Exactly which all governments in the world are secular?

Ireland has passed a blasphemy law. George Bush started funding faith-based initiatives of the church. British MPs publicly protest against anti-coversion laws in India. It is a myth that Western countries are secular. Their entire worldview is based on promotion of Christianity. Muslim countries or even Israel don’t even pretend to be secular. It is only Hindu suckers who have got conned into this secular business and wilfully put the noose around their necks.

Wake up guys! There is no shame in asking for state support for promotion and protection of Hinduism in your own country. Jews, Christians and Muslims, all claim and get state support in their respective countries whereever they are in a majority. Secularism is just a trick of the church in pagan countries. Get rid of it.

Irish atheists test blasphemy law

Months ago when the new and controversial Irish anti-blasphemy law was being passed, it made headlines around the world. Now that it has gone into effect, the fracas has really begun, with a group of Irish atheists immediately putting up a challenge. The atheists claim the law is unenforceable and have posted “25 blasphemous quotations” on their website in order to test it. These quotations are, for the most part, relatively tame, but they do demonstrate the ridiculousness of such laws in countries where there exists a multiplicity of faiths. In a nation or area run by a religious tyranny, such as occurred under Christianity in parts of Europe during the Dark Ages and Inquisition, or as in brutal Muslim-dominated countries to this day, such a law could be carried out, because it necessitates a monolithic religious structure that excludes all others.

In free, democratic nations, however, such a law is the height of absurdity – and those who passed it in Ireland evidently knew that fact, because they claimed, if I understand their position correctly, that they were essentially only doing it in order to fend off something worse.  What could be worse and coming down the pike at them? Perhaps what is happening in other parts of Great Britain, to wit Islamization? One look at this law may indicate which “religion of perpetual outrage” is being appeased once more:

Under the law, which went into effect Friday, a person can be found guilty of blasphemy if “he or she publishes or utters matter that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion, thereby causing outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion.”

The point in challenging this law is that what is defined as “blasphemy” to one individual, group or culture within a multifaith and multicultural land may not be blasphemous at all to others – so how will these determinations be made? Here are a few examples of what is blasphemous to me personally:

It is blasphemous to me to insist that there is a giant, usually male god person somewhere “out there” separate and apart from creation who is angry, vengeful and wrathful.
It is blasphemous to me to discuss this god person using the sexist terms of “he,” “him” and “his,” in whatever language.
It is blasphemous to me to suggest that this god person is so petty and obsessed with women’s hair and skin that “he” must have them cover themselves up under threat of rape and brutality.
It is blasphemous to me to say that the quality of divinity has occurred only once in history in a particular individual of a certain ethnicity some 2,000 years ago.
It is blasphemous to me to coerce people into believing without any credible, scientific evidence illogical and supernatural events, such as a man being born of a virgin, walking on water, raising people from the dead and flying off into heaven.
It is blasphemous to me to state that there has only been a handful of “prophets of God” from a particular part of the world and that the last one for all eternity existed some 1,400 years ago.
It is blasphemous to me to claim that a warrior who married a six-year-old girl and consummated the “marriage” when she was nine is called a “prophet of God.”
It is blasphemous to me to assert that another warrior who ordered the slaughter of tens of thousands and the rape of kidnapped virgin girls by “chosen people” is also called a “prophet of God” and his exploits are “godly.
It is blasphemous to me to raise up writings as “holy” that consist largely of blood and gore, as well as calls for the hatred, mistreatment, enslavement and murder of nonbelievers and infidels.
It is blasphemous to me to treat human beings like born-in-sin pieces of garbage in the face of an all-glorious god who deserves all the praise but none of the blame for the world’s ills.
It is blasphemous to me to attempt to overthrow the democratic rule based on my holy scripture, which is the American Constitution.
And so on.

Moreover, by looking at the news I am insulted on a daily basis in matters that I hold sacred, such as the right of women to keep their hair and face uncovered in public, as well their genitals intact, along with so many other atrocities committed regularly in the name of God, religion, holy books, prophets, sons of God, etc., ad nauseam.

Now, who is going to arrest and try all the hundreds of millions globally whose beliefs blaspheme my religion?



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6 responses to “Exactly which all governments in the world are secular?

