Evangelists in Orissa

This report from a missionary website shows how White missionaries are openly proselytising in India, flushed with cash provided by American churches.  I thought missionary visas were banned by India two decades ago? Then why there is no check on these people coming to India and organising huge events? Is there pressure on administration from Sonia Gandhi to allow them in and do their work? Are they bribing local ministers and cops? There is something wrong somewhere. Hindus will be destroyed if they stop protecting Dharma, and the Whites with their pernicious, genocidal ideology will win.

This is a gleefull report from missionaries about their activities in Orissa. The events are based on most pathetic superstitions — miracle cures, black magic, occultism and dead bodies coming alive after being eaten by ants. And to believe that these people accuse all other faiths of living in darkness!

God’s Moment in India

Last year on a hot, humid evening in Warangal, a city in southern India, about 8,000 locals gathered in a giant sports field while what seemed like 100,000 insects buzzed in the night sky. Most of the people were Hindus, but this did not stop them from visiting a Christian event hosted by a local evangelist, Harry Gomes, who is based further south in the city of Coimbatore.

 As the dark-faced crowd gathered, billowing saris sparked a riot of turquoise, pink, saffron, green, aqua and red. The women in these flowing garments reclined on a huge piece of yellow fabric that covered half a football field. Men sat in white plastic chairs or stood near the edges of the field, where towering floodlights bathed the scene in a harsh glow.

Gomes, who has sponsored more than 200 outdoor evangelistic crusades in India since he began his ministry in 1996, was seated on the stage with his head bowed, oblivious to the noises from the audience or the blaring music coming from a praise team standing next to him. Accompanied by a drum machine and synthesizer, four women from Gomes’ Bible college sang Indian choruses in Telugu-one of 29 major languages spoken in India today.

After a litany of announcements and more songs, an Indian minister in a black suit announced it was time for Gomes to preach. The restless crowd settled down while the dark clouds grew menacing. The bugs provided a strange soundtrack, crackling and sizzling as they hit chairs, sound equipment and light bulbs.

A small rug was rolled out on the stage, and Gomes knelt on it, clutching his Bible in one hand and a microphone in the other. In his deep, resonating voice-obviously created for preaching-he began his brief sermon, all in perfect Telugu. (Gomes also speaks Hindi, Tamil and other Indian languages.)

After the sermon the action began. Still kneeling, Gomes began to recite a list of sicknesses and ailments. Arthritis. Tumors. Blindness. Heart problems. Skin disorders. People in the crowd began to stand. To the left of the giant stage, a woman-obviously demonized-began to scream. Two members of Gomes’ ministry team ran to help her.

Gomes kept his eyes shut throughout his 15-minute prayer for the sick. He does not lay hands on people in his meetings but simply prays that Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to the Hindus, Sikhs or Muslims who come to hear him.

“It is Jesus who does the healing,” he told Charisma. “We only need to believe and pray.”

So far, about 12.4 million Indians have come to Christ in Gomes’ meetings, but that is a small number compared to the total who have embraced Christianity in India in recent years. This nation of more than 1 billion people is on the verge of a spiritual upheaval.



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7 responses to “Evangelists in Orissa

  1. Some of the jucier portions in the next few pages of the article seems to have been missed out-
    “A Christian woman named Maria had died, and locals would not give her a proper burial because her family had no money. She had been dead two days, and ants were crawling all over her corpse.
    “She was ice cold,” Mariamma says. “But after we prayed for her she came back to life. She still has the scars from the ant bites on her body. But she travels with me now, telling the story of what she saw in heaven while she was dead.”

    “One hundred percent of Indian people are sick and possessed by demons,” says V.A., who started his ministry by preaching from a coconut tree. “When we preach the gospel, they are instantly healed.”

    “Most Indian gurus are possessed by demons,” Mariamma adds. “When we pray for them the demon manifests and comes out. We have many former gurus in our churches today, including one who was deaf and dumb and was healed.”

    “But on the very first day of the crusade,” Gomes says, “the Lord healed many crippled people and they started walking. The police who witnessed this ended up asking for prayer.”

    Miracles are not always welcome in India. On more than one occasion, Hindu radicals insisted that Gomes prove his healing power. Witches and Hindu priests also have opposed him.

    That seals the issue.

    Not for nothing do they say- “Every dog has his day.”. The title of the article relates to that well.

    • Sanjay Choudhry

      These people “saved from Satan” are promoting witches, black magic and coming back from the dead after being eaten by ants — and they accuse everybody else of living in darkness! What stuff do these people snort? Is this the “spiritual upheaval” that this nation with a 5000-year-old spirituality is waiting for? The scoundrels are just spreading ignorance, fundamentalism, bigotry and witchcraft.

  2. VoP

    > This nation of more than 1 billion people is on the verge of a spiritual upheaval.

    That is THE MOST RACIST Comment! Unless we accept the dead man on a stick we are in, as they say, the “dark”! Christian justification for pillage and rape!

    • Sanjay Choudhry

      Christanity is based on racism — dividing the world into two halves and then cursing and heckling the other half as inferior and doomed to hell. Invasion, torture and slavery of non-Christians is a logical follow-up of this ideology.

  3. JGN

    I am really wondering why we need all these Super-speciality Hospitals, highly trained Doctors, Para-medical staff, giant Pharmaceutical Companies, Research Centres, etc. Why can’t we train a few thousand “fatih-healers” and send them across the world to cure all diseases?

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