by the media in the last 10 years. You will surprised at the amount of high media time each on has got as opposed to the time MF Hussain (You can elaborate MF as any which way you want) or the Pope or the bishops of the churches in south india.
    The church and Gandhi family have joined hands to foster evangelism and the best way to do it has been to malign Swamis. Honestly they dont have to try very hard – Because there is a whole bunch of communist and/or confused Hindus who are disenchanted by Hindu teachings in any form – totally out of their own inability to absorb anything it has to offer….
    PS: I wonder if Sun TV will air “Rape of Mother India” every 30 minutes and spit fire at him.. Did they air the recent sex scandal in Kerala of a Bishop repeatedly molesting a nun. The nun came out in the TV and gave a statement BTW… Will they air Jihad Jane – new face of Islamic terror…. Ever think why??????

    Best Regards

  10. Issac

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha . . . . . . . . . .

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha . . . . . . . . . .

    Good Tricky Title .

    Truth will come out. But how will you know whatever is coming out is true. Or is there anything left.

    See cloro-mint ad last line.
    “To aap ne is (NEWS)ka kaya fayda uthaya.”

    Ha Ha Ha Ha . . . . . .

  11. sanjaychoudhry

    Whether the swami did or did not do sex is one thing. Who put the camera in his room and who hired that Lenin dude to record it and publicise it is a different thing. You are talking about the first thing, I am talking about the second. Let me know if any of this is not clear.

    • Jayeshwara

      That Lenin was a brahmachari and didn’t have access to the kind of money that went into buying a sophisticated camera. He is not even qualified to handle it. So, who is backing him? Why haven’t the CID not explored this angle? Why did SUN TV telecast this without censor board/prasar bharti clearance? Why didn’t Lenin go to the police? What was the motive behind this whole scandal?
      Why has Swami being denied bail? Who is the victim here? If there is no victim, then where is the case at all?

      Food for thought !

  12. K. Basu

    Let’s not fool ourselves with this stupid conspiracy theories – this guy is a total scumbag, a pathological liar. May be he had acquired some yogic powers thru meditation, and he is pretty articulate in putting together our traditional spiritual teachings he learnt ’cause he spent 5+ yrs at Ramakrishna Mission, Chennai. I met him number of times in Los Angeles, attended a few ’cause a friend of mine wanted me to accompany him. Nithyananda is a very convincing speaker, and he and his close followers marketed him as an avatar – thru internet, Websites, books, Cds, DVDs and whole lot of other ways – pretty aggressive marketing and strong branding of the “Nithyananda” name – even the bhajans and kirtans included his name. He became very popular, the organization grew financially and otherwise. I’m sure he had helped quite a few people and healed some emotionally troubled people. The problem is along the way he started thinking too big of himself and obviously got carried away. He should stop this “morphing” and “conspiracy” theories and accept his mistakes. He has been exposed by some of his very close associates and he tried to buy them off, but did not succeed. He has already told this Rajeev Malhotra guy that now he would seek guidance from other spiritual mahatmas. So, if he can escape jailtime, he should renounce everything and start from sctratch, and may be he can redeem himslef one day.. I feel really bad for his disciples, but then again, it’s not their fault, and they should try to learn from this lesson and not try to defend him blindly.. I’m sure it is hard for them to come to terms with it and a lot of people are financially, emotionally, socially and spiritually so invested with him that they are trying to catch any straw here…

    • Jayeshwara


      Just bcos you were not so interested in Swami and went to meet him bcos ur friend insisted doesn’t mean you can evaluate Swami in a few lines of ‘gibberish’. If you think that anybody with good oratory skills can fool millions, then I think you need to grow up! You think everybody was around him for some cheap thrills. Please do your homework properly before writing about someone.

  13. It may be act of Church to expose Swamy Nityananda but question is why Swamy of this size & stature has committed so dirty offence?If Swamy ji is not guilty then he should come in open challanged all of them who are campaigning against him.If he really Swamy he must accept and declare truth.His exposer of truth can restore his reputation.
    There are so many examples of such acts of rich & famous.Only ascap is facing TRUTH.

  14. shantha

    I think nityananda was planted and groomed by the church itself. wait and see many more nityanandas will sprout up when the church finds itself maligned .so to divert the topic these tools are used. the catholic church is most sinned .