  1. JGN

    To my knowledge except for France there is no other country in the world which is truely secular. Majority of the so-called secular countries are pseudo-secular like India. Some time back even George W. Bush had said that there is no place for Atheists in US as it is a country “Under One God”. They even print “In God We Trust” on their Dollar Bills!!

    • sanjaychoudhry

      JGN, do you know France has officially listed Hinduism as a cult? It even today refuses to recognise it as a legitimate religion. It is a Christian fundamentalist country which has showered awards on Indian Xian fundamentalists such as John Dayal. The only country I truly consider secular is Turkey.

      • JGN

        France listing Hinduism as a cult will not make it a cult (and not sure also whether they have done so or not) as it is not even a religion in its narrow sense. I am not aware that their giving some awards to John Dayal. Even yesterday I have read in the news papers that they intend to impose a fine equivalent to 850 GBP to any one wearing a black veil.

        I am quite sure that they do not allow any Religious symbols in their Schools. They have not relented from this policy even for the Sikhs despite our PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh taking up the matter with the then French President.

        Though Turkey is officially Secular, fundamentalism is on the rise there since the past several years.

        There was no concept of “Equality” before French Revolution. Slavery is justified in both The Bible and the Quran. Some sort of slavery existed even in India. I do not think all the monuments we see across the Country were constructed paying fair wages to the labours. A few months back I heard the conversation of two friends, one just returned from Jaipur. He made a sarcastic remark that the “rajas and maharajas really enjoyed their life at the expense of common people”! I have read some reference about Shah Jahan ordering amputation of the hands of the master-crafts man responsible for construction of Taj Mahal to prevent him from constructing a monument like that again (not sure whether the story is true or false).

        • >>>“There was no concept of “Equality” before French Revolution.

          Is a dog equal to a cat ? or an elephant equal to a donkey ?
          No they are not. But all are deserving of consideration and respect as living beings.

          Each of them are manifestation of brahma.
          Likewise people have different talents, abilities, inclinations.
          Are not ‘equal’. Yet deserves consideration and respect as much as the donkey and the elephant.

          ‘Equalization’ subverts the issue, creates a smokescreen that prevents perception of the actual.

          If equality was what was desired, there wouldn’t be the diversity that is seen in Nature.

          It is the inevitable limitations of perception induced by influence of selfish western attitude that impels people and societies to consider ‘equality’ treatment as panacea for the perennial pain and strife caused by self-aggrandizing drives.

          It is like the grabbing at straws by a drowning man. Insufficient and actually useless.
          What maybe useful is that the person swim himself, without depending on some Farter in Haven or Poop in Vacatin or artificial straws of ‘equality’. Every person has the inherent ability to swim And that is what will save man and society from drowning in unbridled materialism-induced whirlpool.

          bharatiya samskriti, unhindered by selfish motives motivates the people to revel in the diversity of Nature and to develop swimming skills(metaphorically).

          Not for nothing is India known for its diversity of cultural traditions. India is also traditionally known for fighting to uphold dharma– that which sustains this diversity in Nature, against both those who create artificial classifications- of ‘believer x kaffir’, ‘christian x heathen’, ‘working class x brougeoisie’, ‘producer x consumer’- as well as against those who propagate artificial ‘equality’- ‘all belief systems are alike’, ‘all men are equal’, ‘all Gods are true’, and so on.

          Every deva of this land has a weapon to fight adharma.
          Even saraswati devi has knowledge in her hands, apart from the veena, symbolising the power of sound.

          >>>“Some sort of slavery existed even in India. “

          Yes, when the muslims and british ruled.

          >>>>“I do not think all the monuments we see across the Country were constructed paying fair wages to the labours.

          Monuments built as symbol of aggrandization, such as made by the muslim invaders and the british, were made by slave labour. Naturally, it was the indigenous populace who were the slaves.

          >>>““rajas and maharajas really enjoyed their life at the expense of common people”!

          The rajas and maharajas who were vassals of the british or the mughals may have thought so.

          Indian rajas rooted in traditional values, such as Harischandra, Shibi, Sri Rama, even Shivaji, lived differently, as models for their countrymen.

          yadha raja tadha praja” is true now as it was before.


  2. Bharat

    france & truly secular…
    Since when??

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