Mullaperiyar Dam and Sabarimala: Is the Church behind the Controversy?

Ever wondered why all protestors against the Mullaperiyar dam turn out to be Christians, with not a single Hindu or Muslim among them? Read on to solve the mystery in a very well-researched article by someone from Kerala. It seems the vendors of religion of love are conspiring against a strong spiritual tradition of the pagans. Nothing surprising, eh, keeping in mind their track record of “spreading love” all over the world — from Red Indians to Blacks to the “witch hunts” of Europe. The only thing surprising is the willingness of some humans to lay their brains at the feet of a genocidal institution like the church. Then again, a sucker is born a minute.

The  main gameplan of the church is to raise the hostility levels between Kerala and Tamil Nadu so much (with print and movie propaganda produced by Christians) that Tamil pilgrims find it difficult to enter the Sabrimala area. The Bishops may even pay someone to organize physical attacks on the Tamils visiting Sabrimala. The idea is to disrupt the pilgrimage. 

The church is working hard on making Tamil Nadu a Christian country, and breaking the Tamil links with Sabrimala is essential for this. (The missionaries were behind the creation of the artificial Dravidian identity.) This has already started happening. See here. Don’t forget — Church has its own full-fledged intelligence agency that operates in various parts of the world in cahoots with CIA and MI6. I can clearly see its hands in this episode, the way articles are being planted in newspapers and movies are being produced (almost exclusively by Christians) timed with the Sabrimala pilgrimage. While the brains behind this diabolical move are those of the whites sitting in Europe, the grunts on the ground are the brainwashed brown Christians in India who are being egged on by the White Man in his efforts to take control of the land.

Mullaperiyar Dam and Sabarimala: The religious roots of the Controversy

By Bharat

Mullaperiyar Dam is located in the state of Kerala in India. It derives its name from the portmanteau of two rivers, namely, Mullai Ar (Mullaiyar) and Periya Ar (Periyar). The dam was the result of a treaty (lease indenture) signed in 1886 for 999 years between the ruler of Travancore and the Secretary of State, Government of India, (then under British colonialist rule) representing Madras Presidency.

This masonry dam, built with lime and Surkhi by the British Army Engineering Corps, was commissioned in 1895. After Independence, Indian states were reorganised and their boundaries rationalised. The areas surrounding the Mullaperiyar Dam ( originally part of the State of Travancore) were merged with Kerala, while the state of Tamil Nadu received full rights to own and operate the dam as per the lease treaty. Tamil Nadu continued to use water from the dam. In 1970, both the governments decided to renew the treaty.

According to the website of Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India, the controversy about the dam began in 1979 when several news reports began appearing in Kerala press regarding its safety.  From then onwards, the Government of Kerala began to see this primarily as a safety issue while the Tamil Nadu government saw it as an attempt to violate the water-sharing treaty.

It is not the intent of this article to argue for or against a party in this dispute. In fact this is not about either the historical aspects of water sharing treaty between the states or the safety aspects of the dam.

It is a painful historic fact that in India, many a times, local issues and disputes have worsened due to its being hijacked by various disruptive forces, national or international. Whether this holds true in the case of Mullaperiyar dam needs to be checked thoroughly.

This article is an attempt to investigate the forces that lie behind this controversy.

Mullaperiyar Dam Controversy in the Media

It is interesting to note that in the news media, Mullaperiyar issues get highlighted only during certain months of the year. This trend looks more or less the same for the last one decade (2000-2009).

[Figures 1 & 2 give the ‘Google news search’ for the individual years from 2000-2009].

A quick look at these figures suggests that the number of news items appearing in the media on this controversy starts in October, peaks around December and then continues on until April.

The significance of this trend will look surprisingly familiar to a Malayali or a person from South India.  It is obvious that news items about the dam controversy appear only in the months that are significant for the Sabarimala pilgrimage of the Hindus. Is this a mere conincidence? Let’s see.

Sabarimala Pilgrimage:

The Sabarimala pilgrimage is one of the most ancient pilgrimages of India. The presiding deity of Sabarimala, Lord Ayyappan, is one of the most popular deities in South India. The temple is open for worship only during the days of Mandalapooja (around November 15 to December 26), Makaravilakku (January 15), Vishu (April 14), and the first five days of each Malayalam month.

Sabarimala pilgrimage finds mention in many historical records of foreign travellers as well as colonial administrators (though this fact is studiously avoided by both Western and Indian scholars). 

‘Memoirs of Travancore’  written by William Henry Horsley in 1839 describes Sabarimala as “Chowrymully”:
“Among the other pagodas of celebrity that of Ayapen at Chowrymully attracts particular attention, vast numbers (and many even from the eastern coast) flocking to it at the period of festival in January, to present their vows and offerings, notwithstanding that it is situated in the wildest country possible.”

Fig.1. Google News Search for the years 2000 – 2004
Fig.2. Google News Search for the years 2005 – 2009

It is possible that some readers of this article will feel that this article is going to be just another conspiracy story with out any real substance. It may also be argued that this similarity in “news-trend” is most probably a result of either a natural or an accidental cause with no connection to Sabarimala issue.

But when one observes the recent over-earnestness of certain anti-Indian publications regarding the reporting of Mullaperiyar issues and  also the same yearly ritual of ‘hit pieces’ regarding Sabarimala coming around the same time of year, it would become clear to a sensible observer  that this cannot be a result of accidental or natural causes.  There is a hidden sense of purpose and deliberateness in these ‘hit pieces’ that most of the time these ‘news-stories’ come with highly misleading titles  and repetitive news  .

The first step in unravelling this mystery would be to develop some idea about the published ‘literature’ regarding Sabarimala by the modern scholars, esp. the Western Scholars. A few of the important such papers/ books will be discussed here in this context.

Only a few books have been published regarding Sabarimala so far in English by Indian / Western authors. Of the Indian authors, books written by K.R. Vaidyanathan “Pilgrimage to Sabari” Published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1978 and Radhika Sekar’s “The Sabarimalai pilgrimage and Ayyappan cultus” Published by Motilal Banarsidass, 1992 are the prominent ones. (Note: Radhika Sekar’s work was originally written for her Master’s thesis to University of Carleton and later published by MBD).

In the recent years quite a few foreign scholars have published research papers on Sabarimala. Amongst these, Remy Delage’s (a French geographer who have published a few papers in connection with “spatial dimensions” of Sabarimala Pilgrimage) and Filippo Ossello and Caroline Ossello‘s paper (‘Ayyappan Saranam’: Masculinity and Sabarimala Pilgrimage in Kerala) which deals with “gender aspects” of the pilgrimage are significant.

These works deserve greater attentions in this context as they are a pointer towards the western psyche regarding Sabarimala pilgrimage. As normal practice with Western scholarship, all these papers have irreverent comments/ descriptions of Lord Ayyappan such as “ambivalent diety” , “hyper-male diety”  and in a few places half-truths or plain lies . There are various remarkable things about these papers that can raise a few questions or doubts in the mind of a discerning reader.

“Mapping Out Social Change in South India” – A Geographic Information System and Its Applications (Chrtisophe Z Guilmoto, Remy Delage et al.)  is the result of a bigger project  “South Indian Fertility Project” (SIFP) funded by Institut Français de Pondichéry ( research centre of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Wellcome trust ( leading NGO of U.K)   etc. The objective  of this SIFP project is to “is to analyse the social and economic dimensions of demographic change through the study of spatial heterogeneity of fertility in South India”.

This paper  deserves to be read in full as its introduction to the subject, findings and the conclusion are relevant here. One also has to know why “mapping a religious pilgrimage” is a serious topic to be ‘researched’. Firstly Remy Delage in “Mapping Out Social Change in South India” asserts that “While in 1950s – 1960s, Sabarimala only attracted groups originating from Malabar Coast and the Tamil Districts neighbouring Kerala(Madurai, Virudhanagar etc), the pilgrimage today draws several million devotees coming mostly from the four corners of South India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh).”

Author/Authors do not cite any source for this nor is it clear as to how he reached his conclusion regarding the numbers and the geographical distribution of pilgrims of 50 – 60 period. However Remy Delage in a published paper titled “From Fieldwork to Research Theory on an Indian Pilgrimage”  (another paper on Sabarimala Pilgrimage) gives a number of “ten to fifty thousand persons”. Again, it is not clear as to how he has arrived at this figure. This particular paper can be considered as an important one for our purpose in another respect also as he gives out the “complete list” of primary and secondary references perused for his research. (Please note that the omission of one important primary source is very significant of which more, will be explained later).

“Mapping out Social Change in South India” primarily is an attempt at mapping the pilgrimage of Sabarimala. In this study, a definite interest is taken with respect to movement of pilgrims from the State of Tamil Nadu. A district wise break-up of Tamil Nadu pilgrims was done using a questionnaire survey during the pilgrimage. Using this limited data, GIS maps were created for visualising geographic origin of pilgrims from Tamil Nadu, for representing routes and major destination (holy places) liable to be visited by the Pilgrims en-route to Sabarimala.

Though throughout the paper, an attempt has been made to study the routes or visiting places of the pilgrims from Tamil Nadu, the conclusion that the author arrives at is totally ambiguous and unrelated. It would appear as if such a conclusion is given just to hide the real intentions. This is because, the maps, (even though data is taken from a non-representative sample) clearly indicate that, the neighbouring districts of Madurai, Coimbatore, Theni etc ‘produces’ the major portion of the Tamil Nadu Pilgrims to Sabarimala. This fact is a matter of common knowledge and does not require any Geographic Information System (GIS) to prove this. But the use of GIS, to map out the routes and the other holy places/temples frequented by pilgrims of Sabarimala is a novelty, the use of which would be highly beneficial for its intended readership.

Here, the second connection between Mullaperiyar & Sabarimala emerges.

As per Wikipedia, “The dam’s purpose was to divert the waters of the west-flowing Periyar River eastwards, …………….taking the water from the reservoir through a tunnel cut across the watershed and Western Ghats to the arid rain shadow regions of Theni, Madurai District, Sivaganga District and Ramanathapuram districts of Tamil Nadu”

This would mean that the areas served by Mullaperiyar dam are exactly the same areas from where, originates the ‘major portion’ of Tamil Sabarimala pilgrims.

Now it’s the time to ask ourselves some what if scenario questions and its effect on Sabarimala Pilgrimage:

a) What would happen if State of Kerala tries to forcefully ‘take over’ Mullaperiyar dam citing ‘safety’ reasons or tries unilaterally to build another dam in the place of Mullaperiyar?

b) What would happen if Mullaperiyar dam ‘breaks’ or is ‘made to break’?
The answer to the first question would be extreme resentment from State of Tamil Nadu which will lead to immediate economic blockade of the two passes which will lead to a state of mutual hostility. The result would be highly disastrous for Sabarimala Pilgrimage as well as for the unity of the nation. The answer to the second question would also be extreme hostile reaction from the State of Kerala towards the Tamils which would certainly affect Sabarimala Pilgrimage as well as the cultural unity amongst them. Thus it can be seen that in both cases, it’s a win-win scenario for those who want to disrupt the Pilgrimage.

The scarier part in this Issue is that, the same effects can happen even if there is a feeling that two mentioned scenarios are going to happen. i.e. Even a misunderstanding that the State of Kerala is attempting to change the treaty unilaterally or the feeling that the dam is extremely unsafe can produce the same result of disrupting the Sabarimala Pilgrimage. This has been happening for the last ten years. It can be seen that to till this day, this issue has been ‘kept alive’ (thanks to our ‘liberal political & Judicial system) by various means. The latest one in this regard is a ‘Hollywood movie” named “DAM 999”  which is going to get released soon.

The producer as well as the director of this movie, Sohan Roy is a Malayali Entrepreneur who owns a marine company based in UAE. The very name of the movie suggests that it is related to the Mullaperiyar Issue. It is still unknown how this subject is going to get treated in the movie or even how the movie is going to fare in the box office. But surely it looks like another attempt to take this issue to a ‘higher level’. The news that it is going to be released in 4 languages with the possible involvement of Celebrities like Aishwarya Rai, Celine Dione and other top level artists from Malayalam film Industry gives some hints about this.

But now a genuine question can be raised as to how and why Sabarimala is so important that such great efforts are being made to destroy it. Who are its enemies? What are their intentions? Have they attempted to destroy it previously? If so, why there are no historical records for it?

Sabarimala Temple Arson

In order to answer this, we need to historically revisit the 1950’s. It would be seen that in all currently available books/ websites/ periodicals there would be a single line mention of temple fire in Sabarimala, which forced the then administration to rebuild the temple.  Some very few websites mentions this as a handiwork of some ‘miscreants’. The entire matter has been so described in those books that even perceptive ‘hindutvavaadins’  began to assume this incident as ‘a forest fire’ intentionally / unintentionally initiated by members of a ‘rival’ community primarily for financial / land grab attempts.

It should also be noted that even our foreign scholars of this subject maintain their silence on this. Remy Delage in his paper titled “From Fieldwork to Research Theory on an Indian Pilgrimage” gives a full mention of the efforts of two devotees who tried to ‘promote’ Ayyapa in India, particularly after the ‘Temple fire’.  Yet he also ‘forgets’ or ‘choose not’ to mention this very important source. This is when he includes all government publications as well as record from 1906 to 2000’s.

What could be ‘so interesting’ in this report that all “our scholars” are conveniently forgetting it?? Why is it so difficult for researchers to locate this report??

It should not be so. As a matter of fact, there was an enquiry report titled “Sabarimala Temple Arson Case” which was later published by Government of Kerala in 1957.  This report (35 pages) is now available from a government owned website (Information & Public relations Department) (

Sabarimala Temple Arson Case: Enquiry Report was the report of the investigation of the same case conducted by Shri. K. Kesava Menon, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Special Branch, C.I.D. (On Special Duty). This report is significant for multiple reasons. Firstly, this report completely unravels the players who are actually involved in this issue.

Secondly this report extensively covers the “sentiments” of a certain community and proves that the most important reason for this temple arson was religious fanaticism. Thirdly had this report been studied and lessons learnt, Hindus could have avoided the ignominy of the “Nilakkal Agitation episode”  This is because this enquiry report categorically narrates this strange episode in detail –

“There is another back ground, which if viewed with the facts and the incidents mentioned above, will lend support to the possibility of an organised plan to destroy the Sabarimala shrine. In the month of Makaram, according to Ouseph, he followed a party of muthalalies consisting of Karimbanal Kochukunhu muthalali, Jnellamitthath  Kuttiachan, Podimittom Verghese, Karipparambil Devassya, Vadakkepparambil thomman and Pottamkulam Thomas, who left Erumeli in a Jeep and went to Kalaketti from where they went to Kollamuzhi by walk and halted. They directed the coolies to go into the forests and hunt. Then the muthalalies and himself went to Nilakkal in search of a church which they believed to be existing at Nilakkal. Though a search was made, they did not find any remnants of a church, but they saw only remnants of two or three temples.

It is surprising that at this period of the history of Travancore these muthalalies are searching for a church on the route to Sabarimala. It may be that either they want to establish by some evidence the existence of a church there or to renovate it or they are in search of a suitable place for building a church. Anyway the desire for a church near the Sabarimala orthodox route seems to have been deeply rooted in their mind as otherwise there was no necessity for all these muthalalies to join on this business. This it can be seen that since some time, the Christians have begun to deel the increasing number of low caste Hindus visiting the Sabarimala temple in ecstasy and devotion, which in all probability they would have thought if not checked would inevitably result in a check to the growing process of conversion of low caste Hindus to Christianity.

Further, the existence of a church at Nilakkal and Pampakadavu would in the long run attract Christians to colonise the area and thereby they could exploit these fertile regions and improve their financial conditions.”

That these exact things happened after a period of 30 years during Nilakkal agitation which led to their success in building their church at Nilakkal proves the extreme short sightedness of the Hindus.

Some other Excerpts from the Enquiry report:

1) ……………… the marks of violence on the brass-plate door of the Sreekovil together with the marks on the idol, raise the irresistible conclusion that the forcible entry into the Sreekovil was for the purpose of breaking the idol and that the weapon that was used to cut the Sreekovil door was the same used to break the idol. At the scene of occurrence, there was an axe and it is definite that that axe was used to cut the Sreekovil door, as traces of brass were found on the sharp edge of the axe and hence it has to be said that the fire was not accidental. ( Page 2 of the report)

2) The temple and its surrounding buildings were built up of wood, copper, brass, which were not easily inflammable, but they have been completely burnt. This is evidence enough to show that great effort has been made to set fire to the temple and speaks a deliberate action. ( Page 2 of the report)

3) The possibility of fire around the forest area enveloping the temple and thus bringing about the destruction of the temple is also out of the question, as there were no signs of any such forest fire around the area, and there were ample indications of a deliberate setting fire of the temple at the scene. ( Page 2 of the report)

4) The temple and surrounding building as already mentioned having been built of mostly non-inflammable materials, could not be easily set fire to and on a modest calculation, the perpetrators could have worked at this at least for four to five hours continuously, as evidenced from the emptying of the ghee tins and utilising cloth and other materials to set fire to the temple. Further, there were signs of occupation of the temple premises by a party. They have made use of the provisions that were stored in the temple including coriander. These clearly show that great labour has been undertaken in committing this act. ( Page 3 of the report)

5) After having explained that theft was not the motive of the offenders, the next point for consideration is to find out what else is the motive and who could possible have that motive. From the examination of the scene of occurrence and attendant circumstances, it was possible to come to a conclusion that the offence was a deliberate one well conceived and executed. There was a touch of open vandalism and desecration was the only purpose. The breaking of the idol after forcibly entering into the Sreekovil by cutting open the door with an axe indicates ferocity. With this background, the whole point has to be viewed ( Page 3 of the report)

6) Offenders have to reach the temple through such routes and familiarity and knowledge of the surrounding forest area and routes are essential requisites for such an expedition. Though it will not be correct to state that there are no Hindus who are not acquainted with the place and route, it is reasonable to consider that Christians have got more familiarity and knowledge than the Hindus in this direction, as they and they alone occupy the places at the base of these hills and they are the only persons who hunt and poach in the vicinity of the temple day in and day out. In short, they have more facilities to commit this crime than any other community; and it is in evidence that they have hunted and poached in the vicinity during the relevant period.

The forest lands and the areas either at the beginning of these routes or lying along these routes are all cultivated not by the Hindus but by the Christians. The Hindus have not and cannot have so much of opportunities as the Christians. A Christian has absolutely no regard for a Hindu temple or idol. To him a Hindu idol is either a piece of stone or a block of metal. In short, he attached no sacredness for any Hindu idol or temple except that he may admire as a work of art. It is otherwise for a Hindu. ( Page 4 of the report)

7) This offence is not at all the work of a mad man as evidenced from the method or manner in which the temple was set fire to and idol broken. The Hindus have no influence over the area and any party of Hindus cannot get into forests without being noticed by Christians. ( Page 4 of the report)

8) A party of Hindu coolies who had gone to collect minor produce had satisfactorily explained their movements and a thorough verification was made. They had no hand in this. The Hindus have no purpose whatsoever by destroying this ancient sacred temple. It is from this temple that Hindus get a large income. It is this temple that brings unity among all classes of Hindus.  ( Page 4 of the report)

9) Further, if the Hindu Mandal wanted to dot it, they would have as well done this before the Kaviyur  reconversion or even before the Hindu Mandal Convention at Quilon. Finally, if the Hindus have done this, certainly information would have come out by this time regarding the perpetrators, because, psychologically at least one of the Hindus would have become terror-stricken and blurted out the details to somebody. It was because the offence has been committed other than by the Hindus, no information has so far come forth. This is borne by the fact that a Christian or a Muslim has absolutely no feeling for the destruction of Hindu idol or temple. This again is a point of Psychology.(  Page 5 of the report)

10) History has repeatedly shown that such sacrilegious acts in spite of the devotion of the Hindus towards such ancient temples and idols have been committed with a view to challenge the basic existence of the Hindu temples. This is not only due to the fanaticism in the wake of hatred but also due to a desire to put a stop to the influx of a large section of humanity into the folds of this ancient religion. This is one of the sacred temples which draw due to its sanctity thousands and thousands of devotees of all castes and creeds to offer their prayers to GOD AYYAPPA.

Long before the Father of the Nation preached temple entry for all untouchables, this ancient temple stood as a beacon light and guidance to the whole of India. For example, the low caste Pulaya and the high caste Brahmin rubbed shoulder to shoulder and offered prayers in this ancient temple. In the present day, in the wake of partition and communal tension among different communities, exhibiting the ugly signs of enmity against one another, this Makaravilakku stood in all its solidarity voicing forth the union of all Hindus into one fold and the fact stood as the foundation stone on which caste, creed and colour had to be shed away in the worship of the all-pervading God. (  Page 6 of the report)

11) Investigation having pointed out the hand of Christians on circumstantial evidence, the details of which I have given below, it is natural to believe that the above facts related to the motive are not inconsistent with the evidence gathered. I am emphasising this point to show that the case was investigated as an ordinary Arson case on other important circumstantial findings with a view to trace the offenders, in which the motive point was not taken into consideration to begin with, and after investigating this on the lines mentioned above, and having arrived at conclusions, the motive point came in naturally in the wake of investigation. (  Page 8 of the report)


1) Presently, Sabarimala temple reportedly gets better security coverage. Serious studies need to be made about Government’s view of threat perceptions to Sabarimala.

2) There were reports in the press regarding certain explosions on 27-12-2009 near Sabarimala which caused panic.  On 5th Jan 2010 PTI reported arrest of a LTTE  man at cumbum. This is a serious development to be considered. It is a widely known fact that a certain “Universal” religion was one of the sponsors for this terrorist organisation. The fact that most of these types are out of jobs now and sitting idle in T.N camps should be taken into consideration. Any attempts of LTTE to infiltrate to the either forests or the shelter camps for refugees near Kerala / T.N border needs to be monitored.

3) The protection of Mullaperiyar Dam needs to be strengthened. The fact that the adversaries can go to any length for their nefarious deeds is to be acknowledged.

4) Let us remember what H.G Wells says in his book ‘Crux Ansata’   “I think that it stands for everything most hostile to the mental emancipation and stimulation of mankind. It is the completest, most highly organized system of prejudices and antagonisms in existence. Everywhere in the world there are ignorance and prejudice, but the greatest complex of these, with the most extensive prestige and the most intimate entanglement with traditional institutions, is the[ XXX]. It presents many faces towards the world, but everywhere it is systematic in its fight against freedom.”


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        • S

          thomas sir,

          “Recent reports says that the frustrated LTTE people are staying near Kerala border under the godfathership of Vaiko who had regular contacts with CIA for establishing a Tamil Nation and those parties are behind the hate compaign. ”

          The article speaks about the ‘same forces’ you have described.

          “Sabarimala is not the temple of Hindus alone, lots of Christians and Buddhists are also visiting Sabarimala. I am with a Christian name and my first Sabarimala visit was in 1981. Those said to be responsible for Sabarimala Temple fire was just fanatics not true christians.”

          No where in the article, it is mentioned of any excluvism. Sabarimala as well as Dharmic institutions belongs to everyone who considers himself dharmic

    • Anonymous

      edo manda, nothing interesting. mazhakkalathanu damil vellam nirayuka. venal kalathalla. dam nirayumbozhanu avide earthquakum floodum undakunnadu. thats why people protest and discuss media in monsoon season and just after monsoon.

      tintu mon.

      • Thomas

        Hi, even if there was an arson done by christians sixty years ago in sabarimala, it must have been for personal gains. And dont blame all the people following a particular religion for the actions of some individuals six decades ago. Christians today have no interest in anything except making money and living a decent life. Christians, excepts some protestant churches, do not engage in religious conversion in kerala. Today’s christians do not get time to look after their children, parents or even their wives, they are slaving away in foreign countries. And you speak of conspiracies. If you are speaking of bishops and religious leaders doing this, then you are overestimating the influence of these leaders on the lay christians. Today, Bishops and priests are more afraid of the lay people. This change occured since lay people started having more economic resources. You speak of foreign control on the churches, There are churches that have severed even their religious relationships with their foreign churches. Your arguements may convince people who are not from kerala. But you are clearly in the wrong. we live in central kerala and we are aftraid of the bursting of the dam. Christians are not saying that the dam is more than 100 years old and leaking at many place. We are only interested in our safety. I dont know why you are interested in blaming christians about bringing the safety issue of the dam into focus. Your idea that christians are against hindus is a wrong idea. Churches in kerala, today teach that all religions are true and lead to god. There are some christians who say bad things about other religions but such people exist in all religions. That doesnot mean that you too should become like them. You are overestimating the power of foreigners. If the dam bursts, it will be a human tragedy. There are people who take advantage of natural disasters. They take advantage of the resulting opportunity of investment and make money. I look at this as a tragedy waiting to happen that can affect me and my family. I only want safety. I am not interested in religious politics that you clearly are interested in. You should know that you are wrong, even if you win. I have seen hindus who blame other religions for their problems. It is not true. It is the people who do wrong things, religion is only a label. You are using a label to divide people to satisfy your mind. Thanks for reading.

