The real reason for Kanchi seer’s arrest

Secular assault on the Sacred        
R Vaidyanathan 

 There was a small news item dated 4 August 2009 in some newspapers, stating that the prosecution witnesses in the case pertaining to the Kanchi seer are turning hostile and the case itself might be revealed to be a foisted one. The time period for which a sacred institution has been humiliated and the assault the state conducted on an age old tradition needs introspection by us all.

The day I read a news item that Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Sarasvati entered a Harijan slum, I commented to a friend, ‘he has written his own arrest warrant.’ My friend did not understand. Many of us are totally ignorant about the functioning of the Secular State in a country like India, a point we shall return to later.

There was a debate on his arrest on the NDTV show “We the people,” anchored by Ms. Burka Dutt on 5 December 2004. It was pathetic to see the audience pleading that the Swamiji be treated like Pappu Yadav or Taslimuddin, that law is the same for every one. One “rationalist” suggested the seer be permanently parked inside Vellore Jail as a devotee said the seer’s presence would purify the jail.

This attack on this sacred institution must be understood in the broader context of the threat to Hindu civilization from the so-called neutral secular state.

Is this attack a stray case? Indications are that it is not. There is a demand that the Pejawar Mutt at Udupi be taken over and the Sri Krishna Temple be administered by the government.

The demand is due to the claim that the memory of Kanaka Dasa, a sixteenth century poet and devotee of Sri Krishna, belonging to the Kuruba community, has been insulted by the Matham. Again it is pertinent to note that the Pejawar Swami mingled with Harijans and is a major campaigner for social harmony and removal of untouchability. He is active in the fields of education and in the forefront of the movement to build the Ram temple at Ayodhya.

When the Mulavar becomes Reformer, fear grips the State

In our tradition, there are two types of Mathams. One is what we can loosely call the Mulavar or similar to the God in the garbha griha, and the other is Utsavar or similar to the God who is taken in procession around the temple. The Utsavar is well dressed and the presentable face of Hindu sampradayas. The second category of Seers will know English, will know how to handle the press, how to give television interviews; sometimes they are also globe-trotters.

They represent the “brand image” of the Santana Dharma, if one may use the term. In a sense, they are secular and would most often talk of the “oneness” of all religions, without knowing the implications. Some, due to their secular dealings, get into problems with the State either in India or abroad, as in the case of Rajneesh. One can categorise Ammachi, Sri Sri, Rajneesh and Mahesh Yogi in this category.

The former category is the Mathams like that of Sankara or Madhava, which till recently were completely unconcerned about this-worldly issues and focused only on the Dharma. Mathams like in Sringeri or Kanchi or Udupi derive their strength from a long lineage and the original founders like Adi Sankara or Madhavacharya

The secular state was tolerant of these sacred symbols as long as these were separate from the laukika issues. This is because these mathams derived their legitimacy from their position and not to any secular support. Once some Mathams began to get into social reform or education or health care, the secular state was upset because the actions of these seers carries phenomenal conviction among the poorer strata and de-legitimizes the hegemony of politicians and bureaucrats over poverty or caste-oriented issues. In the case of the secular-Utsava seers, the state is not unduly concerned as they are mostly individuals with charisma but do not have a hoary tradition and thousands of years of legitimacy.

Conversion or Casteless

This is the backdrop in which the Kanchi Seer tried to solve secular problems using his sacred institution. When he tried to reach out to Harijans, exploring the possibility of a dignified life for them, the political class was disturbed. The secular state was worried since the accepted model in the political discourse for “liberation” of Harjans is either conversion to other religions or a possible overthrow of the caste system.

Swami Jayendra Sarasvati’s model postulates the possibility of their being within the system, but treated with dignity and equality. The SC politicians and secular state satraps whose staple diet is conversion or the destruction of the caste system found it difficult to accept his actions.

Interestingly, some of the orthodox in the Matham system also opposed his approach, believing that being exclusively in the garbha griha or Mulavar position preserves legitimacy. Any deviation to work for this-worldly salvation of people was looked upon with disdain and considered apostate. In a curious coincidence, the orthodoxy attacked the Matham for the same reasons for which the secular political forces were upset! It was, in political parlance, an alliance of the left extreme with the extreme right, to neutralize the middle.

