Another “Hinduism expert” comes out of woodwork

Here comes another idiot to interpret Hinduism for all of us. Non-Hindus interpreting Hinduism for the Hindus and the world, is rapidly becoming a disease in India. It seems everyone is an authority on Hinduism except Hindus themselves!

Why Hindus should weed out Gita’s message


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One response to “Another “Hinduism expert” comes out of woodwork

  1. Only when a person is spiriually oriented does indian culture and its philosophy become meaningful. Those having narrow self-interest, self-gratification and self-aggrandizement as aims, fail to understand indian culture. Just as a carnivores animal cannot digest grass, a person with inherent materialistic motives cannot understand indian culture. Whatever they feed off it, remains undigested and is discarded, often with condemnation. This is what happened to the creature that wrote that linked article.
    That some rags find that ‘produce’ worthy of publishing shows the pitiable level of journalism in this country. (It is no wonder, some call it yellow)

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