Solution to Telangana crisis

My compromise formula for the current unrest in Andhra Pradesh about the formation of Telangana state:

Split the state into Telangana and Andhra. Let Hyderabad be a UT for 25 years before being transferred to Telangana.

Hyderabad currently generates revenues of Rs 15,000 crores a year. Divide this — one third to Telangana and one third to Andhra for 25 years to develop their respective capitals. One third retained by central government for administration expenses.

Announce that the new capitals of Telangana and Andhra will be connected to Hyderabad with 6-lane expressways within two years.

This way, Telangana guys will be cool — they will eventually get Hyderabad after 25 years. Andhra guys will be cool — they will not immediately lose out on all the investments and hardwork done by them in Hyderabad over the years. MOrever, each will get one-third of Hyderabad revenues, so there is no heart burn. Quarter of a century is enough time for them to develop their capitals to Hyderabad standards.

As a bonus, two new cities in the area will get to develop hugely as respective state capitals, benefitting the region’s economy.

Builders lobby and other businessmen from coastal Andhra will be cool with Hyderabad being declared UT — their investments in various projects will not go to ruin. Their value will actually shoot up.

There will be no harrasment of migrants to Andhra by “Telanagana Navnirman Sena” because the city will be directly administred from Delhi.

Win, win all round. This is the only acceptable solution I can think of. It is important for tempers to cool down. Delaying Hyderabad’s transfer to Telangana will help in this. Handing it immediately over to Telangana will be a disaster.



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23 responses to “Solution to Telangana crisis

  1. Sensible.

    However, one undesirable development may be the possible hijacking of such a UT of Hyderabad by Majilis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen fellows who might turn it into a separate muslim majority state.
    25 years may be long enough for them to achieve demographical transformation.

    Devolution of power and responsibility to more and more local levels, as used to be prior to muslim-british invasions, appears more and more inescapable in order to sustain society and Nature.


  2. sravan

    Well, Are you after the vested interests of some businessmen who would simply kick out off hyderabad if some X city would provide more tax intensives and land at throw away prices? I think that is why you are proposing a 25 years UT for hyderabad. That is waht apparent from your reason. Beyond these business class why don’t you see the years of neglect telangana regions underwent. Try to look at how the lands belonging to poor telangana people were grabbed to sell them to greedy business men in a race to show off development in a city.

  3. tagoor varma

    idea is not bad.keeping as a UT or some other governing body for some 5 years is enough. later on give it to telangana but not as its capital. but more than that, other imp issues like water distribution, taxes between states ,should be discussed.centers of power like, secretariat,assembly, high courts, and others should be distributed across the district capitals in both the states. for both the states capitals should be other than hyderabad, so that it will become a truly cosmopolitan city in future besides developing other cities in bothe the states and hyderabad will be free from all kinds of political agitations.

  4. The proposed New State, Telgana has been attracting nation wide attention and serious protest all over Andhra Pradesh.Telgana is proposed to be formed with Hyderabad as its capital and it will have around three crore population. Here we should see some issues.

    1) Hyderabad has nearly 42 per cent Muslim population and has been in the media in Kerala for the past several months as a terrorist training centre. Kerala Muslims, who were recruited, got training in Hyderabad and the people, who knew Hindi well, were directed to go to Kashmir to fight against Indian Army and who were not fluent in Hindi, were directed to Kerala for terrorist activities. Now many of them are being arrested in connection with several terrorist activities in Kerala, got their training in Hyderabad.
    2) Hyderabad has a history of Nizam, the notorious fellow who tried to fight against Indian Army in the days of State Reorganization.
    3) Other districts in Telgana like Medak, Kammam, Adilabad etc have more than 10 percent Muslim population.
    4) The people living in Rayalseema and Coastal Andhra have business, land and properties in Hyderabad. After the formation of Telgana, they may have less influence in Hyderbad .It will adversely affect their economic and political interest. Now the people of the remaining Andhra and Telgana are behaving like Indians and Pakistanis. Later they would start showing revenge to each other. It will adversely affect the growth of Hyderabad as a World City.
    5) We should try to make Hyderabad as a Union Territory. It is to avoid the influence of Muslim population in the new state and in the city. It is good for national interest, our internal security and economic advantage.
    6) If Hyderabad is becoming a Union Territory, people from other states of Indian Union could conduct business, government tax policy would be good for economic prosperity and the government of India’s administration with central police and people of all India service could carry the national ethos. Hence, it would encourage people of other state to migrate to Hyderabad and slowly we can change the religious demographic composition of Hyderabad. The Govt. should convert Osmania University into a Central University.
    7) We can make a Hyderabad City, a City with national character.
    8) We should remember what China did in “China’s Kashmir”.