If the State is not secular or neutral, but protective state of Hindu Dharma, this issue would have been dealt with in a different way. The State would have reprimanded the orthodoxy or even punished it for being obstructionist. But the secular State is presumably neutral, but in practice against Dharmic institutions which derive their legitimacy from thousands of years of tradition.

Invite by China

The invitation to visit China was a major turning point in the affairs of our civilization and this Matham. The concerned NGO in China would not have invited him to visit that country without a clearance from the top political authority, knowing how China functions in these matters. It is fascinating that the Chinese authorities that prohibit taking the Bible into their country for preaching and who have refused the Papal visit, invited the head of a Hindu sampradhaya to their country.

Whatever the author could infer from interactions with scholars in India and China, one could surmise that China welcomes the presence of a non-incursive or inclusive religion, and that could be the Sanatana Dharma. There is an ancient Chinese belief that the best rebirth is in India, as it is a Dharma Bhumi. The experience of China with Falung Gong, perceived to be sponsored by the CIA, and the problems with the Dalai Lama, has made Beijing consider other options in terms of religion, which Chinese society needs.

Any other Government would have jumped at this prospect and tried to arrange the Seer’s trip as a geo-strategic move. But the Indian State did not encourage this historic opportunity to foster civilisational bonds through authentic and legitimate institution like the Kanchi Matham, but prevented the effort by not reining in the orthodoxy who protested in the High Court about the “pollution” involved in crossing shores.

The Indian State’s neutrality is a threat to the existence of legitimate Dharmic institutions. Incidentally, this neutrality is only with reference to Indic institutions since the Abrahamic faiths terrorize the State to achieve their ends. At the time of independence, the State should have taken over the land and property allocated to the Church at free or throwaway prices by the erstwhile colonizers, but it did not do so.

The desert traditions can intimidate the State as they have global backup and protesters. The second child of Abraham globalizes local conflict using global networks, while the third child localizes all global conflicts. Witness the death of five people in Mumbai because Jeremy Falwell, a televangelist in USA, called the Prophet a “terrorist.” Witness the outpouring of anger and protests – at the global church level – to the (false) attack on nuns at Jhabua by “Hindu fanatics,” when actually it was the work of rowdies from the same faith.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom’s diatribes will be picked up by our English media to castigate the Hindu majority. Witness the violence against the arrest of suspects in a criminal /ISI related case (2004) at Hyderabad, where even the Chief Minister had to observe why the arrests were made in a holy month of Ramzan. But the Kanchi Acharya could be arrested on Diwali day! Remember the global hue and cry when the UP police searched the religious school at Nadwa, and how the Prime Minister intervened and expressed regrets?

Obviously, the State can be secular or neutral only with respect to Indian religions, which are non-intimidating, and not with respect to the desert faiths. That is why we encounter such absurd observations like, there has not been any large-scale violence against the arrest of the Kanchi seer so this does not hurt the public.

We have come to a tragic situation, that unless the State is terrorized it does not care. That is all the more reason why the Sanatana Dharma needs the protection of the State or what one may call a Kshatriya State. That State will protect all ancient Sampradayas and sustain the sacredness of the Indic civilization in letter and spirit.

 The author is a Professor of Management; the views expressed are his own



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  1. Valmiki

    Very good reasoning. It is sad that this charade is still going on in Puducheri and TamilNadu courts. A corrupt chief minister with a corrupt police and administration helping her, and a pliant judiciary doing her bidding, and the so-called independent press playing along – it was sick to watch all this happen and the so-called leaders standy by quietly stating “let the law take its course”.

    • Rama

      Mr Vaidyanathan’s essay is cholarly, no doubt. A vehement case for saving sanatana dharma has been made out. But one thing has not been clarified. Is it really sanatana dharma that was under attack? Why did the State arrest the seer? The police had filed charges of murder against him and that too, as prime accused along with his sishya. Granting that the police made the arrest bowing to the directions of some politician, it is hard to beleive the politician would achieve anything by foisting a false case against the head of a well-known mutt unless there was some quarrel between them.
      The man who was indeed killed (he is certainly no more!) was admittedly a former devotee of Kanchi mutt and not a ruling party member! Why would any politician in the government kill a poor brahmin without any political affiliations just to foist a case against a swamiji who claims to have done nothing wrong? If you say that there was some enmity between the seer and some politicians or other persons, why would a sanyasi have any enemies? What was the connection between the CM (who was a famous actress in the film world) and the swami?
      These are some disturbing questions that need an answer before you raise the emotional question of Sanatana Dharma and its protection. In the instant case it is not Sanatana Dharma that needs protection, but it is the Kanchi who needs it!

