End of innocence

“I have become a xenophobic… I have stopped trusting people and I am extremely suspicious of foreigners …It is xenophobia that I have developed. So now, my guard is up and I am in a constant state of awareness and alertness because of the bizarre incident,” said Rahul Bhatt who was questioned by security agencies after it emerged that Headley had known him during his stay in Mumbai.

“This incident has shaken me terribly. I have lost faith in everyone. I don’t even trust my girlfriend now. I have started suspecting people in my family. I can’t trust anymore. I have become like a typical policeman who looks at everyone with suspicion…Its paranoia,” says 28-year-old Bhatt.


Welcome to the real world dude. This is called end of innocence.

Most Hindus will take a jolt like this to come out of their innocence, extreme obsession with day to day life, and the lack of general awareness about the big bad people out to get them. End of innocence, when it comes, turns a boy into a man.

I am more worried about Rahul Bhat’s father. When is this guy going to be deflowered out of his innocence and hobnobbing with Muslim radicals and bigots and Pakistanis of all hues?



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3 responses to “End of innocence

  1. So true,

    I didnt snap out of it in a jolt, it was a gradual realisation of the facts and the past.

    The question is how do you make our awareness A ‘general awareness’. and what parts of the system do we have to dominate. how do we network and achieve this?

    being a keyboard warrior is not such a lame thing afterall

  2. Kishkindhaa

    Crocodile tears only, I’m sorry to say. Why doesn’t this joker at least produce a picture of Headley? Surprising that none from the “media” have been able to dig one up till now.

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    – a blog for Daily Posts, News, Views Compilation by a Common Hindu
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