        • Swaraj

          Well said Mr.Thomas….


        • Manoj

          DEAR thomas, these pandis dont understand the cultural balances of kerala, at any cost. Reserchers should come to kerala to study how different religiuos activituies function peacefully and interlinked each other. This is to make people to fight each other and they will get the water/electricity from the expanse of karala peoples safety.

        • elizabeth

          I agree with Tomas’s views.It is not a communal issue , but it is a matter of safety of those who live near the Mullaperiyar Dam, Calamity could not distinguish between religions.
          Thank you

        • Ram Dilip

          Hi Thomas…It was Pope John Paul II who declared that all religions are not equals. Please do not turn a blind eye towards the massive evangelisation drive happening all over India. Reaching the Unreached is the mission. Who is behind the Kudankulam agitation ? Why they oppose the power reactors?

          • fabian

            ”’It was Pope John Paul II who declared that all religions are not equals”

            never did he say such a statement. Lying is your last option i suppose.

  3. Sachin Timothy

    Sucking discovery

  4. Renjith

    A good article.. which shows how Xians do things with SMILE on their face…..

  5. pravi

    You have no idea what is going on in Kerala my friend. This stupid dam is 115 years old and has many faults. Use the heart before pouring out your filthy brain. You are putting seeds of hatred. If something really happens to the dam, people’s mind will explode with the seed that you are poured now. I know that is your plan. Get a life. Don’t you ever thought of living as a human with social ethics and manners rather than being an anti-Indian?

    • VoP

      “Believe in Christ or you will go to Hell” – can there be anything more filthy than this?

      • Anonymous

        Tamilians and Telungu’s are the most filthiest people in the world. These egotic begots accuse educated mallus out of Jelousy, since they cannot match up with Quality of life and cultaral statndards.

        • Proud Malayali

          Exactly…well said…

        • bbc

          “Tamilians and Telungu’s are the most filthiest people in the world”

          As a Tamilian I find this very funny. I respect Kerala’s better standard of living. But if they teach you such hatred towards your fellow countrymen, then there is no point in having such a high literacy rate. BTW “filthiest” is in superlative itself. “most filthiest” is wrong usage.

          “egotic begots” —–> egotistic bigots

          “out of Jelousy” —–> jealousy

          “cultaral statndards” —–> cultural standards

          “accuse educated mallus” —–> clearly you are not one and I’m definitely not jealous. 🙂

          • Anonymous is a Paki Jihadi or a Christian missionaru scum interested in driving a schism amongst Indians, don’t fall for such traps!

          • Anonymous

            Good One….Well Said

          • Rj

            Well said , I happened to encounter some similar comments too .just pure ignorance of history is what I can see from the comments above ! Any adverse comments against Tamils is no different to abusing your own mother .. Just think don’t try to fuel hatred

          • rocky5

            good answer. Iam also a malayali but denegrating someone on the basis of so called “standared of living” and “standered of education” is not correct. I hope u dont mind the above comments as it do not reflect openion of every malayali.

          • mallu

            i agree with you bbc and this one don’t even has a name

          • Anonymous

            Oh u r mallu can u go find when did a language malayali created and from what language go first find that then talk my brother once u wer all tamil speaking dravidans okay dont forgot tat and one more do u think ur grand grand grand fathers all r hindu once who ruled in this dravidan land for 1000 of 1000 years this land wat we are living wer ruled by hindus and tamilians and we wer all hindu dont forget that

        • Shrini

          Tamilians and Telungu’s are the most filthiest people in the world. These egotic begots accuse educated mallus out of Jelousy>>>>> absolutely bull shit — I dont agree…

        • john

          Hi anonymus so u are eating the shit of this filthiest people on a daily basis. U yourself should say that u are educated , then why the hell the well educated mallus catch a train without ticket to chennai .
          john .

          • fabian

            its bcoz u dont hav the able or qualified people specified by the the companies…the only good thing possible by the major part of the tamil folk is local construction work and such brainless activities. These days they are also replaced by workers from bihar WB and the north east. feel sorry for u brothers.


          • Anonymous

            Good and correct y u people come here for super good living and talk the shit about us
            We come to kerala to pray not like u people come to tamil nadu tomke money u useless people u cant stay ther and make ur state a better one k

      • sabarish

        hahahahah lol..yeah if you believe in christ or you will go to hell nly ..

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Pravi, you still haven’t explained why there is a flurry of media articles about the dam only during pilgrimage time. Who is arranging these to be published at the same time every year?

      • it is not due to any “conspiracy”… One of the main reasons for the hyperactivity is that the surrounding areas experience more earthquakes in this time of the year, and the dam tends to get shaken up more, and the risk goes up…

      • Anonymous

        dear stupid, nothing interesting. mazhakkalathanu damil vellam nirayuka. venal kalathalla. dam nirayumbozhanu avide earthquakum floodum undakunnadu. thats why people protest and discuss media in monsoon season and just after monsoon.

        tintu mon.
        northindian bayis,
        nothing interesting there. this writer is not a keralite(and offcourse not a Nair,Nairs are very gentle people) and he looks like a RSS special karya vahak from northindia to organise communal riots in kerala. in kerala, people dont think and act like north indian talibani hindus and talibani muslims and talibani sikhs. religion is just a second choice in kerala. you guys have no idea what is this dam issue. we are at a war with our destiny because of stupid tamil politician and central government.

        • Anonymous

          Do u know nair are tamil people what we call here us chettiar in tamilnadu just ther language is changed u stupid first go see ur history k then talk herr u stupids

          • Arun

            So you think that nairs are tamil people. ha..ha..ha..just go to…why can’t you tamils change…you guys are just arrogent peoples thinking that you are most intellectual beings in the world…..your mama was from TN…obama was from TN….she was from TN.. ..he was from TN…blah..blahh…blahhh…..just think yourself….i am a malayali and also i am a nair…..i know very well about our history…..we keralities never argue rubbish like you guys….this digusting attitude makes you the filthiest people in india………
            ..hey….i am not disrespecting tamilians but this shameless behaviour is what is giving you this image….just change brother…we guys are not meant to fight each other…just realise that we are from one country india……’just realize yourself before trying to find what others are’…..

      • Mathew George

        Only during the rainy season dam will be filled with water. Not during summer. Tremors and flooding are happening that time only. Remember these are the things causing alerts on the dam’s safety. That’s why people protest and discuss media in monsoon season and just after monsoon.
        Due to christian missionaries only Kerala got the highest literacy in India. Even with conversions Christian population of Kerala has come down by 1% with 50 years where as without any conversions (not including love jihad) Muslim population has increased by 5%, by that 5 extra assembly constituencies.
        This is like beating one’s own mother after getting defeated at the market.
        Excellent research done for a wrong cause and badly concluded by putting only the facts supporting your theory.

        • — Due to christian missionaries only Kerala got the highest literacy in India.

          My Foot, The Christian British looted India and reduced it’s GDP from 30% to <2% and increased illiteracy from 2% to 89%. Just read the pages of

          • singh

            20th September 1893

            Christians must always be ready for good criticism and I hardly
            think that you will mind if I make a little criticism- you
            Christians, who are so fond of sending out missionaries to save the
            soul of the heathen – why do you not try to save their bodies from
            starvation? In India, during the terrible famines, thousands died
            from hunger, yet you Christians did nothing. you erect churches
            all through India, but the crying evil in the East is not religion
            – they have religion enough -but it is bread that the suffering
            millions of burning India cry out for with parched throats. They
            ask us for bread, but we give them stones. It is an insult to the
            starving people to offer them religion; it is an insult to the
            starving man to teach him metaphysics. In India a priest that
            preached for money would lose caste and be spat upon by the people.
            I came here to seek aid for my impoverished people, and I filly
            realized how difficult it was to get help for heathens from
            Christians in a Christian land.[Swami Vivekananda]

            • singh

              Famines inBritish India between 1765 and 1947 Year,Name of famine (if any),British territory [1]769–70Great Bengal Famine Bihar, Northern and Central Bengal10 million, (about one third of the then population of Bengal [2] 1783–84,Chalisa famine,Delhi, Western Oudh, Eastern Punjab region, Rajputana, and Kashmir Severe famine. Large areas were depopulated. Up to 11 million people may have died during the years 1782–84.
              [3]1791–92 ,Doji bara famine or Skull famine Hyderabad, Southern Maratha country, Deccan, Gujarat, and Marwar One of the most severe famines known. People died in such numbers that they could not be cremated or buried. It is thought that 11 million people may have died during the years 1788–94 [4]1837–38 ,Agra famine of 1837–38,Central Doab and trans-Jumna districts of the North-Western Provinces (later Agra Province), including Delhi and Hissar800,000 [5]1860–61Upper Doab of Agra; Delhi and Hissar divisions of the Punjab,Eastern Rajputana,2 million [5]1865–67,Orissa famine of 1866,Orissa (also 1867) and Bihar; Bellary and Ganjam districts of Madras,1 million (814,469 in Orissa, 135,676 in Bihar and 10,898 in Ganjam)
              [6]1868–70,Rajputana famine of 1869,Ajmer, Western Agra, Eastern Punjab,Rajputana,1.5 million (mostly in the princely states of Rajputana)
              [7]1873–74,Bihar famine of 1873–74,Bihar,An extensive relief effort was organized by the Bengal government. [8]1876–78Great Famine of 1876–78 (also Southern India famine of 1876–78)Madras and BombayMysore and Hyderabad6.1 to 10.3 million [9]1888–89Ganjam, Orissa and North Bihar150,000 deaths [10]Ganjam. Deaths were due to starvation as famine relief was not provided in time.
              [11]1896–97,Indian famine of 1896–97, Madras, Bombay Deccan, Bengal, United Provinces, Central Provinces,Northern and eastern Rajputana, parts of Central India and Hyderabad,5 million
              [12]1899–1900,Indian famine of 1899–1900,Bombay, Central Provinces, Berar, Ajmer,Hyderabad, Rajputana, Central India, Baroda, Kathiawar, Cutch,1 million [13]1905–06,BombayBundelkhand,235,062 [14]1943–44,Bengal famine of 1943, Bengal,4.5 million

              • ravi

                Is it not time that the descendants of the victims of The Great Holocaust of Bengal sought compensation from the present Government of the United Kingdom? Is it possible to initiate a criminal case against Winston Churchill and all those who were in power during 1942-45 (or during 1765-1947) in British Government? Is that too much to ask for? Do you believe that the systematic murder of six million white-skinned Jews was a crime worthy of punishment, while the killing of thirty million black-skinned people of Bengal does not even deserve a footnote in history?

                • Martin Jacob

                  @ravi you dont have to go that far…..
                  if you are so blood boiling why dont you sue shiv sena,narendra modi,rss, pdp and all the religious organization for their present activities!!

                  we cannot change the past……. atleast change the future!

                  • singh

                    The proceedings of the Tribunal were conducted under the banner of Forum for Social Justice. The Tribunal comprised of eminent people like former DG of Punjab Police Shri KPS Gill, senior writer Bhavdeep Kang, former IPS Shri PC Dogra, Air Marshal (retd) Shri RS Bedi, Swami Shantatmananda, Justice (retd) Shri Suresh Soni, Justice (retd) Shri BK Gupta, Justice (retd) Shri DS Tewatia, former Ambassador Shri Prabhat Shukla, director of Centre for Policy Studies Dr JK Bajaj, Smt Usha Goel, Shri Vinod Bawari, Shri Shaurya Doval and Col. (retd) Shri PK Panda. The Tribunal, after preparing a detailed report, will present it the Union Minister of Tribal Affairs, different Commissions and authorities with a memorandum within one month.
                    Gadadhar Pradhan from Kandhmal district of Orissa informed the Tribunal how the land of his family members and other villagers was forcibly garbed by the Christians. Nandini Pradhan from same Kandhmal district pointed out that Christians intimidate the women against using Hindu symbols like bindi, sindoor, etc. They even torture the Hindu farmers visiting the market to sell their agriculture produces. The local administration do not listen to such complaints of the people and many times they even support the church people.
                    Pawitra Kanhal, who is a teacher in Kandhmal district of Orissa explained how he was framed in a false case by the missionaries and he had to remain in jail for 50 days. His only crime was that he had opposed the cow slaughter. Passing Golmai from Imphal said he was himself allured to get married with a beautiful and working Christian girl if I became a Christian, but he refused. He said 64 villages in his region are facing direct onslaughts from the missionaries and the identity and traditions of the Hindus are in danger in the entire region. Bhaikabhai Pawar from the Dangs, Gujarat, informed the Tribunal how the gochar land of his village was garbed for constructing a church. “Once a group of church people caught me and intimidated to stop doing bhajan keertan in the region. They set me free with the threat to face dire consequences if I did not stop doing bhajan keertan. They also create troubles in the celebration of Hindu festivals, he said pointing out that over 200 of the total 311 villages in his region have now churches.
                    Sunil from Golaghat (North East) informed how he was converted into Christianity for just Rs 500 and when he returned Hinduism after sometime he was forced to return the amount with interest. Rameshwar Rathia from Korba district of Chhattisgarh said church-supported people come from Jharkhand side and forcefully settle on the vacant land of their village. He said the land that they once occupy is not vacant at any cost. Jamdari Reang who was forced to leave Mizoram with his family some years back and now lives in Tripura, informed how all his family members converted into Christianity but he refused despite repeated pressure. He pointed out that with the change of religion the thinking of the entire family changed towards him and Hindu customs.
                    In their testimonies these Vanvasis clearly stated that evangelical Christian missionaries are forcing them to convert into their religion. They clearly stated that there was an increase in the nexus between Maoists and these Evangelist forces and the leaders.
                    After the testimony before the Tribunal for two days, these Vanvasis who had come from more than 14 states of the country, assembled at Jantar Mantar on September 6 to register their protest against various challenges posing a threat to their traditional life. They said evangelical missionaries are very much involved in these kinds of activities. In the demonstration, five Members of Parliament (MPs) also participated and lent their support to the demands raised by the Vanvasis. The MPs who attended the demonstration were Smt Jyoti Dhurve from Madhya Pradesh, Shri Murali Lal from Chhattisgarh, Shri Kanjibhai Patel from Gujarat and Shri Sudarshan Bhagat from Jharkhand. They all assured them to raise the issues of atrocities on Vanvasis in the Parliament and at other important forums.
                    Earlier, inaugurating the proceedings of the Tribuanl on September 5, former DG of Punjab Police Shri KPS Gill said the Vanvasis have been facing a threat to their culture, economy and way of life since the British period and it must stop now.

                    President of the Forum for Social Justice Shri PC Dogra said the Vanvasis are in grave danger and it is our duty to help our Vanvasi brothers and sisters living in remote areas.

            • Nanu Asari

              Aha, I didnt realize that vivekananta was in the West with a begging bowl. It’s these beggerly attitude that brings down the image of our nation.

              • Indian Realist

                You mean Vivekananda should also have gone to other countries to capture some women of the right hand, like the Holy Warriors of Islam?

              • anonymous

                Nanu Asari
                Swami Vivekananda do this like kidnapping. He was fearless and did not harm anybody.


                Bologna, 1858: A police squad, acting on the orders of the Inquisitor, invades the home of a Jewish merchant, Momolo Mortara, wrenches his crying six-year-old son from his arms, and rushes him off in a carriage bound for Rome. His mother is so distraught that she collapses and has to be taken to a neighbor’s house, but her weeping can be heard across the city. With this terrifying scene–one that would haunt this family forever–David I. Kertzer begins his fascinating investigation of the dramatic kidnapping, and shows how this now obscure saga would eventually contribute to the collapse of the Church’s temporal power in Italy. As Edgardo’s parents desperately search for a way to get their son back, they learn why he–out of all their eight children–was taken. Years earlier, the family’s Catholic serving girl, fearful that the infant might die of an illness, had secretly baptized him (or so she claimed). Edgardo recovered, but when the story reached the Bologna Inquisitor, the result was his order for Edgardo to be seized and sent to a special monastery where Jews were converted into good Catholics. The Inquisitor’s justification for taking the child was based in Church teachings: No Christian child could be raised by Jewish parents. The case of Edgardo Mortara became an international cause célèbre. Although such kidnappings were not uncommon in Jewish communities across Europe, this time the political climate had changed. As news of the family’s plight spread to Britain, where the Rothschilds got involved, to France, where it mobilized Napoleon III, and even to America, public opinion turned against the Vatican. Refusing to return the child to his family, Pope Pius IX began to regard the boy as his own child. The fate of this one boy came to symbolize the entire revolutionary campaign of Mazzini and Garibaldi to end the dominance of the Catholic Church and establish a modern, secular Italian state. A riveting story which has been remarkably ignored by modern historians, The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara has been made into a play by Pulitzer and Oscar winning playwright, Alfred Uhry. It opened at Hartford Stage in 2002. A new version of the play will be performed at the Guthrie Theater, in Minneapolis, from Nov. 4 to Dec. 17, 2006.

                read this Swami Vivekaananda did not do this.

                1930s: Some American clergy used their their radio programs to attack Jews. Father Charles E Coughlin was one of the best known. “In the 1930’s, radio audiences heard him rail against the threat of Jews to America’s economy and defend Hitler’s treatment of Jews as justified in the fight against communism.” 3

          • ravi

            Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus are studies, which originated in India.* Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to mankind. The Father of Medicine, Charaka, consolidated Ayurveda 2500 years ago.* India was one of the richest countries till the time of British rule in the early 17th Century. Christopher Columbus, attracted by India’s wealth, had come looking for a sea route to India when he discovered America by mistake.The Art of Navigation & Navigating was born in the river Sindh over 6000 years ago. The very word Navigation is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘NAVGATIH’. The word navy is also derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Nou’.Bhaskaracharya rightly calculated the time taken by the earth to orbit the Sun hundreds of years before the astronomer Smart. According to his calculation, the time taken by the Earth to orbit the Sun was 365.258756484 days.The value of “pi” was first calculated by the Indian Mathematician Budhayana, and he explained the concept of what is known as the Pythagorean Theorem. He discovered this in the 6th century, long before the European mathematicians.Quadratic Equations were used by Sridharacharya in the 11th century. The largest numbers the Greeks and the Romans used were 106 whereas Hindus used numbers as big as 10*53 (i.e. 10 to the power of 53) with specific names as early as 5000 B.C.during the Vedic period.Even today, the largest used number is Terra: 10*12(10 to the power of 12).Until 1896, India was the only source of diamonds in the world
            (Source: Gemological Institute of America).
            Sushruta is regarded as the Father of Surgery. Over2600 years ago Sushrata & his team conducted complicated surgeries like cataract, artificial limbs, cesareans, fractures, urinary stones, plastic surgery and brain surgeries.Usage of anaesthesia was well known in ancient Indian medicine. Detailed knowledge of anatomy, embryology, digestion, metabolism,physiology, etiology, genetics and immunity is also found in many ancient Indian texts.Varanasi, also known as Benaras, was called “the Ancient City” when Lord Buddha visited it in 500 B.C., and is the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world today.
            Martial Arts were first created in India, and later spread to Asia by Buddhist missionaries.Yoga has its origins in India and has existed for over 5,000 years.

            • Wonderfull Post….
              It is not about praising the past but realizing the fact that we can accomplish such great things even now if our strength and knowledge is channelized in a proper way….

              • singh

                Dr George Gheverghese Joseph from The University of Manchester says the ‘Kerala School’ identified the ‘infinite series ’- one of the basic components of calculus – in about 1350.

                According to Dr George Gheverghese Joseph of Great Britain’s University of Manchester, the discovery is currently – and wrongly – attributed in books to Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz at the end of the seventeenth centuries.

                The team from the Universities of Manchester and Exeter reveal the Kerala School also discovered what amounted to the Pi series and used it to calculate Pi correct to 9, 10 and later 17 decimal places.
                And there is strong circumstantial evidence that the Indians passed on their discoveries to Jesuit missionaries who visited India during the fifteenth century. That knowledge, the team argues, may have eventually been passed on to Newton himself.

                Dr Joseph made the revelations while browsing through obscure Indian papers for a yet to be published third edition of his best selling book ‘The Crest of the Peacock: the Non-European Roots of Mathematics’ by Princeton University Press.

                He said: “The beginnings of modern maths is usually seen as a European achievement but the discoveries in medieval India between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries have been ignored or forgotten.

                “The brilliance of Newton’s work at the end of the seventeenth century stands undiminished – especially when it came to the algorithms of calculus. But other names from the Kerala School, notably Madhava and Nilakantha, should stand shoulder to shoulder with him as they discovered the other great component of calculus- infinite series.

                “There were many reasons why the contribution of the Kerala school has not been acknowledged – a prime reason is neglect of scientific ideas emanating from the Non-European world – a legacy of European colonialism and beyond.

                “But there is also little knowledge of the medieval form of the local language of Kerala, Malayalam, in which some of most seminal texts, such as the Yuktibhasa, from much of the documentation of this remarkable mathematics is written.

                He added: “For some unfathomable reasons, the standard of evidence required to claim transmission of knowledge from East to West is greater than the standard of evidence required to knowledge from West to East.

                “Certainly it’s hard to imagine that the West would abandon a 500-year-old tradition of importing knowledge and books from India and the Islamic world. But we’ve found evidence which goes far beyond that: for example, there was plenty of opportunity to collect the information as European Jesuits were present in the area at that time.

                “They were learned with a strong background in maths and were well versed in the local languages.

                “And there was strong motivation: Pope Gregory XIII set up a committee to look into modernizing the Julian calendar. On the committee was the German Jesuit astronomer/mathematician Clavius who repeatedly requested information on how people constructed calendars in other parts of the world. The Kerala School was undoubtedly a leading light in this area.

                “Similarly there was a rising need for better navigational methods including keeping accurate time on voyages of exploration and large prizes were offered to mathematicians who specialized in astronomy.

                “Again, there were many such requests for information across the world from leading Jesuit researchers in Europe. Kerala mathematicians were hugely skilled in this area.”

                Aryabhatta-siddhanta (AD 499), one of the greatest Indian astronomer-mathematician, was the first to discover that the Moon and the planets reflect the light from the Sun, and that the planets follow an elliptical orbit around the Sun.

                • ravi

                  Alfred North Whitehead (British mathematician, logician and philosopher), who stated that: “Vedanta is the most impressive metaphysics the human mind has conceived.”

                  The well-known early American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, read the Vedas daily. Emerson wrote: “I owed a magnificent day to the Bhagavat-Gita”
                  Henry David Thoreau said: “In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita… in comparison with which… our modern world and its literature seems puny and trivial.”
                  Voltaire, (the famous French writer and philosopher) stated that “Pythagoras went to the Ganges to learn geometry.” Abraham Seidenberg, author of the authoritative “History of Mathematics,” credits the Sulba Sutras as inspiring all mathematics of the ancient world from Babylonia to Egypt to Greece.

                  Vedas paint the picture of scientific religion, where religion and science clap together. Vedas are based on religion, science and philosophy.”
                  – Brown
                  Hinduism is the only religion in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. The Hindu literature is work of a GENIUS
                  -Dr. Steinn Sigurdsson, Pennsylvania State University

                  It looks like that the writers of Vedas and Puranas came from the future to deliver knowledge. The works of the Ancient Arya Sages is mind blowing. There is no doubt that Puranas and Vedas are word of God.
                  -Scott Sandford, Space Scientist, NASA

                  “How could Hindus (Aryas) have possibly known all this 6,000 years ago, when scientists have only recently discovered this using advanced equipment which did not exist at that time? Such concepts were found only recently. “
                  -Dr. Kevin Hurley of the University of California at Berkeley

                  Prof. N. Hugen used to be a great critic of the Indian Mythology. However, after investigating more into the concepts of Super Gravity and Anti Gravity, he had also accepted that these together with the hypothesis of the Black Holes could be better understood in light of the insights of Vedic Philosophy.