  2. Som

    Rama, can you please ask your questions in english and write clearly?

  3. dinesh

    humble pranams

    it is a thought provoking article, we should be conscious about vedic dharma
    still when it comes to hindu religion only shankara or madhava comes to foray
    where as people of other sampraday look crush SV religion which also part
    of hindu religion

  4. The kanchi mutt is a fake one, and they are facing the results of their own sin.. this mutt is NOT established by adi sankara as claimed by them.. sringeri is the original mutt, and the present day kanchi mutt was originally a Mudradhikari of sringeri mutt.. later, they went against their guru and declared themselves as original mutt..

    For a brahmin, to tell a lie is a sin.. and for a mutt, it is worst kind of sin.. As long as the kanchi mutt lays claim to the lies (that they were established by adi sankara), they are accumulating more and more sins..

    There is NO sin for guru dhroha.. the betrayal that present day kanchi mutt had done to sringeri..

    • nagbhatta

      The Bhagavad Gita, Tamil classics and even Sanskrit originated after Christ and under the influence of Christianity.
      A 2005 conference in New York had the theme, “International Conference on the History of Early Christianity in India.” Senator Hillary Clinton greeted it with the message:

      “I am confident that the breadth of resources presented during the conference will shed light on the impact of Christianity on medieval and classical India and its effects on the cultural and political climate of India….”
      Harvest your souls please !!!

      • anonymous

        nagabhatta , what a spin!!. Read Ishwar Sharans web site you will get all the facts. Just google Ishwar Sharan

      • Roger

        Pathetic and blatant lies.
        It is now debated even if Christ existed at the first place.
        Google and you can find millions of links about this topic.

      • Shashank Swamy

        Moron! What have you been reading? Please educate yourself before you make a mockery of yourself. Jesus is said to have learned his knowledge in Ujjain. Cannot confirm but has a very strong reasoning behind it. Historically and philosophically too if you study his teachings and that of Siddhartha (Gauthama Buddha), whose teachings are Vedic interpretations. But I suggest you start from the basics of timelines and then graduate to actual study of the teachings.
        Further, please tell me if Hillary Clinton is a historian or a politician.

  5. seadog4227

    @ Senthil:
    So the mutt is fake and DK /DMK /AIDMK and their goals and followers are real. Therefore, the 70+ year-old Seer must be arrested late at night for a murder. DK/ AIDMK/ DMK are upholding the law and the mutt is guilty of guru-droha?!?
    Have you bothered to read the court’s observations on the flimsiest of evidence presented and the non-existent rounds for arrest and persecution?
    Get your head out of your nether regions!

  6. Nanu Asari

    10 Minutes In A Life
    By S Anand
    03 December, 2004

    10 Minutes In A Life
    By S Anand
    03 December, 2004

    “To powerful ministers and industrialists I was a ladder, now the ladder’s broken; I held the Brahmins of this country together like a sack, that sack’s torn; to the Dalits I was a vessel that offered them water, that vessel’s broken.”
    —Jayendra Saraswati in his testimony to the police
    With tears rolling down his cheeks, Jayendra Saraswati, the Shankaracharya of the Kanchi math, has admitted to his role in the murder of A. Sankararaman, manager of the Varadarajaperumal temple in Kanchipuram. Over three days (November 19-21) at the All-Women’s police station in Kanchipuram, Jayendra Saraswati unburdened himself to three superintendents of police.

