Why do missionaries insist on English?

Students speak Telgu, punished in English school

Hyderabad: The Andhra Pradesh government on Tuesday ordered a probe into an English medium missionary school for allegedly punishing two students for speaking in their mother tongue Telugu.

The two Class 3 students were allegedly made to go around in the school with slates hanging from their necks declaring “I’ll never speak Telugu”. Parents and groups working for the promotion of Telugu allege the St Joseph’s English Medium School in Mydukur town of Kadapa district humiliated the students on Monday.

Schoolvbq Education Minister D Manikya Varaprasad on Tuesday told reporters that he had ordered a probe into the incident. “If the management is found guilty, we will derecognise the school and if a teacher or principal is responsible, we will advise the management to sack him/her,” he said.

The two children’s mothers, who carried lunch for them, said they saw the children going around the school premises with the slates hanging around their necks. The two told their mothers that their teacher was angry at them for not following her order to speak only in English during the class.

Mandal (block) education officer Sukhavanam and other local officials rushed to the school and admonished the school authorities.

Meanwhile, the management of the school has tendered an apology to the parents of the two students. It also promised to take necessary action to prevent such incidents in future.

Telugu Bhasha Parirakshana Samithi, a group working for the protection and promotion of Telugu language, petitioned the State Human Rights Commission to intervene and take stern action against the school authorities.

Telugu is the official language of Andhra Pradesh, which has a population of about 80 million.

Any idea why missionaries do this? Why do they want to extinguish Indian culture, religions and langauges and even names and replace all of them with the White Man’s? Jesus used to speak in Aramaic, not in English (which was not invented until 1200 years after his death). So why would Jesus have a problem if Christians don’t speak English? Will heaven be denied to non-English speakers? If not, then why do missionaries punish Indians when they speak in any Indian language?

Is it true that the true objective of missionaries is to promote White Man’s culture in the guise of promoting Christianity, and turn the whole world into a carbon copy of White Man’s society? Is that why Whites give missionaries billions of dollars every year and send them to all parts of the world? Is “one religion, one culture, one language, one government for the entire world” the strategy?



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3 responses to “Why do missionaries insist on English?

  1. Bharat

    Please see



    It happened in Canada, it happened in Australia. It should not be a BIG surprise to see the same players playing the same old game.

  2. Psudo

    I feel this has a lot to do with economic reasons. First they would change the language then culture so that all the goods and services that they sell in there countries are sold here without much effort.More over Hindu culture by itself doesn’t promote consumerism.

  3. VoP


    Economics is secondary, but the primary goal is servitude that can be gained once Indic languages can be thrown out. Language is outwardly way of communicating your identity, your thoughts and such. If that can be manipulated then everything is lost in the long run. To get an idea check this out

    Geopolitics and Sanskrit Phobia

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