  15. Rajesh

    Dear All

    India had lots of saints and avatara purusha and many of these saints always remained silent as veda also ultimately remained silent about the TRUTH, why then latest saint like SN conducted such turbulent activities. SN Knows that now avatara purusha can change the world (means humanity) why then such then activity. All activity, achievement, possession, I know, I am benefited, I have undergone change, I have undergone transformation, to whom all these activity, change etc..Obviously, it is for the MIND and BODY and not for the SELF or ATMAN. But our true existence is SELF or ATMAN or SPIRIT, why then run after to get something..In order to know who you are, you must only find out who you are NOT, very simple. then how come this Guru. Your true atman, spirit, self is the Guru. Why one need an outside atman to know the atman. My question is can anyone tell me, is external guru important to take you to the truth.
    Hari Om

    • Jayeshwara


      I am glad that you brought out these questions.
      First of all, the need for an external Guru when your self or atman is your Guru.

      Have you heard of the story of the lion cub and its mistaken identity?
      There was a lioness which gave birth to a lion cub and died. The lion cub was nurtured by some sheep and was growing up on ‘sheep milk’ and grass. Once the sheep came under attack from a LION and the lion was surprised to see a young lion amongst the sheep. It got hold of the cub. The young lion was terrified and pleaded to be spared. The LION reminded the young lion that he was a LION, but the little one was bleating like a sheep and insisted that it was a sheep. The LION let him go…
      After a few days, the LION caught the young lion again. This time the young LION offered less resistance and was getting into a comfort level. The LION took the young one to water and both of them saw their reflection. The young lion was shocked to see that he looked like ‘THE LION’. The LION thrust a piece of fresh meat into the young lion’s mouth. The taste of blood awakened the young lion. It did something to him and he roared like a LION !

      A guru is like the LION which helped the younger one realize his true self. Most of us are like that due to our mental setup. As you said, we already are that, but we don’t realize it. If you truly are awakened to the TRUTH, you don’t need an external GURU, but most of us don’t fall in that category !

      • Rajesh

        I am not here trying to be impudent. You must make analogy apple to apple and not apple to orange. Human beings are blessed with Higher intelligent and we do not undertake animal act. Even while taking food we do undertake the highest absolute action of taking food. That is why we take each rice and utter the mantra – pranayaswaha, another rice and say apanayaswaha so on and so forth… Animal cannot understand and they act based on their instinct. Human beings action must be based on insight or intuition. Intuition means the higher intelligent which sees and acts together, spontaneously and not allowing the movement of thought to come and take a decision whether to act or not to act. Then you are caught in the action. There is no action at all, when both seeing and acting takes places together without the interference of thought. This is what we call as self knowledge and every human being is blessed with that..Now you come along as external guru and you try to guide me..with my intuitive knowledge which is the birth rite of human being one must inquire why should i follow a Guru, what is it that he knows and I dont know..The moment you think the insight will open up for self inquiry leading to self knowledge. Dev Bhakti or Guru Bhakti is good I am not disputing on this. Guru Bhakti is for the well being of the Annamaya kosa or Manomaya Kosa, it is good. But to be in the ABSOLUTE TRUTH only Atma Vichara can take you and that is YOU and no External YOU. Because the external YOU is depending on the INTERNAL YOU. You are the absolute being to judge the outer and the outer shines after YOU. BE AS YOU ARE. Just inquire, dont bring any past knowledge about LION and TIGER etc they only point to certain distance. You have to undertake the journey yourself.

        • Jayeshwara


          The story is only meant as an analogy, not to be analyzed logically. It carries an important message. I agree that it is the inner guru that we all strive to connect with. I wonder why very few manage to connect with the ‘inner guru’ ?
          Lets say I get satiated on eating 4 dosas. I need to take 3 dosas and then hopefully be satiated on eating the 4th. You can’t say that you will give me the 4th dosa and expect me to be satiated. Atma vichara is like that. For a highly evolved soul who is close to self-realization, perhaps one dosa is enough (atma vichara) to take the leap. For most people atma vichara is not practical.

          my 2 cents.