    A senior officer Outlook spoke to gave details of the confessions which have also been videographed. There is a catch though—statements made in custody are not admissible as evidence in a court of law. But the entire exercise has filled in the gaps for the investigating team trying to put together the sequence of events.
    One member of the interrogation team said the Shankaracharya, in a “repentful mood”, admitted that Sankararaman had become a thorn in his flesh with his letters (over three years) threatening to expose the wrongdoings at the math. The letters left him “sleepless, tortured and deeply upset”. The “empire” the Shankaracharya had painfully built up over two decades was being destabilised. “His sensational allegations angered me. It would anger anybody,” Jayendra Saraswati told the police.
    When Sankararaman’s last letter (August 30) arrived, Ravi Subramaniam, a Chennai-based contractor and staunch devotee of the math, was present with Jayendra Saraswati. “How long do I have to suffer this torture? Is there no end to this? I should henceforth receive no letter from him,” the Shankaracharya apparently told Ravi, who had helped in the construction of some math buildings. The latter reportedly said he’d ensure the letter from Sankararaman was the last, but added that this would involve some expenditure. The Shankaracharya ordered math manager N. Sundaresan to make the necessary arrangements. Ravi then contracted Appu alias Krishnaswamy for the murder.
    In an interview to Nakkheeran (September 25), Jayendra Saraswati had admitted that “some of my bhaktas may have been responsible for Sankararaman’s end”. It appears the unnamed bhaktas were Ravi and Appu. Both are at large and special teams of the police are even now hot on their trail. Appu, perhaps getting wind of the impending arrest, had obtained clearance from the Madras HC on November 4 to visit the US for three months on medical grounds. The permission has now been stayed.

    It was Appu who allegedly hired the six killers. Also a devotee of Jayendra Saraswati, he’s been involved with the math for over two years. The police have confiscated photographs and video-recordings showing the Shankaracharya with Appu. One such photograph—taken a few weeks before the murder at a marriage the Shankaracharya graced—features a shirtless Appu offering paadapuja to Jayendra Saraswati. Police say Appu was earlier an associate of senior DMK leader Arcot N. Veerasamy, minister in the 1996-01 Karunanidhi government. “It was while working for Veerasamy that Appu became powerful in the city,” says a police officer.
    Ravi Subramaniam, estranged from his wife, came to the math seeking the Shankaracharya’s counsel on “family problems”. Over the years, he became a confidant of Jayendra Saraswati. A senior math hand confirms that Ravi was a regular visitor “who could get an audience with the swami any time he wished”. Just like Ravi would confide in Jayendra Saraswati, the latter too began to confide in his bhakta. In 2002, when the seer felt unduly bothered by S. Radhakrishnan, a math functionary, Ravi introduced Appu to the math.Subsequently, Radhakrishnan, his wife and an associate were attacked in September ’02 by Appu’s men. Soon, Appu, earlier booked under the Tamil Nadu Goonda Act, also became a regular at the math.
    During interrogation, Jayendra Saraswati is said to have confessed that Appu was in touch via cellphone before and after the murder. Even Kadiravan, one of the six alleged hitmen, called him on the cellphone after the murder. Kadiravan though refuted everything this week before the court, saying he had been tortured by the police into making a statement. An investigating officer says “this doesn’t mean much. He was produced before a magistrate five times but never said anything about torture”.
    Regretting his action, Jayendra Saraswati apparently told the police: “In 10 minutes, my mind faltered, and my life has been ruined.” Says a senior member of the police team, “Jayendra Saraswati had not opened up to anyone since the murder. After speaking to us and all the tears, he felt emotionally relieved. The three-day confession has had a psycho-therapeutic effect on him. He was asking for forgiveness and said he was always thinking of the several tribulations that even Hindu gods underwent.”
    When asked why he hadn’t contacted any of the powerful people he knew to deal with Sankararaman, Jayendra Saraswati reportedly said: “I’m used to powerful people coming and seeking my counsel and favours. How could I confess to them about my problems?” The Shankaracharya has apparently named several retired judges, senior police and government officials too who sought him out for favours, from quarry contracts to governor postings. “If the math operates more than 120 trusts today, it’s because a lot of black money and hawala money of the rich and famous finds its way here.” He also claims to being a “radical and revolutionary Shankaracharya” who gave the math a national profile.
    The bitter infighting in the Kanchi math also came to the fore. The Shankaracharya told the police that his junior, Vijayendra Saraswati, was a “very duplicitous person”. Asked about the reported sex scandals, the pontiff replied, “You must ask that fellow and his brother Raghu about it.” Jayendra Saraswati now wants to return to the math to “cleanse and reform it”. While realising it may be impossible for him to resume his old duties—”Who will respect me now?”—he is keen on installing a new Shankaracharya higher in rank to Vijayendra.
    The Shankaracharya’s judicial custody in the murder case ends on November 26, but before that he goes before a magistrate in Chennai in the Radhakrishnan assault case. On November 23, the Shankaracharya was served an arrest memo for his role in it. The enmity with Radhakrishnan also owed to his threat of an expose on the siphoning off of math funds.
    Meanwhile, the bjp’s moves to mobilise public opinion on the issue have come to naught. L.K. Advani called on Jayendra Saraswati at the Vellore jail and on Vijayendra Saraswati in Kanchi, and was at a rally in Chennai on November 22. But Madras HC judge P.D. Dinakaran’s observations—revoking any public meeting supporting or protesting the arrest—should have a sobering effect on the Hindutva brigade. Anyway, other than Brahmin groups conducting yagnas and lighting lamps, there’s been little other public reaction.
    It’s hardly surprising, since even locals in Kanchipuram feel the math has done little for them. Says Vasudevan, a Brahmin who mans a small store, “They were always looking to expand their real estate holdings. They took over the houses of several Brahmins here by cajoling or threatening them. When the math asks you to write your property in their name, you voluntarily surrender or they send goons after you.” The math owns several such houses in the temple town.
    Jayendra Saraswati himself has confessed to his real estate involvements.In Chennai, prime property owned by the math on Spur Tank Road, Chetpet, was sold to Heritage Property Development Company. The builder, V. Krishnaprasadh, is developing a luxury 40-apartment complex there, Heritage Sankara—the going rate for one flat: Rs 52 lakh. In return, the math is getting a 25,000 sq ft ‘Jagadguru Sri Jayendra Saraswati Peetarohana Swarna Jayanthi Mandapam’ “with exclusive darshan/restrooms for Their Holiness”. For now though, the Shankaracharya must rest awhile in his small cell at the Vellore prison.

