Stink from the Toilet Paper

Dirty laundry at the Times of India
By Raja M

MUMBAI – It’s official: the world’s largest-circulated English daily has been involved in some shady business. Exposing a long-known trade fact, a leading Mumbai English tabloid, Mid-Day, last week published the “rates” for purchasing editorial features in the Times of India. The Times has not issued a denial, and the rogue rate card seems to be the latest indicator of rotting media ethics and tolerance in India for corruption.

For sums ranging from US$45,000 to $66,000, the Mid-Day story alleged, one could buy a news feature plugging their business, get interviewed (the business owner supplies the questions and answers themselves) and have their picture published on the much-scorned Page 3 of the Bombay Times, the city supplement of the Times of India.


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One response to “Stink from the Toilet Paper

  1. Bharat

    Note Shri.Raja’s foreign ‘dependance’
    “Foreign funds and stricter standards of management could clean up India’s largely family-owned media houses that often hob-nob intimately with political parties and industrial groups.”
    ” More foreign marriages such as tie-ups between India’s Business Standard with the Financial Times raise hopes for better pay scales and professional standards in Indian journalism.”

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