India’s GDP in 1500 AD

Indian and Chinese GDP in 1500 AD before Goras had looted them. People forget that these two countries were the richest in the world until 1800 and had remained so for the last four thousand years. The “prosperity” of the Western countries, for which they strut around so much today, is only 200 years old and based on loot and plunder. 

UK’s capture of India two centuries ago was akin to Somalian pirates capturing USA of today.



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2 responses to “India’s GDP in 1500 AD

  1. Bhakti

    A few relevant quotations.

    First Warren Hastings reporting on Bengal to the Court of the Directors of the East India Company in 1772:

    “Notwithstanding the loss of at least one-third of the inhabitants of the province, and the consequent decrease of the cultivation, the net collections of the year 1771 exceeded even those of 1768… It was naturally to be expected that the diminution of the revenue should have kept an equal pace with the other consequences of so great a calamity. That it did not was owing to its being violently kept up to its former standard”.

    He believed that Europeans revenue collectors would “open the door to every kind of rapine and extortion” as there was “a fierceness in the European manners, especially among the lower sort, which is incompatible with the gentle temper of the Bengalee”.

    “As India must be bled the lancet must be directed to the parts where the blood is congested, or at least
    is sufficient, not to those which are already feeble from the want of it.” – Lord Salisbury, Secretary of State for India, April 29, 1875

    “How do we weigh smug claims about the life-saving benefits of steam transportation and modern grain markets when so many millions, especially in British India, died along railroad tracks or on the steps of grain depots?” – Mike Davis, Late Victorian Holocausts

  2. indias golden days were in the BC s.

    but even from 1st century AD to 11 the century AD indias gdp was 33% of whole world’s gdp, let alone the 24.5 % in 1500. when british left in 1940s it was less tha 2%.

    we had nothing to loot from/fight for and we outnumbered the white soldieres by by a big ratio. thats why the british left not becoz of congress or nehru

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