  7. anonymous

    The Pope Must be Tried in Connection with Child Abuse -retweet if you agree
    The Pope is head of an organisation which covers up child abuse. Not only does it cover up, but it mandates cover up. The 1962 Vatican document Crimen Sollicitationis lays out how sexual scandals must be dealt with within the so-called Church. The current Pope, re-issued this document and added that the Church must have exclusive rights to deal with the sexual abuse without involving outside legal authorities. Fact then, the Pope issued an edict that child abuse must be covered up.

    As Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he led a meeting that approved the transfer of Father Peter Hullermann to a new diocese, despite him being known to be a paedophile at the time of the meeting. Hullermann went on to attack more children and was convicted of sexual abuse in 1986.

    Church officials transferred Father Hullermann to new parishes and allowed him to work with children, even after his conviction. He was finally suspended earlier this month as sex abuse allegations surfaced in Germany.

    Surely, there is evidence enough to at least begin a criminal investigation. Surely if not the Pope, others must be brought to trial for this cover-up and for the policy of cover-up. Is there not lawyer brave enough to stand up for the abused and bring down this Catholic house of cards?

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Are we living in medieval times where belief in mystical beings is above protecting our children?

    The Pope issued his condolences but no apology. His speech implies that the higher value of forgiveness must take precedence. No, no it must not. Justice must be served. The victims must have recompense and a sense of closure. The Catholic Church and those responsible for child abuse within it, must meet with justice in front of the eyes of the world. Forgiveness is divine? Fine – let the divine forgive, I’ll take my pound of flesh instead.

    Are Catholics above the law? Our law? Our society?

    The international criminal court in the Hague probably cannot try this case. It is likely to require an extradition order from, say, Germany, to try the Pope, for which substantial evidence must be gathered and judged. Good I say, let this begin. Let the exposure begin.

    I will not accept arguments that God will judge the guilty. If he wishes to contribute let him come to court like the rest of us.

    Is the issuing of a document ordering the cover up of child abuse not enough to try the Pope somewhere on our planet?

    No more confessionals where the guilty may feel release from their guilt, no more the Catholic priest can be allowed to withhold information of crimes so that the perpetrators may begin the healing process. Where do the victims go? To court thats where and the priests must tell all they know or be charged with obstruction of justice. Its time now to stop this insipid, evil organisation that preys (not prays) on children.

  8. JGN

    @ Nanu Asari……………………….. But Madras HC judge P.D. Dinakaran’s observations—revoking any public meeting supporting or protesting the arrest—should have a sobering effect on the Hindutva brigade………………. are you talking about the same Justice Paul Daniel Dinakaran who had faced impeachment on the charges of corruption and judicial misconduct? Where is (IN)JUSTICE PAUL DANIEL DINAKARAN now?