  5. answertoyourquestion

    telangana navnirman sena

    in which world are you living friend.
    there is no such thing. telangana people dont use violence against andhras. that is impossible.
    it seems you are getting your news from the very same ndtv and foreign media that you were so busy exposing in your other posts.

    let me inform you on certain facts about the telangana movement.
    i think i should show you certain videos of the movement.
    the whole movement was played on telugu news channels like a test match. and i was glued on to the tv for 60 days covering every single detail of it.

  6. answertoyourquestion

    most importantly.
    if you turn hyderabad into an union territory.
    the muslims are going to soon carry it away.
    there is no way we will be able to get it back.

    hyderabad was built by muslims. there was no city there before. the city was built by the most oppressive ruler of india. nizams.

    i am a telangana guy. and i have been treated like a second rate citizen in this city from the beginning. now you want to take away the city to north india free of cost.
    do you know what kind of people you would be helping by doing that. your friends ndtv,
    cnn -ibn, brinda karat and so on.
    because all these people are product of the hyderabadi culture. the suckers come from allover india and live elite life styles sucking blood from the common man. the city is the biggest city of india. this is where all north indians come and mingle with the muslims as if they are zigari dosts and look at the telugu speaking telanganites as if they are vermin.

  7. answertoyourquestion

    you must come and see the musi river.
    musi river originally called muchukunda river.
    is supposed to originate from water that was used to wash Lord krishna’s feet.
    but today the whole musi river has been turned into a drain by our elite people of hyderabad.
    in the old times all the poor people used to enjoy swimming in rivers. but today only the rich get to swim in swimming pools. all our rivers have been polluted because of this greed of real estate guys who made the city grow too much. all the guys came from other places. with no respect for telugu culture. all
    of them think we are some uncivilised monkeys. but you know better dont you my friend. wait this needs a lot of filling in.

  8. answertoyourquestion

    the only good thing that can be done is the destruction of this city. if this city is not stopped. islamic terrorism cannot be stopped.
    the bigger this city grows. more the muslims will claim that it belongs to them. so the only solution to many problems is stopping of the city’s growth. the city has grown too much.
    today it is the drugs capital of india. many many destructive elements will come out of this city.
    this city is founded upon slave labour. and the formation of telangana will be the first step to the stopping the growth of this monster city.

  9. answertoyourquestion

    you people are very nice speaking of patriotism
    . then suddenly when a true question arises.
    you want all the profit for yourself.
    so now you want hyderabad city. everybody wants hyderabad. apparently it belongs to everyone
    anybody but the telangana people. we are supposed to look upon you like masters.
    even with the telangana movement at its peak you dont want to move a muscle or employ a brain cell to understand what is happening in telangana .w ho they are ? what is their recent history? what are they trying to say?

  10. answertoyourquestion

    let me impress this on you clearly.
    on the fate of hyderabad rests the fate of the entire world. entire hinduism. this telangana movement is the gift that will reduce the growth of hyderabad and muslim terrorism in hyderabad.
    manmohan singh and many other cia agents tell you that you need invest ment to create jobs and that investment comes from foreign sources. this is a big lie. this foreign companies get most of their investment from india through the share market. then they dont give you jobs. but to others. they make indians work for less money than their own coutnry men. we dont want foreign companies inhyderabad. we dont want north indians either. people who have tried their best to ignore our existence . this city dwelling suckers will have to pay for all the evils that they have wrought on my mother land.

