Why Telangana?

If I get my conspiracy theory antennas up, I think the following scenario is what caused Telangana decision:

This is a decision ordered by Sonia Gandhi, influenced by her foriegn linkages (which can be easily deduced by the kind of decisions she has been stuffing down everyone’s throat). (I strongly believe she is a Western plant.)

There is a strong evangelical angle to it. Everything was fine when Sonia managed to put a Christian chief minister in place. YSR had a double personality — he was a hard-core evangelist at heart while dressing and talking like a traditional Telgu person. While in power, he surrounded himself with Christians, including his chief secretary. He was openly conniving with evangelist agenda, such as releasing government funds for building and renovating churches and giving pilgrimage subsidy to Christians for visiting Bethlehem and arranging state infrastructure for his son-in-law’s proselytising rallies.

With his death, there was panic and mourning in the church/CIA nexus. (Remember, americans opened a consulate in Hyderabad under YSR’s watch. The rabidly evangelical royalty of Scandanavian countries regularly began to visit Hyderabad after YSR came to power. Remember the breast beating in America and its extra-ordinary efforts to find YSR’s helicopter.)

Now, 90 percent of the 2.5 billion dollars that officially arrives into India from Christian countries is, according to a Home Ministry report, meant only for Tamil Nadu and Andhra — these two states have clearly been marked for massive Christianisation. (Their long coastline makes sure they will be economically viable as separate Christian countries when the Goras begun to do a North East here in some years.)

Most of the funding from Gora churches for Andhra, in turn, is earmarked for Telangana — this is the area where the pastors managed to infiltrate into rural areas and establish churches in villages which had never seen one.

It is this force which is behind the abrupt decision to declare Telangana merey two months after YSR’s death. YSR’s ‘sudden removal” threw a spanner in their work. There is no way they can implement their evangelical agenda without a Christian chief minister in power. (Rossiah has already begun touring Tirupati and other temples.)

The only soluton was to separate Telangana from rest of Andhra and begun working on it afresh with a sympathetic Congress and an obliging KRC in power. Most probably, congress will try to manoever a Christian into power there once it wins elections in Telangana. Christianisation of Telangana will be a god-send — it is contiguous to Christian areas of Chattisgarh, Vidharbha and Orissa, thus expanding the “Christian oil drop” further in central India.

Maoists (who are nothing but a tribal christian militia) will have massive power in Telangana — the small, impoverished state won’t be able to do much to stem their tide, especially with church-backed chief minister in power. This will be in contrast to big states which can throw a massive amount of resources and force in any part of the state to hose off any insurgency.

This Telangana thing only benefits the Maoists and church — essentially, one more nail in the coffin of Hindus due to their political blindness iin supporting Congress “leaders” who do not even pretend to represent their interests. (The same thing the goofballs did with supporting Gandhi who made no bones about the fact that in any confrontation, he will only side wth Muslims.)

I strongly suspect the Hyderbad consulate of US is behind this decision through Sonia Gandhi. I can only imagine the massive maps of Andhra dangling in its conference room, with detailed district-by-district census figures about religious demography.

In short, if HIndus of Telangana love their life and don’t want their leaders to be “suddenly removed” by Maoists (a la Orissa), they better reallise quickly which side their bread is buttered. India is too big. The Goras and their church want to gobble it up by dividing it into smaller helpings.



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22 responses to “Why Telangana?

  1. Aashish Singh

    Dr. Subramanian Swami has already decoded Sonia Antonia Maino.

  2. It may have been quite easy for Maino to place YSR’s son, that evangelist fellow, as CM in place of Rosaiah if she wanted.

    It could be that Congress, seeing the public support for separate Telengana during KCR’s fast, thought it politically advantageous to support that move. Like the other political parties, TDP and Praja rajyam, they also perhaps did not anticipate the opposition that would emerge from the rest of Andhra.

