Jihad in Gita: TOIlet’s latest salvo against Hinduism

A Devious Attempt to Equate Gita with Quran       

By Ram Ohri

Recently a very clumsy attempt was made to downgrade the Gita during an interactive discourse organized by  Times of India on a quixotic topic, ‘Jihad in the Gita and the Quran’. The title of the debate implied that the doctrine of jihad has been preached both in the Gita and the Quran  –  something totally false and highly offensive to Hindu ethos.  The participants were Maulana Wahiduddin and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, while the well known columnist, Narayani Ganesh,  acted as moderator.
First things first. The scriptural soul of Hinduism, the Gita, does not preach, nor even remotely mentions, anything comparable to the Islamic doctrine of jihad which is  a permanent holy war against all non-Muslims, as ordained in Islamic scriptures.  It is difficult, nay impossible, to fathom the intent of Times of India group to select such a wonky theme suggesting that jihad has been sanctioned in Hindu scriptures, too !. There is no moral equivalence between what Gita preaches and what Quran ordains. The choice of the subject of the discourse shows total mental bankruptcy because it tries to equate the two incomparable scriptures.  Apparently the leading lights of Times of India group as well as Narayani Ganesh  have neither read the Gita, nor Quran. Otherwise they would not have ventured to wade into the minefield of  jihad which has tormented  innumerable civilisations and countless countries for centuries and taken toll of crores of  innocent lives. The attempt to underline some kind of  spiritual equivalence between the Gita and the Quran is nothing short of  an affront to sacred Hindu beliefs, nay to the Gita, itself.

It is a pity that Sri Sri could not see through the clever game being played by the sham-secularist newspaper to bring down Gita to the level of jihadi orthopraxy, enshrined in the Quran. Nor could he rebut the inane profanity hidden in the theme. The Gita does not command Hindus to kill all non-Hindus, or for that matter, not even atheists. Sri Krishna advised a wavering Arjuna at Kurukshetra to wage war in the cause of righteousness and justice, and nothing more. Even after explaining the import of ‘dharma’ and righteousness, Sri Krishna left the final choice about taking up arms to Arjuna, saying that it was for him to make the correct decision, in accordance with ‘dharma’.

On the other hand,  Jihad is not, repeat not, merely a struggle with one’s self, as claimed by Maulana Wahiduddin. It is Islam’s holy war against ‘kaffirs” (in Indian context read Hindus) as ordained in the Quran  Importance of  jihad has been highlighted by M.J. Akbar, in his tome, The Shade of  Swords, where in the Introduction itself he has reiterated that “jihad is the signature tune of Islamic history”1.  Elaborating the Islamic doctrine he says that  though the Prophet did say that the ‘greater’ jihad (i.e., jihad-e-akbar) was the struggle to cleanse the impurity within,  it was the lesser jihad (i.e., jihad-e-asghar) which had “powered the armies of  Islam and made them all conquering”.2   For Muslims, M.J. Akbar, continues, jihad is not  merely a question of  cleansing the inner spirit;  it is also a call for  holy war  regularly heard since the beginning of  Islam.  He has drawn pointed attention to the saying by the Prophet himself  that  “Paradise comes under the shade of  swords”3.  A similar message was conveyed to his jihadi hordes by Osama bin Laden during an interview on CNN news channel on May 10, 1997, when he proclaimed  that the acme of  this religion (i.e., Islam) was jihad.  M.J. Akbar’s exposition of  jihad is a clear rebuttal of  the falsehood being preached by Maulana Wahiduddin and several others to hoodwink the gullible Hindus.

The claim of Maulana that jihad has nothing to do with the concept of holy war against infidels is again comprehensively rebutted by the well known exposition of jihad by  Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid (a former Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia) in  his commentary titled, ‘Jihad in  the Quran and Sunnah’. The learned scholar, an acknowledged authority on Islam, emphasizes that  Allah has ordained that Al-jihad (i.e., the holy fighting in Allah’s cause) should be carried out by  the following three means :

•·         with the heart (i.e., intentions or feelings) ;

•·         with the hand  (ie., with weapons, etc.) ;  and

•·         with the tongue (i.e., by speeches and preachings, in the cause of Allah). 
Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid further elaborates that Allah will reward all those who participate in jihad with lofty dwellings in the Garden of Paradise.3   He  clearly states that jihad, or fighting in the cause of Allah, is superior to non-obligatory prayers, fasting, Zakat, Umra and  even Haj.  As explained in Sahi Muslim No. 4696, Abu Huraira, an important companion of  the Messenger of Allah, had emphasized that the Prophet had declared that  a Muslim who  died, but did not fight in the way of Allah, nor did express any desire or determination  for jihad died the death of a hypocrite.4   A similar message for waging a holy war against infidels  is contained in  Verse 74 of  Surah Nisi which says that whosoever fights in the way of Allah, be he slain or victorious, on him we shall bestow a vast  reward.  Logically a taqiyah practicing cleric like Maulana Wahiduddin should have been confronted with Verse 8.12 and Verse 74 which openly preach jihad through terrorizing the so-called infidels. But unfortunately Sri Sri failed to do so perhaps because of  his lack of  knowledge about the Quran and the doctrine of jihad. The conceptual framework of jihad has been lucidly enunciated in Surah Anfal, namely the eighth Sura (i.e., chapter 8) and 9th Surah titled ‘Taubah’ of  the Quran, although this holy war has been enjoined on the faithful in many other chapters also. In fact, there are more than 200 verses in the Quran exhorting the Muslims to wage a holy war against the infidels.