          • Rajesh

            Ramana Maharish told that Atma Vichara is the easiest way to be “yourself” Swapati..means one who gets absorbed in the SELF. SN has made lots of bhajan on Ramana Maharishi method of Self Inquiry..if you might have come across…You are very intelligent and knowledgable, that is the problem…for self inquiry. Find out who is eating the DOSA and not get caught in the number of Dosa..If you make a deep inquiry in the nature of the satisfier you will see both the satisfier and the satisfied become one..You are now totally caught in the Quantity and Quality of the Dosa.. If you seek deep inside you will see that the eater of Dosa and the Dosa eaten both are same.. the number is the projection of mind, why because, my Guru told, I will not inquire..Guru says do this, do that, dont do this, dont do that,,,what a person can understand…he can only understand through his knowledge because the devotee is intelligent and knowledgeable..Drop the Logic and the Knowledge that I know, I also know that I Know…this is the obstacle for the atma vichara..

          • Rajesh

            If you meet your guru SN next time, seriously ask this question.
            WHO AM I? I will tell you some top secret, SN knows well about all the ashramite and the devotees, what they are all following him and he will be laughing out inside him.

            You were talking about eating DOSA and stuff like that… You can see the highest truth and also what a FOOL we are…(We means our MIND) dont take it personally, MIND is universal, there is no such thing as MY MIND, YOUR MIND…okay..

            These ideas are not easy to entertain in the mind. In scriptures like the Yoga Vasishtha and certain verses of the Mandukya Karika of Gaudapada, such analyses are carried on to logical perfection to tell us our real fate in this world of sensory perception. We cannot enjoy this world. There is really no such thing as enjoying, as there is no enjoying in the dream world, except in a form of utter stupidity.So, whoever enjoys this world is a stupid person.That is all we have to conclude, from the point of view of the reality which is the higher Atman, which is to pull up the lower one which is dreaming, eating the fruit of samsara, as is illustrated in the analogy of the two birds in the Mundaka Upanishad. In this tree of the world, this creation, two birds are perched on one branch. One bird is sitting quiet; he is not interested in the fruit thereof.But the other bird is engaged in eating the sweet fruits – so much engaged in eating the puri and kheer that he does not even know another bird is sitting there. Sometimes, in a good lunch, we will not be even aware that another person is sitting nearby because we are thinking only of the lunch. In this bhandara of world perception, we have completely forgotten that there is another Atman above us, which is watching us like a spy; we are totally unconscious of Its Being, and one day It will take action.Like a policeman arresting, the higher mind may arrest this lower mind involved in the eating of the sweet fruit.

            Actually, it is not sweet. It is an action-reaction process which is mistaken for the sweetness of the experience of life, says the Yoga Vasishtha. Neither sugarcane juice is sweet, nor lemon fruit is bitter. They are only reactions set up by the palate in respect of the constitutional pattern of the object outside. Neither is anything beautiful, nor is anything ugly; neither is anything sweet, nor is anything bitter.All these differences are the action-reaction process, which you will realise when you wake up from this dream world.

            You will be wonderstruck that this malady has gone. All the sorrow of dream has gone! You take a deep sigh, and go for your work in the waking world. Likewise, a miraculous transformation will take place if this dream contact is struck off from the connection it has with the dreaming individuality by yoga meditation, one technique of which, I mentioned today, which is the analysis of the relationship between the dreaming individual and the waking individual, who Himself is God Almighty.

          • Rajesh

            SN bhajan about…Ramana Maharishi Self Inquiry…

            “AYYE ATMA VITHAI SULABAM’ AYYE ATMA VITHAI SULABAM” again and again Bhagwan keep telling the Devotee. SN has narrated about this and explained.

            • JGN

              Rajesh, it seems that you are banging your head on hard rock!!

              • Rajesh

                There is no “I AM” – I alone exist.
                Take Care

                • JGN

                  What does that mean? Existential dilema? Can you pl elaborate?

                  • Rajesh

                    The relative meaning of the word “Existential Dilema” means that mind which undergoes tornado swinging between Realative and Absolute. People who are caught with the idea or concept that they have achieved or attained something from SN or any GURU who gives Mantra or SRi SRI who undertake meditation for the Body Mind, or Jaggi Vasudeve or Baba Ramdev, they are caught between reality and truth. Existential Dilema is the biggest hurdle in Knowing WHO AM I.

  16. JGN

    Jayeshwara, I suggest you read “You, Inc. – Discover the C. E. O. Within” by Burke Hedges. He has conclusively proved that we and we alone are responsible for our actions and its consequences.

    Your analogy of Lion and Sheep has no relevance so far as humanbeings are concerend. We are not talking about the “child who was brought up by the wolf” either!

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