  11. answertoyourquestion

    how dare you call the telangana movement a crisis. ndtv ke nazais bacho . zara telugu seek ke bolo. english channello kee propogando ki aadhaar par telangana movement ko judge math karo.

  12. answertoyourquestion

    abey besharam logO ab thak 500 bache telangana movement ke liye suicide kiye hai. aur tumhara reaction itna gatiya. sharam karo bharat maa ke liye.

  13. answertoyourquestion

    i repeat you have tried to ignore our existence and that is unforgivable. especially when you are still not learning.
    i am unable to contain my emotion.
    this telangana issue is very very emotional one.
    you dont understand it because you dont understand our language.

  14. answertoyourquestion

    i dont understand if people think their investment is developing a city. take your investment to some other place and develop it. there are so many places. why should we have big cities. and slums?
    if you want to build inspiring mega structures.
    marvels of technology. choose some other place and build it there. not in hyderabad. hyderabad is ill planned and you cant construct mega structures without destroying the poor people of hyderabad.
    moreover there are prehistoric sites in Hyderabad that are completely forgotten.
    if you guys continue building this city. all those things will be lost for ever.
    we are not like shiv sena , etc.
    you are welcome in telangana but if this is the respect you show for telugu people by completely ignoring their existence and treating them as sub human . then dont come and get lost.

  15. answertoyourquestion

    you dividing hyderabad amongst yourself by making it a union territory is like british dividing india into pakistan and india. you have no right to dictate to us . especially when you think us to be subhuman and our voices unworthy of attention.

  16. answertoyourquestion

    “encourage people of other states to migrate to hyderabad”
    do we even feature in your eyes oh great master. do we even exist. we telangana people.
    oh please consider our opinion before pronouncing judgement wont you”
    Oh lord of the uncivilised , insignificant people of Telangana. Please dont forget us. we also exist in India.

  17. answertoyourquestion

    may be you should find out why kanchi ilaiah (whom you all hate ) hates the formation of Telangana. may be because all the people of Telangana irrespective of caste have united in this movement. may this guy cant bear this.
    but ofcourse you cant see this. because we dont matter do we. Only hyderabad matters. you want hyderabad no matter what happens to people of Telangana. as long as hyderabad is a union territory away from the hands of those rowdy telanganites. any decision of bifurcation , trifurcation, joining of states is acceptable to you.

    then you can continue drinking and smokind drugs in Hyderabad’s pubs and have access to prostitutes from around India and neighbouring states.

    oh dont worry about us telanganites we dont exist. only muslims exist in telangana. we telugu speaking telanganites you know we dont exist. we didnt fight against the nizam.
    it was you who liberated us from the nizam with police action. oh yes we were too lazy we didnt fight. we were cowards. you see.
    you deserve all the hyderabad and take it away sirs. do what you want with it. who are we to complain.

  18. answertoyourquestion

    i will come back after cooling my temper.

  19. answertoyourquestion

    dear friend.
    you must know. things are not black and white in the world of politics. this telangana agitations are not that simple for an outsider to understand. this is not christian conspiracy .
    in fact this movement has successfully ousted christian ys jagan out of telangana forever.
    if this movement was not there. ys jagan would have become chief minister of andhra pradesh by now. and your worst fears would have come true. i will soon provide you with
    the timeline of events and certain facts about ap politics so that you may put these things into a better perspective.
    sorry for my outbursts because 500 people have committed suicide on this issue. there would never be violence. only more people committing suicide thats all. thats why i was so emotional.

  20. answertoyourquestion

    @rajan b rajan

    you are not worried about andhra and telanganas fighting each other. but what seems to bother you is that hyderabad will miss the chance of becoming a world city.
    so much for your compassion to us.
    so it is hyderabad that you want. the outside people living in hyderabad are the most disgusting people they have no patriotism. theya re all elites. all they want is english and more english. they want drugs, pubs and so on.. they have destroyed our beloved musi river and now they want to further the damage. rascals yo will soon pay.

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