    “Before demitting office, I must confess with a very heavy heart that in spite of my constitutional position, I have been denied fair opportunity to defend myself and my reputation by the Judges Inquiry Committee,” Dinakaran said in a two-page letter of resignation sent to President Pratibha Patil……………Newton’s Third Law of Motion??

  9. Nanu Asari

    ‘If You Cooperate, I Can Extend
    You All Benefits’
    By Anuradha Ramanan
    Personal Account of a Tamil journalist against whom Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati made indecent advances
    It was 1992. I had quit as editor of the Tamil magazine Shubamangala, and was editing another magazine, Valaiosai, which was not doing too well. It was at that point that I received a message from Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati suggesting that I edit a new spiritual magazine the math was planning to launch. I come from a family which holds the Kanchi math, especially Paramacharya Chandrasekharendra Saraswati, in high regard. My father felt this was an invitation from god. I readily agreed. A woman was deputed by the math to facilitate my meeting with Jayendra Saraswati.
    During the first meeting, Jayendra Saraswati suggested that the new spiritual magazine be called ‘Amma’ and discussed its concept. There were to be further meetings which happened during the afternoon hours after the bhaktas completed their darshan. At these brainstorming sessions, there would be only three people in the room—Jayendra Saraswati, myself and the woman who mediated between us. This woman would fetch me in a car from Chennai and escort me to Kanchipuram.
    The first four meetings were professional. During the fifth meeting, diverting from spirituality, Jayendra Saraswati started speaking vulgarly to my escort. Till then, I had been taking notes with my head bent. When I looked up I was shocked by the sight of her and the seer in close physical contact. I felt a storm had hit me. He then spoke in a lustful manner to me and expressed a desire for similar intimacy with me. I stood up, more shocked, and raised my voice and asked him, “Are you human?” To this Jayendra Saraswati did not offer a reply, instead he enquired of my escort: “As you usually do, didn’t you tell this woman in advance about this?” The woman said no. Then the Shankaracharya pulled her up using abusive language.
    I wanted to leave. But my escort physically tried to stop me. Jayendra Saraswati addressed me again: “Look, if you cooperate, I can extend you all kinds of benefits. This is my place. If you, who have lost your husband, can sport kumkum and be well-dressed, what’s wrong if I desire you? If you talk about this incident outside the math, I will spread stories about your lack of character.”
    I rushed back home in a bus. I did not tell anyone about the incident. But I could not sleep. The next day the woman who had escorted me to the math and her husband came drunk to my home and they attacked me physically and verbally. I shared my grief with a woman police officer friend of mine. She asked me for a written complaint, but I desisted saying the math, and Hinduism as such, will suffer a loss of face. At that point I suffered a paralytic attack on my left leg. I even lost part of my speech because of the shock. It took me a year to recover. I continue to receive threats from Jayendra Saraswati and also offers of compromise.
    I am often asked why I am bringing up all this now. I am not sharing my anguish and shock to strengthen the other cases against the Shankaracharya. Nor am I planning to make a formal police complaint. When Tamil magazines to which I had often contributed started associating my name wrongly with Jayendra Saraswati, I felt the need to set the record straight.
    And this is not the first time I have tried to state the facts. In 1993, I was writing a weekly column, ‘Speaking the Truth’, for Dinamalar, the Tamil daily. After running 27 columns, they refused to publish my 28th since I had mentioned the Shankaracharya episode. The paper was under pressure from the math. At that point our society was not willing to believe what I was saying. I am sure several women have had similar harrowing experiences like I did at the math.
    Yes, I am a Brahmin. But what happened between me and the Shankaracharya is an issue between a man and woman. I am a woman. He is a man. There are those who say that any attack on Jayendra Saraswati is an attack on Hinduism.

    That’s rubbish. Even Veerappan was a Hindu. The problem is we have some expectations of a mathadipathi (head of a math), but Jayendra Saraswati does not live up to those expectations. He is an ordinary man with the needs and desires of any ordinary man. As a writer, I move in several circles. At a party, I know how to be on guard and protect myself from potential harassment. But when such a propositioning happens in a math and is made by the mathadipathi, it leaves one shocked and confused.