                  “Finally we came to conclusion that Universe is shaped like a egg but this information was already present in Hindu Literature.”
                  (Alan Kogut, NASA)

                  “This is amazing to find the facts proven only in 20th century
                  already present in Hindu Holy Books”.
                  (D. Gubbins, University of Leeds, Department of Earth Sciences, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK)

                  Erwin Schroedinger (1887-1961), Austrian theoretical physicist, best known for his discovery of wave mechanics, which won him the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1933, wished to see: “Some blood transfusion from the East to the West” to save Western science from spiritual anemia.”

                  ”In all the world,” writes Schroedinger in his book, My View of the World (chapter iv), “there is no kind of framework within which we can find consciousness in the plural; this is simply something we construct because of the temporal plurality of individuals, but it is a false construction….The only solution to this conflict insofar as any is available to us at all lies in the ancient wisdom of the Upanishad.”

                  Religious faith in the case of the Hindus has never been allowed to run counter to scientific laws, moreover the former is never made a condition for the knowledge they teach, but there are always scrupulously careful to take into consideration the possibility that by reason both the agnostic and atheist may attain truth in their own way. Such tolerance may be surprising to religious believers in the West, but it is an integral part of Vedantic belief.
                  – Romain Rolland
                  Standing outside of Cern, which houses the large Hadron collider in Geneva is a statue of the Hindu God Shiva. Shiva is the destroyer or transformer of the world, following Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver. Shiva’s dance is the cosmic cycle of creation and destruction, and even describes the way that particles arise and transform; a perfect analogy for what Cern is trying to accomplish— to unlock the secrets of the Universe or as a person of faith might put it, to know the mind of God, the Universe or Brahman.

                  Sage Kanad (circa 600 BCE) is recognized as the founder of atomic theory, and classified all the objects of creation into nine elements (earth, water, light or fire, wind, ether, time, space, mind and soul). He stated that every object in creation is made of atoms that in turn connect with each other to form molecules nearly 2,500 years before John Dalton. Further, Kanad described the dimension and motion of atoms, and the chemical reaction with one another.
                  The eminent historian, T.N. Colebrook said, “Compared to scientists of Europe, Kanad and other Indian scientists were the global masters in this field.”

                  Dr. Carl Sagan, (1934-1996) famous astrophysicist, in his book, Cosmos, says: “The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology.“

                  Describing the Nataraja, Lord Shiva in the form of cosmic dancer, he says: “These profound and lovely images are, I like to imagine, a kind of premonition of modern astronomical ideas.” Sagan continues, “A millennium before Europeans were willing to divest themselves of the Biblical idea that the world was a few thousand years old, the Mayans were thinking of millions and the Hindus billions.”

                  In the television series “Cosmos”, he acknowledges that of all the world’s philosophies and religions those originating in India are remarkably consistent with contemporary scenarios of space, time and existence.

                  “Amid all the beliefs of Europe, and of Asia, that of the Indian Brahmins seems to me infinitely the most alluring. And the reason why I love the Brahmin more than the other schools of Asiatic thought is because it seems to me to contain them all. Greater than all European philosophies, it is even capable of adjusting itself to the vast hypotheses of modern science. Our Christian religions have tried in vain, when there were no other choice open to them, to adapt themselves to the progress of science. But after having allowed myself to be swept away by the powerful rhythm of Brahmin thought, along the curve or life, with its movement of alternating ascent and return, I come back to my own century, and while finding therein the immense projections of a new cosmogony, offspring of the genius of Einstein, or deriving freely from the discoveries, I yet do not feel that I enter a strange land. I yet can hear resounding still the cosmic symphony of all those planets which forever succeed each other, are extinguished and once more illumined, with their living souls, their humanities, their gods – according to the laws of the eternal To Become, the Brahmin Samsara – I hear Siva dancing, dancing in the heart of the world, in my own heart.” – Romain Rolland

            • Limesh

              Hahahaha,dude, It was Sir Issac Newton of United Kingdom,was the first person in this world developed Calculus to solve complex mathematical problems!First you go and study his first book on calculus!Based on that book,many other mathematicians developed many theories.

        • x

          u talking ‘literacy’ to ppl who realized vedas 10,000 yrs ago, while forefarters of europeans were swinging from trees. the bloody crook christians want to take over the land where the Dam stands now. and also create animosity between Tamils and Mals to disrupt Sabarimala pilgrimage. V know u guys plan for millenniums ahead. This is only a small step in ur grand plan, the unfinished `agenda of christianising India. U bloodthirtsy merceneries of a genocidal Dog. Ur greed for heavenly afterlife and mob hegemony drives u to destroy the very fabric of earth, asuras!

          • Chenthil

            But for the Muslim rule for a 1000 years and Christian rule for 250 years, you veddas would have been just that: ‘Vedas’ which means primitive hunters. Thank God for the cultural, social and personal training you’ve enjoyed for the last one millineum or so.

            • Bhushan

              Thank God that some of your forefathers were forced to convert, raped or bought to give birth to ring worms like you that suck India’s blood, but lick the Bible/Quran, and blindly accept everything that is said in the Churches and Mosques by hardcore fanatics, who have just one agenda – wipe out all other religions/gods.

            • singh

              Barely seven years after Prof. B B Lal penned “The Sarasvati Flows On: The Continuity of Indian Culture” (2002)[ also at Nausharo in pre-partition India (now Pakistan), French excavator Jean-Francois Jarrige], the defiantly-in-denial UPA has been forced to admit the existence of the Pre Harappan civilization- the Vaidic Saraswati Civilisation-the oldest civilisation of India, supporting this bold hypothesis is powerful evidence from hydrology, geology, literature, archaeology and radiocarbon dating, in response to a parliamentary question, the government revealed that a study by scientists of ISRO, Jodhpur, and the Rajasthan Government’s Ground Water Department has found irrefutable evidence of palaeo-channels and archaeological sites of pre-Harappan, Harappan and post-Harappan ages, indicating the existence of a mighty river matching descriptions of the Saraswati in Vedic literature.
              But who were these Vedic people ?
              Were they Aryan invaders as we were taught in school, or indigenous ancestors whose achievements were ‘stolen’ by ascribing them to so-called Aryans, a people who have left no traces of like achievements in any of the lands from where they supposedly descended upon the Indian plains?
              This era also created the ploughshare and spoked wheel, the tandoor and roti, chulha and chapatti, and pots and pans and other vessels of daily use.
              But, who were these Vedic people ?
              There was a rich industry in bead-making, shell, ivory-working, mainly copper and bronze, though gold and silver ornaments had also arrived.
              Truly a Golden Age. The only thing missing is the inscrutable script, surely a precursor to Brahmi, the language that developed later!
              This is augmented by the famous limestone statuette of the Mohenjo-daro priest-king, with his eyes introvert and eyelids half-closed, a meditative form later associated with Buddhist tradition, especially in Tibet and China.
              Yet this form of dhyana is mentioned in the Bhagvadgita (ch. 6, verse 13) which states that the gaze should be fixed on the tip of the nose!
              Town planning, especially given the chaos in our cities today, will remain ancient India’s greatest contribution to civilisation. Be it Kalibangan, or Sisupalgarh near Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, the grid pattern with streets running north-south and east-west was the rage. This, it is pertinent, was an era in which Egypt or Mesopotamia (the West’s favourite ‘cradle’ of civilisation) had no notion of such town planning – which must be conceded was original to India. To cap it all, there were covered drains and manholes for discharge of sullage.
              Bricks were kiln-fired, and there was bonding, with bricks laid out in alternate courses – length-wise and breadth-wise – for strong walls, way back in the third millennium BCE. And clay floors were soled with fragments of terracotta nodules and large pieces of charcoal – to absorb moisture, prevent dampness travelling up the walls, and inhibiting termites!
              But, who were these Vedic people ?
              It is now conclusively established that there was no Aryan Invasion, or even Migration (the current theory). What does remain, however, is a West-led mental resistance to accepting the indigenous origins of the Vedic (Hindu) religion, culture, and civilisation

          • Manoj

            I defute on the conversion issue, still in the rural areas conversion is going on….and it is not just 60 years old issue….then what about the Nilakkal issue 25 years ago?

          • ravi

            Maoists supporting Christian Missionaries in forced conversion
            Archana Bhagat, a 21-year old Vanvasi woman from Jashpur Nagar district of Chhattisgarh, made her way to Delhi to give her testimony before a Tribunal comprising of eminent bureaucrats, retired judges, ambassadors, academicians and journalists on September 5. Her husband was brutally assassinated by missionaries for resisting an onslaught on his Vanvasi culture two years ago, leaving Archana to fend for herself and her ten months baby.

            The proceedings of the Tribunal were conducted under the banner of Forum for Social Justice. The Tribunal comprised of eminent people like former DG of Punjab Police Shri KPS Gill, senior writer Bhavdeep Kang, former IPS Shri PC Dogra, Air Marshal (retd) Shri RS Bedi, Swami Shantatmananda, Justice (retd) Shri Suresh Soni, Justice (retd) Shri BK Gupta, Justice (retd) Shri DS Tewatia, former Ambassador Shri Prabhat Shukla, director of Centre for Policy Studies Dr JK Bajaj, Smt Usha Goel, Shri Vinod Bawari, Shri Shaurya Doval and Col. (retd) Shri PK Panda. The Tribunal, after preparing a detailed report, will present it the Union Minister of Tribal Affairs, different Commissions and authorities with a memorandum within one month.

            Archana Bhagat’s heartbreaking story is not in isolation. More than 100 Vanvasis from different parts of India were in Delhi from September 5 to 6 to appeal to the government authorities to take preventive measures to save their culture, economy and the distinguished way of life.

        • Ram

          As everybody know, the Dam issue is not new, we have to discuss it before something happens, season doesn’t matter. You dont have to wait till 11th hour. Another thing what do you mean by education? Literacy cannot increase culture. We were proud to say about our Culture, but now its getting distorted by invasion OTHERS.

          • Shrini

            Ram December 10, 2011 at 4:53 amAs everybody know, the Dam issue is not new, we have to discuss it before something happens, season doesn’t matter. You dont have to wait till 11th hour. >>>>

            Rightly said!! and I want to add the following to it:

            When Bhishma asked Dhuryodana: What is that you are seeing while aiming the parrot with your arrow, Dhuryodana said the parrot..
            When asked the same question to Arjuna> Arjuna said that he is able to see only the throat of the parrot >>> and that makes the different

            Instead of focusing on the issue & repercussions Vs remedial measures we all are concentrating on unwanted aspects like Dhuryodana and most bothering one is our attitude >> We are so vulnerable that we are getting divided >> We have to over come this because by this way we are influencing our own social & value system.. Jai hind

        • Anonymous

          Dear Mathew
          I want add something more on this subject i.e as per the latest survery Christian population in India is approx. 3%. But they are serving more than 30% of Indian population in education, health and social welfare.

          Hatred can never appreciate this.

          • Bhushan

            Earning bags of money from students,, patients, government funds and millions from church as they do not teach or cure people, they do it to convert them someday. Ace bastards.
            The correct word is cheating, not serving. Christians have no principles. They are jealous of Hindus. They hate Hindus and feel intimidated by Hindus.

            • Anonymous

              You blabbered so much. Now tell me what service have you Hindus done to your own people. You have a problem with Christian missionaries educating and uplifting the poor Dalits of India- for whatever reason or “ulterior motive” as you put it. But the Hindus do nothing to help them but only talk and blame other religions for every thing under the sun! This can only come from Sick fanatical minds who have no real love for the people of India, but go on bullshitting just to satisfy their own debased minds! Pathetic!

    • Ravi Nair

      The dam is a straight gravity masonry dam. For one stone to get out of it all the stones above that should come out. The masonry is of an era when excellent masons where available and the supervision was with very much dedication. In normal course collapse of the dam is not possible. Straight gravity dam stands on its own weight. Weight above each layer is calculated based on water column pressure. However leaks may be there. But in case of an earthquake anything can collapse. This is what is used to frighten people with reason too.TN’s opposition is in loosing the control of dam in case of new dam. Well, church may have an interest in it, I am not sure.

      • Anonymous

        A sane answer amid a cacophony of nonsense. This dam has no risk whatsoever as it is a gravity dam. The heart of the matter is different: Kerala wants to make Tamilnadu’s custodianship over the dam null and void and that can only happen if the existing one is demolished and a new one is built. Tamilnadu has sensed it and doesn’t want any change in its legal privilege over the dam. However, one good thing has happened: change of government in both states, and this can lead to a greater understanding between the two states which in turn can mitigate the insane suspicion on both sides. Bringing the imaginary Christian connection only compounds the woe, making the issue a can of worms. Christians in Kerala have no interest in the dam any more than the other groups in this state.

      • Martin Jacob

        most modern technologies fails …… pinneya 110 kollam munpu undaya dam…..

    • Anonymous

      apt reply man

  6. KVS Ponmood

    This article is a blatant attempt to cause a rift among the peoples of Kerala by injecting religioin into the debate, and divert attention from this dangerous issue of the safety of the Mullaperiyar Dam. Even better built dams have failed within less than a 100 years. See, for example, the failure of the Union Electric Dam in Missouri, USA, and the death and destruction that it has caused. Do not forget that the root cause of the problem lies in the 999-year treaty, which was forced upon a weak Travencore king by the powerful rulers of Madras. How can anyone in the right mind impose a 999-year treaty, which is an insult to the people of Kerala? The only solution I see for this issue is to abrogate the 999-year treaty and build a new dam. And Tamil Nadu should pay the fair value for Kerala’s natural resource it is using, not the Rs. 10,000/year, or whatever the amout is spelled out in the treaty. Once again, please, let’s keep religion out of this debate.

    • IAS

      True, when it floods, it won’t wipe away a particular group. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains all are there in Kerala, particularly in the districts affected. The labour force consists of people from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, West Bengal, UP etc. We should consider it as a national emergency and de-commission the dam as soon as possible. More than water or control over the dam, safety of the people matters more. Many of these area are below sea-level and people from Tamil Nadu must be remembering scenes of Tsunami – don’t make it happen. If anything like that happens, it is a real threat to our federal system and keralites and tamilians will turn enemies forever because every keralite will be affected in one way or the other.

  7. jackjackherrn

    I made a similar chart regarding the pattern of rain in Kerala! I find that there is a tremendous increase of rain during the rainy season and a total absence of it during the summer season. I think the Church is behind it – at least going in line with the main argument of this article!! Congratulations to the author for his tremendous capacity to fantasize!! Please continue to publish such articles. It tickles the sense of humour!!

    • sanjay

      Rain is made by God my friend, but news articles are written by humans who must be told by someone to write them.

    • IndianOcean

      You are really a humerous person, not the article. The two abrahamic faiths are racing around the world and doing all kinds of cunning, conspiracial, vicious programs to establish their own. Africans totally lost their culture, half xian and remaining muslims. Europeans don’t know what was their culture before xianity arrive there. India & China is the remaining place for these two groups come and destroy the culture. All the underground works are going on.

      • nitha

        While the Catholic Church is the oldest and richest predator, other churches including European Protestant, American Baptist, German Lutheran, Pentecostal, New Life, Jehovah’s Witness, Seventh Day Adventists spreading in India like like cancer and aids combined are just as guilty, as predatory, as destructive, as sexually abusive, as anti-Hindu, and as casteist. There is [practise of untouchability in Churches too]. Not only are dalit christians burued separately after death, even in life they have to sit separately in churches. How many dalit pastors and bishops and archbishops do they have and will upper caste christians accept communion from dalit pastors and oriests? Do upper caste christians marry dalit christians?

      • singh

        Why you are worshiping penis of shiva? Why don’t you worship others penis?
        Ans : – Linga in Sanskrit also means symbol – Symbol of Shiva and not Penis.
        Idol & Vigraha is different and shiva linga is a vigraha.A Vigraha can store energy and release energy. The specialty of Shiva Linga can be explained scientifically. There are nearly 200 atomic reactors in this world and nearly 95% of those have the shape of Shiva Linga. If you visit Shiva temple you can see 24 hrs water abisheka in Shiva linga in all the temples and the same process is there in atomic reactors too. A study based on this happened in last 10 years. Scientist Professor Corod Code of Moscow University had taken Kirlian photography (Gas discharge visualization photography) of various vigrahas & he calculated the storage capacity of electro magnetic energy in vigrahas. It is done in Kerala by the leading of BG Group with scientists from America. They discovered that the electromagnetic energy level which can be stored in Shiva Linga is (23×10) 39.That is the specialty of that shape and our ancestors used this because they know that it is good for health.

        • ravi

          Why you worshiping the Idols in temples as it is not even permitted in your Vedas ?
          Vedas says those who have wisdom does not require an Idol. Thus Idol is only for a common man till he reaches higher level of spirituality, as said ‘prathima alpa buddheenaam – prathima’/ idol is meant for common man. It is only a pathway to achieve higher level to reach ‘Brahma jnaanam’. For a real yogi, in Hindu dharma Idol is not needed.
          But idol worship in the temples has psychological, physiological, social, spiritual, cultural and national values to contribute for the members of the society. Indian temples are not just prayer halls it acts also as a quantum healing centers. The customs and rituals of the temples have a strong and proved scientific background.
          Hindus worship in temples. The temples are not merely prayer halls for Hindus, they are the quantum healing centers (kshayaath thraaythe iti kshetra). In temples the light, heat, sound and chemical energies are filled through lighting the lamp, camphor, keeping mirrors, etc. The sound energy through manthra, ringing of the bells, musical instruments, bhajans etc. The chemical energy is from bathies, aromatic flowers and leaves etc. Thus the temples are energization centres in Hindu way of worship. A devotee has to stand for few minutes in the temple environment in front of the vigraha/ idol with sareera ( body) ,mana ( mind), aahaara (food), vaak (words/ talking ) and karma ( deeds) suddhee (purity) for energisation.


    punch into google search SABARIMALA MAKARA VILAKKU VADAKAYIL to find out what is happening!


  9. dravidan

    see in india,how we give freedom of expression,even if its outrageous,inflicting hatred against a community ,anything can be published,any nonsence,proud to be an indian,see another some captain ajit ,visiting all blogs and invites everybody to visit his another b s..t,

    • yes.. you are right.. the freedom of expression, for the christians to openly say “Hindu gods are Satan”, and there is no one to question or control it..

      • Anonymous

        dear senthil, whts gonna happen when dam collapse ?(will happen in 5 yrs) who is gonna lose ? 40 lakh people from central kerala will die including 20 lakh hindus. tamilnadu NEVER GONNA GET PERMISSION TO BUILD DAM IN KERALA.
        and your 4 tamil sditricts will be fall into draught. think now.

      • singh

        The primary objective of the Thomas-in-India or Jesus-in-India stories is to vilify Brahmins and malign the Hindu religion and community. The second is to present Christianity as an indigenous religion – not a piece of western imperialism. A deeper aim is to insinuate it as the ‘original’ religion of the Tamil people. Finally, it is to help Syrian Christians maintain their caste identity, their claim to be Jews or Brahmins, descendants of Namboodiris converted by St Thomas in the 1st century.

  10. Rajan Das

    Well, is this article in favour of Tamil argument or the Malayalee argument on the dam issue???

  11. Rajandas

    Cutting through the verbal diahorrea of this article is exacting. Is this article saying that the dam is strong enough and that only the Church is saying that it’s going to break?? Going by the demographical reality of Christians outnumbering the hindus in the downstream districts perhaps the hindu fundamentalists are now drumming up support against them, ending up supporting the Tamils in this dam issue. Strange, but could end up dividing the Malluperiyar stance of the Mullaiperiyar dam. Gungho!

  12. S

    @Rajan Das

    YOU asked “Well, is this article in favour of Tamil argument or the Malayalee argument on the dam issue???

    Read 4th para.( It seems the author had written this for the benefit of imbeciles like you)

    “It is not the intent of this article to argue for or against a party in this dispute. In fact this is not about either the historical aspects of water sharing treaty between the states or the safety aspects of the dam.”

    • Rajan Das

      you udderless buffalo, you’ve asked me to read para 4; that’s a short sputtering of the verbal diahorrea the author was suffering from; and now you seem to understand it. Were you standing at the receiving end?? What a joke. This article should be consigned to the dust bin even before it sees the light of day; it’s trash and should be treated as such. And coming to you, the one championing the cause of this article; you are a sad, sad man and a total loser.

      • Anonymous

        I am happy to see at least one Hindu is realizing the seeds of hatred in this article. Religion was never a problem in Kerala. And let it not be.. This is an interesting story, but that’s all.. I am least affected by this dam as I am based in Calicut and settled out of India. But I am also concerned about people residing around these premises.. Listen to the interviews of those poor people and see the agony in their eye before supporting this author.. Let us build a dam and let us also give water to Tamilnadu as per prevailing agreements.. Let all of us behave like true Indians..

  13. JGN

    @ Ranjan Das, the message posted above by Mr. KVS Ponmood is the factual position of the case. Stop halucinating.

  14. S

    Just ask yourself why this article makes you so ‘angry’?
    What is your favourite avoidance technique when truth stares you in the face?
    Don’t believe a word of this article.Just check out for yourself , the role of church in this issue after 2005 (including the ‘chapathu’ resistance)

    • JGN

      @ S, Church has NO role in this issue; it is purely a technical matter (whether the present dam will withstand the vageries of nature for long) and also whether a new dam needs to be constructed in its place. Any unfortunate incident (damage to the dam) will wipe out the entire population down-stream and it will not spare any one based on Caste,Creed,Colour,Religion orRegioon. It will also put to an end a valuable source of water for Tamil Nadu as no power on earth will be able to rebuild a dam again in its place!!

      @PopeDas, it is not only Hindus (orNairs) who will be affected if there is a breach in the Dam. YourDeadJew on theStick is not going to save those who got some dirty water sprinkled on theirHead!!!!!!!

      • Ranjan das

        Cow urine drinking, penis (lingam) worshipping hindus have no idea of what is holy and what is filth. Life is a masala for them: a mix of everything. Today you guys will be against the existence of the dam, and the next day you’ll hold on to the dam, if someone says there is a foreign conspiracy behind the agitation. Why don’t you drink cow’s milk instead of its urine? Grow up you dafts.

        • S

          Ranjan Das,
          No surprise here,May 29 is laard’s day.
          good to know the kind of ‘inspiration’ you get from your “sermons”

        • Indian Realist

          Grown up people don’t believe in flying dead bodies.

          • Anonymous

            Grown up people don’t believe in Prostrating before a PENIS (lingam) cut out of stone too!

            • Anonymous

              No, grown ups prostrate before a Jew who was originally nailed to a tree and which was later turned into a Roman torture instrument.

        • x

          @ Ranjan dias

          language! your mamma taught you this ? It tells us about the environs in which she worked when she produced you.

        • Mr. Ranjan das,

          If you dont want your penis, cut and throw it out.. why do you keep a filthy part with your body..

        • ray

          Urine Description of Cow Urine

          Table – Chemical contents of cow urine and cure of diseases as per them. Yes Cow Urine (Gomutra) Benefits are there. Check the science behind this with given below table.S. No. Name of chemical Effect of chemical on diseases
          1 Nitrogen N2 ,NH2 Removes blood abnormalities and toxins, Natural stimulant of urinary track, activates kidneys and it is diuretic.
          2 Sulphur S Supports motion in large intestines. Cleanses blood.
          3 Ammonia NH3 Stabilise bile, mucous and air of body. Stabilises blood formation.
          4 Copper Cu Controls built up of unwanted fats
          5 Iron Fe Maintains balance and helps in production of red blood cells & haemoglobin. Stabilises working power.
          6 Urea CO(NH2)2 Removes blood abnormalities and toxins, Natural stimulant of urinary track, activates kidneys and it is diuretic.
          7 Uric Acid C5H4N4O3 Removes heart swelling or inflammation. It is diuretic therefore destroys toxins.
          8 Phosphate P Helps in removing stones from urinary track.
          9 Sodium Na Purifies blood. Antacid
          10 Potassium K Cures hereditary rheumatism. Increases appetite. Removes muscular weakness and laziness.
          11 Manganese Mn Germicidal, stops growth of germs, protects decay due to gangrene.
          12 Carbolic Acid HCOOH Germicidal, stops growth of germs and decay due to gangrene.
          13 Calcium Ca Blood purifier, bone stregthener, germicidal, ?? Rakta skandak ??
          14 Salt NaCl Sanyas vishamta ?? decreases acidic contents of blood, germicidal
          15 Vitamins A,B,C,D,E Vitamin B is active ingredient for energetic life and saves from nervousness and thirst, strengthens bones and reproductive ingredient for energetic life and saves from nervousness and thirst, strengthens bones and reproductive power.
          16 Other Minerals Increase immunity
          17 Lactose C6H12O6 Gives satisfaction. Strengthens Mouth, strengths heart, removes thirst and nervousness.
          18 Enzymes Make healthy digestive juices, increase immunity.
          19 Water (H2O) It is life giver. Maintains fluidity of blood, maintains body temperature.
          20 Hipuric Acid CgNgNox Removes toxins through urine.
          21 Creatinin C4HgN2O2 Germicidal.
          22 Aurum Hydroxide AuOH It is germicidal and increases immunity power. It is highly antibiotic and anti-toxic

  15. Rajan Das

    Check it out for yourself you moron. 90% of the people who are agigating in favour of dismantling the existing dam and building a new one are the hindus, especially the nairs, who swear that the erstwhile Travancore king was coerced into signing the 999 year agreement for Tamil nadu to be the custodian of the dam. The hindus are the one who are vehemently against this agreement that was ratified in the 1970s; and to think that the Christians are behind the whole current agigation is nothing but bull. This is a conspiracy theory devoid of substance that does not merit any serious discussion. Ironically, this article written supposedly by a Malayali only benefits the Tamils, who desperately want to hold on to the current status for the dam.

