Balraj Madhok’s Kashmir book

Professor Balraj Madhok’s book on Kashmir which not only offers a history of Kashmir but also an eye witness account of the Pakistani invasion and stupidities of Nehru. A must read. 

The story of Kashmir is a long story of betrayal by our own leaders. All endeavors by our honest, hardworking patriotic men were nullified by treachery. The readers will read how Gopalaswamy Ayyengar’s brief for the dabate on Kashmir, in the United Nations, was leaked to his opponent, Zafrullah Khan of Pakistan, over and over again by Moslem agents of India’s Foreign Ministry – hired and promoted by Nehru himself


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  1. ravi

    State data refutes claim of 1 lakh killed in Kashmir
    Randeep Singh Nandal, TNN Jun 20, 2011, 12.59am IST
    SRINAGAR: They are figures that have been quoted so often that they are widely believed to be true: almost 100,000 dead Kashmiri civilians and 10,000 people who have disappeared in the last two decades. From public meetings in small villages to TV studios, from online pages to newspaper reports, these figure are cited and printed, used to stir emotions and silence voices in Kashmiri society, even presented to visiting ambassadors and printed in petitions to the UN. Except, nobody bothers to explain just how these figures were arrived at.

    TOI accessed Jammu & Kashmir government documents to arrive at the truth behind the urban legend. Collected between January 1990 and April 2011, the records are comprehensive and give year-wise breakup of all violent incidents in the state, the nature of the acts of violence, the number of people killed, and also the circumstances that led to the deaths.

    Here’s what the data says. In the last 21 years, 43,460 people have been killed in the Kashmir insurgency. Of these, 21,323 are militants, 13,226 civilians killed by militants, 3,642 civilians killed by security forces, and 5,369 policemen killed by militants. The 21,323 militants were killed in operations by security forces and include both Kashmiri and foreign militants. And of the 5,369 members of the security forces, around 1,500 are Kashmiri policemen.

    The government has collated the figures of civilians killed by security forces since 1990: it lists 3,642 people. The numbers vary from a high of 539 civilians killed in 1990, the year in which 51 people were massacred by the CRPF in just one incident when it fired at a crowd of protesters on a bridge at Gaw Kadal in downtown Srinagar, to 120 protesters killed across the state in firing by the police and paramilitary forces in the summer of 2010.

    The records also show another slaughter that has gone on ceaselessly since 1990, a slaughter that nobody comments on, nobody laments: of Kashmiris killed by militants since 1990. Of the 13,226 civilians killed by militants, 11,461 were shot and 1,765 died in grenade blasts and explosions.

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