    • JGN

      @ Nanu Asari, Noted writer and novelist Anuradha Ramanan died on 16 May 2010 following cardiac arrest. Born on June 29, 1947, Anuradha was a recipient of various awards including ‘Rajiv Gandhi Award’. It is hard to believe that Jayendra Saraswati could not have got any one better than a 45 years (in 1992) old widow!!!!!!! Why the article could not have been an attempt by a widow to exhort some money from the head of a well known organization??

  10. Nanu Asari

    Anuradha was not bluffing or trying to dig gold. She was trying to protect her dignity from an unscrupulous man with power and clout.
    See what Jayendra Saraswati says: “Look, if you cooperate, I can extend you all kinds of benefits. This is my place. If you, who have lost your husband, can sport kumkum and be well-dressed, what’s wrong if I desire you? If you talk about this incident outside the math, I will spread stories about your lack of character.”; a characterless worm who is the head of the hindu math. See Anuradha’s anguish: “Yes, I am a Brahmin. But what happened between me and the Shankaracharya is an issue between a man and woman. I am a woman. He is a man. There are those who say that any attack on Jayendra Saraswati is an attack on Hinduism.
    That’s rubbish. Even Veerappan was a Hindu. The problem is we have some expectations of a mathadipathi (head of a math), but Jayendra Saraswati does not live up to those expectations. He is an ordinary man with the needs and desires of any ordinary man”. Kanchi seer was definitely capable of a murder conspiracy. Jayalalitha was not a fool to have the beer seer arrested. Police search unearthed pornography CDs; of course, it is a loss of face for the relgion he headed; but truth is truth and there is no need for anyone to cover his philanderings. Now that Jaya is in power again in TN, the case will have a new beginning, and hope this beer seer will be brought to book.

    • JGN

      @ Nanu Asari, what makes you believe that what ever Ms.Anuradha Ramanan wrote is Gospel Truth? Then why she did not file a case in any competent court of law and get him punished?

      ……………..of course, it is a loss of face for the relgion he headed………………which Religion is he heading??…………..Hinduism or Hindus are not dependent on some High-Priests like the desert cults!!

  11. anonymous

    Nanu Asari
    Look at your global chor

    Pope accused of crimes against humanity by victims of sex abuse
    Victims’ complaint to the international criminal court accuses Pope Benedict and three others of failing to prevent abusers

  12. S

    @Nanu Thomaacha
    How’s mct life?

  13. Nanu Asari

    You sad guys, (JGN,and annoymous)the article is about Kanchi seer and not the Pope. (Reasons for Kanchi seer’s arrest). My argument is very simple: prima facie evidence is very clear that Kanchi beer seer is capable of carrying out the murder of his ex-employee. The articles that I have provided are not creations of mine; they are vetted articles and newsitems from renowned and reliable sources. The sleazy, sex perverted antics of kanchi seer (read Anuradha’s report), and the highly devious machinations of this pot bellied beer seer (read news article by S.Anand, above) certainly make him a suspicious character. It was not without reason that Jayalalitha, herself a brahmin, and from the same state had him arrested. Now the issue is not over. Now that Jaya has returned to power, the fortunes of the beer seer can plummet; it’s poetic justice, isn’t it. Well, as a rebuttal, you can try to convince me why the sleazy beer seer need not be held to account, or not to be suspected. It seems you guys have no arguments except some silly personal opinions such as Anuradha is a gold digger, or Jaya is muddled. I’d be glad to see arguments to defend your point. Having said that my Tamil friends say that it’s a matter of time before beer seer is behind bars. .

    • JGN

      @ Nanu Asari, if the allegations made against the Kanchi Seer are true, let a competent court of law evaluate the evidences and punish him accordingly. Why do you have burning at the rear end? Wild allegations made by X, Y or Z are not Gospel Truth. It has to stand scrutiny in a court of law.

      The less we talk about the “the sleazy, sex perverted antics” of your Priests, the better. For a change pl read “Amen – the Biography of a Nun” by Sister (Dr.) Jesme. That is more entertaining than “Pent House” Magazine!!!!!!

  14. JGN

    S.Anand is a known Hindu basher and both the articles mentioned above (by S.Anand and Ms. Anuradha Ramanan) appeared in The Outlook, owned by a Parsi gentleman named Mr. Vinod Mehta! Did that happen by accident or by design?