More importantly the doctrine of jihad has at least four major components, e.g., forcible conversion of  the so-called ‘kaffirs’ on pain of death, the scriptural sanction for ‘slaughter in the land’ in verse 8.67 after defeating the kaffirs and recourse to ghanima which means plunder and seizure of the property of the vanquished kaffirs, including carrying away of their women and children. A typical example of the ‘slaughter in the land’ was the beheading of  nearly 800 Jews, chained and menacled, under supervision of Prophet Muhammad, in the public square of  Medina in the year 627 A.D., after the Battle of  Ditch.  Another example  is from Indian history when after Muhammad bin Qasim’s victory over Raja Dahir of  Sind, when  Hajjaj reminded  bin Qasim of  the Prophet’s commandment :”Give no quarter to infidels but cut their throats. Then know that this is the command of the great God. You shall not be  too ready to grantprotection, because it will prolong your work”.5    The fourth important component of jihad is the imposition of ‘jiziya’ or  poll tax on the so-called ‘dhimmies’, i.e., non-Muslims living under protection of  the Muslim rulers. Originally meant for only Christians and Jews (the people of the Book) later on it was extended to ‘kaffir’ Hindus also. Otherwise the Quranic punishment for  ‘kaffirs’ is death and destruction.

The scriptural sanction for enjoying the spoils of war, including carrying away of  women and children of  the vanquished ‘kaffirs’ is accorded in verse 8.69 of  Surah Anfal which says “Eat ye the spoils of war.  They are  lawful and pure”. Thus the Quran proclaims that there is nothing improper about  plunder and enjoying the spoils of war; it is a mujahid’s  prerogative. The only condition imposed is that ‘holy’ one-fifth of the spoils of  war (including the captive women) must be sent to the Prophet,  and after him, to the Caliph as his share of the war booty.  The command about treatment to be meted out to the plundered womenfolk is contained in  verse 4.24 which asserts :  ” All married women are forbidden  (to you) save those (captives)  whom your right hand possesses.”6     Obviously, they are to be used as concubines, as indeed they have been throughout history..  

Interestingly, Islam has a doctrine of using deception and telling lies to further the cause of Islam. It is called “Taqiyah”, or recourse to deception, which is duly sanctioned in Verse 16.106, which approves that under certain circumstances and Muslim can tell a lie (in the cause of Islam) for which no action will lie against him. ‘Taqiyah’ is also approved  in many more Verses , namely 16.106, 3.28, 2.225 and 66.2. Explaining the utility of taqiyah Sahi Bukhari recounts the assassination of a poet, Ka’b bin al-Ashraf under orders of the Prophet.7 The men who volunteered to murder Ka’b used deception to gain the poet’s trust by pretending that they had turned against Prophet Muhammad in order to draw the victim out of his fortress  and then killed him.  Sahi Bukhari 84:64-65 categorically affirms that Hazrat Ali had confirmed that lying is permissible in order to deceive the enemy.8 .  No wonder Maulana Wahiduddin and many others like him keep on confounding gullible Hindus, even Hindu seers, through their lectures laced with taqiyah.

Sadly the wayward discourse clearly highlighted that Sri Sri  Ravi Shankar has not read the Quran at all.  More importantly the discourse further showed his astonishing inability to comprehend what Sri Krishna had preached at Kurukshetra which was in no way comparable to the doctrine of jihad enunciated in the Quran.  He failed to point out that Gita preaches the concept of righteousness while doing one’s ‘karmic’ duty, above everything else. But Gita does not sanction the  senseless killings of  the kind which are ordained in innumerable verses of  the Quran. Nor does Gita sanction plunder after victory, nor the carrying away of the hapless women and children of those vanquished in war and sharing them as ‘war booty’.

Perhaps due to his inadequate knowledge of  the Quran and the Hadith, or sheer timidity, Sri Sri could not rebut the bogus contention of  Maulana Wahiduddin that  jihad means nothing more than trying to control one’s desires and that  some Muslims presently  engaged in “violent activities which they claim to be jihad”  should be ignored because “these people belong to non-governmental organizations”.   How is it that all these non-State actors like Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, Jasih-e-Muhammad, Taliban, Harkat-ul-Jihad-e-Islami, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, etc., responsible for killing thousands of innocents, are a speciality of  Islamic States like Pakistan, Iran,  Syria, Palestine, etc ?   What is most important is that all these non-state actors are the creation of various Islamic governments who invariably support them in their nefarious activities.

