How Nehru “propagated” his blunders

Not many people know it, but proselytising was banned in India in the original constitution drafted by the Constituent Assembly. The missionaries and their White masters were frightened that all their gains since the British empire took root in India will be wasted, and they will be thrown out of the country (like they later got thrown out of China by the communists).

They ran to — who else? — the brown sepoy Nehru, who put pressure on Patel to get the right to proselytize included in the fundamental rights. Earlier, the constitution gave the citizens only the right to “practise their faith.” Nehru got this changed to “practise and propagate their faith.” The result of that blunder by that arrogant intellectual pygmy is there for all to see.

Missionaries in India have only one strength — money. They are getting over Rs 12,000 crores every year from Western churches. Most of this money is landing into states where there is a sizable tribal population. It is not a coincidence that these same states also have an anti-Hindu Maoist movement running. Missionaries and Maoists are joined at the hip in India.

So why is the Indian government not banning this huge amount of money being sent into India by the Whites? Whose interests are the Indian politicians serving by refusing to halt this money flow? Are they getting a cut out of this? No other country allows so much money from abroad to enter its borders.

Nehru and Gandhi were two Trojan horses planted by the Whites in India to destroy the Hindu civilisation.

Sindhi conversions in Ulhasnagar raise a storm
Mumbai: The close-knit Sindhi community in Ulhasnagar, north-east of Mumbai, is undergoing a social upheaval of sorts. Over the last two years, a sizeable number in the township — primarily created for Sindhis who came in as refugees from Pakistan’s Sindh province after partition — have drifted away from Hinduism and embraced Christianity.



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  2. sad but atleast 12000 crores are being brought into india this way.

    does anyone know of any ways to undo/counter the work the missionaries. examples from any other parts of the world. or exapmles of hinduism spreading in other parts of the world would make it better for the readers of this blogs as well.

    how successful are reconversion to hinduism and what does it take to do that?

  3. S

    “sad but atleast 12000 crores are being brought into india this way.”

    You think that it is good that some money is coming to India ? Do you know how much return this investment brings ? This is what this money is – an investment. Read up on Nagaland, a state full of tribals that is 95% Baptist now. The GDP of Nagaland is one billion dollars (one thousand million dollars) and yet the citizens live in huts. In case you think that a billion dollars is not a lot, the population of Nagaland is just 2 million (20 lakhs). The money goes to their masters who are in complete political control of this state. Read up on the cult of christianity and the concept of tith. Christianity is a political movement calling itself a religion.

    • suspected that, point taken.

      if the retrns go to the masters, are they taking the money out of india some how? surely the govt must keep a check on it if its draining that way.

      • sanjaychoudhry

        From Orissa alone, I read somewhere that hundreds of crores of money collected from newly converted Christians flies to Vatican every year. It is all business.

        Convert once by paying peanuts, and then future generations of the converted will be paying one-tenth of their income (called “tithe”) as share to the church every month, for all time to come. The church has the first right to the first calf born of a cow. Getting married? Pay the church money. Someone died? Pay the church money. Become a father? Pay the church money. 10 percent of each harvest is claimed by the church. This all is happening in India’s tribal areas, especially in central India.

        • may be the govt should have a law that prevents/checks the remittance from NGOs.

          may be it cud also impose costly procedures for conversions, where in the convert pays a fees to the census bureau.

          i mean theres gotta be ways to damage a business, by not necessarily competing with it, but enforcing other legislative measures or other ways

          • sanjaychoudhry

            Precisely to thwart such a scenario, Christian politicians are manoevered into powerful positions in states where conversions are going on so that legislative measures to hamper conversion are not put in place.

            YSR in AP, Ajit Jogi in Chattisgarh, Radhakanta Nayak in Orissa, Sonia Gandhi in the center …

            • may be groups of persuasion as this one should research on the legislative wing and find insights to the policy making process and how one’s own agenda can be achieved.

              the other way being win elections, which BJP is not able to at the moment.

              I remember watching about a I.T. company in hyderabad, whose products is meant provides facts and insights to MPs and other policy makers, just like a market research/Business INtelligence firm provides solution for businesses.

              this is a very new I.T.concept i believe but is also highly likely be an integral part of the policy making sector of the country, just like business intellience tools and standards are catching upto all businesses.

              Just wondering if BJP can reach into I.T. thru web2.0 and other ways and have community of I.T. professinals supporting them so as to push its agenda through its influence in the I.T. industry somehow.

  4. A

    The details of the funds are not available on MHA website beyond 2006-07.

    However, the same has been answered in a question in the Lok Sabha.

    Here are the details:




    252 . Shri NISHIKANT DUBEY

    Will the Minister of HOME AFFAIRS be pleased to state:-

    (a) the total amount of foreign contributions received by various organisations including Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) during each of the last three years;


    a): As per the information available, the amount of foreign contribution received by Associations registered and Associations granted prior permission under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 over 3 years is as under:

    Year Amount of foreign contribution
    (Rs. in Crore)

    2005-06 – 7877.57
    2006-07 – 12289.63
    2007 -08 -9663.46#


    The last figure is provisional, so it will increase.

  5. A

    One of the favourite arguments of the evangelical supporters is that these funds went to NGOs for “education” purposes. Even the question has been answered.




    ANSWERED ON 08.12.2009

    2956 . Shri DEORAJ SINGH PATEL


    Will the Minister of HOME AFFAIRS be pleased to state:-

    (a) the total number of registered NGOs and Voluntary Organisations which received foreign funds during each of the last three years and the current year, Statewise;

    (b) the total funds utilised by such organisations, in the field of education, ;


    (a): Names are provided in ANNEXURE

    (b): The foreign contribution utilized in the field of education by the said Associations during the last 3 years is given in the table below. This data is not maintained State/UT wise.

    Year Total amount utilized in the field of education,
    (Rs. in crore)

    2005-06 656.53

    2006-07 3651.73

    2007-08 3546.49


    Out of 12ooo cr, only
    3651 crores is used for education.

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