The Goddess of Big Lies

Great Literary Frauds of Our Time
By John Dolan

FRAUD #1 Arundhati Roy: The Goddess of Big Lies

It was about time somebody called the bluff of the outspoken but lightweight Arundhati Roy. She is a Christian fundamentalist pretending to be a communist.

An average writer —  there are thousands like her in India — she is nothing but a creation of the Whites through their awards. She remain in circulation only because of the leftist-liberal network in India that itself is nourished by the Whites and positioned against the Hindus. The sooner the Hindus wake up to the strategy of the Whites to raise the profile of leftists and Hindu haters (Arvind Adiga types) in India through their awards such as Booker and Magsaysay, the better for their future.

Hindus should flush these Gora awards down the toilet and show middle finger to the brown sepoys who get them.


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One response to “The Goddess of Big Lies

  1. The following article linked by commenter Arvind at Shadow Warrior’s blog is quite explanatory.

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