How free are we?

How Free Are We?
Yes, the rise of Hindu nationalism is indeed a major threat to intellectual freedom in the study of India, but it’s also time to confront a climate of implicit censorship that leads to its own pathology
Jakob De Roover

Brilliant article by Jakob about the gang of Indian secularists, brown sepoys and American Christian fundamentalists in American universities, all of whom have come together in a wolf pack to brutally censor Hinduism studies.



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2 responses to “How free are we?

  1. From the article->>>”After retirement, some of these professionals take up the hobby of writing stories about India that no intellectual will ever take seriously.

    Roover lets slip his academic elitism. If the non-professionals in the academy had not messed up the discourse in the manner that they have, these retired professionals would not have had to take up the case for projecting truth.

    Moreover, the efforts of these retired professionals have actually made the unprofessional academics answerable and accountable. eg:

    and many other articles here-

    Although India may have got political freedom in 1947, cultural, intellectual and academic freedom is still to occur.

  2. Truth Will Prevail

    As long as political gimmicks, oppurtunists, money and other agendas control a democracy, nobody is truly free. Sad to say this but this is the truth. I think Indians experienced more freedom during the Gupta Empires Age. People didn’t have to speak against the Kings and rulers because they were too tolerant of their subjects and took care of them. But the brave Kings weren’t tolerant against external and divise Barbarians.

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