Indophobia of Whites: What drives it?

Vamsee Juluri writes his views about a particularly nasty article about India by Barbara Crossette in “Foreign Policy.”

Indophobia: The Real Elephant in the Living Room
By Vamsee Juluri

Juluri has diagnosed the reasons of Indiophobia of the Whites correctly when he says:
“The present Indophobia has its origins in colonial Hinduphobia. Fuelled by the crazy stories of missionaries determined to rid the world of heathen Hindus and steeped in the ideologies of the colonizers’ civilizing mission, Indophobia infiltrated popular, journalistic, political and academic thought.”

This Hinduphobia is what gives rise to movies such as Slumdog Millionaire and creatures like Wendy Doniger and Martha Nussbaum. The phenomenon is driven by the Christian hatred and fear of religiously tolerant pagans.



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2 responses to “Indophobia of Whites: What drives it?

  1. Anonymous

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  2. nitu

    Martha Nussbaum’s The Clash Within presents a powerful analysis of the Hindu Right in contemporary India that is insightful and penetrating…She weaves a rich tapestry of how Hindu thought has been reshaped and distorted…She is correct to say “the clash within” that we find in India lies everywhere.

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