  16. S

    Stop being a ‘pope’ dasa.
    Even the current agitators ( in Kerala) are not against the Thamizh people getting water.
    This article only highlights the dubious role played/being played by a global organisation from both the sides.

  17. S

    “@ S, Church has NO role in this issue”
    What makes you so sure about this??

  18. Sunil P

    no ordinary keralite any where has said that water will not be given to TN.Only those equating cauvery and palar issue are going about saying such things as blocking of water etc.Be rest assured ,kerala has enough check systems to ensure every human being born on this mother earth lives with dignity ,and freedom. for instance, they don’t have to feed and bathe so many non malayalees seeking shelter in the orphanages and old age homes from all around.

  19. Ranjan das

    Kerala doesn’t provide shelter to non-malayalees. The only organisations in Kerala that provides food and shelter to poor malayalees as well as non-malayalees are the Christian church based organizations. Charity is a cherished Christian virtue. Among the brahmins tossing some leftover food on the rooftop for the birds to feed is considered to be the ultimate in charity; in fact, it is not even charity; it’s just good housekeeping or waste management.

    • Indian Realist

      “Charity is a cherished Chritian virtue.” I am sure Red Indians and Blacks have something to say about Xian charity.

      • Anonymous

        Charity is indeed a cherished Christian Value. Can you point out a single “black” who opposes this view then? Blacks today are known to be the staunchest Christian believers of today! Dont talk when you know nothing!

    • Yes.. by working with british to make the keralites poor and then portray themselves as saviour.. your paruppu will not boil here.. how long will you keep on repeating this non-sense story..

      and NOT to mention about how the poor had been treated as in sister abhaya case or the sexual harassment of the church fathers..

    • Martin Jacob

      you are adding to the filth man… charity is there in every religion!! actualy its a trait of the person and is not realy attached to the religion…

      This man indian realist is a complete racist…

    • Malayalees

      Some interesting stories of Christian love and charity!

    • Sakthi

      Mr. Pop Dasa
      Christian missionaries are having a wine and women halleluya here…they are brining black money here….they are spoiling the economical stabilisation here….Sonia marriying Rajiv itself is a plot by Rome…

  20. S

    “Charity is a cherished Christian virtue”
    The ‘natives’ of the ‘americas’ were not aware of this ” Christian virtue”.
    They paid very dearly for this mistake.

    • Rajan Das

      Yea, very dearly. Read the history of the Incas and the Mayas: Thousands of human beings sacrificed every year to please their deities for rain, prosperity, winning wars, etc; standard of life not nearing those of the wolves and the bisons. The Spainiards came, conquered and civilized them. As a result, today we have countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, Argentina that have living standards better than India’s. If Europeans hadn’t conquered the natives, we’d not have these great North American countries such as USA and Canada. grow up!

      • Indian Realist

        “Read the history of the Incas and the Mayas: Thousands of human beings sacrificed every year to please their deities for rain, prosperity, winning wars, etc”
        So you cured them of “superstitiions” by killing them all and raping their women. Talking about superstitions, I am sure a dead body coming alive and flying into the sky is very scientific.

      • Indian Realist

        Grow up from these infantile superstitions of dead bodies coming alive, you retard Rajan Das. In this age, this kind of nonsense is hilarious.

        • Martin Jacob

          there was 20million red indians in america when columbus came.. now there is only 1 lakh ….what happened to the other ??? vanished into the air?? …..just because every thing is done by church dosent make it good!

        • Anonymous

          Then you should be laughing at literally every line written in your Gita and Mahabharata! They are full of “Hilarious” Myths and stories, and the entire world knows them and approves them as mere “Myths”. So you should be growing up more than asnyone else, Mr Indian Realist!

      • Prahalad

        re: Rajan Das
        Dude stop believing everything your missionary masters tell you. South American countries standard of living is below any Asian country including the likes of Bengladesh. When you fill in the landing card of any airport/country in the world they will specifically ask you to verify if you have been to South America or Africa in the last 30 days.

      • Senthil

        The Spainiards came, conquered and civilized them. As a result, today we have countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, Argentina that have living standards better than India’s.////

        Indigenous population of Brazil is 0.28 %. The Incas and Mayas they never ate Amazon forest. They volunteered their heroism. The Spanish and other colonial raid and plundering, eats everything there and are converting them in to a desert.

  21. S

    “standard of life not nearing those of the wolves and the bisons. ”
    May be thats why our ‘noble’ looters took away all the wealth from their countries.

    “The Spainiards came, conquered and civilized them. As a result, today we have ….have these great North American countries such as USA and Canada. grow up!

    Great stuff!!

  22. JGN

    Rajan Das, hundreds of thousands of women were burnt across Europe due to just one sentence in The Bible (Thou Shall Not Suffer A Witch to Live). Christianity had an ugly history which majority of present day believers are unaware of. The had wiped out entire civilizations of Europe, America, major parts of Africa and Australia. Have you heard of the “Missing Generations” of Australia? The so-called Christian Charity is nothing but business tactics.

    What is really surprizing is the eagerness of the neo-converts in India to justify the atrocities committed in the name of Christianity the world over. The Islamic terrorism of more than 1400 years is “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” compared to the atrocities committed by the Christians.

    • Indian Realist

      These rice-bag brown converts are more loyal than the king — even Whites today openly admit atrocities committed by Christian thugs. But the brown converts become sepoys of the Whites and defend their history at every opportunity, much to the amusement of the Whites.

      • Ranjan das

        Who has kept the European Sonia Gandhi as the Queen of India: the Christians or the hindus? For the aryan hindus, Sonia is the fairest of them all. Of course, Sonia Gandhi as a person and as a leader is far superior to most others-that’s beside the point. Nevertheless, it’s the hindu mass that kowtows to the whites: go to any tourist area and the see the respect the whites get compared to the others. See the adoration that white leaders get when they visit our nation. The hindus have no self-respect. It’s common knowledge that hindus suffer from the worst case of inferiority complex on planet earth, especially in front whites.

    • JGN

      LMAO!!!!! Have you read the speech of Martin Luther King Jr (I have a dream…………………….) ?? At least in India the lower castes were not eliminated like your Machineries had done in Amrika! Btw the Black Americans are not descandants of native Americans but descandants of African Slaves. There are separate churches and burial grounds for BlackChristians.

      • Ranjan das

        That’s how a hindu in whose society there are different cups for different castes at the tea shop will think. I can’t blame you. Don’t you know the ethnicity of Barak Obama the president of America? hinduism enslaves, Christianity liberates.

        • JGN

          ROFLMAO!!!!!! Mamu, the late Jagjivan Ram was our Defence Minister for years together. The late K.R.Narayanan was our President. How many years the Amrikans have taken to elect a “half-white” as their President? So far they have not elected a woman as their President. Even nasant democracies like India, Pakistan and Bengladesh had woman Prime Ministers. When will you stop singing the praise of the white-skinned Amrikans? So far as they are concerned, you are also a Brown Nigger.

          Any way if you are in Amrika, pl save your rear end from KKK instead of worrying about the Hindus in India. Just two days back a ricebag convert from AP was shot dead in Canada.

          • Ranjan das

            Oh yea! Where were thousands of women burnt to death (sati)?: in your ‘sacred’ hindu cow belt. And you needed a white English Viceroy to stop it. Where are female babies selectively killed? In the cow belt; certainly not among the Muslim or Christian population. Where do human sacrifices take place? (listening to hindu tantris hindu parents killing their children to find treasures) Where do people divide society into groups according to colour (varna) and relegate some groups to untouchables: in ‘sacred’ hindu religion; hinduism is the worst curse to humanity and in the thousands of years of its sway in this beautiful land of ours, the influence of hinduism only produced the highest percentage of blind, mentally deranged and handicapped people, in the world; besides producing bigots like you. Thankfully, we have a white women leading India now and there is yet hope for this land.

        • Indian Realist

          Do catholics marry protestants?

        • Druv

          are you an absolute idiot? stop humiliating yourself with your absolute stupidity.

          Your pea brained idiocentric comments are dumbfounding.

          Stop your nonsense.

        • Prahalad

          re: Ranjan das
          Dude I dare you to visit the bible belt of the USA or rural parts of Australia. I can guarantee that in some rural towns you will be killed on sight by your civilised masters because of your skin colour. Also you want be allowed to even enter certain churches as there are separate churches for different races and denominations of Christianity.

    • Anonymous

      You said so much against Christianity. You should then be making yourself aware of what the Hindus had done to the Indian society. The predominantly Buddhist population of the South was converted to Hinduism by the invading Aryans who practiced the Vedic Hindu religion. Many Buddhist temples including “Sabarimalai” were converted into Hindu places of worship. The religion also brought with it the social evil of Casteism, whose effects can still be seen to this day!

  23. JGN

    Rajan Das, Tea shops are owned by individuals and there is no control over what they do even if what you have written is true. There are separate seats, separate communion cups, burial grounds, and churches for members of the lower castes, especially in the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic churches in India are largely controlled by upper caste Priests and nuns. Presently in India, more than 70% of Catholics are Dalits, but the higher caste Catholics (30% by estimates) control 90% of the Catholic churches administrative jobs . Out of the 156 catholic bishops, only 6 are from lower castes. What about this??

    • Ranjan das

      Tea shop owners are members of the society who follow social norms. Their behaviour reflects their creed. By the way, the stats you’ve provided are a figment of your imagination or taken from spurious sources such as hindu journals. The dalits of India have 3 sources of relief, and they have sought asylum in any one of them: Jesus, Buddha or Allah. And the number of converts to these religions are increasing by the day. If there is gross discrimination in these religions towards the dalits, they (dalits) would’ve abandoned these religions. The fact that it has not happened and on the other hand there are greater conversions now only counter your spurious arguments.

      • Indian Realist

        Does God have a daughter?

      • Prahalad

        re: Ranjan das
        So why is there such a thing as Dalit Christians if Christianity is so liberating?


          @Rajan Das
          And why do they speak against Hinduism all the time, if Christianity makes you so secure. Why do converts apply for SC/ST jobs if tey are not discriminated and poor? XTIANITY IS A COMPLETE FARCE, A MONEY MAKING, FASCIST, SEXUALLY EXPLOITING BUSINESS HOUSE, NOTHING MORE.

  24. Praveen

    Really nice attempt to divide the people of Kerala by creating a religious angle to a Dam issue. Keralites see Mullaperiyar issue in two angles. 1, The issue of safety of a 110 years old gravity dam . Whether people die or not die, Tamilnadu wants water. 2, Tamilnadu’s attempt to claim ownwership over a dam which is located inside the territory of Kerala and built across a river which starts from Kerala, flows through Kerala and ends up in the Arabian sea. How would you feel, when someone comes to your home and claim ownership on something which you own. The attempt to bring a religious colour into the issue is nothing but a deliberate attempt to sow the seeds of hatred in a land known for is vibrant culture and secular credentials. Pathethic….

  25. JGN

    >>>>Thankfully, we have a white women leading India now and there is yet hope for this land>>>>>whom should we thank for that? CIA/KGB or the late Rajiv Gandhi??

    Btw she is also ruling the country in the name of the nasty dynasty of a rotten Kashmiri Brahmin. What happens to your pathological hatred for the “hathens” when it comes to the nasty dynasty??

    Mamu, Christianity and Islam are not religions but political ideologies meant for subjugating the whole world. While the Christians, armed with a Papal Bull, set out to conquer the entire world for Jesus, the Muslims set out to reclaim the world from the infidels with their Swords! No Indian had gone to any other country on a war like expedition!

    Pl read “Asia and Western Dominance” by K.M.Panikkar, noted Historian and Diplomat to know what were the agendas of the European Christian colonizers. You can download this book free of charge from the net.

    The European Christian colonizers and Islamic invaders had their own agenda. They were not here to improve the lot of the natives.

    The Indian sub-continent had a civilized life when the ancestors of the while-skinned Europeans and Amrikans were swinging from tree to tree.

    • Praveen

      @JGN. The Idea that India never invaded another country in itself is a pure myth. The country named India came into existence under the British. Before the advent of European colonists, the India which you mention was a region with several warring states exactly like the Europe during the same period. Please refer history texts of India to acertain this fact. The spread of Hinduism in Compodia and the history of Angkor Wat Temple is a proof to this. No religion or culture in the world has a clean record in this regard. People who are in power always use religion as a tool to fool people and secure their thrones and no religion or culture has been immune to this.

      • JGN

        Praveen, you are too eager to teach history and geography to a hathen like me but you are silent on the abusrd claims of your co-religionist “Ranjan Das” who is telling the hathens that had it not been for the white-skinned Europeans, the Indian sub-continent might have submerged in the Arabian Sea. What brought the White-skinned Elite Europeans to a “God-foresaken” country like India? Was it an altruistic motive to civilize the hathens?

        Though ancient India comprised of a number of small kingdoms, there was a common thread running beneath. Adi Shankara had established his Maths at four parts of India. Our Epics talks about places as far away as Gandhara (in present day Afghanistan) to Sri Lanka. The period of Chandragupta Maurya is known as The Golden Period of Indian History and that pre-dates even Christianity. The Universities at Nalanda and Taxshila were famous the world over.

        Angor Wat is the largest temple complex in the world. I have not read any where that any Indian king had fought any war with the native kings of Cambodia and enslaved the natives. Btw there are no temples more than 300 years old any where in the North India.

        Yes, I do agree that India as it is today did not exist prior to 1947 but credit for unification of the country goes to Sardar Vallabhai Patel, V.P.Menon and millions of freedom fighters. Even the present State of Kerala did not exist prior to 1956. Kerala comprised to Travancore-Cochin states and Malabar under Madras Presidency directly ruled by the Britishers. Sir C.P.Ramaswamy had boasted that he will make Travancore an “Independent Country” but we all know what an ignominious exit he had (his nose was chopped-off)!!

        If there was no common bond, it was just impossible to create a Country called India from thin air!! Why there are a number of small countries in the Arabian Gulf though they all follow the same Religion and speak the same Language? Why there are so many small countries in Europe? Why the people with One God, One God’s Son and One Book could not unify their landmass?? The EU came into existence very recently only.

        India is a continent sized country with over 1600 languages and followers of all major religions in the world. There is no other country with as much diversity in the world. Instead of celebrating our “diversity” you guys are just spitting venom on the hathens/pagans/kafirs and expect that they will suffer the insults you heap on them till eternity!

        • Rajan Das

          India is the gift by Colonizers who put together more than 500 kingdoms as one country for their administrative convenience. If not for British colonization we’d not have a country called India. Let’s be thankful to the British.

      • Martin Jacob

        you have said the point …. no religion no matter what has no clean history

  26. x

    “God is not christian”- Desmond Tutu.

    “We are supposed to proclaim the God of love, but we have been guilty as Christians of sowing hatred and suspicion; we commend the one whom we call the Prince of Peace, and yet as Christians we have fought more wars than we care to remember. We have claimed to be a fellowship of compassion and caring and sharing, but as Christians we often sanctify sociopolitical systems that belie this, where the rich grow ever richer and the poor grow ever poorer, where we seem to sanctify a furious competitiveness, ruthless as can only be appropriate to the jungle.” –

    Wonder why the padre equates christian depradations to jungle, for jungle nurtures Nature, unlike the cancer called christianity.

  27. JGN

    @ Ranjan das >>>>>>>The hindus have no self-respect. It’s common knowledge that hindus suffer from the worst case of inferiority complex on planet earth, especially in front whites>>>>>> I had worked with Engineers form USA, UK, Irland, Russia, Korea, Japan, etc on a number of projects. I have never felt that the Indian Engineers are in any way inferior to the white-skinned Europeans/Amrikans. In fact we made world renowned consultants, Binnie and Partners, U.K. to change the design/specifications of a project as the same were heavily loaded in favour of manufacturers from their country. Also I had very bad experience with products from USA, that too highly sophisticated products like Slip-energy recovery system!! The Electric Motors manufactured in India by BHEL are better than the Motors manufactured by Shinko, Japan.

    The converts are neither fish nor fowl. They do not have any proud in their native land and her culture & civilization but they have not been accepted by the original followers of their adopted faiths as equal to them. So they are suffering from inferiority complex.

    Btw what makes you use an apparent Indian name instead of name from the West Asian Literatures?

  28. JGN

    The converts are neither fish nor fowl. They do not have any proud in their native land and her culture & civilization but they have not been accepted by the original followers of their adopted faiths as equal to them. So they are suffering from inferiority complex.

  29. Sony

    He is a Psycho…

  30. S

    @’Kristhu’ rajan das,

    Travancore king Sree Chithira Thirunaal was a life long bachelor. You are showing your real knowledge in these things now.

  31. Jayachandran

    Chithira Thirunaal never married; in fact, as the rumour goes CP Ramaswamy had sexual affairs with Sethu Lakshmi Bayi the Regent for Chithira Thirunaal of Travancore. The affair between the two led to many compromises in Travancore administration, in favour of CP Ramaswamy. Even the Mullaiperiyar agreement is an example of one such anamolies. CP was a womanizer, and the Regent was a willing paramour. Bedtime antics played havoc with the fate of the Travancore people.

  32. S

    first some history lessons:
    Mullaperiyar Agreement – 1895
    Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bayi’s reign ( as regent) 1924-1931
    Sree Chithirunal’s reign from 1931 onwards
    C.P.Ramaswamy Aiyar’s association with Travancore from 1931 onwards

    • Jayachandran

      So, you mean to say that Sir CP has sexual relationship with Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bayi only after 1931?

      • S

        Jayachandran Sir,
        You got it wrong there
        He was having relationship with you from 1931 onwards. Rumours say that it was based on mutual love.

        • Balan Asari

          The Tamil brahmin had the guts to have sexual relationships with the Malayalee queen. Alliances should be based on mutual respect, not through sexual predations. I strongly condemn CPs strategies.

        • Nanu Asari

          What audacity this Tamil brahmin had in seducing a Malayalee queen to bed. Alliances should be based on mutual respect, not through sexual predations. This is one reason that the upper caste in Kerala such as Namboodiris, Menons and Nairs don’t have much respect among the Tamils and why Malayalees dislike Tamils.

  33. S

    @Kristu das proxies,
    Think harder. Maybe “muscat’ heat is affecting your brains.

  34. Believer.

    Well- I guess the Author got what he wanted , he started a Hindu-Christian rift here, and now there is a lot of factual and fictional mud slinging .

    If church is behind this entrie motion for a new dam – I would say well done. The contract is for 999 years and anyone who believes a dam would last for so long is clearly hallucinating.

    @Rajan Das – I dont know whether you are a Christian or not, but if you are you are sending a wrong message to the community. The world should know we are chrisitans by our love and deeds not words.

    I have seen a lot of comments here about early christianity being terrorists.Yes , being the first religion to have a formal hierarchy , there were quite a few unpleasantaries due to wrong teachings of the then leaders, who didn’t make a proper transformation from paganism to chritianity- Similar to the caste system in our country.

    Hinduism and Christianity are more of a way of life , than a religion, coz unlike most religions, these two emphasise on the approach the followers should have towards a fellow human beings , rather than on worldly rituals.The Gita and Bible shows the path to brotherhood not hatred. So my humble request is lets not allow anyone to cause a rift among Indians in the name of religion , language , caste or creed. The seed of hatred sowed in 1947 is still causing this country to bleed.
    God bless all.

    • Dear Believer,
      After reading very long and worse statements of people your post soothes the wound in my heart….
      Only this spirit is indeed in a secular country like India…..
      Keep it up

  35. What

    Guys.come on why are we fighting on this trivial issue.

    Mr.Rajan Das please stop ridiculous comments. Even the holy pope has condemned earlier christin atrocities. Lets not try to marginalize it. Christian missionaries have their own motives and its well known. Its totally delusional to think otherwise

    Mr.JGN – you have pointed out Mary cheating on her husband, lets not forget that such instances of divine pregnancy are galore in our puranas – Pandavas divinely conceived from Dharma,Vayu , Indra , Ashwini devas respectively. Hanuman born of Vayu. And about dead arising – Hope you are aware of Ahalya’s story in Ramayana, Ganesha himself was killed and resurrected by Lord Shiva.

    Lets try to follow goodness in each religion , rather than have non-tolerance towards others.

  36. sharat

    Hinduism is the most tolerant religion
    Ancient india was the most civilised and developed but it started degrating after the inquest of all those bloody desert religions.
    why the hell the christians deny that they were behind the arson of sabarimala arson,they r behind north east terror???

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a Hindu fanatic/RSS guy, with a clear propaganda. Why do you Hindus love blaming the Christians and the Muslims for every problem in your community? What joy do you get out of it?

  37. Nanu Asari

    Good news of the week: Mud- headed and bigotry filled Subramanian Swamy has been debarred from teaching in Harvard for his hate filled article ‘how to wipe out islamic terror from india’. India should take a cue from this and take similar measure to bring senses to this senseless cretin. Rumour has it that subu could be barred from entering the U.S.A.

    • Indian Realist

      Presumably, tolerant are those who say “our God is true, your God is false.”

    • Bhushan

      So, you, who say that Islamic terror should NOT be wiped out form India, should be given a red carpet welcome in the US? have you forgotten what Americans did to Saddam, and now Gaddaffi? Swamy will win his fight against the devil SG, who is stacking India’s money in Italy. What is your share?

  38. tamilnadu increase water level mostly at the end of monsoon season in idukki. thts why there will be leackage and flooding creates surrounding areas. thats why medias started to highlight the issue. water level will be reduce by april and people forget it untill next flood. Sabarimala is proud of kerala. its not only just for hindus faith followers.all keralites are proud about sabarimala and its message of harmony of faiths of Sri ayyappa and sufi vavar sami. my dear author, you have to give up your north indian Rss mentality. this is kerala, we live in harmoney for 2000 years. mullaperiyar is the biggerst and dangerous humanitarian crisis which is kerala facing. if you interested in mullaperiyar issue please follow us on….

  39. S

    @nanu thomas
    “Good news of the week: Mud- headed and bigotry filled Subramanian Swamy has been debarred from teaching in Harvard for his hate filled article ‘how to wipe out islamic terror from india’. India should take a cue from this and take similar measure to bring senses to this senseless cretin. Rumour has it that subu could be barred from entering the U.S.A.”

    It seems your ‘good news’ is of the same quality of your ‘other’ good news.
    It aint happening it seems…

    @Shafi Mohd
    Read the article and its conclusion once more. The writer is a malayali.
    and he is saying that this whole mullaperiyar issue is being hijacked as a tamil V kerala issue, when the underlying reasons are something entirely different.

    Can you see some similarities between Mullaperiyar issues and the recent Koodunkulam issue?

    • dear thomas,
      thanks for ur reply. mr.nair highlighted in the article that mullaperiyar issue mostly discussed in the media between october and feb. i mean to say that mullaperiyar dam increase its water level in october to jan to store more water caz of end of rainy reason in idukki.thats why media discuss that. everyone respect sabarimala including local christians and muslims. local MLA Raju Thomas
      is the key person who campaign for years to improve transportation facility for sabarimala. i am a tamil supporter and i respect the hardworking mentality of tamil people and i believe they are our ancient dravidian brothers. i do believe kerala doesnt have any moral right to have mullaperiyar water, that water belongs to tamil people who live in theni and surrounding districts of tamilnadu. they are not getting this water by rain because of rainshadow of high altitude of eastern ghatt. but they cant store this water in an ancient dam which is expired 100 years ago.
      they can build a new dam and have water. we are so happy, this is not a kerala-tamil nadu issue, its a life-death issue. kerala will be a velley of death when mullaperiyar dam fail.(i dont use the word if, beacuase we know tht dam will definitely fail very soon.)