  15. Nanu Asari

    “The Shankaracharya has apparently named several retired judges, senior police and government officials too who sought him out for favours, from quarry contracts to governor postings. “If the math operates more than 120 trusts today, it’s because a lot of black money and hawala money of the rich and famous finds its way here.” ‘Isn’t it sleaze money?? isn’t it contamination and corruption of the highest order?. The fountain head itself is corrupt, what about the streams?? With Jayalalitha at the helms there is yet hope for justice, justice for Sankaraman and family, and retribution for all the murderous atrocities done in the mad mutt.

    • JGN

      ROFLMAO!!!!!! A confirmed Atheist, Mr. Muthuvel Karunanidhi was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nandu for five years before Ms. Jayalalitha’s party won the recent election and she became the Chief Minister. If there is any substance in the allegations made against the Kanchi Seer, he would have been the first to get that investigated and would have paraded the Seer in hand-cuffs throughout Tamil Nadu. J Jayalalithaa was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 16 May 2011. More than 5 months have already passed!!

      >>>>>>The Shankaracharya has apparently named several retired judges, senior police and government officials too who sought him out for favours, from quarry contracts to governor postings>>>>> what does it mean? Either he named some people or he did not name any one. There cannot be any “apparent naming”!!! And who were the persons name by him? Do they have some names or are they aliens from the Mars??

      >>>>>>>>If the math operates more than 120 trusts today, it’s because a lot of black money and hawala money of the rich and famous finds its way here>>>>>>>> and all the investigating agencies of the Central Govt like the Income Tax Deaprtment, Charity Commissioner, Central Bureau of Investigation, SB, IB, etc etc and also the Sate’s law enforcement agencies did not deem it fit to investigate the “sleaze money” of over 120 trusts!! Are we living in a country where Rule of the Law is applicable or in some Banana Repblic/Tin Pot Regime??

      Mamu, farting from the mouth is not called “evidence”. It has to stand scrutiny in a compentent Court of Law.

      • Indian

        FYI your Mr. Muthuvel Karunanidhi was the one to accuse this swami of murder and challenged Jaya to arrest him. He was clueless when she got him arrested and this guy switched sides and started supporting him..And he diluted the case in his 5 yrs… By your logic Jaya the brahmin shouldn’t have got this scum arrested..

      • Rama

        JGN, It is now known that Appu, one of the prime conspirators in Sankararaman trial, was earlier engaged by MK’s or his kins to settle scores with murders of certain other thugs. So, if Appu confessed or uttered something in the trial, MK was afraid that the truth about himself might also be coughed out. Therefore you need not try to get a conduct certificate from MK for the leelas of the seers. Now, JGN and company may await the verdict that is due on 27th this month. We will know whether Kanchi is sacred or profane!!

  16. globalhindu

    Did anyone here read ANY report that majorly contradicts Anuradha Ramanan’s story. She has presided over a Kanchi mutt function in 2004 at Chennai! She was heard by many people to praise the Kanchi Seer in lofty terms!Would someone tormented like this ever agree to preside over that organization’s function? EVER?

    • Nanu Asari

      Do you have a transcript of her speech? Without evidence of such nature your argument is no good. Kanchi is involved in murder and truth will see the day of light.

      • Vineet Bhardwaj

        Strange – without the case reaching any conclusion you have pronounced him guilty and then to save your backside and try to be “impartial” you write “truth will see day of light”

  17. nil

    Jayendra Saraswathi is a stupid person and has no knowledge of vedas or scriptures.His only engagement is to play with women and has sexual pleasure.Anyone who tries to defend this fake mutt must be in the payroll of this mafia mutt.Even Vatican people has to take lessons from this people as to how to successfully brain wash people on false lines.

    • Well ,your article serves one purpose: It is a crystal clear example of a doobious fact: “An intellectual need not be a rightious person”. There can be sophisticated criminals like you. It makes one wonder how, inspite of a deep knowledge on isms and philosophies, you only manipulate the words to skilfully mislead minds. How , inspite of your euridiction, you fail to see the futility of immorality. Scholarliness is of no avail if it has not instilled the sence of morality in character. You are a despicable kind of prostitute, a virus is society. You will be punished by Devi Matha.for misusing the gift of littrry in you.
      I feel rediculed by your birth in human society,

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