Did Brits take India from Muslims?

“Britishers snatched India from Muslims in connivance with Hindu baniyas” — this is the argument very often heard in Pakistan and some Muslim circles in India.

Well, here is a map of India of 1760. As you can see, most of India is under the control of the Marathas (the area in yellow). Bengal by this time was captured by the British through the battles of Buxar and Plassey. So what exactly were Muslims holding in 1760? They were holding only the area which is now Pakistan (Sindh, Multan, Lahore, Kashmir), Awadh (today’s eastern UP) and Nizam’s dominion in the south. That is all. (Mysore  state was ruled by the  Hindu Wodeyars.)

Muslims were esentially ruling only 25 percent of Indian land, while Marathas were ruling 60 percent. Soon Maharaja Ranjeet Singh also conquered entire modern-day Pakistan, thus further shrinking the land under Muslim rule drastically. Combined with Marathas and Sikhs, the Indic faiths were ruling 90 percent of India. So what is this hogwash about Brits taking India from the Muslims? If Goras had not arrived on the scene, Hindus and Sikhs would have retaken the whole of India in another 30 years, thus winning the civilisational war that was started by the Afghan and Arab Muslims when they invaded Hindus in their own homeland, carrying their “true god / false god” ideology with them.

The fight for India was between Marathas and the John Company (as East India Company was often called). In fact, Marathas were ruling from the Red Fort in Delhi and the Mughal emperor was recieving a pension from them.

The battle for Delhi and the tradional seat of Mughal power was fought between Maratha army and British army (led by general Gerard Lake) on the banks of the Yamuna river. It is called the Battle of Patparganj. A memorial to this battle erected by the British government still exists inside the Noida golf course.

It is time this bluff of Muslims was called.

Maratha saffron flag over India



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7 responses to “Did Brits take India from Muslims?

  1. VoP

    > very often heard in Pakistan and some Muslim circles in India

    Basically a population that’s at the lower end of Rational Thinking. Nice!

  2. S

    “thus winning the civilisational war that was started by the Afghan and Arab Muslims”

    I agree with the article above that the Marathas and the Sikhs (along with the much-hyped Rajpoots) were in control of most of India at the time of the arrival of the British, but this line that I have quoted above is just plain wrong. What is called as “Afghanistan” nowadays was Hindu territory and these people were the first to face the Islamic invaders from the conquered Persia and Arabia. You can google “history of jihad” without quotes to verify everything that I say.

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  4. Yam Chand

    And how about lands along the the Himalayan range from rive Sutlej in the Est to Teesta in the upto Gowalpara in Assam and upto R Ganges in the south held by Gorkhas ?
    Muslim held in India was not even 15 percent by 1800.

  5. Yam Chand

    Correction: River Sutlej in the West to R Teesta in the East, upto Goalpara and R. Ganges in the South, held by Gorkhas till 1816.

  6. sfprophecy

    Great article, answers the faggots of India’s backyard called Pakistanis.

  7. Kuldeep Singh

    Thanks Yam Chand ji, great catch and superb info.

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