Before closing  this rejoinder it must be pointed out that the notorious July 2008 e-mail circulated by Indian Mujahideen had quoted verbatim three Ayats of Quran (in Arabic along with English translation) exhorting the faithful to kill the infidels. After pouring enormous ridicule on Hindu Gods and Goddesses, they had  commanded the Hindus to convert to Islam failing which they shall be slaughtered as surely as their forbears had been by Muhammad bin Qasi, Mahmud Ghazanvi and Muhammad Ghauri in the past. And within four months Lashkar-e-Tayyeba’s ten fidayeens carried out the notorious Mumbai Massacre of  26 /11 in which nearly 180 innocents were slaughtered, a ghastly event about which a threat had been duly administered by Indian Mujahideen.  That shows the ugly face of  the  Islamic doctrine of jihad. It is a shame that the preaching of  righteous war by Sri Krishna at Kurukshetra is sought to be  equated by Times of  India group and  Narayani Ganesh  with  what  Indian  Mujahideen had  vowed to do the killings and which hey actually did, in accordance with the Quranic verses.  

A much greater shame, however, is the gullibility of Hindu preachers like Sri Sri to acquiesce in the falsehood being propagated to equate the Gita, both morally and spiritually, with the Quran.  My humble advice to Sri Sri and other Hindu seers is that either they should read in great detail the Quran and the Hadith along with two authentic commentaries, Sahi Bukhari and Sahi Muslim, or  they should scruplously refrain from participating in such weird discourses often organized by the sham-secularist groups and individuals to denigrate Hindu ethos and morally equate “adharma” with ‘dharma”.



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6 responses to “Jihad in Gita: TOIlet’s latest salvo against Hinduism

  1. Sandeep

    very well said

  2. >>>”A much greater shame, however, is the gullibility of Hindu preachers like Sri Sri …

    Perhaps somebody should advise Sri Sri to read some of the blogs on the net such as this one, Sandeep, Shadow Warrior, Dharmveer…

    Or next time we could think of sending Sree Sree Santh for such discussions, he may do no worse, but may provide some entertainment on the side 🙂

    Jokes apart, it is important to understand that there is no way a discussion can be had between the ab’haram’ic religions and the ancient indian culture.

    The two are on different planes.

    The former is engrossed in materialism and seeks imperialistic tyranny over people while the latter nurtures people to achieve spiritual heights.

    It is like the difference between the worm that remains attached to the ground and the bird that rises up in air using its own wing power.
    The abharamic religionist behave like processionary caterpillars with regard to their outlook and beliefs while always wallowing in materialism. Whereas ancient indian culture provides a person the opportunity to rise up to spiritual heights using his
    intuition as wings.

    To some extent Richard Bach’s story Jonathan Livingstone Seagull is a parallel to this phenomenon. only to some extent.

    There cannot be a dialogue between the bird that flies in spiritual air and the worm that crawls in materialistic mud. For that, the bird will have to immmerse itself to the materialistic world of the worm. And when the bird does that, it is not flying spiritually any more and will not be able to explain itself. Besides, even if the bird joins the worm in materialistic world and dialogues with it, the worm will not be able to comprehend the joy of flying.

    What needs to be done now is to get all those birds, who are wallowing in mud in the company of the worms forgetting that they are birds, to recognise that they are birds, that they have their wings of intuition that can help them fly and attain spiritual heights. There are too many indians today who, like such immersed-in-materialistic-mud birds, have forgotten their true nature, their anscestors, and consider themselves same as the worms and behaves like that.

    Let them spread their atrophied wings of intution and exercise it. Soon it will strengthen and take them to spiritual heights. This is what needs to be done now.

    When all the birds start to fly, the worms may start to introspect. Such introspection, like a cocoon, may give them wings to experience flight.

    That would be an achievement for them. Perhaps in a later life (if such there is), these worm-turned-flies may be born as birds and achieve spiritual heights.

  3. VoP

    As per Kerala CHRISTIAN DGP, Lord Vamana started Gooda culture in Kerala


    There is a concerted attack on Hinduism from all sides, it’s only going to get worse!

  4. Kannon

    Sri Sri should stop going to such debates. He made a fool of himself in the debate with Zakir Naik in bangalore last time. Its high time someone tells himt os tick to giving discourses and leave debates to people who know what they are talking about!!
    Sri Sri does more harm to his cause by getting involved in debates in topics he is not well versed in!!

  5. Abu Abdul Mannaan

    “… jihad which is a permanent holy war against all non-Muslims, as ordained in Islamic scripture” – This is absolutely wrong. The greatest Jihad in Islam should be done using the Quran itself and not using weapons. Refer to the meaning of the verse in Quran – Chapter 25, verse 52.

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