Akshaya Patra

ISKCON runs a NGO that operates the world’s largest school meal programme in India, feeding nutritious food to over a million school children a day. How many people even know about it?

If this kind of thing was being run by missionaries, the church would have gone to town, beating drums about its “charity” work. But true to its character, the church will not spend a penny in programmes where direct conversions are not possible.

Akshaya Patra is the kind of organisation you should donate to, to help save Hindu children from the clutches of predatory missionary organisations such as World Vision.

Akshaya Patra website

Akshaya Patra: Improving Education, One Meal at a Time

Donate to Akshaya Patra online

Five dollars buy wholesome lunch (rice, chappatis, dal, sambar and curd) for 40 poor children. For many, that is the only reason parents send them to school and not force them into work. Got some spare change? Pls donate.



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3 responses to “Akshaya Patra

  1. VoP

    Amazing! I had not known much about AP; I will contribute to this noble programme. Thank you Sanjay.

  2. Raj

    Thanks for the info. It gave me a part albeit small in contributing to a worthy cause.

  3. Krishnadas

    Hare Krishna , Hare Rama

    Thanks for eulogizing Akshay Patra. Food is becoming a scare commodity , esp vegetarians depend on agri products. Sri La Prabhupada’s quote ” You cannot eat nuts and bolts is coming true” In the start of 20th century , the industrial revolutions naked aggression over fertile land has led to loss of fertile land all over the world. We are not against industries , but it should be done wisely . Yes, you can regenerate fertile land but at what cost and what time? Can hungry stomachs wait? . This is happening in India also. GM crops for what? Your whole biodiversity will go. The more you grow GM crops, the more deserts you will create and you will prevent even pollinating insects to come across to the other side. Once this happens , then all is finished.

    Now ISCKON also has undergone many trials and tribulations all over the world. Sri La Prabhupada said resilience is the best way. If there is opposition , he said , then there is interest in us and without spreading hate , we will infuse bhakti.
    How this has happened ? We have Krishna Bhakti now in countries where we had the maximum resistance. After India, we have maximum followers from Russia.

    To start a movement at 66 , with ten dollars in Bronx , and with health problems , Sri La Prabupada exhibited bhakticourage
    ( please read as one word).

    Hari Bol !!!!! Hari Bol!!! Give Food as Prasad , Save a Life.

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