Missionaries: The spies and saboteurs of White Christians

The Conversion To Intolerance

How the Missionaries are destroying the ancient Hindu Culture

 by Raju Peddada 

“Religious intolerance was inevitably born with the belief in one God.”
—Sigmund Freud

“The oldest aspects of Hindu mythology give place to the most profound and subtle utterances about the nature of ultimate reality, it is in itself a liberal education in humility, tolerance and suspense of judgment.”
—Aldous Huxley


Catapult over the decades and into our trip last year, these same villages, we enjoyed in the decades prior, have become battle zones for conversion, Christian missionaries converting the guileless Hindus right under the Hindu noses. The proselytizers have built huge incongruent whitewashed churches, that scream for attention, in every emerald village spewing out disquieting sermons in local dialects drowning the golden sunsets in their flood lights, obscuring and obfuscating the melodious soul soothing conversation of leaves and wind at bed time, and basically obliterating the natural rhythms of life with loud, presumptuous and boisterous religiosity polluting the very essence of Hindu culture…an existence in silent reverence and in sync with nature. Whether it is Annadaverapeta, Ragolapalli, Tallapudi or Velangi, all familiar comfort zones for us in the past have been reduced into circuses at night with large food lit assembles and amplified singing forced on the sleeping all night long. In the land of tolerance, intolerance is taking root with devastating results. Secularism, pluralism, diversity, and tolerance are being rapidly, insidiously, deviously and inexorably being supplanted with menacing dispassionate monolithic intolerance. The warm rain forests of diversity are being replaced by the frigid bristling pine forests of rigidity.



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One response to “Missionaries: The spies and saboteurs of White Christians

  1. VoP

    Good to see a person from AP writing about about Christian Terrorism; I always wondered what is going on Hindus with AP …they are sort of lost with no clue to what’s going on. Or is it that they know but unable to deal with it in an effective way considering the how Christian terrorists like Samuel Reddy ruled the state with all opposition either eliminated or manipulated using Maoist Christian thugs. The semitic viruses are eating the core of India.

    Some get PhDs for such work!

    In this thesis they highlights the importance to develop a new generation of Crypto Christians who can keep hindu names, surname, can use hindu sacred symbols, marks like tilak , bindi, can adorn hair partition with Kumkum to maintain their secrecy.

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