Old Fox and the Witch

Vinod Mehta — the communist editor of “Outlook” magazine and the despicable doormat of the Gandhi family (lovingly called Old Fox by Indians in India) — and the Hindu-phobic church agent Wendy Doniger — lovingly called the Witch by Indians in the US — have come together to declare Lord Ram as a debauch and a woman-hater. 

Yawn! This is just an incestuous foreplay between two old Hindu haters who lie together in bed for convenience and their shared hatred of the pagans. One has not forgiven the Hindus for rejecting the Lord God of the Whites and treat their land as holy in contrast to their own; the other has not forgiven them for rejecting the prophet of No God, Karl Marx, whose weed he used to smoke in his university days in the seventies.

“Ram was happy with Sita, indulging in every way, then he threw her out”

This is what I talked about in my recent post about Indian communists and White church agents having appointed themselves as interpreters of Hinduism on behalf of the Hindus. (“We will tell the world what Hinduism is, not the Hindus. And anyone who does not agree with our interpretation is a fascist.”)

The above link is a perfect example where this intellectual dishonesty is seen in action. Mehta and Dongier, both are not Hindus but are self-claimed authorities on everything related to the Hindus. These people often operate like a wolf pack and cooperate with each other.

Till Hindus keep taking this communist and church nonsense with their heads down, this trend of old, nostalgic and hairy Indian communists such as Mehta and church-appointed “scholars” from the White race will keep coming together to do this — the latter would generate “scholarship” while the former would offer the drivel publicity. Both are anti-India and anti-Hindu to the core. They are cowards too as they shy away from analysing Islam in the same way.

I have a feeling this interview was arranged by the US embassy, which has been trying to insert Wendy Doniger into India (or at least make her famous in India) for a long time. First the Americans tried their paid whore Rediff, but with not much success. Now this ‘Outlook’ thing has come out.

I am increasingly seeing a trend of Americans and Brits trying to push their professors and academicians into India to control the public discourse and influence how Hindus view their own country, history and religion and define their nationhood. India’s ageing communist “intellectuals” such as Mehta (who grew a pot belly dreaming of when the glorious revolution would happen) are merely useful idiots for the church agents.

Rajiv Malhotra rips apart the Witch in his scholarly critique. A must read!!

Another good critique:


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6 responses to “Old Fox and the Witch

  1. VoP

    TO BEAT THIS FRAUDSTERS EVERYONE HAS TO WIELD A PEN. Hoping a pen is mightier than Sword. Thanks to Rajiv Malhotra’s efforts this scum called Wendy ( and her children) are exposed in US completely, the NRIs know her hatred for Hindus for very well. Let there be a billion blogs, everyone educating each other in the cause of Dharma and Truth. Hoping Truth will Prevail. It has, It has taken time, but It has to.

  2. Satender

    Sir, of late, even TOIlet paper (certified US lackeys) carries Wendy Doniger’s articles and she is routinely quoted on all things Hindu by hatchet journalists of TOIlet paper. She is anything but a scholar and a quick read of her ‘papers’ shows her intentions. Also, she has not participated in one debate with her peers here, afraid she might go the Witzel way with pants pulled down in front of her colleagues. Works of zealots with hidden agenda like her should be out rightly dismissed rather than engaging in line by line refutations and waste our time with such bigots.

  3. Wendy is the new age Mandhara, a cunning charlatan, endeavouring to progress the work of other westerners before her like Macaulay, Max Mueller and Co.
    Unfortunately some ‘outlook’ing indians end up behaving like apes in her presence.
    Discussed here- http://estheppan.wordpress.com/2009/10/24/mandhara-and-apes/

  4. dev

    Don,t listen to Vinod Mehta .He is a confirmed Pak agent who spoke so passionately during Gen Musharaff,s first visit to India.If likes of him are there for sure India will be back into the old age of sanguinary under the new Taliban type masters who ruled India for eight centuries and killed lakhs of hindus and budhists in past centuries and again in 1947.He has forgotten 1947 too soon for better charms and preferences.Well done Mehta! traitors are not so very different from normal human beings .A traitor will do any thing or speak any thing for money or simple consideration.Had you uttered same thing akin in your beloved Pak your fate would have been different .Don,t abuse liberal traditions of your country.You cannot your self abuse your ancestors unless you are a converty or has changed side to humiliate your countrymen.Don,t take your country for granted.What you have uttered about Lord Rama I wonder you can say such things about your father ,mother or sister.If you talk some thing like this make sure you your self are preapred to receive the same tribute for your self and your son or a daughter or mother or father from those whom you hurt beacause of your position.You have exposed your self.Better consult ISI.

  5. dev

    Traitor.Your father was a debauch and your mother a prostitute.You abuse Rama .You prostratred your self before Musharaff and showed much aligned to Pak than to India.A fellow known for treason .Try living in your beloved Pakisatn.Shameless traitors like you come in this world ,but not too often,they are rare and are hatreds of God.Nothing is expected out of a person of whom God himself is repenting and sad.Find solace in bed as a real true debauch and wait till Musharaaf comes back and you get an oppertunity to sly India in his press conference before surprised fellow media moguls.Why don,t you leave India to practice debauchery.But you won,t because you will meet your justified fate for apostacy ! Judas.Oh ! i feel sad and sorry for Marx and Jesus,both equally and truly great.You traitor you can not become a true Christian or Communist by abusing Rama who lives in the hearts of millions of poor men and women,rich and poor.

  6. ary

    Silence from a person is acceptance of guilt.You are right .I know the fellow.A false journalist,an artificial person and a repulsive character.Tries to be self important but a shallow and evil being.A person who can cast aspersions baselessly has to be a Pak agent and he really is like many other lifafa journalists well treated by Pakis with wine and money and women from Hiramandi.Another traitor is Dili.. Padg….kar erstwhile editor of Time of Ind…,again well served in Pakistan during his visit .Heil the traitors.

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