      • Janani

        On what basis do u say that Kerala has no rights on the waters. The river flows from western ghats to Lakshadeep sea. The waters are diverted for the humane purpose for Tamilnadu people.Does Tamilnadu provide free electricity or anything free to Kerala ? Water is more precious than electricity and you have no rights telling Kerala has no rights on its own waters. Tamilnadu government should find intelligent ways to reserve and store water during the heavy rains that they get. Instead of wasting public money on useless schemes, the government should plan at storing and using the huge water during floods and rainy seasons. Instead of using land and waters intelligently, asking or threatening other states are no solution for the future.

        • Nanu Asari

          Tamils have custodian rights over Mullaiperiyar dam and not ownership rights. The custodian rights for 999 years was ratiified in 1975 between the then Kerala and Tamilnadu chief ministers. As such, this agreement has to be honoured in letter and spirit. If the dam is found to be unsafe and if a new dam has to be built, so be it, but the agreement for the new dam will be the same as the old one: for 999 years. This will secure safety for Keralites and water for Tamils.

        • Anonymous

          no moral right for water,but legal right is there because dam is in kerala. the rain which pour in western ghatt and idukki supposed to be pour in eastern tamilnadu, but because of rain shadow rain pour in keral instead of tamilnandu. we got enough water in kerala, and got to give mullaperiyar water to TN.

      • Triby

        @shafi, you’re talking sense except for the moral right thing

  40. ravi

    A 10-million-dollar 3D Hollywood movie inspired by these controversies, titled Dam 999, is scheduled for release in 2011.

    • S

      “A 10-million-dollar 3D Hollywood movie inspired by these controversies, ”
      Inspired or is it the otherway ??
      Read the article once more.

  41. Human Being

    There won’t be any route to Sabarimala if the dam breaks. Everything will be under water.

    Don’t make nonsense articles like connecting Gandiji and Bruce Lee.

  42. Janani

    Even though connection between Mulliperiyar and Sabarimala may be doubtful to an extend, what the author has mentioned about the attempted destruction of the sabarimala temple few decades back is absolutely true. Most malayalees are not aware of this, but during that period, there were many other attempts by christians to convert temples to churches and I have personally seen crosses planted in front of some temples. Only after that the court intervened in the issue.

  43. CommonMan

    I think the author is an RSS spokesperson or something and iam quite sure that he is not residing in any part of central kerala…if he was he would never had wrote this filthy article relating an issue of a dam which is gonna burst soon to a narrow lens of relegion.

    Mr Bharat Nair,i request you to come and visit Mullaperiyar and then Sabarimala before making such irrational comments.Dude you must understand that if something happens to the dam,even Sabarimala will be washed away along with four districts in kerala.

    Let me introduce myself.Iam a human being from Kottayam district of kerala and if you ask in which god do u believe in..i will have to say that iam a christian.
    Now lets come to facts

    1.There is a strike going on for more than 500 days(READ it..not 500 days during pilgrimage season) against the delay in constructing a new Dam in mullaperiyar and it is not organized by any church or temple ,but by the common man.

    2.Just check out the Documentary by Sohan Roy titled Dam the water bombs .Sohan Roy is a marine engineer and i guess he understand the stress levels of dam better than we do.

    3.Mullaperiyar was never designed to exceed 50 years and now its 115 years .

    4.Dont blame christians for the earthquake that hit the district of idukki last week and again last year.

    5.Many expert commities (governmental and NGOS) have prepared various reports citing the dangerous situation of the dam…Please have a walkthrough it.

    Now on the way to Sabarimala do mail me cos iam staying nearby it.
    I can show you around about the place where hindus,muslims and christians are living in peace with each other.Unlike other parts of kerala ,central kerala has never had any commmunal violence (as far as i know).

    So please dont preach us about communal harmony if you are a resident of north kerala or south kerala.

    • Bhushan

      No one is preaching communal harmony. (BTW, it is the only weakness of Hindus.) We want an alterantive to the dam to be built first. When you people cannot allow small churches and dargahs in the middle of the roads to be transplanted, ho can you expect Hindus to severe Sabarimala? I think you are a spokesman of church which has a single-point agenda to convert people and earn a living.

      • Anonymous

        You spoke of churches in the middle of roads. Well, look at the streets of Tamil Nadu and you will know how a thousand temples dedicated to a thousand known and unknown deities stand in the middle of crowded streets and public spaces! Come on, your argument may appeal only to the debased RSS minds who have a clear fanatic propaganda!

  44. S

    Dear Common man Sir,

    First things first.
    “1.There is a strike going on for more than 500 days(READ it..not 500 days during pilgrimage season) against the delay in constructing a new Dam in mullaperiyar and it is not organized by any church or temple ,but by the common man.”

    Just Please go and learn who started the people and the organisations which initiated the ‘sit ins’. Please google it and then come back for further discussion.


  45. Devan


    Do or Die?

    New Dam or Perish?

    Why hurt each other? better to die as friends!!!

  46. S

    Common Man Sir,
    As You have not replied so far, I will give some ‘old’ news.
    (Tuesday, Dec 05, 2006)

    Read the headings : “Mullaperiyar stir peaceful in State” – “Agitators threaten to divert reservoir waters”

    “The agitators who sat in protest at the junction were addressed by Fr. Joy Nirappel, chairman of the joint action council. He said the tone and tenor of the next phase of agitation would be decided by the outcome of the Ministerial level talks between Kerala and Tamil Nadu this month. If the talks failed, they would intensify their agitation. They would be satisfied by nothing less than dismantling of the Baby Dam, he said.”

    Saturday, Dec 26, 2009
    “Mullaperiyar: relay strike completes three years”

    “Strike was launched on Christmas day in 2006”

    “KARINTHARUVY CHAPPATH: Hundreds of people participated in the third anniversary observance of the agitation launched by the Mullaperiyar Samara Samithy here as the relay hunger strike entered the 1,097th day on Friday. The agitation was started by C.P. Roy and Fr Joy Nirappel on the Christmas day of 2006 with a 48-hour hunger strike and the relay hunger strike continued without break till today. The agitators are demanding the decommissioning of the century-old Mullaperiyar dam. ”


  47. Anonymous

    Bastard – u want to inflict communal riots in Kerala ?

    • S

      This article tries to prevent such things inkerala

    • Bhushan

      Whenever, you people raise a hue and cry about the transplantation of a church in the middle of the road, it is a fight of minorities, when we stand up for Sabarimala or the murder of Swamy Dayanand in Odisha, it is intolerance. Bastard, start respecting other religions.

  48. anonymous99

    News item about documentary
    If it is a safety issue, it is better to do the repairs fully and see that it becomes safe.

  49. Chenthil

    Please malayalees don’t give up the fight among yourselves. Keep it up. It’s so invigorating to us Tamils. We thought we had an uphill task to prove that the dam is safe and there is no need for dismantling the old one and build a new one. Now our best support comes from you guys. The dam is after all not in a dangerous condition. Now we see it’s all politics. Dam the Dam999 documentary

    • S

      malayali chenthil saar,
      there are better ways to discredit this article. this one look way too childish.

      • JGN

        Louda-raj, born idiots like you are the problem in our Country. That poor guys could not save his rear end from the fellow Jews. Then what makes you believe that he will be able to save you?

      • IAS

        Learn to respect others, let it be religion, group or an individual. Only then, you can expect the same from them. These type of idiots are the main inspiration for the extremists, let it be Muslim, Sikh, Christian or Hindu.

        • Indian Realist

          How much do monotheists respect other religions? Maybe you should yourself take a dose of the medicine you are peddling.

  50. Please man..even if you cannot be a progressive force, at least don’t be a disruptive force..this is also a kind of polluting..for the sake of our country, do not spread this kind of thinking..we should unite our nation and people..not to inject them with any kind of venom..for an expert views on the subject, please visit

  51. JGN

    Indian Realist, I reproduce below my earlier message on this issue:
    Church has NO role in this issue; it is purely a technical matter (whether the present dam will withstand the vageries of nature for long) and also whether a new dam needs to be constructed in its place. Any unfortunate incident (damage to the dam) will wipe out the entire population down-stream and it will not spare any one based on Caste,Creed,Colour,Religion orRegioon. It will also put to an end a valuable source of water for Tamil Nadu as no power on earth will be able to rebuild a dam again in its place!! Every one in Kerala, irrespective of Political affiliation and Religion are one on the issue. Pl see the following link:

    The inspiration for Dam-999 was a similar incident in China. I distinctly remember the havoc played by the breachof Morbi Dam in Gujarat. Almost the enite Morbi town was wiped out at that time.

  52. S

    Can you answer why then the movie was named DAM999.? ‘999’ is a direct reference to this issue. china dam is simply cited as a coverup. nothing more
    Did u notice the organisers behind the chappath sit ins??(one that is goin on for 100000000000 days)
    there are certain forces which likes to play for both sides.

  53. Ranjan Kumar

    It is ridiculous to brand the agitation for a new dam as a Communal one. If it does one thing, that is to expose how narrow minded the RSS workers of this country are. All readers are sure about one thing. Neither the author nor any of his supporters have any close relatives staying in the down hill areas of the dam except their mother-in-law. What the author and his supporters can do now is to take the bull by its horns and to annouce that they along with their family are moving to areas that are “falsely threatened” as may get washed away from an impending accident. For the same, let them first annouce their real world identity and make arrangements to move in. I live in the same area and live in perpetual fear. At least give us some comfort by the mere presense of you brave souls. Sorry to say this but I hope I wont see such depraved of human beings in my next life also. Mullaperiyar is a problem for Christians alone!!! Was Bhopal gas tragedy a Hindu community problem? How can people stoop to this level? Are all RSS workers think like this?

  54. Kerala

    The only intention of this article is to spread communal hatred. The trends data shown by the author is fake. check Broadband connections became popular only during 2007, so no way he got trends data from 2000. If it is correct share the link with us.

  55. S

    suggest you to read article properly.

  56. Kerala

    Answer the question S. Does S stand for Sucker?

  57. Kerala

    Come on Mr. S give me an answer.

  58. Anonymous

    And the Auther’s real name may be some Khan or Pathan……fake idiot…

    • Kerala

      I totally agree. “Bharat Nair” is just a creation of the north indian religious extremist “Indian realist”. Why else would a tamilian post his article here while hundreds of tamil and hindu blogs are there.

      • Indian Realist

        The author of the article is a Malayali Hindu, not a north Indian. He is from Kerala. Just that he is more intelligent than other Hindus and can put two and two together. Ever wondered why all protests against the dam are by Christians alone?

        • Kerala

          “Ever wondered why all protests against the dam are by Christians alone?”
          I know a lot of hindus protesting against the dam, if you have any proof that majority are christians show it.

          Did you never inquire how your guest author got that google trends data? it is absolutely fake. I asked here a couple of times for the proof but nobody replied. Dare to prove he is right?

          Again why would a malayali write on a blog by an extremist? You call us tamilians as well as malayalis ‘Madrasi kuthe’. He could have posted it else where.

          • Indian Realist

            Blog by an extremist? Extremists are those who say “our god is true, your god is false”. Do you agree?

            • Kerala

              Just god? An extremist is anyone who say he is good and the rest are bad and try to enforce his thoughts forcefully. There are extremists in hindus, muslims, christians, keralites, tamilians, north indians, south indians and all. But not all hindus, muslims, christians, keralites, tamilians, north indians, south indians are extremists. Anyone hating tolerance come into that category and you too.

              This issue has nothing to do with religion because christians, muslims and hidus jointly protest against the dam. Just go to facebook and news papers and see who all are protesting.

              Again you haven’t answered me yet about the authenticity of the article. Dare?????

            • Kerala

              Just god? An extremist is anyone who say he is good and the rest are bad and try to enforce his thoughts forcefully. There are extremists in hindus, muslims, christians, keralites, tamilians, north indians, south indians and all. But not all hindus, muslims, christians, keralites, tamilians, north indians, south indians are extremists. Anyone hating tolerance come into that category and you too.

              This issue has nothing to do with religion because christians, muslims and hidus jointly protest against the dam. Just go to facebook and news papers and see who all are protesting.

              Again you haven’t answered me yet about the authenticity of the article. Dare???????

  59. By some mullai periyar route ended up here. Interesting point. The Christian angle in Idukki is nothing secret, they moved in hordes to Idukki forests after the Dam was announced, from churches yes. Then seeing the open loot of forests Pattom Thanupillai asked the Hindus to follow, how there are many Pattom Colonies in Idukki. But these are tiny isalnds in a sea of the faithful. And anyone can go to Idukki to see the menacing growth of churches, may be two every kilometre, for god knows what factions, all supported from abroad. That in an area which once was rain forests. Springs feeding the plains below. Now they have eaten up all trees, even cattle, and there is serious crisis, no water. And for Xianity and Kerala you say Kerala is secular, yes, they have captured Kerala by crude strategies and we have a Xtian coalition in power, but who knows soon it may erupt. The way they did with tribals, the Hindus are waiting, many afraid, and they are secular. Coming to Mullaiperiyar dam theer are many versions, but the agitation is almost all by Xtians. There are views and one is that the Kerala Congress (read Xtian Cong) folks have captured the resevoir sides and don’t want the water levels to be raised. Idukki is a Christian pocket now and anything they can do. For their enmity to Tamilnadu it is simple, Tamils don’t allow them the free board and lodge as Malayalis. How the Arab is now out and the Camel inside.

  60. A letter written by an westerner, now Hindu, to another about conversion in India. From this blog itself, thought it fits in here, for those who scroll down through neo-convert arrogance.

    Namaste Duart!

    Thanks for sending out such letters. Somehow the West has repackaged aggressive missionary activity as a kind of freedom of religion. India is the main non-Christian country that allows them in. China, Indo-china, and Islamic countries do not allow them in at all.

    The main reason behind such tolerance is bribery and vote banks. The Christian minority in India is wealthy and has a strong media presence.

    I am off to India for six weeks.
    Best Wishes,
    Vamadeva (Dr. David Frawley)

    I like would to hear from anyone who is ready to take action. Contact me at:

    Thank you,
    Duart Maclean
    Montreal, Canada

  61. Kerala

    hehe @Bholabai Iyer thats hilarious commenting on an article written on fake facts.. Ask the admin to show his source before writing something stupid.

    Another interesting point, you say “anyone can go to Idukki to see the menacing growth of churches, may be two every kilometre” and you believe that xtians want the dam to break and destroy all those churches.

  62. Good points.. i have not read such an alternate view points.. i agree with you… knowing the history of the church, their hand in this mullai periyar dam issue cannot be neglected.. Infact, in my view, most of such inter-jathi clashes, inter-state clashes should be handiworks of these people.

    • Sadasivan

      Yes Mr.Senthil.It is time We Hindus should realise how these people fool us.These christians support Israel more than India.Its a shame.

  63. Kerala

    this is cool, had to use a proxy to comment here again 🙂
    I tried to post a comment for @Bholabhai Iyer, seemed I couldn’t post again. Any way Mr. Bholabhai Iyer before commenting on a stupid article based on fake data ask the admin to show source.

    Another interesting point, you say “anyone can go to Idukki to see the menacing growth of churches, may be two every kilometre,” and yet you believe that xtians want the dam to break and destroy all of them. Pls explain.

  64. Anoni.

    Good one.Thanks a lot for sharing knowledge to new generation.Need to do a relook on Pulmedu tragedy of shabarimala where 100s of devotees was killed last year. that too mostly from tamil nadu.

  65. poll

    oh.. the author.. u r really a fucking cunt…

    ur parents (if some are there) must have ashamed of u…

  66. Anonymous

    Utter Nonsense!

  67. MvM

    i wonder y so much comments below this blog….i mean the author have no sense…

  68. Ben

    Mr. geographically, historically, politically, religiously correct Author, ARE YOU TOTALLY OUT OF UR MIND?.. here is an issue where life of 30 lakhs are at stake and you comes up with such a lame article!! What are you trying to prove with this? And for the kind information of the religious fanatic you are, once Mullaperiyar dam collapses, it wipes off the Kottayam, Idukki, Ernakulam districts in Kerala, where resides the majority of population belonging to the “PARTICULAR COMMUNITY” you have mentioned. ..

  69. palarivattom thoma

    Here is the wisdom…let everyone frgve him..the author is such a and indian dude… every indian expcept tamil whoever cmg to tamil nadu says only one thing..India should hv divided india and tamil nadu..thats how the cultural standard here… tamilains gt a spirit as just tamilains..nt as an indian..cant see anywer in india like a nonsese people like tamilans..

    • Kerala

      @thoma: grow up thoma there is nothing wrong with tamilians. This article is written by a north indian extremist not a tamilian. Whether keralite or tamilian they call us madrasi kuthe. This is just an attempt to create communal hatred in Kerala, nothing else.

      • Bhushan

        @Kerala, OH, back to your divisive ways. There is a genuine concern about Hindu places of worship. You guys have run roughshod on Hindus for long. No longer. Be prepared to taste your own medicine. Hindus will no longer tlerate your fascist, one-sided, monotheist and racist strategies.

  70. Martin Jacob

    thank god …you did not said the earth quake are also man made

  71. Vinod

    wonder why you are bringing the religion between this. The main reason why the issue is active during the late months of the year , is that , it is post monsoon and at that time you have the mullaperiyar dam full. If it breaks it will wipe out the entire 3 or 4 districts of kerala ( > 50 % of the import from tamilnad is consumed by this part ). If it breaks there wont be any route to sabarimala.
    that being said, if the dam breaks, there wont be any temple where the devotees stay during the course of the pilgrimage. and ultimately the pilgrimages end up contaminating the river or the land ( you know the tamils prefer land or river to toilets )

    If you dont know, there are many churches and mosques in kerala, who arrange free accommodation and food for the sabarimala pilgrims who comes from other states.
    Further, have you ever been to the dam ?
    if you are so confident that this is only a religious issue – live under the dam for ATLEAST 1 month ( there has been 22 earthquakes reported in the district since july and last oine was today morning ) along with your CM who has been telling that the dam is safe!

    No one is bothering about idukki dam as they all know its safe.

    so, please think like a human – not as a religious extremist!

    may god shower some wisdom on you

  72. pavithran

    Happi to see soooooooo many kristyanis get angri. Your aim is to disrupt shabarimala and you burnt it once.

    • IAS

      Rubbish and kiddish comment. Dear Pavithran, I am not a Christian. In this case all Malayalees are united. Don’t try to play with the religion card atleast in this issue.

      • Indian Realist

        IAS, you are just a useful idiot for the church. Your motivation to remove the dam is environmental hazard. The motivation of Christians is religious — to destroy the Sabrimala pilgrimage by destroying the dam.

        • IAS

          Dear Indian Un-Realist, Dont try to be Lord Vishnu to maintain the Sthidi of all Hindus and world. First you be useful atleast to yourself. We are not asking to remove the dam, we are asking to build a new dam to ensure our safety.

        • Martin Jacob

          me and indian realist had a little conversation but he is not responding any more !!!
          well hindus are also there for protest…VR krishna iyer
          this is kerala not UP or gujarath to demolish a temple !!!
          You ass hole do really have some dubious intention behind this posting

          117 year old dam …we want it to be replaced …what is the point of bringing church into this ….
          The author of this blog has lost his point….. now he is just doing”ഞ്ഞ്യാന്‍ പിടിച്ച മുയാലിനു മൂനുകോമ്പ്‌”

  73. Anonymous

    Dear Bharath, it seem you don’t live in Kerala or read the newspapers. If you are, you should be like Subrahmaniyam Swamy who is sure that the dam is safe because the Hon. Supreme Court has said so and believe that the issue about the dam safety is not real and are stories cooked up by the media.

  74. Anonymous

    Be it Christian, Muslim or Hindu, all of us keralites are united for the cause of building a new dam @ Mullaperiyar. Please dont bring religion into this.

  75. Anonymous

    utter nonsense




  77. Anonymous

    evanethire case kodukkanam…!!

  78. Martin Jacob

    he deserve that

  79. Manikandan

    Hindus of Kerala should realise the Ugly ploy of the Christians with the support of external forces to create division between Hindus of different states.British colonised India by creating divison among Hindus across India.Christians now are following their footsteps .The producer/director Sohan Roy is a christian and he has used this opportunity to create enemity between people of Tamilnadu and Kerala and he has already made good amount of Money from Dam 999.This Sohan Roy runs a Company named Aries Marine in UAE and his company gives preference to Christians for employment in their establishment.Hindus do not fall prey to these kind of tactics by these narrow minded people..Excellent article by the Author

    • Martin Jacob

      mrs manikandan where do you get this info from???
      Sohan roy give preference to christian…but most of the people who acted in his film are hindus!!!

      British came and used divide and rule policy….they just gave the bait to the rajas and they fell into it ….(the states ok this country had fued among them selve)….

      im not supporting the british

      Who made the mullaperiyar dam …the british did…?? thats the reason its standing till now!!!

      have you heard about mother theresa?????

      there are some people who use religion …they are in every religion !!!

    • Anonymous

      With all due respect sir, visit that dam and the people in the surrounding areas at least once. Most of them might not have seen that movie. But they will show you the real danger that they are facing right in front of their eyes everyday. Media might be interested in topic only during particular intervals of time during every year. All they care is about TRP ratings. But for the people surrounding that dam,now it’s problem that they are facing everyday and every second of their life. Please dont under estimate the value of 3.5 million lives. And by the way I’m from kerala and I’m a Hindu.

    • Bhushan

      Yes, and most of those speaking for the wiping out of Sabarimala are paid Xtian social media writers.

  80. Martin Jacob

    This whole controversy of religion in mullaperiyar is just the imagination of this writer who is a retard!!!

    If the dam fails…. the water will not come an ask your religion!!!!

  81. JGN

    Martin Jacob, If the dam fails…. the water will not come an ask your religion!!!!………….. that is equally applicable to the Bombs also!!!!

    The author is suffering from some paranoia; though there are some dubious denominations like Pentacostal Mission, self-consecrated archbishop Dr K.P. Yohannan’s Gospel for Asia (GFA), etc indulging in conversion business, none of the established Churches in Kerala are now into conversion business. They are more interested in running the “Teaching Shops”. And to be very honest, they demand their Pound of Flesh (Capitation fees, Donation, Deposit, etc) even from poor Christian students. It was Mr. Shaju Philip of The New Indian Express who is in the forefront of exposing Mr.Yohannan.

    The Mullaperiyar issue has got nothing to do with any Religion. What ever is the credentials of Sohan Roy, the film has got nothing to do with his religion.

    • Martin Jacob

      I know the church and its behaviour …its not tolerant ..

      KP yohanan is a smug ….

      But the author here is a asshole.. he just want to spread religious hatred

      every one in kerala needs the dam to be rebuilt its not a matter of religion

      • S

        @Martin Jacob,
        pls point out where the ‘author’ has ‘spread religious hatred’


        • Martin Jacob

          This whole blog is spreading religious hatred !!!

          Then picturing the whole mullaperiyar issue as a christian propaganda ! be realistic man !

          then Mr S you dont even show your real name here !!! so afraid to show the real name like the author

          if the author is so sure about what he says why does he fight in the shadows… he hasnt mentioned his real name or wareabouts any where ..

          pls point out where the ‘author’ has ‘spread religious hatred’ : He said it is only the christians and muslims who was protesting …. well VR krishnaiyer
          was one of the first persons to react and when I pointed out that ….the
          author keeps silent… dosen that show his dubious intentions?????

          • Indian Realist

            A rabid monotheist accusing polytheists of spreading religious hatred? Are you living in cuckoo land? Come back here once you have cured yourself of the violent bigotry of “our god is true, your god is false.” Presumably you people spread love and tolerance when you say “We are going to heaven, you are going to hell.” What kind of tolerance do you have for non-Christian traditions?