    There is also the possibility that a separate Telengana was expected to resolve the earlier problem in Andhra Congress, by giving Rosaiah and Gagan camps separate states to play in.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      This is the first thought that crossed my mind. Jagan is politically inexperienced. Since dad didn’t expect his own “sudden removal,” the son was not kept in the loop about the sensitive evangelical connections. Jagan only knew about the business (money making) deals of dad. Sonia doesn’t trust jagan because of his immaturity, young age and mercurial temperament, as shown with his recent behaviour in parliament where he shouted slogans against Telagana, thus embarrassing Congress. Now he says he is planning his own political party. The boy can spill beans any time in a fit of rage and bring Sonia’s empire down in a moment. He is too young (only 31) and unstable to be trusted.

      Plus there was this factor to reckon with:

      “The CSHF has already informed the Congress high command that it will not tolerate another Christian Chief Minister in Andhra Pradesh any more. If the Congress high command ignores its protests, Shri YS Jagan will prove to be the last Chief Minister from the Congress party in the history of Andhra Pradesh.

      The CSHF has alleged that the wayward activities of the YS Jagan group have the blessings of Shri Veerapa Moily and Prof PJ Kurien. It demanded immediate removal of these persons from the responsibilities of Andhra Pradesh Congress party.”


  3. Kannon

    Thanks for the link from the organiser. Good to know that there are some decent people in the Congress. Hopefully now with Gadkari at the helm the BJP will shape up.

  4. Jaya

    Dear Sanjay! Good post but are you spending too much time decoding the jarda pan suffuse Isharas of the famed Ishara Maestro of the famous fora? Then take a minute and read on 🙂 First lets clear him out of the way and then take the issue of Telangana…

    The Ishara Maestro once had a great theory that Hyderabad ( or Haaaideraabad, depends how much pan one eats) represented the best jugalbandi between two people. LOL. Now he may claim anything else. Coming to the subject Telangana, all posts by people saying Telugu pride is being partitioned is hot air, topical of the webforum. Telugu is well, alive and kicking from Chennai to Hyderabad. Although the telangana balloon was let out by the Central Governmentfor many reasons that they know, it does not mean that Tams like Chiduu are out to bifurcate Andhra. That is typical Ishara operation, to hint and later deny.

    The well educated people of Telangana did not let the original inhabitants to claim jobs despite Andhra state government’s order 20 years back. It comes to a mind boggling 6 lakh or more jobs that the people of Telangana should have got, but are still occupied by coastal and Rayala people. Also, the bogey thatTelangana lands cannot be irrigated “pecoz they are at height of XX metre onlee” is a bogus argumnt. There are ways to improve water level, which the Andhra government never did, as a result the land in Telangana has become less fertile.

    Coming to your post, yes there is a truth that Missionaries are running the show in Andhra. that is 400% true, as the hot air peepal are to say. But..but..but Sanjay, do you know which districts have the highest churches and Xitian population? Kakinada, East Godavari, Guntur, Prakasham , Warangal, Srikakulam . Please ask the hot air Ishara babus that these districts lie in which region? Also see th Home ministry’s file on “furrin funding”. Search the names of the charities that do the job in Andhra. Where do they operate? Very few in Telangana! Clearly the EJ problem is in Andhra but not Telangana. If Jagan is made CM it has to be non Telangana.

    Telangana on the hand has a strong Hindu ethos after decades of Nizam’s rape. the people there could not care for the intellectual e-lites of the hot air and media forums. If at all it come to a state, it will have to face the problem of Maoists. And Chattisgarrh is doing that , way more improved than it was ever part of MP.

    The hot airy people must be more worried about the coast. That is in DANGER of Yesodesh.

  5. sri

    I am from telangana, what ever you wrote i s absolutely wrong. Sonia gandhi and congress they dont want to divide AP state, TRS is hte one started agitation to divide and for congress there is no other way so it is supporting. When YSR was there he managed the telengana crisis. IF sonia gandhi want to convert AP in to christan she can appoint Jagan as CM but she did not do that.
    Please dont write all bull shit news.

