Vatican slams ‘Avatar’

Vatican doesn’t like ‘Avatar’ because it allegedly promotes ‘pseudo-doctrines’ of pantheism and worhip of nature. What is wrong with worshipping God’s creation, I ask you? The sun, the moon, the stars, the air, the trees, the rivers, the sea, the plants — we cannot live a single day without them.

For me, this makes them divine because they give us the ultimate gift of life. Organised religions on the other hand have given us nothing but hatred, death, destruction and punishment for doing our thinking on our own.

Nature gives us life and nourishment. Organised religions give us death and regression. Which one should we hold divine and worship with reverence? It is a no-brainer, isn’t it?

Protests as Vatican Slams Avatar and Pantheist Nature-Worship
Pantheists are protesting as Vatican media slam the movie Avatar for promoting Pantheism, only a few days after the Pope attacked Pantheism in his New Year’s address.

Vatican Says ‘Avatar’ Worships Nature And Is “Bland”
by Ann Warren

Vatican calls ‘Avatar’ bland

The Vatican has described the science fiction film ‘Avatar’, which has taken $1 billion (£600m) at the box office, as bland, cliched and overly-sentimental.




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6 responses to “Vatican slams ‘Avatar’

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  2. Psudo

    Vatican has reacted on expected line, Vatican is hand and glove with American imperialism, which was defeated in movie. So who care what the f%*&& some idiot in Rome thinks…

  3. Reality

    People all around the globe are loosing there beliefs in organized religions as they make no sense Avatar is just a materialisation of this loss. The Vatican has grasped this loss too but they can’t do anything about it — their desent is inevitable.

  4. VoP

    Child trafficking of Hindus from NE into Christian bases in TN

    Christians have always stolen kids all over the world for Christ. Starting from Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, Pacific Islanders this virus continues in modern age – including latest news about how American missionaries were trying to steal kids from Haiti labeling them as orphans. Now this gets worse in India. Please alert this to friends.

    Child traffickers from North-East set up base in Tamil Nadu

    CHENNAI: Hundreds of children from the northeastern states are being trafficked by well-networked groups, who have found a safe haven in Tamil Nadu. The rescue of 76 malnourished children, from Manipur and Assam, from a home at Kuzhithurai in Kanyakumari district this week is only the tip of a vast network, which receives crores of rupees from churches and agencies abroad by showing a large number of children under their “care”.
    Children from Manipur, especially those belonging to the Kuki tribe, are targeted by traffickers masquerading as evangelists and missionaries as people in the insurgency-hit areas are willing to send off their children if they are promised a good education.

    The children aged six to 15 are kept in pathetic conditions and are often made to do jobs like carpentry, cooking and laundry. There have even been cases of children dying under suspicious circumstances and some being molested and abused.
    Incidentally, a majority of homes charged with trafficking are run by missionaries or evangelical societies. “These institutions exploit religion to make money. With many of them not registered with the government, the homes escape scrutiny,” says Vidya Reddy of Tulir, Centre for Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse.

  5. S

    US Baptists caught while kidnapping children in Haiti. They say that they were “saving” them. These Baptists are the same people who have messed up Nagaland and turned the innocent Nagas into terrorists.


    *Remove the space between “the” and “lede” to read the article.

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