            • Martin Jacob

              you havent answered my question … you pointed out prominent hindus are not participating in the mullaperiyar issue …well even the BJP has joined

              … then i never said any thing about monotheist or polytheist ….
              I respect hinduism …. but ass holes like you dont understand the essence
              of any religion ….. you just want to spread hatred and like to watch the world burn…

              Hinduism is better than any religion ….. but people like you corrupt it

              There are religious psychos in every religion …no religion is exception ….you may blame the church but not the religion …)

              The tolerance level of roman catholic church is very low .we Know……….
              Well tolerance for tradition by christians in kerala .These are some example which I noticed
              1.Most christians use rahu and kethu(a full hindu concept )
              2.Most of the tradition in our marriage function is inspired from hindu tradition
              3.We dress like every one …just by looking on a man dress you cannot identify if he is a christian or hindu.
              4.In our church there is a rule that for the ulsavam the elephant should come from the near by temple …. is that tolerance????

              • Indian Realist

                “I respect hinduism”

                Really? If HInduism is respectable to you, then where is the need to convert the Hindus?

                • Martin Jacob

                  onu poda oola …. njyan paranjathinu niankku utharam illa!!

                  I didnt convert any one….

                  Im not supporting conversion!!

                  but there is greater thing you have to ask to your self … why do people convert to chritianity …????
                  any ways its no good to talk to religious pervert like you!

                  • JGN

                    Martin Jacob, why should people convert to Christianity? There is no fun in Christian and Hindu heaven. If at all any one wants to convert, why not convert to Islam and go to the funfille Paradise for enjoying unlimited supply of Wine, Women, Water, Fruits, etc? There are even Hairless Boys for people with different taste. MJ converted when he was in his death bed as he was not satsified with molesting all those young boys on planet earth. He wanted his share of hairless boys in the Paradise also!

  82. Anonymous

    this article is crap.. the stupid immagination of a perverted mind. He should be aressted under national security act lest he try to destroy the dam and poison minds…. it is critical that a new dam is built. TN has no business here.. water they get is kerala’s magnanimity and should learn to pay for it as well. Kerala will give water as it is in kerala’s interest that vegetables are grown in TN. Who knows, a major earthquake could see water tunelling into TN… saftey first a new dam immediately

    • Indian Realist

      So why only Christians are protesting against the dam, not Hindus and Muslims?

      • Martin Jacob

        the number of people actively protesting may be christians because in the central travancore more christains are there

        but every one in kerala is protesting ….. you want to make a feeling that the mullaperiyar issue is a chritsian propaganda …

        im pretty sure that you are no from kerala and you dont have any relatives here

        • Indian Realist

          Can you name some prominent Hindus or Muslims who are protesting against the dam?

          • Martin Jacob

            look at the facebook …every one hindu ,muslim and christain is protesting!!

            the fact is that you want to potray this as a christian propaganda …. i admit all the doing of the church cant be justified ..

            V. R. Krishna Iyer for your knowledge is a prominent hindu protesting …

            he was a minister in the first ministry of kerala …. and a prominent judge too

          • IAS

            Who should be prominent? When life matters, everyone is prominent. Think how you will protest if your parents or wife or kids life is in danger. Does Tamilnadu want its west boundary to be Arabian Sea?

          • bineesh

            what a stupid words …………….
            look around the medias from Kerala …..
            this problem was taken by the people not a particular religion…….
            there are several Hindus and Muslims are involved in this struggle and this problem was affected by the Hindus, Muslims & Christians too…
            this struggle leads by ooman chandy(CM),v s achuthanandan(opposition leader),kunalikkutty(minister),k.m mani(minister),p.j joseph(minister),thiruvanchoor radhakrishnan(minister),maniyappan(local leader) etc

            you should understand that the Kerala have different cultures,different religions,different gods,different peoples but our mind is unity to solve this problem.
            bharath matha ki jai

  83. JGN

    Construction of a new dam with equal contributions from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and the Central Govt, so that no one can claim exclusive right over the Dam, is the best solution for the problem now. Baki sab bakwas.

    • Martin Jacob

      there is a problem with that …in the present condition people of kerala do not need the water for irrigation ….

      but imagine if that changes …ie if after some years we go back to agriculture!!!!

      the dam should be bulit by kerala and the treaty for the dam should be renewed every 5 or ten years!!!

      • JGN

        Martin Jacob, are you a Martian? Where is cultivable land in Kerala? And who can afford the wages of agricultural labours in Kerala at present? We had stopped cultivation of rice about 25 years back as it was not affordable and sold our holding. That land has become residential areas!

        My dear friends to not understand that the Dam controversey has got nothing to do with any Religion. Mr. V.M.Sudheeran, one of the few sane Congressmen still left, has asked the Chief Minister, Omman Chandy and Opposition Leader Mr. V.S.Achuthanandan to have a joint meeting with the Prime Minister to resolve the issue.

        • Martin Jacob

          i said a thing that could happen in future !!! i didnt said it will happen!
          dam issue has nothing to do with religion

          im not a martian ..but i do think abt the permutation and combinations abt the future!

          our forefathers never predicted the growth of kerala this fast …we will not be able to predict what lies in future for us ….. but we can use our brains now and be prepared for it

  84. ശശി കുത്താട്ടുകുളം

    Dear INDIANS, if somebody said that no water should be made available to TN, then that defenitely is wrong. But that is not even an issue since kerala has already offered to build a dam at kerala’s own cost to give water to you guys from a dam and river that is located in the territory of kerala. What else do you want. We don’t really require the water from there sine all the districts that comes downstream are lush green and water rich all the year round . The reason why TN is opposed to it is because of the reality of renewing the contract and their politics , if at all and for that they are willing to risk the lives of at lease 35Lakh people. It doesn’t require any rocket science knowledge to understand that a surkhi-lime dam, 120 yrs old, with obvious cracks and which fall in a fault zone which has had 22 quakes in the last 8 weeks is not going to last for long. The reality is this, you want the water from our river from our dam at your terms risking the lives of our people or else you are going to make a political and emotional mess out of it.

    Let me tell you my dear brother jannan, Its only a matter of convenience of livelihood for you, but a matter of life for us. We don’t expect you to comprehend this, you never did anything reasonable anytime anyways. And just imagine, if the river, dam and risk was in TN & water for kerala what would have happened?!!

  85. Sadasivan

    Very Good Article from the Author.It shows the nefarious designs of the Christian church.Thanks for this article Mr.Bharat.

  86. Martin Jacob

    The funny thing here is that Mr indian realist ..dont even have the guts to put hi photo or real name here …. If you are so sure about what you are saying why do you fight in the shadows !???

    • Indian Realist

      I remain in the shadows just like the church’s hand in Sabrimala episode.

      • Lourdraj

        You guys can’t do anything against the church or the Christian community.Most of the Indians have got education and standard of living bcoz of the Christian missionaries.Many people came to our religion bcoz of Untouchability in your religion.Do not forget Hinduism is a dying religion.Christianity is a fast growing religion.Who knows one day you or may be your children will become a christian.Come to Jesus.

        • Martin Jacob

          @loud raj ….just google ..why the queen of england wear a glove!
          dont poke other religions

        • Indian Realist

          How fast is Xianity growing in Europe?

          • JGN

            There is no fun in the Christian and Hindu Heaven. Why any one would convert and go to a dull place like Christian heaven? Why not convert to Islam and go the Paradise stocked with abundant supply of Wine, Women, Water and Fruits? Michael Jackson converted to Islam from his death bed as he was not satisfied with molesting all those young boys on planet earth. He wanted his share of hairless boys in the Paradise also

        • nikhil

          Hinduism a dying religion ?
          Sanathana Dharma is widely accepted in the world now a days.In USA 186 universities Bagavath Gita is a part of the syllabus. In Harvard University – Bagavath Githa is the part of MBA Syllabus. In Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Sanskrit is one of the compulsory subject. In Toronto University – Department of Hinduism is the biggest department. In Manitoba University – Sanathana Dharma is teaching in different batches.In America 17 Million people is practicing yoga daily – a news from Indian Express in 2007.22% Americans moved to Vegetarian Diet. Ayurveda is widely accepted.I just mention America as an example because America is a very developed country in Scientific Field.As Swami Vivekananda said 21st century belong to we Indians.The world is turning towards India .

          Christian missionaries are converting the illiterate people by hooks & Crooks.Itangar, Arunachal Pradesh a huge number of tribes had been converted to christanity in few years by cheating.But it does not mean Hinduism is Dying.The above are the examples of that.After years of Foreign Invasion Hindusim did not died till now.All other civilizations are not in this world now.

          • nikhil

            Most of the Indians have got education and standard of living bcoz of the Christian missionaries?

            Do you heard about Nalanda & Takshashila . People from other countries come to these universities for getting knowledge in different subjects.Because of Foreign Invasion these universities are destroyed.So you have no right to say this comment.And the top institutions in India like Bartheeya Vidya Bhavan,Amirutha Institute,Sai Institute etc are not by Christian Missionaries.

            Another point on why they built Education centers.
            In Christian Missionary Institutions people are paying high fees and thus it does not give chances to poor families in their institutions but the above said institutions by hindus is providing scholarship for the poor people.

            There are some Christian Institutes who give many things to poor people. They give many things STARTING from soybean oil, Maida, dresses and ENDING in bible. And threaten them saying that ‘only that story book should be read otherwise the Satan will hit your family’.

            This is why Mahatma Gandhi told, “it is not a serious issue that if a Hindu got converted into Christianity, that the number of Hindus decreased by one or number Christians increased by one. The problem is that an enemy is created against this nation culture……… “

            • nikhil

              Some Christian Conversion Techniques:-
              1. There are many chapels coming in the Bangalore city outskirts, nearby every temples. chapel of Jesus nearby Lord Krishna temple, St. Mary’s’ chapel near Mariyamman temple and the motivation for the Hindus given is “ if you visit Jesus’ or Mary’s chapel for one week all whatever you pray will be rewarded. Many Hindus are getting trapped in this cheating.

              2. We saw the Christian nuns and priests were standing in front of the Amrutha Hospital (AIMS), Kerala for blessing the patients coming after treatment from the hospital. These ‘conversion workers’ were freely giving blessings by putting their hand on the forehead of the patients with a Christian prayer. Easiest method to convert the poor people. The medicines and treatment given freely by Matha Amruthaanandamayee. Free blessings for conversion to Christianity by these nuns. The crookedness in the name of Jesus works very well through out India.

              3. In one of the news ( telecasted in TV) of Christian evangelization program, the Bishop was promising to the thousands of Christian audience that “ I assure you that by 2020 Indian parliament will start its session with invocation prayer from Bible, that is the level of increase of the Christian population in India, the conversion.

              4. Through out Kerala the Christian churches are giving the messages to the Christian community through their churches “never sell their properties to Hindus and purchase the properties from Hindus” Same messages are given by Muslims through their Masjid “ Never sell your properties to Hindus and always purchase the properties from Hindus at any cost even by offering five times the existing price’. In Kerala, Hindus are sellers and others are buyers.

              5. Unimaginable level conversion from Hindu dharma to Christianity is taking place in the remote villages and HIGH RANGES of Palakkad district, Kerala. Almost 90 % of the tribal Hindus and poor people have already got converted through day light cheating done in dhyaana kendras working 24 hrs in those places. Every suvisesham for conversion by the pastors is aimed at denigrating Hindu dharma and Indian culture creating an aversion and fear against Hindu dharma for conversion.

              6. Hindu students studying in famous Christian convent schools were given extremely negative picture of Hindu dharma, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Hindu gods, ahcaras, sankalapas and so on. When asked about her knowledge on Lord Krishna to a Brahmin student studying in Lower Primary School of a famous Christian college, she said “ Lord Krishna is a thief and a womanizer…………… “ When asked from where she got this information, came the answer “ Our teachers give this to all of us”

              • Martin Jacob

                can you give a proof for the 6th point?

                  • Martin Jacob

                    i have studied in christian schools ..but i have never had a incident to forcefully go to church,neither do they compel others too.. may be some places have things differently !!!
                    There is verbal abuse and beating in christian schools ,its there in every schools …but i dont think it is based on religion ..even i used to get beaten up a lot !!
                    you may hate the religious leaders…but most of the followers are innocent people!!

                    • JGN

                      Martin, that is the case with the followers of other Religions also. Do you think one Yohannan or one Santosh Madhavan represent all Christians or all Hindus? All peddlers of faith, irrespective of Religion, are number one crooks. As our great Satirist, Kunchan Nambiar had said “udara nimittam bahukrita vesham” (people elact different kinds of dramas due to stomach).

                      Fazal Gafoor of MES was telling a few months back that it is their educational institutions that given admission to the poor Christian students also as they are not able to afford the cpitation fees/donation demanded by the Teaching Shops run by the Churches. When it comes to exploiting the poor students, all obscurantist forces (Nair/Ezhavan/Nasrani/Moppila/Etc) are one.

                    • singh

                      A one day tour from a Christian School – Suddenly bus stopped and the driver asked children to pray to your own god to make it start and he pretend to start the bus .But the bus was not starting and the process repeated.Then the nun said to try praying Jesus and suddenly bus started and they gave message to pray only Jesus and is the only true god.These nuns are trying to make conversion in the mind of small children which is much easy.

                    • Indian Realist

                      They also have the cigarette lighter trick that they show to tribals.

                    • Martin Jacob

                      @jgn ..about the donation thing you said is correct… in roman catholic church owned institutions in kerala ..the whole thing is based on money and pedigree

                    • S

                      “As our great Satirist, Kunchan Nambiar had said “udara nimittam bahukrita vesham” (people elact different kinds of dramas due to stomach).”

                      I have seen u quoting these lines couple of times. Have you ever attempted to know who said these lines FIRST????
                      you would gain some ‘knowledge’ if you do so…

                    • Martin Jacob

                      @singh ..did you expect a nun to pray to any other god !!!

                    • singh

                      Several church figures, including priests and nuns have been found guilty of complicity in the Tutsi massacres.

                    • Bhushan

                      @Jacob: Which prayers were you asked to recite every morning….and from which class? Are parents informed about the prayers before children got admitted. What about holidays? Why Xtmas 10 days holidays in a school of majority Hindus? Christian schools work to sub-conciously affect young minds aganist Hinduism, tey get money from Church, from students and promote Xtianity but behave as if tey are doing charity.

                    • Martin Jacob

                      I studied in christian schools..the morning prayer they used pray was some thing like oh god almighty pray for never had any mentioning of religion or god!!

                      Well in a christian majority schools they give holidays for deepavali,vishu,ramzan etc!! so according to your theory ..its wrong!

                      I am a christian ..i studied in christian institutions all my life!! I dont have any thing against hinduism..!!

                      Then one more thing..the present on slaught towards christian missionaries is only because of the education they give!! not because of the conversion
                      Because in states like Karnataka and orrissa ..the poor people who got educated are questioning many people like gounders,land lords ,mine lords etc who have been torturing the poor for some tome..
                      .now you may brand this as a organised christian propaganda ..but the truth is this…

                      if you dont belive me just try to analyse the news !!!!

                    • Bhushan

                      @Martin: But why that prayer? Who is that Almighty God? Why not Vande Mataram? How many times was the Bible distributed in your school? Ask your Hindu friends, you may not remember as it is normal for you. When you say that you are a christian and read in a christian school, and that yo do not hate Hindu, you say it with surprise, which says that you sould have hated hindus.

                      Don”t speak nonsense about Odisha. I know you have learnt this from your one-track mind and the sunday masses, but the only thing that is helping missionaries in Odisha and other states is money form abroad and church and the gullible innocent people. Why dont you set up a conversion camp in Old City of Hyderabad or near jama Masjid or Aligarh? You will immediately understand how missionaries are taking an unfair advantage of the goodness of hindus..

                    • Martin Jacob

                      @bhushan.. bible or any religious books where not distributed where I studied ..may be Some places may have things differently…
                      Case of conversion: Have mother theresa done any conversion??? Why dont you say any thing about her works ???

                      Graham Stain and his family was burned alive by a mob?? what was their sin to give them such gory death ??

                      There are smugs in my religion I know it .. they are in every religion !!
                      but there are also good people !!

                      Almighty god means :to which ever god or gods you believe in !!!

                      You will be amazed to hear that orissa and Karnataka still has bonded labour ie slavery !!! just google about !!

                    • Some facts on Mother Teresa Group.

                      As I worship her mission and appreciate undoubtedly.But I do not think that she is an angel. She is a very good social worker devoted herself for serving human beings.I don’t think that she divine and she is a saint but her mission is divine.But i don’t believe that prayer to Mother has cured many people because the doctors who treated the patients have told the patients were cured not because of the prayer but because of the medicinal effect.Her devoted service to the poorest suffering from leprosy and building a great team of people to serve the poor is really appreciative.But I appreciate only her means because the end is negative.Yes it is negative because she serves the people purely for converting them to Christianity. So she and her team have a hidden agenda to convert the people in the name of service.The proof for that you will get if you go to the Kolkatta Kali temple , you can see, she and her group have grabbed major part of the Kolkkatta Kali temple land and building and they do the anti Hindu activities day and night.Many foreign missionaries come to this centre of Mother Teresa in western suits every hour and then they wear saffron clothes and go to the temple to take the video of all the negatives for making cds for distributing in the west to denigrate Hindu dharma and India. The Christians/ people who visit this center has taken the work of destroying Indian culture.Yes i agree there are negatives in Kali Temple but mis utilizing these negatives cannot be tolerated.Since mother Teresa has a good reputation none will expect her team will do this type of anti Hindu activities.If you go there they did not allow you to enter the premises.The security women always keep a vigilant watch on the people who come there/ near and say no entry for Hindus, inside.In the premises you can see many foreigners coming there and going with video camera for taking the photos of poverty, diseases, fighting, the animal sacrifice in the temple, the dirty environment of the temple, the slum, and so on.

                • I studied in a Christian school……. I witnessed the bad picturisation of Hindu gods in my school….. They called lord Ganesha as animal god, e.t.c………..

  87. singh

    and security would be increased for the Mullaperiyar dam in Kerala’s Idukki district, specially in the wake of radical Muslim group Popular Front of India (PFI) being probed for suspected terror links, state Water Resources Minister N.K. Premachandran said Monday.

    • IAS

      Check the date of the news. P J Jospeh is our Water Resources Minister. I feel more than Malayalis and Tamilians, this blog draws attention of people from other states, who doesn’t have any say on this issue. It is better to leave it here rather than wasting time. Thanks everyone.

  88. ravi

    A woman from Andhra Pradesh was arrested for trying to climb the 18 steps in Sabarimala. The police are examining how the woman reached the place when women in the age group of 10 to 50 are banned from the entering the Lord Ayyappa Temple in Sabarimala. and the Syro-Malabar church has extended its support to the agitation by the people of Kerala against the increase in the storage level of the century-old Mullaperiyar dam.

  89. bineesh

    why you should think so?
    in Kerala most of the peoples respect each religion with their own.
    we should be participate all the festivals without looking the religion.
    you should try to see all religions have their own culture and history.

    you should not see the mullaperiyar issue is not a game .its about the life problem of millions.

    here all the religions are live in peace..
    I kindly request you to you should not break our peaceful atmosphere.
    you should also to learn our national pledge ,it bother about ‘ all Indians are my brothers and sisters’.
    please change yourself

  90. JGN

    IDUKKI: A hartal led by the LDF will be observed in the district tomorrow (28-Nov-2011) requesting to solve the Mullaperiyar issue. There is no love lost between the LDF and the Churches. Pl don’t drag Religion into this issue.

  91. JGN

    ravi, Lord Ayyappa will not run away from Sabarimala if some women go to the temple. That custom was introduced for the safety of women in a bye-gone era when the pilgrimage was through dense forest inhabitated by wild animals, including tigers. Of course I do expect the devotees to maintain the customs and practices of particular temples or other places of worship.

    • x

      good that ‘Lord’ Ayyappa has u as spokesman.

      what wud he do without u. how wud he communicate with his fallowers.
      u r his messenger, ain’t ya?

      Proppet JGN!

      • x

        Ouch! the prappet speaks!

        • IndianOcean

          In Hinduism, God doesn’t choose Prophet unlike Bible God did, but man choose to seek God in genuine way, with great interest and true love, and he get the chance to realize God by virtue of his own efforts & perseverence and get the God’s message for the society. Hinduism grown in that way and opened up the pathways to evolve many sages, monkts, seers, philosophers in India. It is really a democratic people’s religion.

          • Rajan Nair

            Hinduism teaches that human beings are not equal: the filthy brahmin is superior to a well mannered non-brahmin. it’s the most bigoted religion on planet earth. Why are the tribals in great fury: casteism. Just ask yourself why hindus in great numbers are converting to other religions.

            • Anonymous

              Rogue Nair,
              India was under moslem and christian attack for 1000 years. If there was discrimination in India, all lower castes wud hav gone over to other side.

              That it has not happened so, despite brutal conversion tactics by moslem and christian barbarisans means there was no discriminatn in India. Its u crooked missionaries who r lying.

              BTW, u crooked christians massacred millions of Native Americans, Aborigines, Africans and pagan Europeans, besides enslaving ppl and burning women at stakes. u cruel inhuman cultists!

            • IndianOcean

              Rajan Nair

              It has been largely misunderstood about India’s caste and religion. Actually religion has got nothing to do with caste. The ego of the human’s unconscious mind always causes the separation and identification between the people. Caste-ism was existed when human started to evolve all around the world. There is caste-ism still existing throughout the world but in different metaphor like status of wealth, power, profession, and physical nature.

              If you study Abrahamic faiths history, it followed rough, rude, barbaric, cunning, nonsensical, egoistic methods to expand its arms around the world, no one can deny it. There had been no love, mercy, tolerance, and equality had been shown to those who didn’t accept their religion.

              Christian Missionaries are the great liars of the modern world and uses hook and crook methods to convert people all around the world. Those countries got no scriptures like Hinduism have, were easily cheated by those missionaries. Christendom has got filthy rich money, and employs missionaries as marketing agents. Of course, there are many people around the world who really needs money rather than religion, and they easily fall prey victims for these god marketing agents.

              • Rajan Nair

                Casteism in India is straight from hinduism. Manusastram defines casteism in no uncertain terms. In kerala even today a namboodiri is addresssed as Swamy which means divine. This namboodiri in Kerala traditioin has had illicit sex with non-brahmin women with the complicity of their husbands even, because they are deceived by the lie that the brahmin is superior and divine. Instead of answering the question you are going ballistic against other religions. Could you confine your answer to my question.

                • x


                  that story about sex was doubtless spread by ur communist neighbour who had such relationships with ur anscestors and spread canards to cover up his trail.
                  Namboodiri of Kerala were like Adi Shankaracharya, who considered even Chandala as guru.

                  Instead of rising up against the crooked commies and christians who did unmentionable to ur folks, u r parroting the lies that commie neighbour of urs spread. may be u r ur fathers son after all.

                • Bhushan

                  Any ideas what “Dalit Christians” are? What about “fathers” brainwashing women of converts and sodomy of young boys in churches? Why do dalit Christians not remove their names from SC category and compete with Hindus?

                • Oye Raju, blessed Titus Flavius Worshipper and Enlightened One,

                  Why are you maintaining your caste name Nair and why have you not switched to D’Souza, Thomas, or John like a faithful convert. I’d recommend staying away from old gentry names like Dyer, Mountbatten, and Windsor lest you be shown your “real” place by your gora master.

                  I suppose it’s useless to present to you the evidence that caste stratification was british and monotheist fantasy. But at least ask yourself why it is called as “theory” when the western class system was never called as such.

                  • Rajan Nair

                    Why i mainain my caste name? very simple: to show that a Nair is not automatically a hindu or a hindu chauvanist. There are thousands of Nairs who have moved away from paganism.

                    • Avinash

                      Rajan Nair, there are/were many “Nakki-Nairs” like you in Kerala and it was the ancestors of people like you who had given their sisters and daughters to the Sand-Niggers and White-Lizards for getting some favours from them but not all Nairs are/were like you.

                    • x

                      Its only crooks like u that use ‘caste-name’ for the purpose brutish intended it.

                    • Precious joker Raju will next “declare” that he “communicates” in Indian languages to be a role model unto Indian people. Self-absorbed to the point of imbecility?

                    • IndianOcean

                      Hi Rajan Nair
                      Hinduism is different from Paganism. What middle east & west followed before Islam & christianity were paganism. Hinduism in India is totally different from that that’s why Abrahimc faiths successful in wiping out paganism and failed on Hinduism. Hinduism was really inspired by consciousness of God, on the other hand paganism evolved from unconscious mind.

                    • JGN

                      Indian Ocean, for the followers of the two West Asian Cults, any one outside their charmed circle (including the rival sects of their own Religion) are Pagan/Hathen/Kafir. Though I do not believe in the dogmas of any Religion nor do I believe in any God, I hate these guys for their intolerance for others. Why can’t they at least leve others to believe what ever they want and leave people like me to remain what we are? Some time back, the great George W Bush had said that there is no place for Atheists in America as it is a Country under One God. There is no prize for guessing which is that one Gawd he was referring to.