  6. answertoyourquestion

    the formation of telangana is the last thing that christians want. the muslim leaders (not common muslims from telangana) also dont want formation of telangana.
    the telangana agitations have completely erased the power of ys jagan son of evangelist christian ys rajasekhar reddy from telangana region. now when he tries to come to telangana. we people of telangana tried to stone him to death.
    so get your facts right before you say something.
    as far as sonia gandhi. sonia gandhi played a political move by declaring telangana. in one blow she ousted chandrababu naidu and praja rajyam party of chiranjeevi from telangana region.
    sonia gandhi ofcourse doesnt care about the common man of either telangana or andhra or any other part of india. but things are not black and white in the world of politics . there can be many reasons for people taking the decisions that they take.
    once again you are showing insensitivity to the aspirations of the people of telangana. i
    seriously recommend you to learn telugu before you comment upon telangana affairs before you make confident remarks on the issue.

    • Telagana myfoot

      aspiration of telangana people is a BIG JOKE , Cry babies not even babies cry idiots ,wake up and compete ,stop this whole sentiment nonsense , u cant divide country on the basis of sentiment, infact if u r driven by sentiment u r doomed for sure, thrs somthing called logic , wich even highly educated telanganites who have grown in united andhra ignore , wakeup u idiots , u cockroaches , u r a pain to mother earth

  7. answertoyourquestion

    “sonia managed to put a christian evangelical..”
    it was not sonia who managed to put ys rajasekhar reddy in to power. it was ys rajasekhar reddy who managed to put sonia gandhi into power at the center.
    i must say your views are very north india centric. just learn telugu and tamil to get a full understanding of india.

  8. answertoyourquestion

    ys rajasekhar reddy is an extremely cruel and clever machiavellian politician. nothing is too cruel for him to do for power. he had become more powerful than Sonia gandhi in south india. the gali brothers of karnataka are his servants. it is widely believed in andhra pradesh that sonia gandhi got him killed because he was getting more powerful than her. now his son has been trying to become chief minister with all his resources into mobilisation but sonia is refusing him power. you wouldnt know this because you dont know telugu and dont watch telugu news or telugu newspapers. but this is common knowledge in andhra pradesh.

  9. answertoyourquestion

    after sonia gandhi declared telangana. she did that with an agreement with kcr of trs that he should join congress party and merge his trs party into congress. so kcr ‘s party members on the next day of telangana decision paraded with sonia gandhi’s photo on the roads. then the shock came . andhra politicians had thought that sonia gandhi would never give telangana. but now they couldnt let this happen. so they started artificial agitations in andhra region with money. one should wonder why people who want united andhra pradesh would be burning buses. should nt they be doing something passive. no . it was downright blackmail . if you take away telangana we will agitate was the message. so
    sonia was forced to take her decision back.
    kcr and trs got a big shock. now it was impossible for him to join with congress. he abandoned all such ideas. and now trs is the sole political party in telangana region. when
    elections will come trs will win 99% of seats in telagana region in both center and state.

  10. answertoyourquestion

    so as a result of complicated things that have
    happened in a short period of time. now there is no support for congress party or chiranjeevi party or chandra babu naidu party in telangana. now only kcr is the power in telangana. congress now is trying to find a way to reverse this by taking credit for formation of telangana.
    they are trying their best but are sure to fail.
    now the only party other than trs in telangan is bjp. there is a strong possibility for alliance between bjp and trs. both the communist parties of andhra pradesh are in support of united andhra pradesh and such are completely unpopular in telangana region.

