Dark history of Vatican

Well researched website about the peddlers of religion of love and such fantastic spirituality as “our god is true, your god is false, and if you don’t agree, we will beat you.”

The Dark History of the Vatican



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4 responses to “Dark history of Vatican

  1. Aashish Singh

    Namaskar all,

    How about Antonia Maino (aka Sonia Gandhi), Raul Vinci (aka Rahul Gandhi)????

    What do we call a nation of over a billion people, who are gullible enough to be fooled day in day out. Let’s call it a nation which is “counting its last breaths”.

    What kind of democracy is this when people are unaware of the facts about their politicians. Isn’t it the biased, chaotic, lied democracy where people choose the wrong to govern them.

    Just because the wrong and treacherous is sitting at the top and is using every possible means to cling to it.

    Using every possible means to keep the people in dark all the time and getting elected again and again by portraying a benevolent image. What do we call them, “Wolf in the sheep clothing”, Khandan of wolves hiding under a tent of sheep clothing rather. Keep cashing on the “Gandhi” Surname for as long as possible.

    The following link is from the website of Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s Janta party, where he has detailed about the fraud this Maino clan has been doing to Bharatvarha and is hiding behind the veil of Dr. Manmohan Singh and Gandhi surname.


    Further the reader of the blog can find videos on you tube where Dr. S. Swamy has said part of it in New york.

    Email and forward this news and web link to everyone you know if you really care about Bharat. Rather than forwarding crap on email forward this.



  2. AG

    > ur god is true, your god is false, and if you don’t agree, we will beat you.”


    If you don’t agree, we will rape your women and then murder them, waste your men in ‘crusades’, scorch your lands and replace your indigenous, relevant cultures, with our dogmatic poppycock.

  3. S

    “What do we call a nation of over a billion people, who are gullible enough to be fooled day in day out.”

    Aashish Singh, the thing is that these people control the main stream media (MSM) in India, and that is why most people are fooled. It is somewhat hard to digest that most of our print and electronic media is controlled by the Vatican and prints only propaganda, not real news and certainly not the Indian national interest. You will be surprised to know that Prannoy Roy is a fundamentalist christian and NDTV was funded by the Vatican. But it is true. There is such a thing called as crypto-christian and James Roy is one. His cousin you may be familiar with – she is Suzanne Arundhati Roy, that apparently insane author who wants to give Kashmir to jihadis. She is not insane, she is a fundie christian.

  4. VoP

    Christianity and Islam are purely political ideologies in the garb of religion. Their sole aim is to conquer and loot the resources, peoples and wealth of every other civilization. There is hardly anything remotely ‘spiritual’ in the eastern sense of the word!

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