                    • IndianOcean

                      This one god principle makes the God lonely and explains he has got no purpose of existence. If he contains love, grace, and mercy inherently in him, he will incarnate as many. He will be accessible those who really want to get in touch with him. He won’t be an authoritarian, but authoritative. He will not have two different rule for himself and others.

                    • Shrini

                      No doubt!! Hinduism is really great!! None started it!! It born on its own!! Hinduism does’t target and convert with strategies. All religions say the same thing>God is one!! God does’t have any particular form!! whether it is Hindu, Christian or a Muslim >> while praying god >> all shut their eyes and unite their mind & soul. Hinduism has different approach with purans and stories teach about god and it touches all aspects of human life and values. Let us stand united though our respective routes to realize god is different because the end result is to realize god. Let us not be divided but understand each other and our respective interests & concerns. Let us join hands in resolving issues with perseverance, humility & sacrifice. Let me think that I support the right cause and nothing else. Let us live in peace and make our world a peaceful destination. Let us not allow any issue, sect or for that matter any thing to destroy our unity & mutual respect. Jai hind

                • Chenthil

                  Rajan if what you’re telling is a fact, then half the population of kerala are bastards!!Anyway, I’ll research more on this in the internet and get back to you. Nevertheless, it sounds so exciting!!

                • Malayalees

                  And what justification the priests and pontiffs of your abbeys have when the have illicit sex and sodomy with young girls/boys? If the one true religion is not caste ridden why do we hear the term “dalit christians”? Will an African ever become a Pope?

                • JGN

                  Rajan Nair,

                  >>>>Just ask yourself why hindus in great numbers are converting to other religions>>>>> where did you see that kind of “great numbers” ?? Christianity is said to have reached the shores of Kerala in CE 52 with the arrival of St. Thomas and Islam also reached the shores of Kerala during the life time of Mohammed himself Still the combined strength of Muslims and Christians in Kerala is about 44% of the total populationThe Cheraman Masjid is said to be the very first mosque in India, built in 629 AD by Malik lbn Dinar. The equality is Christianity and Islam are just myths. Had it been the case, there would not have been a single lower caste (or even Upper Caste) Hindu left in Kerala. The other points mentioned by you are just libel and are not even worth replying.

              • x

                “The ego of the human’s unconscious mind always causes the separation and identification between the people”- Indn Ocean

                Only in mleccha society. Not in Bharatiya samaj.

                Here its Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam & Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu that ppl realize.

            • Bhushan

              Because bstrds like you lure people when they are at their weakest points with money and jobs…

      • Anonymous

        Hello Mr. X
        Jesus born out of Mary’s womb and he used her blood for the development of baby. Mary is a ordinary woman descended from so called sinful Adam. Basically Jesus has got sinful blood inherited from sinful Mary and how his few hours suffering on cross would cleanse the billions of souls? Doesn’t look like a cheap marketing gimmicks of socio-political organizations (churches)?

  92. abhijeet

    bharath matha ki jai.

  93. liju

    The editor is an illiterate asshole….

  94. JGN

    @ Sanjay, pl stop this non-sense. This is not a Religious issue. If possible, pl remove this page from your Blog.

    Btw Lord Ayyappan is now a “pravasi Indian” who accompanies the Malayalis where ever they go. So even without Sabarimala Temple, Lord Ayyappan will survive!!!!

  95. I have great respect for Tamils they are probably the only race in South Asia that is both respectful and hard working – Kerala owes a lot to Tamil Nadu and share a common history and non-violent heritage – it is very important that Mullaperiyar issue is resolved to the satisfaction of both Kerala the custodian and Tamil Nadu the beneficiary. Also, please remember with the number of recorded tremors increasing risk of break is increasing threatening the lives and livelehood of poor malayalees who live down stream between Mullaperiyar and the Arabian sea.

    • ——- Tamils they are probably the only race —

      He He! Trying to divide and harvest souls here? BREAKING INDIA has exposed Christian missionary scums in detail.

    • Shrini

      I have great respect for Tamils they are probably the only race in South Asia that is both respectful and hard working – Kerala owes a lot to Tamil Nadu and share a common history and non-violent heritage –>>>>>

      That’s a great spirit!! MATT

  96. Anonymous

    Pentecostal involvement

  97. abin

    are you a human??.stupid. Idiot.go and get lost

  98. A person with an evil mind can only write this article..
    1. He said Christians are behind the protests?!-
    No surprise in that as most people who live in that area from Idukki, Kottayam, Alleppy, Kochi are Christians..
    2. He said that it is a controversy in media?!
    People with common-sense can easily understand this. Most tremors occur in the same period all over the world. here it is especially at the time of mansoon or at water level increase at the dam.
    3. He said regarding Sabarimala?!
    Dear if mullapperiyar collapses it will vanish this pilgrim place even..(believe it or not!)..
    Finally, it will affect many villages in Tamilnadu, many tamilians who stays in these area also killed…the over-aged dam has to demolish and build a new Dam..Kerala ensured continuous supply of water.
    NB: The true living GOD of praying Christians will protect them along with other non-believers…but who will protect the ungodly people…Don’t forget that it is a Christian who built this DAM, and now Many of the Christians are fighting for the old DAMN thing..
    If any one who are against a new dam is really a mental sick who has to be treated as soon as possible..

  99. Kochi

    Build new dam without wasting much time. If not, arrange to empty water in the dam considerably by giving water to TN, by PLENTY.

    Stop all other comments, which are just wasteful thinking from “people’s” imagination.

  100. Keralite


    Else, Give the idea of communal disharmony to SANTOSH PANDIT… let him make film on that…

  101. so…Mr. author, there is no damage with the dam??? i think any christian girl might have cheated you… Hindus should be more considerate about the minor castes as the percentage of Hindus is more than 70% in Indian population

  102. Malayalees

    1. As pointed by the author this issue is raked up only during the Sabarimala season.
    2. Church in Kerala is well known for encouraging encroaching forest area; file an RTI on the percentage of land ownership and encumbrance details of Christian community and we will know the truth. Thanks to Mr. Mani the good Samaritan who legalize these encroachments every time he becomes the minister! The misadventure of establishing a church at the foothills of Sabarimala is known to everyone.
    3. It was the Congress leadership (read Christians) who scuttled a proposed rail project connecting Sabarimala to the nearest town in central Kerala. Even now it’s predominantly the Christian community who is spearheading this agitation which is making this whole issue suspicious. (Though one secular channel was deliberately showing one person wearing a Tilak and another one wearing a saffron lungi among the agitators repeatedly)
    4. An attempt to link Swami Ayyappan to a church near Kottayam via a concocted serial failed miserably not so long ago. Who would want to say no to a possible offering that will come from lakhs of Ayyappa devotees to church like that which is going to the Patanamthitta WAKF in the name of Vavar?
    5. Earthquakes can be disastrous for any dams anywhere. Has the secular government in Kerala conducted any study on the safety of other dams in the state?
    6. The safety of the dam should be taken care in the context of miscreants blowing it up and not because of its age. Afterall what exixts in Kerala today is only that has been built under English rulers and what the Maharaja donated. What is the role of the successive secular government in the area of infrastructre projects like Dams, bridges, roads?
    7.As usual this issue will be alive till april after which it will recede.

  103. Lourdraj

    Remember the Christians and the Christian church are more powerful in India especially in Kerala.No matter how hard you Guys try to defame us Christians we will be the majority community in South India within 50 years time.So I call upon all Hindus to convert to christianity at the earliest.Lets build a Church in Sabarimala.Always Vote for Congress only.

    • x

      Brather, u must convince Prappet JGN. he is thoroughly confused, thinks religions r all balderdash. he can see only 3xs nowadays.

      • JGN

        x , why are you worried about idiots like this Lauda-raj? Christianity is said to have reached the shores of Kerala in CE 52 with the arrival of St. Thomas (now disputed by the Pope himself) and the European Christian colonizers ruled almost the entire present day India for nearly 200 years. What makes you think that the Soul Harvesters will be able to achieve what they failed to achieve in 2000 years, in another 50 years?

          • JGN

            The Indian Gods also never existed!! We all are fighting for protecting the honour of some imaginary gods.

            India as it is today did not exist prior to 1947 but breaking that now is not so easy. Had it been so the North Eastern States and Kashmir would have been separate countries long long back.

            • x

              Do u exist JGN? 4 how long? what is the point of ur life JGN? is it 2 remain an awaara self-certified atheist? is there somthing more to u than being a non-entity ‘atheist’? hav ur forefathers said anything, like u r the all encompassing brahma? dyu think it is fantasy? did missionaries influence u to consider it fantasial? will u evr wake up to what ur forefathers wer talking about?

        • x

          JGN, corrosion takes time. At one stage, suddenly the whole edifice comes down. not necessarily under external force, but, due to internal corrosion. Bharat, that has withstood external forces for past 1000s of yrs is weakened by internal corrosion. fast reaching tipping point. indian christians r the rust, converted steel of Bharat. west influenced ‘hindus’ too. self-defined ‘atheists; like u too r rust.

    • Indian Realist

      Hmmm… now the “tolerance” is coming out. You monotheistic bigots have to be poked in the right places to make you spill the beans about what you are plotting against the pagans.

  104. Anonymous

    Author, You Sucks.
    People like you should be killed a 100 times.
    You guys put worm in the brains of younger generation.
    We are Indians. Dam will kill every one. It wont kill hindus alone you ass hole.

  105. Anonymous

    i would rather comend that mullaperiyar is not an issue concerning kerala or tamilnadu but it must be seen as a problem concerning the whole. the distruction of such a big project will have a direct influence on indian economy as the five important districts will be wiped away. 4 million people may be loosing life in case the dam breaks. a lot them r from defferent states of india so that mullaperiyar shoul be seen as a national issue and the center should take proper decisions.

  106. Ashok

    I feel ashamed, going thru these comments. Why dig into someone’s imagination and spend our valuable time , discussing an issue without any outcome. Without knowing facts, we are slinging the mud at each other in the name of religion , caste community and language. We need to realize that we are human beings first. We are all Indians, and we need to work together to enhaance our living standards, and better future for the next generation. We should refrain from making unruly comments which will not help anyone. We nee to adopt the ‘give n take’ policy for co-existance.

    • Indian Realist

      “We need to realize that we are human beings first.”

      Tell that to those who say “Our god is true, your god is false.”

  107. neural observer

    a couple pf points that I want to say.
    1) the author says news regarding dam failure happens around the time of sabarimala pilgrimage and has some connections to it.
    2) it cites one ‘govt’ report in which some ref. against christians are given.Nowhere in this article, the author advocates any hatred or violence against any religion, community or state. The article merely cites one old govt. report .
    3) I also see that one unnamed church is mentioned as the main villain,
    but I feel that it is strange that people saying that it is against ‘communal harmony’ and author is injecting ‘communal’ poison.
    4) I feel the conclusion author gives is to increase our vigilance against any mischief doers.

  108. Anonymous

    the floods which is caused every year during monsoon and the recent earth quakes are also caused by the Christians.

  109. Chintu Ann Mathew


    it is easy to belive all what we hear…
    hard to question it and try to find truth….

    take a hard walk guys…

  110. Lourdraj

    Christianity is the religion of the poor and the Under Privileged.Come to Jesus and know peace and happiness in Life.Your life will change forever.there is no discrimination in our religion.It is a peace loving religion and what is wrong in building a Church in Sabarimala.Kanyakumari in TN has already become the Chrisrian majority district in TN and many people are converting to Christianity to see God that is Jesus Christ The Saviour of the Human race.

    • Malayalees

      Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up??????

      Which is the real Jesus?

      Is he the one who

      was born when Quirinius was Governor of Syria (6-12 AD) (Luke 2:2)
      the one born when Herod the Great was King (37-4 BC) (Matthew 2:1)?

      Is he the one whose adopted father Joseph was

      the son of Heli (Luke 3:23)
      or the son of Jacob (Matthew 1:16)?

      Is he the one whose adopted father, Joseph
      was descended from King David through 28 generations (Matthew 1:6)
      or was descended from King David through 43 generations (Luke 3:23-31)?

      Is he the one whose conception was
      told to his adopted father Joseph in a dream (Matthew 1:18-20)
      or announced to his mother by an angel. (Luke 1:26-31)?

      Is he the one who was born
      in the house in Bethlehem where Joseph and Mary lived (Matt 1:18 – 2:23)
      or in a stable in Bethlehem to where Joseph and Mary have traveled to take part in a census (Luke 1:4 – 2:40)?

      Is he the one whose cousin John
      survived the killing of the children under 2 years old ordered by King Herod and who later baptised him (Mark 1:9)
      or was only six months older than him (Luke 1:24-26) so would have been killed in King Herod’s slaughter? (Matthew 2:16)?

      Is he the one who was crucified
      on the day of preparation for Passover at about noon (John 19:14)
      or on the day of Passover at 09:00 a.m (Mark 15:25)?

      Is he the one who
      died immediately before the land was cast into darkness and the ‘curtain of the Temple’ was ripped (Mark 15:38)
      was still alive when the curtain was ripped (Luke 23:45)
      or even whose death was followed by an earthquake and dead people rising out of graves and wandering about in the city, events which, surprisingly, no one else seems to have noticed (Matthew 27:51-54)?

      Is he the one whose tomb was
      opened in the presence of Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and an angel who sat outside on a stone (Matthew 28:1-2)
      found to be open by Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome with one angel sitting inside it (Mark 16:1-5) (but they told no one about it! (Mark 16:8))
      found to be open by an unspecified number of nameless women with two angels standing inside it (Luke 23:55 – 24:4)
      found to be open by Mary Magdalene on her own and in which two angels only appeared after several other people had come and gone (John 20:1)?

      Very clearly, only one Jesus can’t have been all of the above, so the only possible conclusion, other than that they were all made up, is that there were several different Jesuses and that the Bible’s authors were either writing about different ones or they got them muddled up.

      With so many to choose from, is it any wonder his followers keep asking us if we’ve found him?

      Would the real Jesus please stand up?

      It’s simple – he was the person who was born on December 25th to a virgin mother; he was called a savior, the only begotten son, and died to save humanity; he was crucified on a Friday – “Black Friday” and his blood was spilled to redeem the Earth; he suffered death with nails and stakes; he was the Father and Son combined in an earthly body; he was put in a tomb but three days later his body was gone and he was resurrected as the most high God; his body was symbolised as bread and eaten by those who worshiped him.

      Oh – hang on – that was Attis who was born in Turkey about a thousand years earlier.

      • Lourdraj

        My Friend please do not try to defame Christians and Christianity by collecting some shit information that you gathered from the Internet.Christians are the majority in this world and they will soon become the majority in Kerala and rest of India.Please attend the religious discourses given by Mr.Paul Dinakaran and other Christian preachers and you will feel enlightened.Stop worshipping stones,sticks,trees etc.,Come to Jesus.

        • Malayalees

          Anything’s better than a dead man on a stick!

        • Chenthil

          Well said. But when you throw pearls in front of pigs they don’t know the value of them. They run over the pearls and try to attack the very person who has offered them those precioius things. We need to pray for spiritual discernment.

        • Chenthil

          Well said Lourdraj. But remember what Lord Jesus said, when he stated that when you throw pearls in front of pigs, they do not know the value of them, but run over the pearls and try to gore the very person who has offered them the precious things. We need to pray for spiritual discernment before talking to these devil worshipping pagans.

          • Indian Realist

            Now the true colours of relgion of love are coming out. we know what happened when you offered pearls to Red Indians and Blacks, and Hindus of Goa. Pearls like Inquisition and witch hunt, you can keep to yourself.

          • x

            even Jesoosoo didnt value pearls, man. does that make him pig? or does that make u a pig for de-valuing what is valuable- the humans whom u call pagan. and calling some stones ‘precious’?


            Oye convert jokers Chenthil and Lordraj,

            You do know that Jeebus meant natives by pigs and the forsaken pearls stood for roman imperialist rule. Jeebus is the alterego of the Roman emperor Titus Flavius. But now you are converted by the white man and no longer a “pig”. Rejoice, ye jokers.

        • Indian Realist

          Brother, come to Booga Booga, the only real God. Stop worshipping a bleeding corpse nailed to a pole, and eating its flesh.

        • Bhushan

          @Lourdraj: Stones, sticks, snakes, trees, sun, moon, rivers, etc are 1000 times better than a homo, paedophile, sheep fucker and all those “fathers” who convert people to earn money and then fuck their wives too liberate them from the “shackles” of Hinduism. Quit eating beef and singing praise of the whites. You can earn a dignified living by even puling a rickshaw. Stop misguiding people. Think about becoming a hindu again and stop liiving a life that is not your own and stop trying to become something else, your children will be grateful.

    • Indian Realist

      Brother I invite you to boog booga, our dear prophet who is the father of the only true God.

  111. JGN

    “We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.”-Jonathan Swift

    “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.” Steven Weinberg

  112. indian222

    Utter rubbish you wasted my time

  113. Anonymous

    Give good treatment to the author (an electric shock is better).

  114. MK

    marvelous.. just 2 words to praise u.. f**k off…

  115. Anonymous

    I think no sensible people would respond to such article seriously!!!!
    It is worse than ridiculous, a malicious product of a devilish mind, full of filthy arguements, inhuman conspiracies and aspirations, whimsical phantacies, ..
    Trying to sow seeds of enimity and bitterness among good right thinking people…They are acting like pimps….
    Remember Hinduism is a noble religion respected by most of the chrisitans including me…and what a pity that you have moved away from the Hindu teachings?
    I feel that we need to be humane whether Mallu or Tamilian, Hindu or Chrisitian….

  116. Anonymous

    hu d hell told u that only christians r taking up the issue…?????? Don’t try to make it a communal issue…. all those hu r reacting are the people hu still hav humanity in them….

  117. Jeo

    Congratulations to Ranjan Das, who is clearly not a christian nor a hindu and not even a malayali for taking this matter to this level.. he has accomplished his aims so well… people are fighting over religion now… shame on you guys….

  118. JGN

    While life is yours, live joyously;
    None can escape Death’s searching eye:
    When once this frame of ours they burn,
    How shall it e’er again return? – Madhavacharya

    If a beast slain in the Jyothishtoma rite will itself go to heaven,
    why then does not the sacrificer forthwith offer his own father? – Brihaspati

    • x

      1. hav u ever seen a Jyothishtoma rite ?
      Y then talk about this, which 99.9999% of Bharatiya haven’t even heard about, let alone seen.

      2. Who performed this rite?
      AdiShankaracarya? Sant Tulasidas? Valmiki?RamanMaharshi?

      3. If someone is sure that such a sacrifice bears fruit, Y r u so worried about one animal being killed, when Millions of animals r killed daily to satisfy palate of greedy ppl .

      4. Ther is story of AdiSankaracarya being called to bcom sacrificial offering by a Kapalika. AdiSankara went with him, ready to become that sacrificial offering. In Bharat, ppl never considered “its my way or highway”.
      If someone was convinced that his ‘uunati’ is in occasional sacrifice of a animal, he was allowed to practice that too, so long as it did not disturb others.

      But ppl who r under influence of western emptiness such as ‘atheism’ fail to recognize facts. deracinatn coupled with subversion by mal-propaganda does that to ppl .
      they turn Bharatiya into Just Good-for-Nothing sepoys (ahem!)

  119. JGN

    Quotations attributed to Brihaspati

    There is no heaven, no final liberation, nor any soul in another world
    Nor do the actions of the four castes, order, &c, produce any real effect, agnihotra, the three Vedas, the ascetic’s three staves, and smearing oneself with ashes —
    Brihaspati says, these are but means of livelihood for those who have no manliness nor sense.
    In this school there are four elements, earth, water, fire and air;
    and from these four elements alone is intelligence produced —
    just like the intoxicating power from kinwa &c, mixed together;
    since in “I am fat”, “I am lean”, these attributes abide in the same subject,
    and since fatness, &c, reside only in the body, it alone is the soul and no other,
    and such phrases as “my body” are only significant metaphorically.
    If a beast slain in the Jyothishtoma rite will itself go to heaven,
    why then does not the sacrificer forthwith offer his own father?
    If the Sraddha produces gratification to beings who are dead,
    then why not give food down below to those who are standing on the house-top?
    If he who departs from the body goes to another world,
    how is it that he come not back again, restless for love of his kindred?
    Hence it is only as a means of livelihood that Brahmans have established here
    all these ceremonies for the dead, — there is no other fruit anywhere.
    The three authors of the Vedas were buffoons, knaves, and demons.
    All the well-known formulae of the pandits, jarphari, turphari, etc.
    and all the obscene rites for the queen commanded in Aswamedha,
    these were invented by buffoons, and so all the various kinds of presents to the priests,
    while the eating of flesh was similarly commanded by night-prowling demons

  120. Anonymous

    mud slinging is a cheap entertainment, friends…there are better entertainment available…

  121. x

    So there were ppl in those times too who wer intolerant of others. u quoted one such.

    demonising Bharatiyas for no reason other than his intolerance, that fellow must’ve been Digvijaya’s forefarter.

    Kancha Illaiah, A rundithi Roy, Ragdeep Durdesai, etc., come from same lineage prhps.

    • JGN

      x, then let every one go the Heaven in his/her own way; why are you worried? Yes, in India people were tolerant of others till we also started “semitizing” theHindus who are fiercely independent and do not want to submnit to the dictates of some High Priests. Do you want us to follow the equivalents of some Pope or A.Khomeni??

      • x

        sure wud prefer Bharatiyas 2 stop fallowing some westerner who pontificates about ‘atheism’ and instead discover the wealth of his own heritage.




  123. David Xavier

    The authour’s thoughts are Pathetic. He thinks the Dam can stand for another 100 years may be more.. He then brings in a religious angle to prove his theory. The developed countries have a plan to decommision and rebuild dams after a certain period even for those dams built with all modern technology. Other developing countries started this process already . We close our eyes for some petty political gains and continue to argue over it. Recently i have noted a change on the so called deliberation and it is not about the Damn breaking but whether the damns below can effectively contain the flow. I have seen graphics from the believers of present Dam showing ( they think this can withstand for another 100 yrs) how nicely the water flows 45 kms or so through deep channels into the idukki reservoir which will contain everything with out causing any destruction. We are a country divided like always , we do not look at permanent solutions and we find all sorts of conspiracy theory and justify by interconnecting bits and peices from any where.

    Shame on you. Safety First!!! The dam has to be built new before it breaks.. The water should be used primarily for the dry areas of Tamilnadu as per the original intention.
    If few districs in Tamil nadu were on the down stream and in danger of this dam’s collapse , then we would have heard a different song from the likes of Lord karunanidi or lord Jaya. ( I hate to mention this Vaiko as he is still an evolving Humanoid)

    People, if we do not act now and if the natural process take place and the Dam gives away it will be a national shame .

    • Jeemon

      Interesting to see how you mallus and thallus are malling and thalling over this issue. However, I must give credit to the Thallus (Tamils) who are united in their assertion that the dam is safe; on the other hand Mallus who have a high stake in this issue are involved in petty politicking deeply divided on religious lines: Hindus seeing this as a Christian conspiracy and thereby pulling the plugs on having any chance of relocating and rebuilding the dam. I never have seen such a polarized state as Kerala who claim to be educated but evince no evidence for the same.

  124. anonymous99

    Why dont the Kerala govt say this and TN govt also admit this.

    Mullaperiyar: it’s not about safety, but state sovereignty
    R Jagannathan Dec 3, 2011

  125. Pingback: Arguments and counter arguments and solution to impasse « Vayu Jeevottama

  126. You are absolutely right. This time again in November, December11-January12 and the Dam story is being highlighted by media.

  127. Safety of Ayyappa devotees from Tamilnadu – Responsibility of Hindu organisations in Kerala
    05/12/2011 13:38:02 HK

    Mullaperiyar: There are unconfirmed reports that Tamil pilgrims to Sabarimala are targeted by Mullaperiyar activists in Kerala.

    All Hindu organisations in Kerala should step up vigil and never let any Anti Nationals or Miscreants to touch Ayyappa devotees, if the reports are true.As pointed out earlier , Mulla Periyar issue has been always raised during Sabarimala Pilgrimage time and fades away after that.

    It is a known fact that there are many enemies of Sabarimala who cannot digest this fact that Hindus across the country share same feelings and devotion for Lord Ayyappa.