  11. answertoyourquestion

    at present the telangana issue is a very emotional one connected with the self respect of telanganites. before december 10. only a part of telanganites were agitating. but as soon as the decision was made that telangana was going to be a separate state the agitations started in the andhra region in the most ugly fashion. this was it that drove every single telanganite crazy.
    now the issue became that of self respect. why do the andhra s snatch away the food from our mouth. why should they reverse the decision of telangana formation.
    now it is 100% peoples movement. every single person in telangana wants telangana. you can count the people in telangana who dont want telangana on the fingers of your one hand. dont play games with our emotions.
    every time an announcement is made against telangana. there are some very emotionally involved people who committ suicide in telangna. try to understand our problem.
    that ndtv which is fiercely against telangana.
    painting it as a violent agitations. did the exact opposite in the case of kashmir and says that kashmir should be given to pakistan. so wake up dont fall into trap of ndtv propoganda. all that ndtv wants is that india should fail.
    telangana agitations are democratic aspiration of hte people of telangana. if you suppress it they will become disinterested in india. so dont make that mistake.

  12. answertoyourquestion

    there are three types of political cultures in andhra pradesh. one is fascist which is centered in rayalaseema region, the other is broker centered in andhra region and the other is ghulami or slave politicians centered in telangana. the politicians in telangana together with the polticians in andhra-seema are equally corrupt. but their heirarchy is different. the seemas and andhra s are on the top while telangana politicians are their servants.
    the very same people that painted telangana movement as undemocratic are painting kashmir agitations as democratic aspiration of people of kashmir. if this doesnt wake you up then i dont know what will. every body is against telangana for some god only knows reason. but the same everybody want kashmir to become independent or a part of pakistan. wake up fools. dont turn this telangana issue into a kashmir issue. respect your countrymen.

  13. answertoyourquestion

    ofcourse there is a way for us to express ourselves inspite all the negative media propoganda that is hurled at us telanganites.
    we can vote for our trs party in the elections and win them 119 assembly seats and whatever number of parliament seats in the telangana region. this is inevitable and this is what is going to happen. we have already shown our intentions by electing trs party in the by elections unanimously. we made sure that d.srinivas the pcc president of andhra pradesh did not win the elections. if the congress president himself couldnt win a seat in telangana . imagine the case for the rest of the congress party. they are doomed there will be no congressparty in telangana for the next 100 years. tdp is gone too.
    but mean while look out to kashmir.
    since the ndtv and manmohan singh are bent on making sure kashmir is separated from india. that is our main problem.

  14. answertoyourquestion

    if the telangana state is not formed and hyderabad not retained as its capital. this is what is going to happen. first there will be atleast a thousand suicides. then some people will get angry and become suicide bombers and kill
    chidambaram home minister, sonia gandhi,
    lagadapati rajagopal(owner of lanco hills hyderabad. richest politician according to election commision), ys jagan mohan reddy(son of ys rajasekhar reddy),manmohan singh, chandrababu naidu, chiranjeevi, konda surekha (servant of ys rajasekhar reddy), tg.venkatesh (rayala seema factionist), vasantham nageshwar rao(andhra opportunist), ramco industries (that have polluted rivers of telangana), deccan chronicle editor and owners. ndtv ‘s bharka dutt and other owners, kanchi ilaiah, mohan babu(actor), nt rama rao’s whole family, all this people are going to be prime targets for the telangana youth. this is common talk in telangana. everybody is talking the same. so dont mess with them. there are no organisations goading telangana people. it is the common people . anyone anywhere might consider these options. already a lot of people have messed with their emotions.
    the facts that i am talking are not some insider stuff. if you ask any small boy in telangana. they will give you the same reply.

  15. answertoyourquestion

    this song ushows to how much extent the youth of telangana are attached emotionally to the telangana movement.

    podiseti poddole elamandha
    pOru dhaari etta pattinde elamandha
    soothe sinna pOragaade elamandha
    telangaana zanda batte elamandha

    podiseti poddoley elamandha
    pOru dhaari etta pattinde elamandha

    soothe sinna pOragaade elamandha
    telangaana zanda batte elamandha.

  16. deccantrishank@yahoo.com

    The US does not give a hoot for AP or Tamil Christians, never has and never will. They’d rather spend their money / aid on “starving” africa despite the tremendous gains being made there.

    Every politician who comes into power needs to compromise with some amount of corruption and goondaism. YSR, IMO was a lesser evil and the best choice for a conscientious leader.

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