    Such crooked elements will always try to sabotage this Hindu unity. It is the sole responsibility of Hindu organisations and Hindus in Kerala to make sure no untoward incidents happen in the name of Mullaperiyar against Ayyappa devotees from Tamilnadu.

  128. Krishna34@gmail

    Hare Krishna. I am Polish . For the past 35 yrs I have been in Hare Krishna. I feel the word Hindu should not be used. Instead Sanatan Dharma should be reused. The colonial times translation of all Sanskrit literature is very wishy washy. Many western scholars have translated the word Dharma as religion. I feel it is not religion. Sanatan Dharma is the right word. India as soon as it acheived freedom should have scrapped the word Hindu and said we are Sanatanis. It is because of this hopeless translations , there is so much confusion and diatribe.

  129. Krishnadas

    I have entered a suspended email ID . My name is Krishnadas.

  130. Shanmugam

    Rajan Nair
    There may be some faultlines in Hinduism , which is getting rectified. But your Kerala Christians come to Malayasia and try to convert Indians there, saying that Kerala Christian converting fellows are the greatest export of Kerala. It is shame to claim this and an insult to Keralas literacy. We have advised them to do some productive work and not go and do tum tumming about being Keralas largest export for converting others religion. .

  131. Selvakumar V

    I think the Mullaperiyar Dam is built by the British Xians with their long term goal to destroy Sabarimalai. Sabarimalai is located 10 km (air distance) away from the Dam in the North West direction and Dam faces towards West. Dam is located at an altitude of 900m and Sabarimalai is at 600m altitude. (Check in the google terrain maps). If the Dam collapse, water will flow to Sabarimalai, kill all pilgrims and destroy the whole area.

    • JGN

      Selvakumar, that is just nonsense. Shabarimala was not a major pilgrimage centre at that time. The temple started attracting large number of pilgrims only during the last 40 years or so only.

      Here we have a really funny situation. In the event of any unfortunate incident many more Tamilians will die for want of water than the Malayalis drowning in the Dam water that flows downstream. So it is in the interest of both Kerala and Tamil Nadu that a new Dam is built as soon as possible.

      • S

        “Shabarimala was not a major pilgrimage centre at that time. The temple started attracting large number of pilgrims only during the last 40 years or so only.”
        pls cite ur sources for the same.

        • JGN

          S, are you from Kerala? I was born and brought up in Kerala and know for sure about the happenings in our State.

          As for the Dam controversey coming up every during the Sabarimala season, it has got nothing to do with the pilgrimage as such. Rainy season in Tamil Nadu is from October to December. So the off-take from the Dam is the lowest during this period, resulting in the water level of the Dam going up. When the Dam is almost full during November, people living down-stream start fearing. Once the level goes down from January onwards, most of the pople forget about the issue.

    • x

      Its ur intellect that has been destroyed . Dam will stand.
      Sabarimala will remain undistrubed for all time, for all ppl to visit.

  132. Wow, what load of filth. It is astounding to read such concocted ideas spewing out of venomous minds. It is rather amusing to watch some minds shifting from moderate to extreme mindsets. Great ideas like hinduism or christianity will never create such bigots. They all think they are supporting their beliefs and thus strengthen theur religion. But its the opposite that happens. If real religions can create such monsters, i will keep myself far from such religions. In malayalam ‘Matham” means religion but the word has another meaning, ‘opinion’. These people dont have opinions, they suffer from dementia. I pray to all the gods, christian as well as hindu (and include Allah just in case he is the real one), lets be safe from these people. All these bigots shall be brought to Vallakadavu, the place which is going to be the ground zero if the dam breaks and let them argue there, till kingdom comes. The conspiracy theory is well researched, but I pity the mind which did it. What a waste. Every one, Hindu, Christian or islam and all, have a gory past. A hindu pooh poohs the idea of resurrection, while believing in resurrection of Uttara’s baby (in vitro) by Srikrishna. A christian blaming sati while condoning the witch burning, well non witches also were burned, remember Joan of Arc. Some on misquoting bible on the subject of burning of .witches. Where did you get that bible, from Narendra Modi?.
    Lets pray to god Jayalalitha is right, that the dam is safe. If she is not right, beware all these theories will not save anybody. The ‘conspirating’ christians will die in millions, so are the hindus. Muslims have no life jacket either.
    Tonight I saw the news about controlling internet from willful campaigns. I thought Mr.Sibal is nuts when he spoke on this. After reading this post and the flood of comments, I think Mr.Kapil Sibal have a point.
    This type of smear writings needs to be controlled

  133. Mullaperiyar: There are unconfirmed reports that Tamil pilgrims to Sabarimala are targeted by Mullaperiyar activists in Kerala.

    All Hindu organisations in Kerala should step up vigil and never let any Anti Nationals or Miscreants to touch Ayyappa devotees, if the reports are true.As pointed out earlier , Mulla Periyar issue has been always raised during Sabarimala Pilgrimage time and fades away after that.

    It is a known fact that there are many enemies of Sabarimala who cannot digest this fact that Hindus across the country share same feelings and devotion for Lord Ayyappa.

    Such crooked elements will always try to sabotage this Hindu unity. It is the sole responsibility of Hindu organisations and Hindus in Kerala to make sure no untoward incidents happen in the name of Mullaperiyar against Ayyappa devotees from Tamilnadu.

  134. IndianOcean

    This one god principle makes the God lonely and explains he has got no purpose of existence. If he contains love, grace, and mercy inherently in him, he will incarnate as many. He will be accessible those who really want to get in touch with him. He won’t be an authoritarian, but authoritative.

  135. JGN

    For the old Gods came to an end long ago. And verily it was a good and joyful end of Gods!

    They did not die lingering in the twilight—although that lie is told! On the contrary, they once upon a time laughed themselves to death!

    That came to pass when, by a God himself, the most ungodly word was uttered, the word: “There is but one God! Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.”

    An old grim beard of a God, a jealous one, forgot himself thus.

    And then all Gods laughed and shook on their chairs and cried: “Is Godliness not just that there are Gods, but no God?”

    Whoever hath ears let him hear.

    “Thus Spake Zarathrustra”—Friedrich Nietzsche

    • x

      What makes u live in spiritually barren landscape of western philosophy, leaving behind ur legacy of spiritually rich landscape of Bharat?
      like a man dying of thirst, yet not drinking the water that surrounds him because he is taught to despise it by propaganda con-artists!

  136. JGN

    @ S, if you want to atribute that to Adi Shankara also I have no problem. According to Adi Shakara every thing is “Maya”; then the clothes you wear are also a maya.

    • S

      Never thought u were also a macaualayite putra.
      Man that is from Bhaja Govindam! and not from ‘kunjan nambiar’ of course he might have popularised it in malayalam.

      Regarding your view on ‘shankara’s mayaavad, either you dont know anything of that theory or you are seriously misrepresenting it. Both of these does not show you in a good light.

      • JGN

        X, the wordings in Bhaja Govindam are different; though the same appears as a part of Bhaja Govindam now, it was not written by Adi Shankara but by his disciple, Tatakacharya.

        The whole efforts of Adi Shankara’s teaching are for getting relief from the endless cycle of Birth-Death-Rebirth. What makes you annoyed when the Rationalists tell that there is no Soul or Re-birth?

        • x

          strange that u despise the natural, tasty, healthy, nutritious coconut water freely avlbl in ur area and choose to drink imported synthetic cola.


          r u intellectually colonized, Sir ?

    • x

      JGN, r u qualified to comment on what Adi Shankaracharya said?

      • Krishnadas

        Maya is not illusion but delusion of the mind. When the ego of a human being reaches a level beyond residual content, the human mind is note able to discriminate. That is where the delusion comes in of the rope and snake. Maya has been wrongly translated as illusion. It is egotism due to delusion, which is the perturbation of the ego from a very low level to high level. Ordinary mortals all have an ego. It is how you control the ego which decides the intensity of delusion which is Maya. The Vedanta society of Ramakrishna mission explains this very well. Then you have Schrodinger the founder of quantum mechanics who has dealt with Maya ( he has misprounced Maya as Maja. The book is called ” What is life” Google What is life and you will get it. John Dobson who invented the amateir telescope has written about Maya ,

        One should remember that words like Maya do not have an exact equivalent in any language in the face of earth. As John Dobson in his great book ” Advaita Vedanta and modern science” says very clearly that such philosophical concepts exist only in Sanskrit for the Indian sages thought beyond frontiers. Such ideas do not exist in any civllization except India. Translating these Sanskrit words into esp English, you will loose all in translation

        • JGN

          Mr. Krishnadas, even God is a delusion. We all belong to the same specie called Homo Sapien Sapien. All other divisions are man-made. What ever happens to the “Believers” will happen to the “Non-believers” also. There are more than 2000 Religions the world over, each with their own God/Gods. Who ever wants to believe that their God/Gods will send the followers of other God/Gods to some hell to be tourtoured for ever?

          • Krishnadas

            I did not touch in the aspect of God .That is a very different issue. The human mind of all homo sapiens when perturbed maximum with the ego all problems arise.

            • IndianOcean

              Hinduism says through pure Consciouness “I” can be realized. We are all living under Unconscious state always. Ego is the master of our unconscious mind and collects all the negative aspects of our life and moulds our mind accordingly. Our mind is a clutter of all negative aspects of life and ego won’t allow us to escape from that clutter. Our mind always dwelling in this clutter. God could be one of the product of ego which ego can use this ideology to separate people based on type of belief or god and do wars, arguments, intolerance, social problems, unrealistic after life dreams, I am right your are wrong kind of motivations, etc, etc.

            • IndianOcean

              Ego always wants something and never satisfied one. Ego is connected between human minds esp. closed circle relative, friends, colleagues, and evern with anonnymous. What we realize the life problems are work of ego. On the cause of every problem between human being, a group, a society, or between nations, the ego is the central object which is strengthened on both the side. Every problem of the life is a ego strengthening process, nothing else. Religion is one of the traditional source for ego to strengthen itself in everybody’s mind to cause all kinds of social problems.

  137. JGN

    Mr. Martin Jacob,

    >>>>>>>>>Then one more thing..the present on slaught towards christian missionaries is only because of the education they give!! not because of the conversion>>>>>>>>>>>>I am afraid your reasoning is not correct. The troubles in Karnataka started after the New Life Church published a derogatory book ironically named “Satya Darshini” and the tussels in Orissa were between the Tribals who had converted but retained their original status for availing Reservation benefits and those who did not convert. The killing of Swamy Laxmananda and some of his disciples provided the spark. It is not the established Churches but dubious denominations like New Life Church, Pentacostal Mission, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehova’s Witness, etc who are responsible for the whole community getting a bad name. The founder of New Life had to resign due to sexual abuse charges and their Faith-healer, David Hogan, is a fraud exposed by fellow Christians in USA.

    Therer are only about 45000 Educational Institutions (from primary schools to Medical/Engineering Colleges) run by the Christians and that roughly corresponds to their population. If they are doing any charity, we would be having the eternal fights (started with some reforms in Education sector brought by none other than Prof. Joseph Mundassery) between the Churches and Govt of Kerala and a committee (Justice Mohammed Committee) appointed by them. All Schools have to follow the Govt directives in respect of Holidays, Sylabus, etc. Of course I also agree that the Christian schools are not making any effort for conversion.

    Religion is not a binding factor. Had it been so, there would not have been various sects in the Religions swearing by One Book and One God, some of them fighting with each other even now. A few months back, Chemmanam Chacko had suggested that since the followers of Metran and Bawa have their own churches now, the disputed Churches should be converted into Mental Asylum for treating the Religious fanatics.

    • Nanu Asari

      Bull dust! more than 50 percent of renowned schools, colleges, educational institutes and premium medical establishments in India are run by Christians. In kerala, in front of every Convent schools there will be a stampede during admissions (most of them hindus) while hindu mission schools are left deserted (even by their own ilk). Quality education, to proper medical care to hygiene are synonymous with Christianity and Christians. Listen to the Christmas greetings given by even hindu politicians.

      • Bhushan

        “Bull dust! more than 50 percent of renowned schools, colleges, educational institutes and premium medical establishments in India are run by Christians.”…TO LOOT PEOPLE AND BRAINWASH THEM.

        “In kerala, in front of every Convent schools there will be a stampede during admissions (most of them hindus) while hindu mission schools are left deserted..” THAT SHOWS HOW IGNORANT KERALITES ARE AND HOW HOLLOW THEIR HIGH LITERACY RATES ARE (AS CLAIMED BY MISSIONARIES




  138. Anonymous

    are you a mallu ? I dont think so.. seems to be an alien who cant differentiate mom and wife

  139. JGN

    @ Bhushan, this is what happens when they try the tricks in muslim majority areas: “Pastor held in Valley over ‘forced conversions”

    Our bleeding heart secularists are silent over the issue. I had not seen any reaction to the issue from Catholic Bishops’ Conference or from Abraham Mathai.

    Can you imagine the amount of media fury that would have been created if a similar incident had taken place in Gujarat or Karnataka?

  140. ray

    In many mythicist writings, the ancient Phrygo-Roman god Attis is depicted as having been born of a virgin mother on December 25th, being killed and resurrecting afterwards. Here we shall examine the evidence for these contentions, which parallel the gospel story and Christian tradition concerning Jesus Christ.

    Providing a summary of the mythos and ritual of Attis, along with comparisons to Christian tradition, professor of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Manchester Dr. Andrew T. Fear states:

    The youthful Attis after his murder was miraculously brought to life again three days after his demise. The celebration of this cycle of death and renewal was one of the major festivals of the metroac cult. Attis therefore represented a promise of reborn life and as such it is not surprising that we find representations of the so-called mourning Attis as a common tomb motif in the ancient world.

    The parallel, albeit at a superficial level, between this myth and the account of the resurrection of Christ is clear. Moreover Attis as a shepherd occupies a favourite Christian image of Christ as the good shepherd. Further parallels also seem to have existed: the pine tree of Attis, for example, was seen as a parallel to the cross of Christ.

    Beyond Attis himself, Cybele too offered a challenge to Christian divine nomenclature. Cybele was regarded as a virgin goddess and as such could be seen as a rival to the Virgin Mary… Cybele as the mother of the Gods, mater Deum, here again presented a starkly pagan parallel to the Christian Mother of God.

    There was rivalry too in ritual. The climax of the celebration of Attis’ resurrection, the Hilaria, fell on the 25th of March, the date that the early church had settled on as the day of Christ’s death…. (Lane, 39-40)

    As we can see, according to this scholar, Attis is killed, fixed to a tree, and resurrects after three days, while his mother is “regarded as a virgin goddess” comparable to the Virgin Mary.

    These conclusions come from the writings of ancient Pagans, as well as the early Church fathers, including Justin Martyr, Clement of Alexandria, Hippolytus, Tatian, Tertullian, Augustine, Arnobius and Firmicus Maternus.

  141. S

    @ martin jacob
    “Case of conversion: Have mother theresa done any conversion??? Why dont you say any thing about her works ???”

    i think christopher hitchens ‘s ‘missionary position’ would be too shocking for you. i would suggest you to start with ‘The Final Verdict’ by Arup Chatterji . you can read the complete book here

    Enjoy and let us know what you ‘feel’

    • Martin Jacob

      @ S i know what devastation missionaries can cause !! but leave mother theresa out of this.. she is one of the rare christians left !!

  142. JGN

    @ Martin Jacob, though the killings of Graham Staines and his two children are reprehensible acts and cannot be justified in any way, his activities also were not above board.

    SC slams conversion during Staines murder verdict

    Missionaries are perfect nuisances and leave every place worse than they found it – Charles Dickens

    • Martin Jacob

      Missionaries are perfect nuisances and leave every place worse than they found it – Charles Dickens

      Missionaries means Missionaries of every religion…

      • S

        @Martin Jacob,
        “Missionaries are perfect nuisances and leave every place worse than they found it – Charles Dickens”
        “Missionaries means Missionaries of every religion…”

        Did you include M.T in this section??

        • JGN

          @ Martin Jacob, I presume that you are a Keralite Christian. Let us not try to “civilize” the Tribals. We have seen the ill-effects of trying to civilize the tribals in Kerala. Let them catch up with “Time” in their own pace. Pl read “TheTribal World of Verrier Elvin”. He was a Missionary turned Anthropologist and Social Worker.

    • Bhushan

      Well said.

      Though what happened is sad, but what do you think about the Staines’ alleged) murder? Did people come and burn the vehicle just like that? What were they doing in Odisha? Who invited them? Who funded their activities, who gave them the permission? There are many questions before you can call them innocent.. But for every attack on xxxtians, many more atrocities on Hindus go unnoticed, that too in India. Even Swami Laxminand’s murder by Xtian fanatics is unsolved and Xtians have falsely wovven stories to turn away the attention on his daylight murder.

      About slavery in Odisha – if you type Martin is a … in Google you get some funny suggestions like “”martin is a gay”, “martin is a poo”,, etc.. Do you believe it. NO, just because your church does not say so. This is why even the most educated Xtians are illiterates. They think what they are asked to.. Blind believers.

      In Odisha, what you call slavery is another form of job. People there are happy and hardworking. At least they were so till some bloody converts came and told them that they were uncivilized and starting luring them with money and liquor and enslaved them in their dirty closed-box religion.

      • Martin Jacob

        @bhusan …give proof for what u said!!

        • Bhushan

          Proof of what? Specify.

          1. Type for yourself in Google and see the instant search results.
          2. My own school had distributed the Bible several times for “free”. My boss had given me one when the company had discontinued an ambitious project. Bstrds.
          3. I have grown up with tribals in Odisha. Earlier they had a longer life span, robust bodies and lived life close to nature. They were fiercely proud of their culture. Now it is all gone in those pockets where xtians have engulfed them paying them money and leaving them in no-man’s land.
          4. About Swami Laxminanand’s murder and the foul game by xtians after that – there is plenty of stuff both online and offline. I ll post some soon.

  143. Pingback: முல்லைப்பெரியாறும் சபரிமலையும் «

  144. Mullaperiyar

    Dear All,
    Mullaperiyar is a matter of life and death for 40 lakh keralites . You can prove “your religion is better than other religion(s)” in other postings. Please don’t drag religion in this matter.

  145. JGN

    NanuAsari , mone Dinesha, have you heard of the wornderful treatment yourChurches gave to the late Prof.Joseph Mundassery, Prof.M.P.Paul, Dr.(Sister)Jesme, etc? Or heard of the eternal fight between the duly elected govts of Kerala, whether headed by the “commies” or by theNasranis/Moppilas [CH MohammedKoya, AthonesePunyalan, Ommachan, etc] and theChurches, started by our present DefenceMinister Mr.A.K.Anthony? Ironically theChurches buried the body of his father in a “ThemmadiKuzhi” and he became an Atheist after that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pl read “Amen – The Biography of a Nun”. That has got some “masala” better than those available in Pent House Magazine. All the best.

  146. Born in kerala but live in India

    Excuse me everyone, past is past. Me and u are not responsible for that. But what will happen in future depends on our decision. Life should be saved both in kerala and tamilnadu. If the dam breaks, definitely people of 5 states in kerala will be at the risk of their life and have anyone thought about the lives in tamilnadu. From where they will get water for irrigation and making electricity???? So if the dam breaks tamilnadu also will suffer both economically and life loss. So be an Indian, think as brothers, act with a wise thoughts, forget all the bad memories, lets make India a better place to live, a god’s own country.

  147. Anonymous

    i can call the author a tamil extremist to create religious conflict in Kerala to take the focus away from Mullaperiyar… Let me tell you more than 50% occupants between Mullaperiyar and Idukki dam are christians still more than 50% of the protesters are from Hindu. I don’t want to talk in religious perspective as we keralites know what is co-existance and we are one family… No “_____” can create such conflicts in our blood.


    This is a very poor Topic. The Mullapperiyar Dam issue ” not any Religion/Cast” Issue. Its “Humanity ” M Ps MLAs, Ministers from Kerala not belong to any Religion or Any Party all of them doing as a Karalite. Come and see the Mullapperiyar Valley Peoples Pain. Just Think “this Dam is located 150 Km from Kochi&Madhurai(major City train-ship-transport) Today (2012) there in Mullapperiyar Dam area No GOOD ROADS THEN WHAT ABOUT 1860-1895 .. IS IT BULT UP HIGH QWALITY THINGS FROM BRITISH??. NO DAM MADE BY LOCAL STONE& MATERIALS. NOW SAY IS IT SAFE ???? IS IT PLAY OF ANY COMMUNITY OR POLITICS???????

  149. Anonymous

    lol, typical of hypocrites, cowards also known as christian, ganging up like zombies and hungry scavengers on those few blog posts that they can find that they are confident in winning and by making a mountain out of dirt thus burying other legitimate posts that they need to hide and make themselves feel superior or others inferior. just look at the numbers of christian in this blog post and the number of times they come again and again to comment, why don’t they comment on post like ‘So Gita is an extremist text, while Bible and Koran preach love!’ and the likes?

  150. Anonymous

    poda punda!

  151. Pradeep

    Stupid article, fabricated stories. Sabarimala is a Buddist temple. These temple was looted and occupied by Tami robbers. It was Mr.Ayyappa which recovered from Tamil robbers. Muslim “vavar” was friend and follower of Ayyappa. It is nowhere in Hindu mythology Lord Ayyappa is mentioned. Till 1980 no higher caste Hindus go to Sabarimala. Now once it becomes famous all stupids are visiting Sabarimala and fabricated stories connecting to Lord Shiva etc. After all this is a Buddist temple. If Pandis (Tamilians) want get Lord Ayyappa “darsanam” we will keep an idol on Kerala – TN boarder you visit the idol and submit your offering there itself. Dont come in folks and destroy our land (Kerala)

    • Shlok

      @Pradeep, I have already torn apart the nonsense being spread by Makarand Insane. Will you shut up before making an ass of yourself? And just for argument sake, if Ayyappan is a Buddhist deity, or low caste one, whatever you ‘secularists’ should rejoice that high caste people are worshipping. But no, you want to keep yuor pet theories alive that there is high caste and low caste fights. If you are told by your Christian priest (if you are Christian) or Marxist ‘scholar’ (if you are a Commie) to jump out of the building, you will only ask one stupid question, ‘Which floor?’

  152. Arun

    So..where do you get this stupidest knowledge…hey.. brother never ever assume that you know the truth when you never heard of it…..Do you believe that your great..great..great..great..great..great…grandfather existed even if you don’t know his name or saw him….just think..Brother….if you are a buddhist….remember that budda had born as a hindu and died as hindu… he had attained enlightment as preached by santana dharma[hinduism]…as ancient vedic maharhishis had achieved…Buddha then preached this knowledge… and this soon turned into a religion…..
    …its just wasting time commenting on stupid comments of creeps like you…..

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  154. what level can I major directly into become a owner of assisted living home?

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  156. Truth Will Prevail

    Pradeep above has his head stuck in his own ass so he can’t tell the difference between Lord Ayyappa and Buddha.

  157. A solution to reduce the dead storage level of the Mullaperiyar dam to around 75 ft. is provided in this blog

  158. George

    Anyway need to congratulate the idiot author to connect the dots. First of all, the Sabarimala Season comes during Monsoon time in Highrange which in effect give rise to excess flow of water to reservoir. Without understanding the same this idiot is trying to create a communal issue here. Also, the relative population of Christians is higher in Idukki district, As of the same most of the people in front of the issue might be christians. Why the idiot author have not referred the speeches of religious and cultural leaders of all religions at Chappathu. Mullaperiyar issue is a comon issue of people of Idukki, Kottayam, Ernakulam etc districts… means, I believe people of all religions are staying in these districts. Author need not required to envy on Muthalalis of Kottayam or Kanjirapally. You can see same kind of people in other religions in other parts of Kerala like Tvm, Kollam & Kozhikode Malappuram. Religious conversions are happening across India whther Christianity or Hinduism or Islam. People move from one to another based each one’s comfort and no one need to question on such issues which is a constitutional provision, but each religion can take steps to keep people with them. It might be the mistake of people preaching of each religion which makes people move from one to another or people might be getting something in additional from another which prompts them to move another belief. I strongly say that author want to create a communal issue on one of the important pilgrimage place in Kerala, Sabarimala. Grace & Sanctity of Sabarimala should not be allowed to get harassed by such authors as Sabarimala is and always a place of respect by all religions of Kerala. Mullaperiyar Dam also at the same time a very important matter of life of lakhs which need to be addressed.

  159. Great Effort IndianRealist……..

  160. such a nice post thanks for sharing th article

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